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    STRYPER will release a new album this Fall! This time they give tribute to the bands that have inspired them musically. So what we got here are covers of bands like Kiss, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest etc. The Covering will also include “God,” a new original recording from Stryper. The bands/tunes that are being covered are:

    Iron Maiden - The Trooper
    Scorpions - Blackout
    Ozzy - Over The Mountain
    Sweet - Set Me Free
    Van Halen - On Fire
    Deep Purple - Highway Star
    Black Sabbath - Heaven & Hell
    UFO - Lights Out
    Kansas - Carry On Wayward Son
    Kiss - Shout it out Loud
    Judas Priest - Breaking The Law
    Led Zeppelin - Immigrant Song

    Michael Sweet has the following to say about this album aptly titled The Covering: "Just as promised, I wanted to outline some more details regarding the new Stryper record. We grew up listening to many different styles of music and there is a list of bands that influenced us throughout our musical education. Bands like Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Scorpions, Van Halen, UFO, D eep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Queen, Kansas and many others, helped to shape our sound and make us who we are today, musically speaking. We grew up on the streets of LA playing every club in town from Gazzari's to The Whisky to The Troubadour to you name it. We played covers from all the bands mentioned above and we shaped our own sound from listening and performing songs from these classic bands. We wanted to step outside the box and record a record that shows you, the fans, where we come from - our historical, musical roots so to speak. It's a side to Stryper that no one has really seen or heard before, or at least quite like this. We performed "On Fire" by Van Halen on a few tours and we also performed "Breaking The Law" by Priest on this last tour. The response was far beyond our expectations each time we performed these songs. People seemed genuinely surprised to hear Stryper cover these songs and even more surprised to hear Stryper perform these songs relatively well. This will be an opportunity for Robert, Oz, Tim and myself to loosen up and have some fun. For those of you who may think that we're walking away from our faith - your wrong. We've never been more serious about our faith at any point in our lives. It is however important to enjoy what you do and lighten up from time to time. That's what we plan to do. This will be a fun record to make and we hope that this comes through, as well as the chance to showcase the abilities that we've been blessed with. More details to come and a specific song list and sequence to follow. We're looking forward to geting back into the studio and more important, to seeing all of you on the road again this year!"

    "Stryper recorded The Yellow and Black Attack back in 1983, and it was released the following year,” says Michael. “Twenty six years have passed and after seven studio releases and multiple compilation and live projects, we decided to show our fans where our roots lie musically. The Covering consists of particular songs and groups that molded and shaped us and made us who we are today.”

    One of the highlights for Stryper fans is that The Covering is the first studio album in nearly two decades on which all four original members, plus longtime keyboardist Charles Foley, have recorded together. “This record includes the original lineup,” explains Michael. “Tim, Robert, Oz and I haven't recorded a full-length project together since 1990’s Against the Law (Enigma Records), so this is truly history in the making. We also had what was probably the best time we've ever had recording a record together and I believe that this comes through in the energy and the spirit of each track. We're all extremely excited about this record and more importantly, we're all extremely confident about the future of Stryper and the four of us making music together for years to come."

    The album will be released October 13th.

    And that's not all folks, a brand Stryper album with all new tunes is also in the works! <br>
    "We will begin the process of a new record within the next year. I’ve already written half of the material and I can assure fans that it will be a classic Stryper record made up of all the things people expect to hear from this band!" - Michael Sweet. More info about this can be read at

  • Mexican Death Metal Band LAMENT Just Released Their Fourth Full Length Recording Only In Mexico Titled 'renaissance.'

  • AUDIOVISION released their 2nd album titled "Focus" in April 2010 on Ulterium Records, a Swedish label that releases power/prog metal recordings in Europe (e.g. Theocracy, Seventh Avenue, Incrave, Grand Lux). They are now a full band rather than merely a project of two people, featuring members of previous work in the bands of Narnia, Divinefire, Veni Domine, Saviour Machine and Modest Attraction. In addition to new songs, they also do an excellent cover of the Stryper song 'The Way.' Musically Audiovision plays a mix of melodic 70s and 80s Metal with strong hooks and heavy riff. Fans of melodic metal are gonna love this especially fans of Stryper, Modest Attraction, Rainbow, Whitesnake, Dio and Europe.

  • LEGACY is a cool melodic metal band in the veins of Stryper and Dokken. They have a selftitled album out.

    The classic Break The Curse album by MORTIFICATION has been re-mastered and rereleased in a 2 Disc package including bonus tracks unavailable for many years. Most of these bonus tracks originally appeared as a Mortification CD EP titled 'Noah Sat Down and Listened to the Mortification Live E.P. While Having A Coffee.' Two additional bonus tracks round out Disc 1 that have not been made available since their original release. For the first time ever on a Mortification disc, the studio version of 'Time Crusaders' appears, taken from the 'Godspeed' Australian extreme metal compilation released on Rowe Productions in 1994, as well as the long out of print track ‘Eyes of Destruction’ originally recorded by Lightforce, the precursor to Mortification. Disc 2 features a very special DVD release of a show that has never been released in its entirety. Not just any show, this is the VERY FIRST Mortification live show ever captured live in Melbourne Australia at the Harvest Centre recorded June 15, 1990, and completely re-mastered and restored, this concert DVD is sure to become a true collectible for the Mortification fan. The album is released by Roxx Productions

    This was a really cool festival featuring bands like Deliverance, Bloodgood, Once Dead and more! The festival celebrated the 25th Anniversary of Heaven's Metal (HM) Magazine, which is celebrating it's 25 years in print and circulation in 2010. The festival also featured band like Stevie and the Saints,Ultimatum, Fasedown, Grave Robber, Troglodyte Dawn, Stricken, Souljourners, I built the Cross and Fell Guard. UFTA festvial took place 28-29 August 2010 at the Vault in Temecula, California, USA. Find out more about this cool festival at and

    This is also a very cool festival featuring bands like SHOUT, X-SINNER, WHITECROSS, GUARDIAN, SEVENTH ANGEL and SEVENTY AVENUE! Wow! Talk about a great lineup! The festival takes place on the 18th of September in Ennepetal in Germany

    NORDIC  FEST  2010
    While we are still talking about cool festival Nordic Fest has a really cool lineup this year featuring bands like DELIVERANCE, SAINT, ANTESTOR, VARDOGER, DEMON HUNTER and many more! The festival takes place in Oslo, Norway 28-31 October 2010. More info can be found at

    Crystavox fans rejoice! A CD/DVD release is now released! The 2 Disc Set 'The 20 Year Mix' includes tracks from their both albums, as well as videos, live and interviews! All tracks have been completely restored and remastered directly from the master tapes. The songs have been totally redone; new guitars, drums and an over-sampling method vastly increasing the mastered volume of each song to today’s standards. The new release entitled, “The 20 Year Mix” will include a DVD and the “Best Of” songs released through Roxx Records/Roxx Productions. But not only that... Many additional pieces and music were re-recorded to bring this collection truly in to the modern day.

    CD Track Listing
    1. Cry Out
    2. Break Down The Wall
    3. Power Games
    4. Stick To Your Guns
    5. Sacrifice
    6. Shame
    7. Home Again
    8. Paradise
    9. It’s All Right (To Rock-n-Roll)
    10. No Boundaries
    11. The Big Picture
    12. Snakes In The Grass

    DVD Content
    1. The Crystavox Story- 55 Minutes
    2. The Early Days
    3. Getting Bigger
    4. Tough Boys
    5. Changes
    6. Signed
    7. Hit Single
    8. Its All Right
    9. The Bottom Line
    10. Stick To Your Guns
    11. Who We Are
    12. No Boundaries
    13. Paradise
    14. Exit Stage Left
    15. Thank You

    16. Break Down The Wall- LIVE
    17. Stick To Your Guns- LIVE
    18. The Big Picture –LIVE
    19. Paradise
    20. Snakes In The Grass
    21. No Boundaries
    22. Tough Boys
    23. In Your Arms

    To find out more about this Classic Melodic Metal band check out their website or their label Roxx Productions at

    Finally the classic metal releases on Intense/Frontline will be rereleased! Here's what the newly started label Intense Millennium Records pressrelease about these exciting news: "Intense Millennium Records is a partnership between Divine Metal Distro, Roxx Productions, and two additional individuals Josh Dieckmann and Sandy Scafedi. We have come together under this one umbrella to form a company that is dedicated to releasing fully licensed material from one of the most prolific group of record labels to exist in the Christian Metal scene, the Intense/Frontline/Alarma Records group. This will be the first time that many of these titles will have seen any form of quality release since their original releases back in the 1980s & 1990s. Our first batch of releases is scheduled for release in November of 2010 and include classic albums from Vengeance Rising, Sacred Warrior and Bloodgood. All of our releases will be completely re-mastered to give these albums the best modern audio quality that is available today. As well each release will have brand new artwork based on the original cover designs, along with 8 page booklets complete with lyrics, and liner notes. When possible bonus material will be added as well." Legendary Metal Pastor Bob Beeman from Sanctuary International will also write some lines in the booklets of these releases.

    The first 5 titles that will be released are:

    VENGEANCE - Human Sacrifice
    Few albums can claim to have started a musical movement like "Human Sacrifice". While thrash metal had already been well established by 1988, only a handful of bands had attempted to combine such fast, heavy music with lyrics reflecting faith in Christ. None of these bands had released anything more than demos or a couple tracks on compilations until this monster of an album came roaring onto the scene. Fusing fast riffing, driving bass and drums, hyper-speed bluesy lead guitar, and just enough melody to make things more memorable, "Human Sacrifice" did more than just introduce Christianity to the genre - it revolutionized the developing style of "Christian metal" in a way no previous band or album had done. Vengeance Rising raised the stakes and gave fellow thrashers a unique album that set the bar for future releases.

    Where Vengeance Rising's debut "Human Sacrifice" stormed onto the scene and created quite a stir, "Once Dead" tightened the thrash attack into a well-oiled machine. While the band's debut was experimental and diverse, "Once Dead" was a snapshot of a band seasoned by touring and songwriting, with a more consistent approach that capitalized on thrash metal's calling card - velocity. Vengeance Rising's second album is rife with fast, thrashy anthems that take their sound to the next level, ramping up the volume, intensity, and energy even more. When other thrash bands were starting to slow down, Vengeance Rising took the opposite approach for maximum effect.

    SACRED WARRIOR - Rebellion
    The burgeoning Christian metal movement had several notable bands by the mid 1980's. None, however, took the progressive elements of pioneers like Queensryche and Fates Warning and combined them with the pure energy and heaviness present in much of the thrash metal of the time. Enter Sacred Warrior - a band that skillfully and successfully combined these two elements to create a metallic attack that rivaled many of their contemporaries, and stands the test of time as one of the greats of the era. “Rebellion”, the band’s auspicious debut, capitalizes on that potent mixture by offering up searing riffs, lightning fast solos, soaring vocals, and a rhythm section that thundered with authority.

    BLOODGOOD - Bloodgood
    Heavy Metal has been accused by its detractors as all sounding the same. While the mid-80’s saw a glut of metal bands cashing in on the style, many of which sounded the same as the next band, no one could accuse Bloodgood of being a sound-alike. Combining a melodic, classic heavy metal approach with the uniquely operatic vocals of Les Carlson, Bloodgood carved out its own niche in the metal scene by offering up listeners a potent mix of high-pitched vocal wails, melodic yet energetic guitar riffing, a tight rhythm section, and memorable songs that would stay with you for weeks. This powerful blend came shining through on Bloodgood’s self-titled debut album, and quickly set the bar for metal bands wishing to share their faith with the world.

    BLOODGOOD - Detonation
    Bloodgood’s second album, “Detonation”, was the perfect follow-up to their high-energy debut, and raised the bar even higher for faith-based metal bands. The fast songs were faster, the emotion in the songs was more intense, and the musical attack was tighter. The lyrics were also stronger, as the band took on some fairly unpopular topics like suicide and homelessness. Truly a landmark album in the scene, this classic contains the duo of songs “Crucify” and “Messiah” that showed what a real metal band could do with such emotionally charged subject matter and pull it off with such ease.

    Beginning in January of 2011 Intense Millenium Records will unleash two classic Frontline titles per month. Visit to stay up to date on the latest news.

    PASTOR BRAD 'Break Out' The guitar shreddin pastor is back again with a new album filled with blistering guitar solos and catchy harmonies.

    DELIVERANCE  Tribute  Album!
    Roxx Records and the Christian Metal Realm are very excited to announce the details on their long in the works, highly anticipated tribute album celebrating the 25th Anniversary of Southern California Christian Thrash legends Deliverance! ‘Temporary Insanity – A Salute to Deliverance’ is set for release the first of September and hosts a variety of artists paying tribute to the band, some current, some past and even some special reunions all came together to lay down tracks for the disc! Including current and former members of bands such as The Crucified, Vengeance Rising, Deliverance and Hirax just to name a few. And special reunions from Oil and Eternal Decision all coming together just to contribute tracks for this project! Arttie Parker owner of the Christian Metal Realm says “This CD started out in our online forum well over a year ago when some of the bands that frequent the board wanted to do a few tribute songs to ‘D’, then I started talking with Bill over at Roxx Records about it and it morphed in to a full on tribute CD with tons of artists in the mainstream Thrash and Christian Metal scenes all wanting to contribute to this project and give props to Deliverance as you can easily see by looking at the list of bands and artists we have lined up!”

    Artist & Track Listing:
    Deliverance – Flesh & Blood (A 25th Anniversary Special Re-recording)
    Deliverance – In U ( A 25th Anniversary Special Re-recording)
    Oil – Attack (w/ Ron Rinehart, Blake Nelson, Jason Vanderpal & James ‘JJ’ Jenkins)
    Applehead / Fasedown – Belltown (w/ Greg Minear, Michael Phillips, Jim Chaffin & Tim Kronyak)
    Lambs Among Wolves – Greetings of Death (w/ Glen Rogers, Daniel Cordova& Roy Z) Stricken – No Time
    P / C / W – What a joke (Michael Phillips, Jim Chaffin, Scott Waters, Tim Kronyak) Grave Robber – Awake
    Ghostemple – If we faint not (features Josh Kramer of Saint & the members of Templar)
    Faith Factor – Weapons of our warfare
    Whisper from Heaven – Anymore
    Venia – Desperate Cries
    Days of Affliction – River Disturbance
    Grave Forsaken – Bought by blood
    Eternal Decision – Belltown (Marking the first time the band has recorded since they disbanded)

    The CD is just one of several 25th Anniversary celebration items lined up for Deliverance this year, with special 25th Anniversary shows already lined up in Southern California and a possible festival date overseas this fall. As well the band well be putting together some special 25th anniversary commemorative items together this year including a very special limited edition T-Shirt. August will also see the re-release of a historic release from the Deliverance back catalog with the Limited Edition CD release of ‘What a Joke!’ That’s right for the first time since it’s original release you will be able to get a completely restored and remastered edition of this Classic Deliverance Release to add to your collection, complete with bonus tracks!

    After many, many years of being locked away Roxx has received permission to release a very Limited Edition pressing of only 1000 copies of this lost thrasterpiece that is completely remastered. Roxx Records in conjunction with Divine Metal Distro are ready to unleash their latest offering of Pure Metal from one of New Mexico"s finest Thrash Metal bands ever? The MOSHKETEERS originally formed in the mid 80"s as a straight ahead heavy metal band and going by the name Rapture, the band released several demos, including "Vacation from Hell" and "Die by the Sword". The band toured with Barren Cross and shared the stage with many bands including Deliverance and Sacred Warrior. The band would eventually change their name in 1989 to the Moshketeers which would coincide with the bands full transition in to the growing thrash metal scene. The Moshketeers "The Downward Spiral" will now see a full CD release, for the first time ever. Set to be completely restored and remastered and include several previously unreleased bonus tracks, including the rare 1997 demo.

    STRYPER  - BY  HIS  STRYPES Book The brand new book "By His Strypes" with Stryper is now finally released! It contains ca 200 pages of professional full colour pictures from the bands career as well as some history and pictures of fans. Really cool stuff and definately a must have for all Stryper fans!

    Talking about Stryper there is now also an expansion pack to Guitar Praise available that is filled with 25 Stryper tracks! So now you can also jam with the band's classic tracks on this megacool game.

    The Sacrificed newest release and full concept album entitled ‘2012’. Roxx Records is pleased to announce the full details of the release with an official release date set for June 22, 2010 and the entire track listing available below. The album also features a cover of Deliverance classic track "Slay the Wicked". This is not your normal concept album and is sure to turn a few heads but The Sacrificed are not afraid to speak their minds and share their hearts. Musically the band plays Progressive Metal that will appeal to fans of bands like Haven, Queensryche etc. Find out more on the websites at or

  • Classic Heavy Metal band SAINT has just remastered their comeback album In The Battle. They have also released a really cool DVD featuring lots of gigs, both recent and from back in the day. Find out more at


  • Rivel Records has changed name to Liljegren Records

  • ReinXeeds 3rd studio album MAJESTIC was released in JAPAN March 27, 2010 through KING RECORDS and it scored 88 points out of 100 in BURRN! MAGAZINE JAPAN. Fantastic response and a top a album in Symphonic Power Metal. The album will be out in EUROPE/USA September 2010. Musically ReinXeed's continue to explore their own kind of melodic and symphonic power metal.

  • GOLDEN RESURRECTION is a great new band led by vocalist Christian Liljegren (AUDIOVISION, DIVINEFIRE, NARNIA) and guitarist TOMMY JOHANSSON (ReinXeed) What we are talking about is powerful melodic neoclassical metal. Fans of NARNIAs first two album AWAKENING & LONG LIVE THE KING AND ReinXeed will love this. Fans all over the world have been asking for a new neoclassical metal album for years and finally it is here. The debut album "Glory To My King was recorded this summer. Expect plenty of amazing guitarshredding and melodic and powerful vocals, fast & heavy songs, big & bombastic arrangements with symphonic & neoclassic feeling. Album will be released on the 27th of October 2010 in Japan and November 13th worldwide. You can hear soundclips of this megacool and talented band at

  • Finally we can give you news about the future of DIVINEFIRE. We will continue and record the 5th studio album in September. The album is planned to be out late 2010 or early 2011 in JAPAN. Andreas Passmark has left the band and Hubertus Liljegren (CRIMSON MOONLIGHT) have stepped in as the new member of the band. Hubertus is vocalist Christian Liljegren younger brother. We are really excited and we will go back to the sound we had on GLORY THY NAME & INTO A NEW DIMENSION. Jani Stefanovic will produce the album together with Christian.

  • AUDIOVISION's latest album Focus was rated as number 2 on the leader of the pack section in Sweden Rock Magazine, the leading Metal magazine in Sweden.

  • NARNIA is no more! I'm sure most of you already know the very sad news that Narnia is calling it quits. :-( The members will move on with other bands and projects. One last gig with the band will take place at the end of the year.

  • JERUSALEM's new album will see the light in Fall 2010.

  • METAL PRAYER DAY will take place at Pingstkyrkan, Örebro, Sweden on the 23th of October. During the day there will be lots of prayers about revival in the metal world and specific prayer requests concerning this. Legendary Metal Pastor Bob Beeman will also speak. Some of the folks that will lead in prayer are Simon "Pilgrim" Rosen (Crimson Moonlight), Johannes Jonsson (Metal Bible), Rickard Bransell (Noizegate Music) as well as many more. The Metal Prayer Day is arranged the Swedish Metal Ministry METAL SANCTUARY. For more information about this cool event visit

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