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    METAL  NEWS  080316

    Mike Phillips will be releasing a DVD of our last show in CA, Jan 4th, 2008... It was well shot and edited... Although there were some goofs here and there, the show came out OK... But, the DVD guy did a great job with the menu and such... I am not sure when Mike will be releasing it, but it should be in the next couple of months... The songs are as follows: Cause & Effect, As Above - So Below, No Time, Stay of Execution, Windows of the Soul, Not To Good For Me, Pseudo Intellectual, Ramming Speed, Sanctuary, Weapons of our Warfare, This Present Darkness. A new Deliverance CD will also the light by the end of the year.

    Jimmy P Brown

  • X-SINNER's upcoming new album that was tentatively titled "Back In Red" will now be titled "A World Covered In Blood" - named after one of the cuts on the album.

    Founding members Bruce Fitzhugh (Vocals / Guitar) and Lance Garvin (Drums) have reunited with Rocky Gray (lead guitar) and Arthur Green (bass). The band will be on tour this summer and we are already writing material for our brand new album, which will be released in 2008. We like and appreciate the fan pages but this is the OFFICIAL Living Sacrifice MySpace page. Stay tuned for updates.


  • Black Metal band SHADOWS OF PARAGON is currently in the studio busy with the recording of their new album. Check out their studio diaries at

  • Melodic Metal band NARNIA are now focusing on writing songs for their new album which is to be released in 2008.

  • HARMONY, another great Melodic Metal band is currently in the studio mixing their new CD.

  • Classic Hardrock Band JERUSALEM is currently writing tunes for a new album! The setting now consists of Ulf Christiansson (vocals & guitars), Peter Carlsohn (bass) and Michael Ulfsgärd (drums).

  • SULLEN RECORDS is pleased to announce that Kansas City based FROST LIKE ASHES has signed on for the release of their new EP titled “Born to Pieces”. “Born to Pieces” is the follow up to their 2006 acclaimed album, “Tophet”. “Born to Pieces” will be released this May and will be available as a limited release with only 250 units to be produced. FROST LIKE ASHES is as well schedule to headline the Sanctuary Tent at Cornerstone Festival (Bushnell, IL) on July 3rd. A limited number of copies of “Born to Pieces” will be held over for attendees of this event.

  • ELGIBBOR is an Unblack Metal band from Poland with an album out titled Stronger Than Hell. Musically they have a raw sound like Dark Throne, Burzum etc.

  • ARNION is new Thrash Metal band from Brazil.

    Thought I should give some report on how things are going at the Jerusalem front. In the beginning of September last year – me, Michael and Peter started to talk about the possibilities of making a new Jerusalem CD. We decided to fast and pray and meet every night for 2 weeks for this. We felt we wanted to create a record based on the ways we made "Prophet", where we basically walked into the studio, started the tape-recorder, (after a time of praising and thanking God), and then playing whatever comes up in our spirits and minds. All the songs on "Prophet" where created in this way, City On Fire, Risen etc. And it's been exiting to see what has been coming out of this. Feel there's a new freshness and joy. We have now done this for 2-3 hours (mainly Tuesdays) almost once a week up ‘til now. We really wanted stay away from any ambitions and expectations on how this project will be received. Following with all the pressure that comes with this... It's really up to Him what He wants to do with Jerusalem in the future... It's such a release to come into that position, just to depend on Him and to stop controlling the work He wants to do through us. To humble ourselves before Him, makes you become a very free person... It's a great feeling. At this time we have about sixteen 90 minute tapes (approx. 1440 minutes) packed with all that happened during our sessions. It sounds different and we are exited. We are doing this without keyboards at this time. It's only the three of us: guitar/vocals, drums and bass, and it sounds very "airy" and open. We may add up some keyboards at the end, but it will not be as dominating as on earlier productions. During the following weeks we will have to choose from all this material, and decide what we will keep on working more on and not... There will be some "kill your darlings", but it is good to know we have all this material to pick from. We will not say; it will sound like this or that. Mainly because our goal is not to sound like this or that... Maybe others think like that, and that's fine with us, but it would only put a limit on us. Our source of inspiration (Ps.87:7 “ singers and players of instruments shall say; all my sources of life and inspiration I have in you city of God, Zion”) is to find in Him who did all this, who created it... It is said and written that "the anointing breaks the joke", and really without this it is all in vain anyway, and nothing fruitful will happen. It will only be music and that's it. And the world needs more than that today, that's for sure.

    Without saying too much, we have passed the line of doing this only for music, if we ever have had a motivation like that. I started to work on the lyrics (and I really love this part of the process) when I was down in Gambia at the end of January, and I will keep on during Easter, moving out to our summerhouse for a couple of days. Think it will be in English and not in Swedish. It is hard to write in two so different languages. When you start working on lyrics, the title almost starts taking place in your mind and heart, and so it is this time as well, but we will put it on hold for a little bit longer. So when will it be released? Well, if we can have it done for September it would be great. All three of us are pretty busy with many other things we are involved in, but it would be great if it could be done by September. I do believe you will feel and hear the freedom, longing and joy in our hearts for the Kingdom of Jesus come through in the songs, maybe even more than before. Simply because it has become even more important than ever for us to keep Him as # ONE in everything we do. Matt.6:33 “ His Kingdom first, then the rest will be given to you...” This means to not depend on our own ability and talent, but allow Him to do the work in us and through us. This is a marvellous feeling of release. No pressure at all. His burden is mild and easy to carry. Wonderful! Now another thing: We will begin the concerts with Jerusalem for this summer starting in May (9th) at a secular festival in Poland, where we are headlining on Saturday night. Link to the festival here. We have had several requests from secular promoters, and maybe it's time now for Jerusalem to move into these areas this year. It would be a very exiting thing, and we will give Him all the glory for this.

    Proverbs 21:1 “...the Kings heart is in the hand of the Lord, like watercourses...”

    Be very blessed in your lives...
    Ulf Christiansson

  • RANDOM EYES has released the EP "Living For Tomorrow" featuring two new tracks and a heavier sound than their debut. target="_blank" The band's new album Invisible will be released in stores 9th April 2008.

  • UNDER COMMAND is a progressive HardRock/Metal band from the USA.

  • Classic Metallers LIGHTMARE has put 5 complete new songs on their myspace site:

  • Grindcore band ETERNAL MYSTERY has a new album out called "The Ultimate Death Sentence" featuring 33 songs and 45 minutes of material.

  • German Power Metal band SEVENTH AVENUE will release their new album Terium on 28th March 2008. Two of the tracks on the upcoming album can be checked out at For more info visit

    A new Black Metal documentary, entitled "Light in Darkness - Nemesis Divina", is currently in the works. However, what separates this documentary from countless others that have explored black metal's controversial aspects is that the focus is not on the satanic spectra of the genre, but the opposite — the Christian concept of black metal. Producer Stefan Rydehed, who recently finished completed work on the "Pure ______ Mayhem" documentary, which focused on the Norwegian black metal band MAYHEM, and David Nilsson have set their sights on the Scandinavian Christian scene, with particular focus on such bands as CRIMSON MOONLIGHT, ADMONISH and FROSTHARDR. Rydehed comments: "The topic is very interested because the genre has a major contradiction because it has evolved from the Satanic black metal and there have been death threats, church arsons, murders and so on but never have there been a documentary about the Christian bands and their point of view of the music genre." A trailer of this documentary is available at

    Hailing from Germany, Eternal Emperor’s debut EP “In The Beginning” delivers heavy blackened death metal with thrash influences and doom metal passages. We are thrilled for it to be the first non-Australian release on the Soundmass label. Think Antestor mixed with My Silent Wake and Sacrificium and you have an idea of what this fantastic introduction to Eternal Emperor sounds like. The long-awaited releases from Azmaveth and Bealiah are finally heading to manufacturing and will see release dates sometime in March. For those of you looking to get a death / black (Azmaveth) or old-school black (Bealiah) metal fix, these 2 releases should be right up your alley. In more release news, the hotly anticipated third release from folk metal stalwarts Holy Blood will soon be seeing the light of day. The CD master is finished and features an amazing multimedia enhanced experience in addition to the best Holy Blood tuneage to date, and I daresay the artwork is also the best to date and truly fits the mood of the entire CD. This CD should see an April release. My Silent Wake will be hitting the studio in March to record their third album. More details on this will be forthcoming. As many of you may already know, Carl has left Common Yet Forbidden. The band has a brand new vocalist, however, and they are hitting the road again throughout February and beyond. Best of luck to Carl in his new endeavors, and check out CYF when they come to a venue near you. Finally, Bombworks Records will be sponsoring Day of Metal 2008 at Cornerstone again this year. It will feature Bombworks bands, other signed bands, and a number of independent bands. Already confirmed are Frosthardr (Norway) and Sotahuuto (Finland), so all you Europeans need to start booking your trips now. More details on DOM2008 will be forthcoming, but you can mark your calendars for the Wednesday of Cornerstone, just like last year.

    David, Bombworks Records

  • LAMENT from Mexica is back with a new compilation album celebrating 14 years rocking the world. It includes 3 new songs in the vein of Old Mans Child, Dark Tranquility and Manowar. The cd includes a poster, sticker and signature from the band members. This new professionally manufactured cd is limited to only 300 units.

  • Classic Metal band ARMAGEDDON now has a myspace site at

    Classic Apocalyptic Heavy Metal band SAINT now has a new album out filled with fist pumping and hard hitting Heavy Metal. On Crime Scene Earth the album is influenced by the Time's End album. New cd also includes the cover "Invader" by JUDAS PRIEST.

    We are pleased to announce that we will be releasing 3 new CDs under the SOUNDMASS label at the beginning of April, all of which are now available for pre-order on our webstore. First, there is the long-awaited release of the first full-length for South Australia metallers Synnove. You can expect music that has moved away from the symphonic/gothic influences of their debut self-titled EP to a more aggressive twin-guitar black metal sound, with plenty of melodic doses of doom and death along the way. “The Whore and the Bride” is a musical dialogue between brutality and beauty, dissonance and harmony, groove and chaos, with a life affirming message that there is something beyond the darkness. This 50 minute epic is recommended for fans of Emperor, My Dying Bride and Bathory. Make sure you also check out their revamped MySpace site: Next we have the debut album for Australian band Martyrs Shrine. Although this name might be new to the scene, it is the creation of Michael Carlisle and Mike Forsberg, both former members of the legendary Mortification. Martyrs Shrine’s self-titled debut, a 50 minute culmination of years of song-writing plus their love for extreme metal in its truest form, features a unique blend of death/thrash metal. If you liked Mick and Mike's previous work with Mortification, you will love this album. The lads have gone back to their roots and recorded an old-school death metal album with modern production - just real instruments with real playing and great mixing. With Mick’s distinctive signature guitar sound and Mike’s unique death vocals, this is recommended for fans of early Mortification, Bolt Thrower and Napalm Death. Lastly, hailing from Germany, we have Eternal Emperor’s debut EP “In The Beginning”, delivering heavy blackened death metal with thrash influences and doom metal passages. We are thrilled for this to be the first non-Australian release on the Soundmass label. Think Antestor mixed with My Silent Wake and Sacrificium and you have an idea of what this fantastic introduction to Eternal Emperor sounds like. We are also extremely pleased to announce the signing of brand new Australian band Dei Elithaeon. Residing in our home state of Victoria, this talented group play a fine blend of thrash, death and progressive metal. Their debut album will be released mid 2008 but in the meantime you can check out a couple of “works in progress” on their MySpace site, where they will also be updating recordings and blogging their efforts as the album progresses: For more info visit

    Welcome to a belated but very exciting March Update. Finally, all the digipak re-issues have arrived from Europe and are in the store to cleanse your hungry ears and feed your hungry eyes. I was dreaming these past 2 years about the possibility of the entire Mort history being re-issued on delux digipaks. Finally that dream has come true and was, of course, kicked off last year by Soundmass with our '91 self-titled digi re-issue. Each cd is 24 bit remastered and released on a gold cd! Plus each cd comes in a digipack with sleeve notes, interviews, pictures, history, lyrics and BONUS tracks. The new set of 8 digipaks go beyond all expectations with extended photos, media clippings and bonus tracks. Highlight layouts include EnVision EvAngelene, Primitive Rhythm Machine and The Silver Cord Is Severed/10 Years Live Not Dead double. That said, all 8 are outstanding in presentation and value. From the masters of digipak re-issues - Metal Mind Productions in Poland - it is an honour to see Mortification unleashed once again in such stellar fashion. Metal Mind are responsible for hundreds of re-issues from Sony BMG, Universal, Roadrunner, Music For Nations and now Nuclear Blast. 10 Mortification releases are amongst the 80 given the honour of these delux re-issues from the Nuclear Blast back-catalouge. The list available of these strictly limited edition releases is Scrolls Of The Megilloth, Post Momentary Affliction, Blood World, Primitive Rhythm Machine, EnVision EvAngelene, Triumph Of Mercy, Hammer Of God and The Silver Cord Is Severed/10 Years Live Not Dead double. The Silver Cord Is Severed now has the classic Mortification logo on the cover, as does the "Conquer The World" DVD which will be available in the coming weeks in Region 0 format. This means it will be viewable worldwide!

    The Silver Cord Is Severed will also feature the classic logo. The re-issue of the Conquer The World DVD will also contain bonus footage from the 2002 Black Stump Festival, with classic songs 'Grind Planetarium' and 'Brutal Warfare' included. Talking of DVDs, the Live Humanitarian DVD will finally be finished in edit by early next month. No fixed release date just as yet, though. I have seen some of the final edits and the Live Humanitarian DVD will be the finest Mortification live release to date. With a seven digital camera shoot and 5.1 Dolby surround sound, this is a MASSIVE production, 18 months in the making. It out-does Live Planetarium hands down for sound and picture quality. It will also have some bonus footage including classic songs and on-tour antics from last year's Live Humanitarian European Tour. These limited edition digipaks will not last long. The pressing of 2000 numbered copies on gold discs are already in stores worldwide. I have 125 of each title and believe that from the enthusiasm of you, the supporters, I will soon be able to afford a second 125 of each. However, that will depend upon your direct support of the band and just how quickly I can place the re-order. Wholesalers and stores worldwide are onto all the Metal Mind digipaks fast because of their supreme quality, so I am believing that I will have the financial return quickly in order to keep these gems at Rowe Productions as long as possible. So here's to a new old era revisited! It's like buying a classic car, pulling it to pieces and re-polishing, re- painting and re-building each tiny part. All releases are digitally remastered using 24-bit process. I encourage you to purchase the 8 CD Pack and listen and see how the band progressed over a 10 year period. Many of the mockers in the mainstream can now see the natural progression and are eating their words in review. The re-issues are creating a buzz in the European Metal mainstream with my vocals on the latter albums being compared with Volker from the legendary War Hammer and Paul Speckman from death metal pioneers Master.

    Steve Rowe.

    Here's another studio update for you. Joey has completed tracking drums except for one "interesting" tune. He will be completing this next weekend. So far, we are very happy with how things are sounding. After some amp meltdowns and ruined guitar necks I am pleased to tell you that the rhythm guitar tracks are now complete!!! And they are HEAVY. We cannot wait for you to hear this stuff. We'll try to get some studio footage posted in the near future, so that you can witness some of the madness that's taking place. I hesitate to predict a release date, but we are shooting for the May/June timeframe. If we can get it out quicker we will, but as you know, we don't like to rush things. It's been 14 or so years, so I'm sure a couple extra months won't cause any distress. We just want it to sound amazing for you. We really can’t wait to start mixing, but we have some finishing musical touches to put down first. The plan is to start vox very soon and hopefully crush through those. We need to put some minor guitar parts in also and some other "interesting" things. Very few have heard the songs, but we’ve been getting amazing positive feedback from those who have-both long time Believer fans and some who have only heard bits and pieces from our past. Thanks again to all of you who have been keeping the buzz alive by posting the vids and tunes on your myspace and web pages and introducing others to our stuff! As for how we will release the new material, this is still being discussed. Once we are in the mixing phase we will be finalizing the release plans and letting you know. Thanks again for your patience and support.

    Kurt Bachman

  • ETERNAL EMPEROR is a new brutal band that will release the EP "In The Beginning" in early April 2008.

    LEGENDS  OF  ROCK  2008
    This is one of the coolest festivals this year!! Bands that will play are great bands like WHITECROSS, BLOODGOOD, NARNIA, SEVENTH AVENUE, BLINDSIDE, STAVESACRE and more! Festival will take place April 5th, 2008 between 15:00-0:30 (3 PM to 0:30 AM) at Haus Ennepetal, Ennepetal (Germany)

    This is Finland's leading Christian Metal Festival and it takes place on Saturday, April 19th, 2008 at Nokian Palloiluhalli in Nokia (Finland). Bands that will play are IMMORTAL SOULS, BLOODED SOTAHUUTO, THY MAJESTY and many more!

    ELEMENTS  OF  ROCK  2008
    This year's edition of Elements of Rock will take place 25-27 April 2008 in Stadthofsaal Uster (Switzerland). It will feature bands like SEVENTH AVENUE, DROTTNAR, DAVID BENSON'S DBEALITY, KREYSONE and many more! Mainspeaker of the event is Metal Pastor Bob Beeman (Pastor of Sanctuary International). Workshop Speakers are Jim La Verde (Barren Cross)and Samuel Hug (Elements of Rock) For more info check out the homepage:

    Critically acclaimed melodic hard rock guitarist Joshua Perahia (of the band JOSHUA) has just launched his newly formatted website. He would like to invite one and all to come by for a visit. The new website is at: He'll be heading into the studio soon to begin recording a brand new album. Joshua is also getting prepared to enter the studio with vocalist Jeff Fenholt, who was the lead singer on Joshua's 1985 album "Surrender." Several special guests artists are being lined up to appear on the album. The new album is tentively titled "Resurrection." In advance of the new album, Joshua is re-issuing three of his classic albums which have not been in print for 6 years. Newly remastered CDs of "The Hand is Quicker Than the Eye," "Surrender" (with new cover art)," and "Chapter One" (with new cover art) will be available March 20, 2008 through his website, CDBaby and many other hard rock mailorders worldwide. Sound samples are currently posted on Joshua's MySpace profile at: Finally, keep an eye out for his much anticipated DVD release "Intense Defense: Live in the Studio". The disc will feature the entire album "Intense Defense" performed live in' the studio with Rob Rock on vocals. The disc will also feature unreleased live performances from the 2001 Salvation Army Benefit Concert, Stryper Expo 2001, and various other live performances. The DVD will also include live footage from various appearances with guests Paul Shortino (Rough Cutt), Neal Grusky (Takara) and Jeff Fenholt. The release will also include Joshua's promotional videos and other extras.

    Classic Finnish Metal band DEUTERONOMIUM are now busy working with a new album. After their comeback on 2006, after six years of silence, and recent release of a live-DVD, Finnish christian metal band Deuteronomium is now recording a brand new album. Mikko Härkin (Mehida, ex-Sonata Arctica, ex-Kotipelto) will be producing the album. All drums are already done and they are currently recording the bass tracks. Markus Niemispelto (Mehida, Random Eyes etc.) features on one song with some really nice march drumming. Included on the album will be a megalong track of almost 15 minutes(!) of heavy metal with lots of different parts and hooks. Musically the album will be a return to their early roots of brutal yet melodic death metal. For more info visit and

    Bombworks Records is proud to announce that Canadian death metal band SYMPATHY is joining the label. Sympathy has been a force in the death metal underground for a long time now, consisting almost exclusively of front man Derek James From (Dharok). After recording several demos, Sympathy released a handful of releases on Dutch extreme label Fear Dark Records that were received with high regard by both the press and fans, and the band also recently released an EP on Norwegian label Momentum Scandinavia. Displaying his technical prowess, Dharok performed all of the instruments on his releases, including complex programmed drums that hardly sounded programmed, molding an impressive technical death metal soundscape with a sound all its own. Wanting to take things to the next level, Dharok has joined forces with monster guitarist Jeff Lewis (Abolishment of Hate, Mortification) and drummer Jim Austin (Into Eternity) to craft his most complex and interesting project yet. The new CD, titled "Anagogic Tyranny", will feature 10 tracks of technical blackened death metal that is sure to set a new standard in the metal underground. "Anagogic Tyranny" will be available worldwide in mid-2008. For more info visit and

  • DISSAFFECTION is a Brazilian band playing 80s Thrash Metal

  • NORTHERN ASH is a 2 man studio project formed during the Summer months of 2007 with the purpose of glorifying our Lord Jesus Christ by centering on black metal, adding some death metal, and a bit of thrash to produce a unique sound. The message is purely Biblical and also includes a bit of Theological and Apologist (defense of the faith) lyrics. Both members are fairly experienced in creating, recording, marketing, and distributing Christian metal music and belong to other projects as well as this one. Adding diversity and strength to the Christ-centered metal movement is another serious goal of Northern Ash and its two members. It is considered a long distance project since one member lives in North America and the other in Central America. Nevertheless, both are committed to this endeavor´s success. All music written and recorded by Todd (also in Transfigural Form and Eden in Ruins). All vocals and lyrics recorded by Felipe (also in Encryptor, Sorrowstorm, and Rehumanize). Musically they describe their style as early Norwegian Black Metal with touches of Florida style Death Metal and a bit of Thrash. The band is signed to Sullen Records, the sub-label of Open Grave Records.

    Hail to all, Metal blessings from the Faith Factor camp! We have begun the recording phase of the new album Against the darkend sky", and the drumtracks are recorded. We have been thru 1 drum editing session, and Chris, Joe and myself will be at Sound Hall Studios this weekend. Eight new songs will be on this album, due mostly to some songs over the ten minute mark. A new power ballet named "In Remembrance", 2 in drop "D", and the remainder in standard "E" tuning. This album is the continuation of our acclaimed EP, 7/7/07, and lyrically God has provided the words to the message he wants us to bring to the masses. This album will be released under Metallic Archangel records. Later this week, we will post a new video from one of our earlier shows. The song is called "Deceiver", and it is a warning to all about the evil traps of compromise that he tries to trick us into. The artwork for the album is complete, and Liza Rock will be doing our layout, and she is extremely talented ! Our relationship with God grows stronger each and everyday, and we just wanted to share this update with you all. May the love and grace of God be with you all today. We stand firmly on the work Crist Jesus started at the cross, and soon his message will be in the concrete jungle, for all to hear.Metal blessings to everyone!

    Faith Factor
    "The Glory is for God alone"

    Hello everyone, Kyle is feeling a little better these days. She started a new (third) treatment and she seems to have less side effects from this treatment. Her numbers went way up and then dropped by two thirds a few weeks later. They are still way above the safe range but again she's tolerating this drug a bit better. We'll certainly keep all of you updated as we receive new information. We go to Boston every two weeks for blood work and checkups. Again, thank you for your thoughts and prayers. We are forever grateful. As far as the new Stryper record goes - I'm still tracking vocals in my studio and we plan to start mixing by the first week in February. We should be finshed mixing by the end of February and then we'll master, do a photo shoot and then the rest will be up to artwork department at Big3 to put it all together and package it. I'm not confirming anything but I'd say it should be out July or August and of course a tour will follow later in the year. I know that some of you were expecting a release sooner but things have transpired that are out of our control and I can assure you that it will be worth the wait. The record sounds amazing and it will have everything that you've always wanted a Stryper record to have - melodies, guitar solos, stacked vocal harmonies and screams. Sonically, it's our best to date. It's a very edgy record yet at the same time it retains it's melodic sense. The new album is tentatively titled Murder by Prider. "Sometimes we are murdered by our pride, and our own pride overtakes everything else in our life and we are blinded to that,"..."So many times our pride overtakes what we are supposed to do as believers." Sweet invited Scholz to play on Stryper's Murder by Pride album, which features a new version of Boston's "Peace of Mind." Thank you for your patience and we look forward to 2008!


    Michael Sweet

  • Talking about STRYPER, Michael Sweet, will also handle lead vocals on Boston's first tour since 2004. The tour will take place this Summer.

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