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    Yes, the classic metal band is back again! They are now in the studio recording a brand new album that will be true to their classic Heavy Metal sound

    STRYPER will release their new album Murder By Pride in Spring 2009! This time they go back to their 80s roots with plenty of guitar solos and screams.

    The new THEOCRACY album Mirror of Souls is now released in Europe, America and Japan. The Japanese version contains the bonus track "Wages of sin", exclusive for this release. "Mirror of souls" was mastered by Mika Jussila [Nightwish, Stratovarius, Children of Bodom] and the booklet design was created by Felipe Machado Franco [Iced Earth, Ayreon, At Vance]. The album is a masterpiece in Melodic Power Metal and should not be missed if you enjoy quality melodic metal! The album artwork as well as the second track off the album; "On eagles' wings" can be found at the bands myspace profile:

    Theocracy is also proud to welcome Val Allen Wood as their new lead guitarist! Val is an amazing talent, and will be taking over the guitar duties along with Jon, allowing Matt to step fully into the vocalist/frontman role. The band is very excited about this development, and the new lineup will be hitting stages in the U.S. and Europe soon.

    In other news: Theocracy are confirmed for the Nightmare Metal Fest in San Antonio, TX in March, as well as the Elements of Rock festival in Switzerland in May. At you can also pre-order the new Theocracy shirt.

  • HOLY NIGHT CLOTHING is a cool Christian Black Metal Clothing Shop! Check'em out at

  • Talking about black metal for Christ, there is a band called ALMAGOR from Chile. They are currently recording their first album scheduled to be released on Sullen Records in early 2009. Fans of Crimson Moonlights album Covenant Progress will definately enjoy this promising band More info about Sullen Records can be seen at

  • Another up'n'coming brutal band is GOLGATA from Ecuador

  • As you can see the christian metal scene in South and Central America is really happening. A zine that gives more inside info about this scene is SACRIFICIUM ZINE from Chile

  • RENT VEIL is a new American band playing Southern Praise Metal

  • X-SINNER is back with the brand new album World Covered In Blood filled with crunchy guitars and catchy hooks appealing to fans of AC/DC.

  • Classic band GODFEAR seems to be reforming with the Pound for Pound line-up; Sean on Vocals, Mark on guitars, Mike on Bass, Steve on Drum. They are talking about a 4th release and possible tour. Find out more at Godfear's Myspace

  • SULLEN RECORDS is a cool record label that focus on Underground Christian Black Metal from all around the world.


  • The Thrashers of DISAFFECTION signed with the north-American label Bombworks Records, for the launch of their first album, "Begin the Revolution" that will contain 10 tracks

  • ARNION (Thrash Metal) had their album "Fall like rain" licensed for the Retroactive Records in the USA. The album, which in Brazil was released by the Black Tiger Company, now may also be found in shops in the United States, Africa and Japan. Meanwhile new album is already being produced which will probably be launched for this year. Arnion is a quintet again, with the entry of guitarist and vocalist Rafael Teles. Musically it's straight ahead thrash metal for fans of early Vengeance Rising & Deliverance

  • The Brazilian website METAL LAND released a collection called Kingdom of Metal Land. There are 16 bands, being 14 from Brazil, 01 from Bolivia and 01 from Portugal. The tracklist is: 01. Soul Hunter - Born.
    02. Krig – Mercenary Pastor
    03. Marttyrium -Hell
    04. Filthiness of flesh -From birth to abandonment.
    05. Peso Eterno -Amarrado.
    06. Anjos de Salém -A saga.
    07. Pescadores de Almas – Tetelastae
    08. Scourges - Scourges-Angels of Darkness
    09. Delohim -Don´t forget me.
    10. Atrophis - Radiant Gates of Decay
    11. Memorial Death (Portugal) - Freedom
    12. Hawk Angel -Almas
    13. Azorrague - First Sacrifice
    14. Diesmortem (Bolívia) - Condena de muerte
    15. Baraque´s Lord -Fights and Wars, that Winnered Turn in a True Life.
    16. Hazeroth - Predições do célebre castigo (Clamor e misericórdia)

    All songs were transferred cordially by bands and the album is not available for sale, you can download in full by the Internet, (including artcovers)

  • DIVINE SYMPHONY has just released their new album The History by Extreme Records. This is conceptual album on the history of the Christian church. Musically the band continues with their own style of Symphonic Black Metal.

  • KRIG has finished the recordings of their next album "Target: Human, Mission: Destroy". There are 10 songs of Death Metal with Grind elements and according to the vocalist Daniel Corpse, it is their best production ever. At the moment, they are contacting labels for the launching of the CD.

  • After a period of changes and restructuring, Tom Chagas, vocalist and guitarist of TRINO, announced the new line-up which now has the bassist Beto Nalim and drummer Eliel Xavier. He also mentioned that the trio has signed a contract with the label The Black Tiger Company and they will have a new album in April, which promises to be a return to the origins of the band. Meanwhile, former drummer Fábio Kiefer goes on with PURITAN band and prepares their first album. The band has scheduled a tour in the north and northeast of Brazil in June, after they´ll play in the central region, going to the south and heading for Paraguay in August.

    ELEMENTS  OF  ROCK  2009
    This year's edition of Elements of Rock will take place 21-23 May 2009 in Stadthofsaal Uster (Switzerland). It will feature bands like THEOCRACY (Progressive Power Metal, USA), SEVENTH ANGEL (Thrash/Doom Metal, UK), CRIMSON MOONLIGHT (Black/Death Metal, Sweden), ILLUMINANDI (Gothic Metal, Poland), VINDEX (Heavy/Power Metal, Slowak)and many more! Mainspeaker of the event is METAL PASTOR BOB BEEMAN (Pastor of Sanctuary International). For more info check out the website:

    Immortal Metal Fest will be held 18th April 2009 in Nokia, Finland. Confirmed bands so far are: SEVENTH AVENUE (Power Metal, Germany), ADMONISH (Black Metal, Sweden), DEUTERONOMIUM (Death'n'roll, Finland), LUMINA POLARIS (Heavy Metal ,Finland), SACRECY (Progressive Heavy Metal) ,Finland) Find out more about the festival at


  • Bombworks Records is happy to announce the reissue of Mexican death metallers LAMENT's sophomore album "Through the Reflection". The release will feature all new artwork and, as a bonus, will also include the original 4-song Beheaded demo that was only ever previously available on cassette and provide a glimpse into Lament's brutal beginnings when they were playing all-out grind / death. The "Through the Reflection" Special Edition will be released in February 2009. For more on Lament, check out their myspace at

  • IN GRIEF, hailing from Norway, plays their own brand of extreme metal which can best be described as atmospheric progressive death metal. Each song has an epic feel to it, with lots of dynamic contrasts, tempo changes, memorable melodies, great riffing, and plenty of heaviness. Taking a chapter from bands like Opeth, the band is content to take their time to let a song build up before unleashing its fury on you, all the while appeasing the listener with well-crafted melodies and rhythms. In Grief will be releasing their 7-song debut "Deserted Soul" in early 2009, featuring over 45 minutes of metal. If you are into bands like Opeth, Soilwork, Scar Symmetry, Amon Amarth, or just like great metal that isn't boring, then In Grief's debut will certainly satisfy. Check out their myspace at

  • BLOODLINE SEVERED is a 5-piece outfit hailing from Greensboro, NC, Bloodlined Severed combines elements of thrash, progressive, and modern metal to create a fresh sound for the scene. Citing influences as varied as Metallica, In Flames, Demon Hunter, Meshuggah, At the Gates, and Killswitch Engage, the band delivers powerful songs full of blazing guitar leads, chunky Pantera-like throwdowns for headbanging, big memorable choruses, and great melodies mixed in with in your face heaviness. The vocals range from death growls to black shrieks to powerful cleans, and the amazing guitar work, use of various time signatures, and great dynamics really deliver, introducing a sound that carves out a new niche in the modern metal movement. The band recently self-released their 10-song debut "Visions Revealed", and Bombworks Records will be remixing and remastering the release as well as repackaging it with brand new artwork. Bloodline Severed's debut with Bombworks is slated to drop for worldwide release in March 2009. Check them out at their myspace at

  • DISAFFECTION, hailing from Brazil, plays old school thrash / speed metal in the vein of bands like Exodus, Kreator, Ultimatum, Slayer (Reign in Blood era), Flotsam and Jetsam, and Austrian Death Machine. The music is chock full of fast and furious riffing, blazing guitar leads, head busting drumming, and in your face throwback thrash vocals. The pace never lets up, to the joy of headbangers worldwide, and the music is sure to satisfy any self-respecting speed freak. The band has been playing together since 2005, and they will be releasing their first full length on Bombworks Records in the summer of 2009. Check out the band's myspace at

  • A HILL TO DIE UPON, hailing from Monmouth, Illinois, USA, plays their own brand of brutal melodic black metal. A Hill To Die Upon has been a band for quite some time now, starting out several years ago as a hardcore band but quickly finding their calling in the desolate wastelands of extreme black metal. Though calling the US home, the band sounds more akin to the homeland of their major influences, possessing a decidedly European sound reminiscent of bands like Behemoth, Dimmu Borgir, 1349, and Satyricon. Technical atmospheric melodic brutality is the band's MO, and they certainly deliver. A Hill To Die Upon will be releasing their debut full length album on Bombworks Records in June 2009. It will be recorded by Kevin Rendleman at Trash Rocket Studios in Peoria, IL and mixed by Eric Tordsson (Crimson Moonlight) at Dark Chamber Studios . You can check out A Hill To Die Upon and several tracks from their demo at

  • DEUS INVICTUS, hailing from the greater Atlanta area in Georgia, USA, plays a unique brand of progressive melodic thrash with death elements that is extremely technical and is willing to experiment. The band has been in existence since 2005 and has been through a few member changes before settling on their current lineup. Though all 4 members are seasoned musicians, the drummer, Jeff Carter, will be remembered by many as the drummer on The Chariot's first album and tour before leaving the band and helping to found Deus Invictus. The music is at times ridiculously brutal while retaining a melodic underbelly, and the stellar musicianship, technical prowess, progressive tendencies (complete with lots of tempo / time signature changes, dynamic contrasts, and various "acts" in each composition) lead to a sound that borrows from many while also treading new ground. They are going into the studio to record their first full length (a concept album of over 1 hour of music) in January with Charles Clifton at Red Room 104 Studios with a release date set for mid-2009. With influences including bands like Carcass, Believer, Opeth, Death, Hypocrisy, Tourniquet, and Necrophagist, Deus Invictus is ready to storm onto the scene with a progressive thrash masterpiece. You can check out Deus Invictus and a demo track at

  • PENNY FOR THE OLD GUY, the metal band with the funny name (taken from the T.S. Eliot poem "The Hollow Men") has been playing the southeastern US for a few years now. They began as a brutal deathcore band, but more recently the band has moved into a progressive death / grind direction, with ultra brutal gutterals accompanied with black metal-esque shrieks, dueling guitars that incorporate thrash, death and black elements. The band melds influences from the likes of The Black Dahlia Murder, Necrophagist, Behemoth, and Through the Eyes of the Dead and throws in their own flair to finish out their brutal metallic sound. The band will be recording their first full length for Bombworks Records in 2009 targeted for a summer release. Check out Penny for the Old Guy and some of their demo tracks at .

  • MONOTHEIST, hailing from Orlando, Florida,USA, plays their own brand of progressive extreme metal. A melting pot of death, black, thrash, and progressive metal, Monotheist writes complex compositions that extend the boundaries of extreme metal. Furious riffing and ferocious drumming walk hand in hand with progressive stanzas and melodic nuances, painting an aural masterpiece of intensity. Each song has an epic feel and flows effortlessly from one stanza to the next without ever losing the interest of the listener. The band self-released a 7-song demo titled "Unforsaken" back in 2007, and the band is writing new material for their full length debut to be released on Bombworks Records in the summer of 2009. Influences include Death, Extol, Opeth, Suffocation, Emperor and Immolation. You can check out Monotheist, including tracks from their demo and a teaser of a new song, at .

  • DARK LAY STILL, Hailing from California, USA, plays Scandinavian-influenced symphonic black metal. The band released their original demo, "Joy in the Throes of Agony", in 2004, and then followed that up with a second demo in 2006 titled "Prelude". Both demos were met with critical acclaim in the underground, but the band broke up shortly after the release of Prelude to pursue other side projects. In 2008, the band got back together and began writing new material and now has plans to tour. Combining influences from bands such as Origin, Behemoth, Dimmu Borgir, Cradle of Filth, and Crimson Moonlight, DLS crafts melodic lines with crushing black metal riffs, keyboards, insane drumming, and brutal vocals to create powerful face melting black metal anthems. The band will release their debut in 2009, which will feature several songs updated and rerecorded from the original demos as well as several brand new songs. You can check out the band and several songs from their demos at

  • Progressive/Symphonic power metallers ADIASTASIA will be releasing their sophomore release on Bombworks Records in 2009. Hailing from Brazil, Adiastasia plays in your face power metal with a heavy dose of prog. They released their debut on Bombworks Records in 2006 titled "Life War" to critical acclaim worldwide. The band has continued to refine their sound, working on more intricate and complex song structure while still incorporating their trademark melodies, hooks, blazing guitar leads, and Jeff's soaring multi-octave vocals. Obvious influences include Helloween, Angra, Dream Theater, and Rhapsody, though there is also some Metallica and Megadeath sprinkled in for good measure, creating a heavy melodic sound. Adiastasia will soon be heading into the studio to record, and the new album, titled "War of the Worlds", will be released worldwide in the second half of 2009. You can check out Adiastasia and several tracks from their Bombworks Records' debut at

    More info about Bombworks Records can be found at

    Influential British metal band Seventh Angel has announced that they have reformed. The band, who were label mates with the likes of Metallica, Slayer and Megadeth, are working on a new, yet unnamed studio album. Seventh Angel is quoted by many of today’s top artists as being a massive influence and pioneers of their genre. Each member of the band has been on their own musical and spiritual journey since the split, and the reformation brings us a band of increased depth and maturity, with all the musical intensity that made Seventh Angel such an international success. Before their split Seventh Angel produced two highly acclaimed internationally released studio albums and continued interest in the band prompted the release of early demos and live recordings in 2005. Throughout their career Seventh Angel were the focus of much media attention, within the music press and beyond, appearing on the BBC, Channel Four and featured in the Daily Telegraph. Find out more about this cool band at


  • Black Metal band SHADOWS OF PARAGON has now completed the recording of their new album "Through The Valley Within". Musically it's varied and brutal black metal and lyrically it's full on for Christ. Soundclips from the upcoming album can be heard at

  • Melodic Metal band NARNIA are now busy recording their brand new album. This will also be the first album with their new vocalist Germán Pascual.

  • CHRISTIAN LILJEGREN, the former vocalist of NARNIA has teamed up with his brother SIMEON and are currently working together under the name Audiovision. The band will be playing concerts this year and according to Christian they "will deliver explosive concerts filled with passion and fire from our musical career so you can expect songs from the AUDIOVISION album THE CALLING as well as songs from BORDERLINE, MODEST ATTRACTION, NARNIA,DIVINEFIRE, WISDOM CALL & FLAGSHIP."

  • HARMONY, another great Melodic Metal band har released their 2nd album titled "Chapter II: Aftermath"

  • Classic Hardrock Band JERUSALEM is currently recordking a new album! Look for a release later this year. The setting now consists of Ulf Christiansson (vocals & guitars), Peter Carlsohn (bass) and Michael Ulfsgärd (drums).

  • Death Metallers PANTOKRATOR has recorded a video of the the track "Nephilim" of the album "Aurum". The result can be seen at

    ROB ROCK, the voice of melodic metal definately has many irons in the fire! Late last year his old band Driver finally released their fullength album Sons of Thunder filled with melodic 80s metal. If you like catchy harmonies and tasty guitar solos this is definately an album for you! In February he will also rerelease the Fires of Babylon album on Retroactive Records, an album filled with pure US 80s Heavy Metal Rob Rock has also rejoined Impellitteri and will sing on their new album Wicked Maiden that will be released February 25, 2009 on JVC/Victor Entertainment Japan. The Impellitteri album is pure metal with screaming vocals, shredding guitar solos and a fat production. Rob Rock will also release a Live DVD this year.

  • German Power Metal band SEVENTH AVENUE has rereleased their classic album Southgate on Ulterium Records. Find out more at and

  • MATT HARDING, the guitarshredder from 80s Heavy Metal band APOSTLE is back! His new band is called Jacob's Ladder

    The classic progressive thrash metal band Believer has signed a deal with Metal Blade Records, who will be releasing the bands forthcoming new studio album in early 2009.

    Live Humanitarian is MORTIFICATION'S brand new 2DVD package released on Nuclear Blast Records. It has a running time of approx 3 hours and contains the full mind blowing set of their live concert at the The Grand Old IMAX Theatre in Perth, Australia in 2006. Massive surround sound, filmed by 7 supreme digital cameras with 24 track digital live recording. The DVD marks the visual counterpart of last years audio release of that particular show. The second DVD features the legendary 1996 „Envision Evangelene“ film, bits and pieces from Steve Rowe’s home plus some more stuff around Steve and the band on and off the road! Check it out if you are into thrashing death metal. On another note Mortification is now also working with a new album.

  • DELIVERANCE, the classic speed metal masters have finally released their two first album Deliverance and Weapons of Our Warfare! Both albums are megaclassics in the speed/thrash vein and should not be missed if you enjoy fast & heavy speed/thrash metal in the veins of early Metallica etc. The albums also includes bonustracks A Space Called You, Attack and Rescue. For more info check out their cool label Retroactive Records

  • 2009 marks the 25th anniversary of when thrash/punk band THE CRUCIFIED started making music. To celebrate, Tooth & Nail Records will be releasing a collector’s edition box-set of music, video and history.

  • The latest issue of the legendary Christian Metal Magazine HEAVEN'S METAL features interviews with Theocracy, My Silent Wake, Glenn Kaiser Band, a review of Nordic fest, lots of albums reviews and much more! More info about this megacool zine can be found at

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