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    METAL  NEWS  071206

    We have completed most of the pre-production on the new tunes and are planning to start recording in November. We are very excited and interested to see how you enjoy the new stuff. We are also developing a web site ( and are designing some new merchandise to coincide with the re-release of our past records on Metal Mind Productions, due November 5th. Please check back often, as we will keep the page updated with our madness, I mean progress. Joey and I will also post some blog entries periodically. As most of you know by now, the official Believer Myspace page is up and running. We hope you get a chance to check it out at Kurt and I are currently in the rehearsal mode for the official recording due to start mid November. Since Metal Mind Productions is re-releasing all three Believer records (read the press release here), we thought it would be cool to make a limited edition T-shirt for each one. All three T-shirts are available now. Imust say that from the response of everyone on our myspace page Kurt and I are extremely stoked for you, fans, to hear the new record. You guys are truly the best fans ever! Many, many thanks. Again, thanks for all the support. The Trauma Team has started the actual recording and Joey has blazed through 2 tunes today (after many hours getting some sweet drum sounds). We will be hitting it hard again tomorrow. Sorry for our "slowness" but as you are know, we want this to be killer for you. We will keep you updated on our progress and will post some vids from the studio in the near future. In Fountain of Tears news, we are continuing the promotion of the,"Fate" album. Vonnie has just done an interview with a French online magazine and other press is being done as well. Due to my invovement with Believer, FoT rehearsals have slowed but will resume soon. Along with working on ideas for touring in 2008 with FoT, I am also twisting Kurts arm to get out and tour for the new Believer album. It should be a very busy 2008!

    Kurt Bachman & Joey Daub

    Retroactive Records has finally announced their new releases for the end of 2007:

  • ARMAGEDDON-Money Mask
    This is a 2 CD Collector's Edition Limited Reissue of 1000 copies, consisting of all the tracks from Money Mask, originally released on Regency Records in 1989, plus all the demos, rarities, and unreleased tracks collectors have been hunting and begging for all these years.

  • DELIVERANCE - River Disturbance
    The original 1994 Brainstorm release will be re-mastered and re-issued, along with four previously unreleased tracks reflecting the more recent influences of Saviour Machine and HIM.

  • ROSANNA'S RAIDERS - Fire From Heaven: The Collective Works
    This will feature two albums on three CDs, but more importantly all the material was digitally re-mastered so it sounds way cleaner and harder than the original releases.

  • TITANIC - Wreckage: The Best Of and the Rest Of
    This will feature re-mastered tracks from their out of print first two albums titled Maiden Voyage and Screaming In Silence, their latest effort titled Full Steam Ahead. Four previously unreleased tracks featuring Robert Sweet of Stryper on drums will serve as bonus tracks.

  • ULTIMATUM's new album Into The Pit is now out on Retroactive Records. The album is a noncompromising bonecrushing release filled with old school Thrash. If you are a fan of old-school technical thrash metal in the vein of Vengeance Rising, Tourniquet, Metallica, early Megadeath, Exodus, Slayer, Overkill and Forbidden, this album is definately something for you.

    More info about Retroactive Records and the releases above can be found at

  • TORMAN MAXT now has a new album titled Problem Of Pain Volume 1. Part 1 is the first of a two album set, with Part 2 scheduled for a 2008 release. It's a "Rock Opera" and was inspired by the albums: Rush 2112 and Queensryche's "Operation Mindcrime". Lyrically it talks about Job from the Old Testament and deals with the question why God allows suffering and pain here on earth. Musically it's brilliant progressive rock/metal.

  • Silent Music Records in Brazil has released has released a special limited edition of the album Purification by American Deathers CRIMSON THORN. The album features 17 tracks including five previously unreleased bonus tracks (three live, and two from the demo titled Plagued).

  • HORDE fans rejoice! The one and only Horde show is now released on DVD! See Anonymous up close for the first and only time performing his crushing vocals and maniacal drumming with astounding intensity in front of a ferocious live audience in the heart of Norway. The DVD is released by Veridon Music and the title is Day Of Total Armageddon Holocaust: Live In Oslo

  • In 1992 SARDONYX released Majestic Serenity on its own Lightshine label. Majestic Serenity has a 80's thrash and power metal sound with a "NO COMPROMISE CHRISTIANITY" message. Each song was designed as a Bible study. Almost every line of the lyrics contains Bible references so the listener can look them up. The music is super tight, super heavy, technical, and incorporates heavy doses of progressive and thrash metal also. Majestic Serenity is pure American Power Metal have a lot in common with bands like Meliah Rage, Sacred Warrior, and Testament, and Metal Church. In September 2007 Retroactive Records re-issued a Limited Edition of just 1000 copies of Majestic Serenity. The CD contains 15 Tracks including four from the 1990 Rebel of Reason demo.

  • MORTIFICATION have released a new live album titled "Live Humanitarian" featuring 16 tracks from the band's long career.

  • Talented Brittish Doom Metal band MY SILENT WAKE (lead by Ian Arkley formerly of Ashen Mortality and Seventh Angel) has a cool double-CD out titled The Anatomy Of Melancholy.

    Just a quick Fall update. It appears that Troy will not be moving to Italy after all. This means that he and I will begin writing for a new Bride CD right away. We just recorded a song for the new Liberty and Justice CD called Author of the Flame. You can read more about the project at: Troy and I will be taking a different approach to the next Bride project. Even though we are thrilled with "SKIN FOR SKIN" our last CD, we feel that over production has stifled what we are all about. At this time Troy and I are putting together players for the project. We will announce soon who will be joining us on this next important release. As always we are thankful to everyone that has supported this work throughout the years. Also Bride is currently booking shows for another tour of Brazil. The time frame has not yet been set but we are working with promoters now for something in early 2008. The song writing process is going incredible and recording will commence after the Holidays. The direction will more than likely be less "BIG" production and more straight ahead rock. The only thing to compare the current writing to is Zeppelin-White Stripes (their cool material), Rage Against the Machine. Bride wants to show case the talents while bringing an up front message of Christ Jesus rather than having Protools (digital audio workstation platform that integrates hardware and software) to make everything person. Human error in creating music and art often times brings forth the genius and masterpieces. In Christ Jesus,

    Dale Thompson

    KREYSON begins work on new album, touring Europe and beyond. The worldwide known queen of metal music, Doro Pesch, came to the Czech Republic, namely to the recording studio of Kreyson in Prague. After having heard the song called "Deep in the Night" / KREYSON, or, its Czech version, the famous mega-hit "Carovná noc", Doro Pesch expressed her interest in recording a common duet. She was enchanted by the song itself, and also by Láda Krížek's singing. To Lada's great surprise, the idea to continue this cooperation came from the side of DORO. According to her words, it would be a great loss if fans in the rest of the world were denied such a great song as "Deep in the Night" is. She herself suggested that the duet should be recorded. The last hot news is a concert tour of Europe Kreyson has been preparing along with the worldwide known metal queen Doro Pesch, called "Christmas Europe Tour 2007". In the history of Czech metal music, Kreyson is most likely the very first group from the Czech Republic that has been invited to participate in a tour of Europe. Concerts will take place in Switzerland, Germany, Poland, and the Czech Republic in December. Two concerts in Germany will be performed also along with W.A.S.P.. A special guest at the concert in Ceske Budejovice will be a group called Seven, and in Uhersky Brod a group called Empire. Following the link below you can find a video-invitation to the prepared tour. Musically Kreyson plays Classic Metal in the style of Iron Maiden, Helloween and Judas Priest.

  • Fans of LORDCHAIN will be delighted to know that they they how have a brand new disc out. You can hear three full songs from the new "Finding Balance" project on The band also has a new website at

  • ENDLESS FUNERAL album "Reconciliation" is about 80% done. Hopefully this will be out circa Feb-March 2008. The album is clocking at about 70 minutes. For those who enjoyed the guitar-driven songs like The Siren's Call and Renewal by Death will be pleased to know that the first half of the cd contains a lot of Power/Thrash elements. The second half of the cd is more in the vein of A Second Beginning/On my Knees Again/The End of Suffering (piano/guitars). Influences : (old and newer) Living Sacrifice, Sacrament, Believer, Dark Tranquility, Mistral, Narnia, Eternal Decision, DivineFire, Tourniquet, Soul Embraced, Immortal Souls, old Metallica, Children of Bodom, Audiovision, new As I Lay Dying, Rob Rock, Classical music.

  • Classic Finnish Metal band DEUTERONOMIUM has released a DVD featuring the tracks Crosshope, DDD, …to Die and Gain, Black Raven, Tribal Eagle, Statue Of Liberty, S/S, Druglord, Spell Of Hell, CCR, Street Corner Queen, The Fall, Millstone, Whirlwind, Here to Stay, Dead End, III, Northern Praise, Blue Moment and Red River. The DVD also contains lots of bonus material with short clips from miscelleanous gigs.

    A live video of the brand new song Fields Of War can also be seen at their myspace site. For more info visit and

  • Death Metallers KRIG from Brazil has a new album out titled "Feed Me". Find out more at and

  • FLAMMA IGNIS is a new Christian Metal band hailing from Spain. The play Progressive Death Metal band and have an album titled "La Muerte ha salido de Cacería". Check'em out on and

    BRAZILIAN  METAL  NEWS- Provided by Rosemari de Melo Souza and Flávio de Souza of

    † Avantage Records has re-released DYNASTY's Motus Perpetuus álbum. The number of copies is limited - only 500 copies and it also brings a new art-cover. A new album is being produced and it will be out in early 2008 through Silent Music Records. In September, the band announced that the vocalist and co-founder Nahor Andrade left the band and will work on his solo career.

    † THE JOKE?, one of the first underground Christian bands in Brazil, is about to come back. They started in 94, released three full-length albums as well as two eps. In 2006, the band announced they wouldn't play any longer. Vocalist and Preacher Saimon has announced the band the band has been rehearsing with a new guitarist and will be back on stage in November.

    † DISAFFECTION's first cd has no official release date yet, but you can check out four songs from their album on their website. It's a great option for those who are into the 80's Thrash Metal bands like Exodus, Forbidden and Hirax.

    † SKYMETAL has released their fourth full length album entitled "Devastação da morte". It has ten Death Metal tracks, sung in Portuguese.

    † METANÓIA FEST, the biggest Christian Metal Festival in Brazil, has already defined the band list for their ninth edition, which will take place on March 21 and 22, 2008. On March 21 the following bands will play: SQ3, Fire, Hasta Cuando, Feel Burning Inside, Harpazo, Soul Factor, Sabbatariam and Simphony Christ. On March 22 the following bands will play: Heaven, Renúncia, White Sheep, Trino, Desertor, Eterna, Antidemon and Polyphone

    † SPIRIT'S BREEZE has signed with Veridon Music for the release of their new album entitled "None Should Perish". This cd will have more than 30 minutes and is recommended for Krisiun and Rebealium fans. The release is planned for the beginning of 2008. The track-list is: Intro, Morbid Memories, Another Day, Dominium Over the Earth, None Should Perish, The Fall of Darkness Empire, Dead Idols, Drum Solo and Integrity Life. Listen to one of the new songs at

    † DESTRA (Prog. Metal) has a new guitarist: Rodrigo Rodrigues, who has replaced Eduardo Parronchi, who left the band due to musical differences. The band has been working on the pre-production of their new album, which might be released next year.

    † WINTERSOUL is a new project of former CLEMENCY drummer, Marcelo Lopes, who has been living in England. The Extreme Metal band has as vocalist Fábio Alves (ex-No Blest) and guitarist and musical producer Alexandre Bressan. Listen to one of their songs, available at

    † One year after she had left the band, Cinthia Tchy is now back as vocalist in BLOODFORGE. The band plays Gothic Doom Metal and is back on stage after four months.

    † PROPHECIES (Death Metal) has released their first Demo entitled "Time of the Truth". If you are interested in it, send an email to

    † DEATH POEMS has allowed the download of all Pseud Prophetae album songs. Access Next year they plan release new stuff.

    † IRA DIVINA is a Brazilian Extreme Metal band. They have already released an album and have been working on songs for their next CD. More information about the band and their music at

  • Doom Metal band TROGLODYTE DAWN is working on a new album that will be a return to the doom-laden riffs of the debut. The working title of it is "Darkest Void". The first two CDs, "Troglodyte Dawn" and "Kyna" are still available at the official website

  • On December 3, 2007 Michael Sweet of STRYPER released his latest solo project "Touched". It is a collection of familiar cover songs along with some Stryper favorites, all recorded specifically for this CD. This CD is only available at and not available in stores.

    The Death Metallers of Feast Eternal has been searching a long time for a second guitar player and bass player. Now the search has ended since Feast Eternal's original rythm guitarist John Greenman who wrote "Prisons of Flesh" has decided to come back to the band. The band is now in the works to do their very first professional music video. Writer and director of the movie "Legion of the Liar" Daniel McLemore Stanton is going to produce and film the video. Their new album "With Fire" should be out by now

    The Metal Bible is now also released in Dutch. For more info about this megacool Bible edition and the upcoming versions in English, Portugese, Spanish, Italian, Danish, Slovak and Finnish visit


  • Christoffer Johansson the former drummer of Inevitable End is now the new drummer of the black metal band SHADOWS OF PARAGON

  • NARNIA'S tune In His Majesty's Service from their brand new album Decade of Confession is now available on their myspace site. The tune is a slightly metalized cover of the original made by Jerusalem. Due to current personal situations within in the band they are not, as planned originally, doing any concerts at the moment, but plan to be back in the Spring of 2008. In the meantime the band are focusing on writing songs for their new album which is to be released in 2008.

  • Progressive Doom Metallers VENI DOMINE have issued the following update: "After an intense band meeting with loads of stuff on the agenda we also agreed on having Gabriel [Ingemarson] back on bass. It was really a no brainer as he is the perfect match for the band both musically and personality-wise. After two years with stand-ins who did splendid work for the band, we're back to normal! "We really want to thank the ones filling on for Gabriel: Ez Gomer, Peter Carlsohn, Gary Kusthoss and the live preformers Johannes Stiigh and last but certainly not least Andreas Olsson, who had to put up with us the most. We love you all and you will always have a special place in our hearts!! "No we're just missing a keyplayer, but that's normal." Some of the new tracks from VENDI DOMINE'S brand new album Tongues is now available at

  • MAJESTIC VANGUARD reports that their vocalist Peter Sigfridsson had to leave because of lack of time and personal reasons. New temporary vocalist has been Tommy Johansson of Rein Xeed. The rehearsals however with Tommy have unfortunately not given the results they hoped for. Therefore they have decided to end the collaboration after the 2 gigs in Mullsjö and Halmstad. It is really sad things turned out to be this way, but both sides believe this is the right decision. The last weeks have been turbulent and with the results in their hands the band says they should have done things different. Samuel Fredén, one of the original members has also decided to leave the band, due to lack of time. Samuel however plans to record keyboards on their next album, so he will still be working with the band but in a different role. Last gig with Samuel will take place later this year. The band wish both Peter & Samuel all the best in the future. Last gig with Peter and Samuel will be on 8th December at Hardrock Halleluyah festival in Germany.

  • CRIMSON MOONLIGHT plans to record a new album. The album will probably be released in Spring 2008.

  • GRAVE FORSAKEN, a 5-piece from Western Australia, is a heavy thrash band with influences from other classic metal styles. "Horror And Sadness", the first single from Grave Forsaken's upcoming second Rowe Productions album, highlights their huge musical and production advancement. On top of this, this 5-track single also includes a song from their debut album and 3 exclusive unreleased cuts (2 studio demos and a live track)

  • SCOURGED FLESH'S har released the new CD "Bury the Lies" filled with brutal thrashy death metal.

  • HILASTHERION has now released their debut album Taken From Darkness. Their guitarbased sound will appeal to fans of Melodic/Progressive Death Metal and especially to fans of Children of Bodom. Fans of Schaliach will also be delighted to hear this megatalented band that definately is one of the best new metal bands to arise the latest years. Hear some clips from this amazing band on

  • SACRECY is a Finnish Melodic Metal band that have elements from progressive rock and power metal. They have an selftitled album out.

  • VOMITOUS DISCHARGE is a oneman grindcore project from Germany. His album is called Festering Carcass Covered With Rot.

  • WORLD TO ASHES is a really cool Melodic death metal from Germany. Their Of What There Is To Come cd definately gives appetite of what there is to come from this band.

  • FAITH FACTOR is a true classic heavy metal from the US. Their 3 song EP features a vocalist that definately can hit the really high tones

  • MEHIDA's Blood & Water album has made it to the top 100 charts in Finland! prog metal album m Featuring members from Wingdom and Essence Of Sorrow you know this a quality band in the prog metal genre.

  • Fate is the new cd by FOUNTAIN OF TEARS. The band is formed by members of Believer and former members of Sacrament and Sardonyx. Fountain of tears has a female vocalist that refreshingly doesn't sound like Nightwish, Evanescence or Within Temptation. Thick and crunchy guitar work, atmospheric keyboards, and strong female vocals propel the sophomore release titled Fate from Pennsylvania's Fountain of Tears. With one foot in the metal/hard rock pool, the other dipping the toes in gothic rock, plus a bit of prog, and you have an idea of what to expect with this band. The production is crisp and full of life, which gives lead singer Vonnie King plenty of room to accentuate her mix of powerful and ethereal vocals over the music.

  • Scent Of Divine Blood is FEARSCAPE's 2nd fullength, filled with prog black metal from Australia

    Stryper is now busy recording their new album. This time they are going back to their roots and there will be plenty of GUITAR SOLOS, lots of big vocal harmonies. Yes!

    Metal Mind Productions, the leading Metal Label in Poland has set a November 5 release date for the remastered versions of the three albums from the late '80s/early '90s technical-thrash metal band BELIEVER: "Extraction From Mortality" (1989), "Sanity Obscure" (1990) and "Dimensions" (1993). Each CD will be made available in a new digipak edition on golden disc, digitally remastered using 24-bit technology and limited to 2,000 numbered copies. According to a press release, "In the entire history of the thrash metal genre, there was never a band as unique as BELIEVER. While their music showcased thrash influences from the rawest sort, delivering fast and violent sounds, the message they incorporated into their songs was the exact opposite of the typical thrash metal attitude. Through their music BELIEVER preached the word of God - each lyric is a testimony of faith and commitment to the Christian community. The band made sure that their message was properly introduced by supporting it with a heavy dose of brilliantly arranged melodies and thrashing riffs. "Their debut album, 'Extraction From Mortality', easily shows the most brutal side of Christian metal, musically being comparable to thrash giants such as SLAYER and OBITUARY. Includes nine tracks filled with furious riffs and catchy melodies, sewn together with religiously inspiring lyrics. 'Sanity Obscure' is BELIEVER's second album on which the band takes on a more technical approach. Thrash metal origins progress into a more sophisticated and spiritualized form, conjoining both an aggressive sound and a meaningful message. It features catchy and expressive songs, with some impressive highlights as 'Stop the Madness', 'Non-Point' and the breathtaking symphonic/orchestral masterpiece - 'Dies Irae'. New edition includes liner notes written by the band. Their third and most impressive album, 'Dimensions', presents a band fully aware of its possibilities, able to create a one-time masterpiece, which this LP undoubtedly is. The 20-minute long track 'Trilogy of Knowledge' is one of the most extraordinary songs ever created by a metal band. New edition includes liner notes written by the band."

  • Mexican brutal metal band DEBORAH now has a new album out titled Soteria. Get ready for some really beautiful and brutal metal from these cool female metal band.

    As of today, Jim Austin is in the studio tracking drums for the next Sympathy album. Over the next ten days, Jim will be putting down 10 tracks and 45+ minutes of heavy, fast and technical death metal. Most of the bass, rhythms and leads are already completed. I know every band says their new album is more brutal, heavier and faster than their last; but it is honestly true in this case. I have posted some demo samples so that you can hear it. The songs range from technical speed-fests (at +242bpm) to sludgy doom metal. The songs have all been written by Jeff Lewis and myself. Jeff is handling all the lead guitars (and there are a lot of leads), and I am performing all the vocals. And in other news, Sympathy has officially left Fear Dark and is negotiating with another label to release this album in the spring of 2008. It's been a long wait since the last disc, but I think that fans will think this album was worth the wait once it drops. The new album still sounds like Sympathy, but everything about the songwriting has improved. Also, we are toying with the idea of trying to get on a Euro tour for the early spring, but it is very difficult to arrange. We are also considering playing some North American festivals this year too, but it is almost equally as hard for all of us to get together for a gig.

    Dharok, Sympathy

  • MARTYR'S SHRINE'S debut album is now out featuring ex Mortification & Cybergrind members Mick Carlisle and Mike Forsberg. The lads have gone back to their roots and recorded an oldschool Death/Thrash album with a modern production. If you like early Mortification, you will surely like this sinc it is a brutal album in the vein of Mortification's self-titled and Scrolls of the Megilloth. The album is 51:20 mins (most songs are 7 mins or more in length!). The album is released in a limited edition and there are now less than 500 copies available.

  • Classic Heavy Metal band RECON now has an official myspace site! Check it out at

  • MESSENGER is a new act, having played together since February 2007. The sound is birthed out of their favorite Heavy Metal and Progressive Rock sounds such as Rush, Led Zeppelin, Nickelback and Daughtry. Messenger's songs explode with humongous power chords in innovative rhythms. Their efforts now are in the recording studio with Master's Productions, an Independant record label. They will be announcing the date of their debut CD release and shows to be around Christmas.

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    METAL  NEWS  070923

    Wow, this will be a fantastic metal festival!! The lineup includes great bands like TOURNIQUET, ULTIMATUM, RECON, NEON CROSS, ONCE DEAD, BARREN CROSS and BLOODGOOD! For those that are into metalcore you will also have plenty to enjoy since bands like UNDEROATH, DEMON HUNTER, ANBERLIN, EMERY, DISCIPLE, FALLING UP, PROJECT 86, THOUSAND FOOT KRUTCH AND SHOWBREAD also will play. Legendary Metal Pastor Bob Beeman will be the main speaker of this megacool event, that will take place Friday 28 and Saturday 29 of September. Visit for more info

    The talented Power Metal band THEOCRACY reports that the new THEOCRACY album, Mirror of Souls is now finally recorded. Matt Smith, the band's maincomposer and singer is extremely pleased with the way it sounds. Obviously it's unmastered at this point and once the label situation has been set in stone, the band will release more details. You can listen to one of the upcoming tracks on the new album on New bass player in the band is Patrick Parris.

    Classic metallers of BLOODGOOD just released a DVD and a CD titled Rock Theatre: shakin' the World. It's a re-release of the 1990 release Shakin' The World.

    Track Listing (CD)
    1. Mad Dog World
    2. Top Of The Mountain
    3. Awake
    4. Eat The Flesh
    5. Holy Fire
    6. Crucify
    7. The Sixth Hour
    8. The Messiah
    9. Accept The Lamb
    10. Seven
    11. New Age Illusion

    Track Listing (DVD)
    1. Awake!
    2. Eat the Flesh
    3. Holy Fire
    4. Crucify
    5. The Trial
    6. The Verdict
    7. The Crucifixion
    8. The Messiah
    9. Seven
    10. New Age Illusion
    11. Never Be The Same
    12. Medley: Demon on the Run, Killing the Beast, Battle of the Flesh
    13. Black Snake

    The DVD is in region 0 so it will work in all dvd players all around the world.

  • ROXX RECORDS has secured the rights to release the long out of print ETERNAL RYTE release World Requiem. Now available for a limited time and in a limited quantity this 2 disc set will feature everything you could imagine from this 80's glam band's history. The 2 disc set will include the entire World Requiem release as well as 2 earlier recorded demo tapes. The 6 track Anthem demo was sold by the band and at shows prior to the release of World Requiem. Also the never before released Untitled demo, which includes 7 additional never before released songs. If that's not enough you will also get some exclusive LIVE performances captured in the band's heyday. This deluxe package will be completely remastered, repackaged and released in a limited edition quantity of only 1000. Visit or for more info.

    ROB ROCK, the voice of Melodic Metal has a new album out titled Garden of Chaos. It has already been released in Japan and Europe and will be released in Candlelight Records in USA on October 23. Metal Hammer, one of Germany's biggest major rock publications, gives "Garden of Chaos" a fantastic 7/7 review and called the album a "Masterpiece." The Rob Rock band consists of Rob Rock (vocals), Carl Johan Grimmark (guitars), Andreas Johansson (drums), Andreas Olsson (bass). Additional Musicians performing on the new album are:
    Mistheria - keyboards
    Liza Rock - keyboards and backing vocals
    Roy Z - guitars, bass
    Gus G plays the complete guitar solo on "Ride The Wind"
    Bob Rossi plays the complete guitar solo on "Metal Breed"
    Peter Hallgren plays guitar solos on "Savior's Call" and Millennial Reign" along with CJ Grimmark.
    Bobby Jarzombek plays drums on "Ride the Wind" and "This Time is the Last Time"

    The album was produced by RR guitarist CJ Grimmark and co-produced by Roy Z and Rob Rock. Rob wrote 7 of the 11 tracks with long-time partner Roy Z, and the other tracks were co-written by Rob with Gus G. (Firewind), CJ Grimmark, Bob Rossi, and Liza Rock. The album was mixed and mastered at Hansen Studios in Denmark by Jacob Hansen. Check out and for more info.

  • There is a cool Bloodgood interview at


  • DIVINEFIRE will record their final studio album titled FAREWELL to say thank you for the fantastic support through the years DIVINEFIRE has existed. DIVINEFIRE was from the beginning a studioproject where Christian Rivel wanted to create music where symphonic neo classical metal meets the extreme and agressive metal. He got in touch with Jani Stefanovic from RENASCENT. DIVINEFIRE turned out to be very successful BANDPROJECT and we worked hard and toured as well. The tour in JAPAN was a big dream come true for the band. The demand after new recordings and touring have been very big after every new studio album. Of course it is really flattering but for Christian & Andreas of NARNIA their main band and Jani is focusing on ESSENCE OF SORROW, MEHIDA & MISERATION. With the forthcoming and final studio album FAREWELL DIVINEFIRE will say thanx for all the incredible support. Special thanx especially our Japanese fans and Kaz Nakatsuka and KING RECORDS. We are in the working process right now. Two very special guests are already confirmed for the last studioalbum FAREWELL - Carl Johan Grimmark (NARNIA & ROB ROCK)- LEAD GUITARS & CHRISTIAN RIVEL'S younger brother Hubertus Liljegren (EX.CRIMSON MOONLIGHT & SANCTIFICA) - GROWLING VOCALS. The band is very proud with the result and response of INTO A NEW DIMENSION and the album topped the album chart in SWEDEN ROCK MAGAZINE - The Biggest Rock Magazine In Scandinavia. It will be hard to top this album but the bandmembers will try to do their best to deliver a powerful album with a HEAVENLY HOPE and divine metal music.

  • NARNIA has recently released a collection called "Decade of Confession" on Massacre Records. The collection is a a double CD with 24 page booklet and released in a cool digipack - It's a compilation of the last 10 years of NARNIAs music with new songs, unreleased material, Japan Bonus tracks, tracks from all studio albums. NARNIA will also tour to push this release and the tour start in HOLLAND, August 16 at the FLEVO FESTIVAL and it will be the biggest live production so far for NARNIA including a co-operation with Magician Jimmy Carlsson who is wellknown in Sweden and he has worked in LAS VEGAS as well. Jimmy is a diehard NARNIA fan and he is Christian believer as well. They are now in the preparations for this production and it feels very exciting. Special music has been composed especially for the live show. Jimmy really looking forward for the shows together with NARNIA. More info can be found on and

  • REIN XEED is a melodic power metal band (actually more of a one man-project) from the north of Sweden, recently signed with Rivel Records. Tommy Johansson - Guitars, vocals, keyboards, drums and bass. REIN XEED - The Light is now in the mixing process by no other than Jani Stefanovic from DIVINEFIRE, MISERATION & ESSENCE OF SORROW. The album will hopefully see the light in the end of 2007 or early 2008. Power Metal fans will drool when they hear this talented band! I urge you all to check this guy/band out.

  • The long awaited GRIMMARK album from the guitarhero in NARNIA Carl Johan Grimmark is now released on Rivel Records. He has a fantastic line up: Carl Johan Grimmark - Guitars, vocals & keyboards
    Peter Wildoer - Drums (DARKANE, EX.MAJESTIC & TIME REQUIEM)
    Jan S Eckert - Bass (MASTERPLAN)
    For more info visit and

  • VENI DOMINE has just released their new album Tongues, which contains 10 songs over 60 min of music (Doom with Symphonic and majestic influences) with great guests on the bass ( Ez Gomér, Peter Carlsohn, Andreas Ohlsson etc.) 2 new clips from the new album is up on More info about the new album is also available at their label MCM Music website

  • HERO is a six man strong band, including 3 guitars(!). The band are right now rehearsal for the coming gigs and tours. The new members are Marcus Lanfjäll - Guitar, Mikael Eklund - Guitar and Johan Adler - Keybords. The new album will see the lights in a narrow time period. The album will be called "Immortal" The band are currently looking for a record label to release the CD.

  • PANTOKRATOR has now released their brand new album Aurum. The cd is filled with crunchy death metal. This is their debut album on Germany’s Whirlwind Records. Soundclips available at

    As you know EXTOL has taken a break from activities for some time. Right now it´s impossible to determine when or even if the band will appear again. We want to thank you for being supportive, and want you to know that there´s no hard feelings involved!! However some of the guys have a new band going. check it out at, please do not make comparisons with EXTOL.

  • MEHIDA is hailing from Finland. They recently released their debut album titled "Blood & Fire" on Napalm Records. The lineup consists of Jani Stefanovic (DIVINEFIRE, ESSENCE OF SORROWS, MISERATION) - guitars, Mikko Harkin (ex-WINGDOM)- keys, Thomas Wikström (ex-CANDLEMASS)- vocals, Jarno Raitio - bass, Markus Niemispelto - drums. Musically the band is concentrated on bringing out the musical extremities, from difficult rhythmic sequences to unexpected modern melodic lines still keeping it all catchy and easy to listen to. The album "Blood & Water" is a reflection of creativism which flows out from the contribution of these talented rockers. The band's stylistic scale is wide. It flows from the mathematical metal attitude prog to deep dark beautiful ballads. Raging guitars and the strong expression of the singer Thomas Vikström (ex- Candlemass) form the missing link in between the ambient synth atmospheres and precise rhytmic sects.

  • Puerto Rico has a growing Christian Metal Scene. Some of the metal bands from this island are DRACMAS, NIGHTFLAME and PACTO DE SANGRE

  • Finnish Metal band ORATORIO has a new album out titled Redemption on which they explore new musical ground.

  • NORMAN is a cool talented melodic metal band from Finland. Check'em out at

  • OUR GLORIOUS KING is a new death metal band from Australia. Their intent is to combine death metal with operatic concepts and thoughtful lyrics in order to produce music that is powerful, dramatic and captivating and which glorifies God. Their musical influences include SUFFOCATION, SLAYER and ICED EARTH. They also incorporate extensive keyboard work and use guitars to simulate ethnic instruments, such as the sitar, in order to invoke impressions of other times and places.

    Classic Thrash band Believer is back again working on a new album! Here is some exciting news from drummer Joey Daub (BELIEVER, FOUNTAIN OF TEARS): "It's time for some more Believer info, folks! It's official: Kurt and I have just finished tracking drums and guitars for five new songs for pre-production. We are now back to focusing on writing as well as adding bass, vocals, etc. to the recorded tracks. We are currently laying out our Myspace page and should be online in the middle of September, so look out for it. Our goal with the new record is to give the hardcore fans the Believer that they know and love and also gain some new fans. We feel that so far we're meeting that goal. Believer has always tried to add new elements on each recording and we will do so on this one, too. Even though pre-production is taking place at Trauma Studios, for our writing sessions we have been doin' it old school at Kurt's new house analog cassette 4 track, portable DAT player, unfinished basement, random carpet laying around and so on. As always, thanx for the support."


    Joey Daub

    The band is buy working with the recording of their new album. The track "My Love I'll Always Show" (rock version) will be added to the new record since it fit's what the band is trying to do now musically. Michael Sweet says "We begin laying down vocal tracks over the next few weeks. We're finished with all the tracking, other than vocals. We start mixing in October. We're covering the song 'Peace of Mind' by BOSTON and Tom Scholz (BOSTON guitarist) is joining us to play guitar on that song. The whole record is sounding incredible!" On a day off from recording recently, Michael and Oz (with family and friends) headed out to a local karaoke hot spot near the studio in Massachusetts. STRYPER's "To Hell with the Devil" happened to be one of the songs in the karaoke book so Michael and Oz sang it and gave the locals their very own private karaoke performance. " Stryper will be touring Spain and Finland in November '07. Details are available at

  • Looking for some really brutal music? Then this album is for you. SIN DECOMPOSITION is one of the most brutal albums ever in Christian Metal! It's a split album and a holy alliance of christian grind and noise from The United States, Ecuador, Germany and Australia. The 6-Way Sin Decomposition Split is a collection of 83 tracks from 6 different artists, with over an hour of audio. Limited to just 500 copies, with an 8 page color booklet, this moster metal release is a must for your CD collection. The featured bands are FLACTOROPHIA (Ecuador), DEMONIC DISMEMBERMENT (USA),ETERNAL MYSTERY(USA), VOMITOUS DISCHARGE (Germany), ENGRAVOR (Australia)and classic grinders VOMITORIAL CORPULENCE. Any fan of the most brutal grind and noise should definitely check out this brutal collection. For more info about the bands and this collection visit the following sites:,,,,

    Rivera Bomma is currently working on new material for their 3rd release tentatively title " Angels & Demons". Rivera Bomma Took a "small" Break This Past Summer after finishing their 1st video shoot of "riding high", a song feature on "i am god". The video for "riding high" will feature some clips from 2001-2006 tours. "riding high" video is set to be release in the near future. currently r/b is finishing the writing stage of their 3rd release. The sound will be heavier & darker. Think: TESTAMENT,RIVERA BOMMA & STRUNZ/FARAH mixed in. Johnny Bomma & Rod Rivera are also auditioning drummers & bassist to record. Its rumored that they will have some known special guest musicians on some tracks, at least two "80's rock monsters" have agreed to record. If anyone has any suggestions on a talented drummer they can mail For more info visit

  • Anyone remember APOSTLE? They were a cool guitarshredding metal band in the 80s. Now they have finally put up a myspace site that you can check out on

  • HILASTERION is a megacool Melodic Death Metal band from Finland. Their guitarbased sound will appeal to fans of this genre and especially to fans of CHILDREN OF BODOM. The debut album "Taken from Darkness" will be released 14th of November this year on Maanalainen Levykauppa in Finland Hear some clips from this amazing band on

    NORDIC  FEST  2007
    Nordic Fest is one of the world's coolest metal festivals! It's an annual Christian Metal Festival put on by Nordic Mission in co-operations with Sub Church and Sub Scene in Oslo, Norway. Date is 9-11th of November. The website is now available at and tickets for the festival and accomodation can be pre-booked at this very moment. The following bands have been announced so far: (Totally there will be about 10-11 bands on 2 days):

    ONCE DEAD (us) - thrash metal ex-members from Vengeance Rising, The Crucified and Hirax!
    MORTIFICATION (aus) - thrash/death metal veterans
    BARREN CROSS - classic metal
    IN VAIN (no) - progressive death metal
    STRANGELAND (us) - classic metal/hard rock
    IMPLACABLE (no) - doom/death metal

    Check out for more info.

    Hello everyone,I am closing down one part of my musical career. As most of you know I have recorded a few solo CD's away from Bride. I debated whether maybe to record one more but thought different of it as I weighed the positives and negatives. What I have decided to do is to start a new band. Scottie Hoaglan the guitarist in Nailed and I are writing together on a project named "Monster of the Americas." I have nothing recorded yet but I have began filling in the details over at Meanwhile Bride's new CD has been re-released and we have brought on board a company to work radio for us. Skin for Skin is too great of a body of work to go un-noticed. So we have people re-introducing the CD to the market place. A future Bride CD is on hold pending Troy's possible relocation to Italy. We will send out more information concerning "Monster of the Americas" and the future of "Bride" as soon as the dust settles.

    Keep the Faith,


  • HOPE, The Christian thrashers from Croatia are back with the new 2007 release. The new CD is caled 'Battle Within' and contains 40 minutes, 12 song thrash metal assault. The CD will be available worldwide through Nordic Mission in September 2007. For more information visit the bands official website at

    "I have some great news for you all this month. Coming next month is the 'Live Humanitarian' CD release. The DVD will be released early next year, delayed by upcoming tour costs and the fact that the live seven cameras film edit is still in progress. I have bought all the latest Christian metal and hard rock DVDs and I know that when this DVD is finished it will be a world class release. That said, I decided to put the CD out now so that we have them available for your hungry ears and to actually raise money for the November tour. "Please pray for my continued health. My biggest concern right now is for my kidney function and eyesight. From now on I will be wearing glasses on stage, but that is OK because it is all the better to see you with! Please also pray for continued unity in the band, tour preparations and successful visa applications." The new Mortification "Live Humanitarian" CD and the re-issue of Mortification's '91 self-titled album are now relased. We are very pleased with the production that we achieved on "Live Humanitarian" - very BIG and very REAL sounding. It was great to self-produce this release along with Mick Jelinic. Recorded live at the Imax Theatre in Perth, Australia, the venue was perfect for capturing a huge live sound. This is not an automatic festival crowd, either, but a true Mortification concert. Just us, on the level, with our true metal brothers and sisters. Special thanks goes to our awesome support network in Perth, especially Vaughan Gregory from Grave Forsaken, Steve Mullen and Dave Kilgallon from Scourged Flesh

    The re-issue of '91s self-titled album is a ripper too! Remastered, it is a special limited edition digipak release (1000 copies) with killer artwork. The front cover is faithfully restored from the original "gory" artwork by Jayson Sherlock. The "Live Humanitarian" DVD is not too far away either - stay tuned for further news in coming updates.

    On a lower note, the US section of our proposed Tour has been postponed at this stage due to time restraints in securing Performance Visas. We hope to be back in the US as soon as it becomes feasable. All good things come to those that wait. The European Tour is 100% going ahead with these 7 shows:

    Nov 2 - Bern, Switzerland
    Nov 3 - Zurich, Switzerland
    Nov 4 - Eschwege, Germany
    Nov 7 - Bielefeld, Germany
    Nov 8 - Amsterdam, Holland
    Nov 9 - Oslo, Norway
    Nov 10 - Stuttgart, Germany

    We hope to catch up with all our European fans in these countries and from beyond. Keep watching for venue and time details.


    Steve Rowe

    Former KORN member Brian "Head" Welsh has released the book "Save Me from Myself: How I Found God, Quit Korn, Kicked Drugs, and Lived to Tell My Story" . In the book he tells us about his life in KORN, his drugabuse and how he got rid of it when he found God.

    Looking for some pure Death Metal? Then DISCERN's latest release can be what you are looking for. The latest album is titled "To Praise With Persecution" and contains 11 tracks of headbanging material.

  • South Australian band SYNNOVE entered the studio in July to record their first full-length for relase by Soundmass. Tentatively titled "The Whore and the Bride", this epic will move away from their symphonic/gothic influences to a rawer, twin-guitar black metal sound. It will contain doses of doom and death, along with a dilogue between brutality and beauty, dissonance and harmony, groove and chaos!

  • New Jersey-based Christian power metal band FAITH FACTOR, featuring ex-DEADLY BLESSING singer Ski, released their debut EP on July 7th, 2007 (07.07.07) on Metallic Arch Angel Records. According to a band bio, "with crushing rhythms, soaring melodies and thundering appeal, Faith Factor glorifies our savior and sends a message of eternal salvation through Jesus Christ. Faith Factor uses a different approach utilizing a triple guitar attack, tight bombastic bass and drums, and melodic vocals with an aggressive edge. Faith Factor consists of 6 musicians with a brotherhood serving our Lord Jesus Christ. Our mission is to spread the good news of salvation to the masses using music and biblically sound lyrics as the tool." For more info visit

  • COFRADIA DIKAION is a really cool Underground Metal Ministry in Ecuador. They will organize the Extreme Congreso-Festival with Latin bands, that will take place in Quito-Ecuador, 2-3th of November 2007. In addition to the festival there will be shepherds of Underground Ministries of Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Brasil, Chile and Bolivia that will contribute to conferences and forums. There will be musical clinics; also exhibition of art and tattoos and more. Participating bands are ANTIDEMON - Brasil, Divus Kirius - Venezuela, Tenshy of Death - Peru, Gnoma - Peru Undemoniac - Peru, Dark Soul - Colombia, Ishi - Colombia, Crowned - Colombia, Raptor - Bolivia, Sebaoth - Bolivia, Golgota - Ecuador, Paralisis - Ecuador, Doulos - Ecuador, Dam- Ecuador, Nazareo - Ecuador For more info visit: and

  • Brutal band SABBATARIAM has a new EP out featuring 2 covers of TOURNIQUET and TROUBLE

  • During Summer STRYPER released the Greatest Hits: Live In Puerto Rico DVD (2007 Edition). This is a re-release of the 2006 Stryper Live in Puerto Rico DVD, but has been remixed in 5.1 Surround Sound and contains additional bonus material not available on the first release: Live footage from 1989 including Robert's Drum Solo, Keep the Fire Burning, Always There for You, Rockin' the World, Tim and Oz's Solos. Featured tunes are Sing Along Song, Makes Me Want To Sing, Calling On You, Free, More Than A Man, Caught In The Middle, You Won't Be Lonely, Reach Out, Loud And Clear, The Way, Soldiers Under Command, To Hell With The Devil, Honestly, Winter Wonderland. On the 777 day 070707 the band also released their megacool demo Roxx Regime on CD.

  • Fans of SEVENTH POWER and FINAL AXE will be delighted to hear TITANIC's new release "Full Steam Ahead". Guitarist Bill Menchen (SEVENTH POWER/FINAL AXE) is a bonafide shredder, and new vocalist, David St. Martins has no problem sailing Titanic to the next level. The new album stays the course, offering 10 new tracks of Heavy Metal anthems for fans of Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, and Saint. As an added bonus, tracks 11 and 12 are re-recorded songs from Maiden Voyage, featuring STRYPER's Robert Sweet on drums! The album is released on Retroactive Records ( and distributed by Brutal Planet (

    Bombworks has acquired the rights to release the demos from Indonesian underground unblack metal band BEALIAH. Originally released on a series of cassettes, most of the original copies never left the Asian continent, and outside of 1 song that appeared on a compilation, none of the songs have ever appeared on CD before. "Anthology of the Undead" will collect 13 songs from the Bealiah demos onto 1 CD, completely remastered for maximum brutality. The songs are raw in the true sense of the word, much to the delight of black metal purists, and yet they do not falter in the quality department, delivering power, aggression, and atmosphere in only the way that pure, old school black metal can. The tiny number of you who know who Bealiah is are exuding large amounts of drool right now, and the black metal purists who think they have heard everything and have not heard Bealiah will be supremely satisfied upon hearing this cd that was released on September 11, 2007. They have just made available the third track titled "Lake of Fire, Wake of Souls" from the upcoming COMMON YET FORBIDDEN full length "The Struggle". This song is a smoking piece of intense deathy thrash with blasting galore and lots of fantastic guitar work. It is sure to induce some serious headbanging and helicopter assembly action. Many people have been asking when the album "Strong As Death" by Azmaveth will be released. It experienced a few delays, but now all of those are sorted out, and you can get it in your metal loving hands on August 7. Azmaveth deftly mixes black, death, thrash, and their Hispanic roots for a refreshing take on extreme metal that is both melodic and absolutely brutal.

    David, Bombworks Records

    Death Metal band FEAST ETERNAL will release their new album With Fire on October on Open Grave Records

    Formed as a re-incarnation of the notorious thrash metal outfit "Vengeance Rising", L.A.'s Once Dead boasts a refreshing dose of old school thrash metal, combined with a triple guitar assault and a lineup of seasoned musical veterans. All of the members have impressive musical resumes, with high profile acts under their belts such as Deliverance, Fasedown, Hirax, Sircle of Silence, The Blamed and The Crucified. The band was formed when Vengeance Rising members Larry Farkas and Doug Thieme along with bass player Roger Dale and drummer Glen Mancaruso did a gig at the "Summer Madness" event in August of 2004 at Chain Reaction in Anaheim, California . Appearing as guest vocalist would be none other than Scott Waters of Ultimatum. Under the threat of legal action from the absent Roger Martinez, the band changed their name to "Once Dead". A DVD of this show would be recorded, and would have sustained interest, which would lead the band to a spot on the Cornerstone festival in 2005. During this time, various personnel changes were to occur, with ex-Vengeance Rising and Hirax member Glenn Rogers joining the group in January 2006, and Scott Waters leaving the front man position, to be replaced by Devin Shaeffer of Fasedown. The lineup was to be completed by ex Hirax member Angelo Espino, and Jim Chaffin on drums. Once Dead is currently in the studio putting the finishing touches on their debut album, "Visions of Hell" for Open Grave Records. A world wide release date has been set for Release date: 9th October 2007. For more info visit

  • THE SACRIFICED is a really cool metal band with high pitched vocals in the veins of Sacred Warrior, Recon, Queensryche etc. The band formed in late 2005 and have a sound of their own. Recording of their debut cd "The DaVinci Hoax" was completed in late January and is now available. Check their site for more info

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    METAL  NEWS  070418

    Endtime festival took place 30 March-1 April 2007 at Diezel in Halmstad, Sweden. It was a really cool festival featuring the bands Antestor, Crimson Moonlight, Drottnar, Evergrace/Incrave, Inevitable End, Vardoger, Frosthardr, Veni Domine, Harmony, Virgin Forest, Exhale, Pantokrator, Vaakevandring and The Middle End. This was also the very last performance of Antestor and Vaakevandring. As extra bonus there was a short unplugged gig with Kim Stranne and Tobias Ogenblad of Anaemia. Besides great music there were also an interesting meeting where members of Extol, Pantokrator, Vardoger and Virgin forest discussed topics concerning faith and metal. There was also an art exhibition of metal cover painter Kristian Wåhlin showing some of his fantastic paintings. The whole festival ended in the best way possible with a service at the concert place with worship, communion and teachings from Morten Holmqvist from Subchurch. Find out more about this cool festival at

    Looks like there will be a real Metal feast on Cornerstone this year! Bands that already are confirmed are Whitecross, Bride, X-Sinner,Bloodgood, Crimson Moonlight, Alethian, Strangeland, Exousia, Lo-Ruhamah, Promise Land, Jesus Joshua 24:15, Eden's Way, Blissed, Ultimatum, End of Destiny, Dbeality, Crimson Thorn and many more!

    The English edition of the Metal Bible is in the works. If everything goes well it will be released in Fall/Winter 2007/2008. You can now preorder your copy of it on Translations into Portugese, Spanish, German, Danish, Finnish, Slovak and Dutch are also on the way. Find out more about this megacool special Bible edition on

    The following mind-blowing announcement comes from Michael Bloodgood: "Oz Fox has just agreed to be in Bloodgood along with Paul Jackson!! It's something I've been thinking and praying about for years (ever since Oz and I were in England together back in 2000). Of course, he has not left Stryper and Stryper will always be the priority, but, be that as it may, he is excited about becoming a member of our band. A new record is planned for release in 2007, and the band will begin touring this summer, including a headlining performance on the HM Stage at this year's Cornerstone Festival. With nearly 1 million records sold, Bloodgood is looking forward to getting back on the road and reconnecting with fans who have supported the band through the years. "Even though it's been thirteen years since our last performance, the Lord continues to use our music and ministry to touch lives," says Michael. "Not a day goes by that I don't hear from someone who has been touched by our music, either back in the day, or just recently." For the latest information on Bloodgood, visit the official website on

  • There are also some interesting articles about Bloodgood at and

  • Roxx Productions has some really cool things on the way! This year they plan to release a 2 CD set Anthology of the glam metal band Eternal Ryte, a live CD from Ultimatum, as well as a DVD retrospect from Ultimatum.

  • Viking Metal band Holy Blood from Ucraine has now finished the recording of their third album. The album will be titled "PATRIOT". Once again, a full length video will be included on the CD release. The final touches are now being put on the artwork. For more info check out Bombworks Records website


  • Admonish has recently released a new EP titled "INSNÄRJD" (Entangled, ensnared) om Momentum Scandinavia. Musically it features a wide span of sounds, from furious black metal storms to the melodic whispers of the winter night. The cd is printed in a limited edition of 850 copies. For more info visit or

  • Chained is a cool and aggressive metal band from the North of Sweden. They have a sound that will appeal to fans of bands like Pantera, Slayer and Lamb of God.

  • Pantokrator has brought us death metal for many years. To celebrate their 10-years anniversary they have released the compilation A Decade Of Thoughts 1996-2006. Included on the compilation are seven previously unreleased tracks. Besides the 14 tracks on the album the booklet is also filled with personal memories, drawings and photos serving both as a celebration and a take off for future adventures along the road. The cd is printed in a limited edition of 850 copies. The band is also working hard in the studio with the recording of their brand new CD.

  • Crimson Moonlight has now finally release the 4-track EP "In Depths of Dreams Unconscious" in Europe on Endtime Productions.

  • The Swedish heavy metal band Evergrace has decided to change name to Incrave. The self titled debut album that was released September 30th last year will be re-released April 20th under the name Incrave and with the album title The Escape. The album will include a bonus track called "The Masquerade".

  • Sound samples from the upcoming album of Carl Johan Grimmark, the guitarshredder of Narnia can now be enjoyed at his myspace site

  • Jerusalem has released a double DVD titled "Live 2006 - In His Majestys Service" The DVD was recorded on their 30 Anniversary Tour and contains the whole 2,5 hour gig! The DVD also contains interviews, behind the scenes footage, lots of pictures and videos. To say it short this is the ultimate DVD for anyone that loves Jerusalem! Unfortunately though it's in Swedish only. Check out some clips from the DVD on

  • Messiahs Beard is a brand new thrash metal band. They have a demo EP out titled "All work and no slaughter"

    Hello Rowe Productions and Mortification supporters. It is summer-time over here and, besides being on vacation with my wife and son, I have been busy with Mick Jelinic mixing the audio for our upcoming DVD release "Live Humanitarian". Yes, you heard it here first! "Live Humanitarian" will be out in the second half of this year. The audio sounds MASSIVE! It was recorded live at the delux but intimate Imax Theatre in Perth, Australia, late last year. It is a Mortification 17 Year Celebration featuring 24 track digital live recording and a 7 digital camera shoot. It will be coming out in Dolby 5.1 surround sound. This is the first full-length Mortification show ever to be done this well. "Live Planetarium" (1993) had only half the show on video (now re-issued and available on DVD) and the full show was only on the CD. We may be doing "Live Humanitarian" on CD also. We are very excited about this release so stay posted. I will send the audio and bonus material over to Perth this week for the visual cut to be completed in the coming months. This is a huge undertaking but with 7 cameras and surround sound, it will surpass any past official Mortification releases. The self-titled album re-issue will be available from soon. "The Lake Of Fire For The Dying Soul" re-issue shirt from 1991 is available now from the store. Thank you to the keen supporters who bought "The Destroyer Beholds" shirt. I pray that you are all very healthy and praise God that this past Saturday was my 10th Anniversary out of bone marrow transplant for leukaemia. 10 years and one month ago I was given a maximum of 10 years to live. "I have been very busy working on booking shows for our proposed European tour. The exciting development is that we may be doing some October shows in the USA before heading to Europe in November. For those who pray for us, please pray for wisdom, good communication and positive guidance towards confirming these possible shows. If the US leg of the tour comes through we will be touring with one of the major young bands. Very exciting! More information next month. The promised 'Majestic Infiltration Of Order' t-shirt will be available from the store within the next two to three weeks. Thank you to all the supporters who have purchased 'The Destroyer Beholds' and the 'Lake Of Fire' re- issue shirts already. I have not yet decided whether I will go on to re-issue all seven designs. For the time being we will keep presenting the three originally promised. I need to put money aside for the upcoming Live Humanitarian DVD/CD release and for the tour, so I may wait until early next year to continue with the other re-issue shirts from the self-titled 1991 CD. The self-titled re-issue CD is almost available on special digipak through Soundmass. Thank you once again to Soundmass for their ongoing support and may we all in Christian Metal stay united for the cause by which we live. To reach the world with the Gospel of salvation through Jesus." So it is great to be alive and still working with the music and message that is so strong in my heart. I will be around for many years to come making metal for Jesus. It will be great to arrive at 25 Years Mortification in 2015.

    Metal Blessings,

    Steve Rowe

  • Bride will be recording their last and final album later this year.

  • Talking about Bride, Dale Thompson can be the next president of USA! Read more about his president campaign on

  • 80s Metal band Cross recently released the Metal From Above" demo on cd. The band's label Steel Legacy, made the following announcement: Metal From Above contains of 5 tracks from the 1986 Metal From Above demo tape re-mastered for better quality plus 3 bonus tracks recorded live in 1988. The CD includes a total of eight songs.

    Deliverance new album "As Above - So Below" will hit the streets 24th of April. As Above ~ So Below is a prayer that things would be on earth, as they are in heaven. Musically, this 13th album represents a mix of thrash / speed metal with the elegance and beauty of progressive metal (later period Deliverance). Jimmy Brown himself, who is Delverance's founder and driving force says that the new album will appeal to both new and old fans. The lineup is as follows:
    Jimmy P. Brown II - Vox, Gtrs
    Mike Phillips - Lead and Rtm Gtrs
    Tim Kronyak - Bass Gtr
    Mike Reed - Drums

    Two very rare "demo releases" of the band will also be re-issued this Spring. The albums are called "The First 4 Years" and "Greetings of Death". The band has also chose to release Deliverance's album "Assimilation" as an Expanded Edition that besides the original release also contains en extra cd with bonus material.

  • Titanic has released a new album titled "Full Steam Ahead" that will appeal to fans of Seventh Power, Final Axe, Saint, Iron Maiden and Judas Priest. As an added bonus, tracks 11 and 12 are re-recorded songs from Maiden Voyage, featuring Stryper's Robert Sweet on drums!

  • Finally after 22 years, Mass has released the melodic metal album titled "New Birth". This album was recorded before Michael Sweet produced "Voices In The Night" and "Take You Home" but hasn't been available on cd until now. As extra bonus the band has added a previously unreleased bonus track.

  • The Death Metallers of Feast Eternal has new rereleased their album Prisons of Flesh on Open Grave Records. The album also includes two bonus tracks. A new full length album titled "With Fire" is expected to be released in August this year.

  • Redeemer was a hard rock/melodic metal band started by Bill Menchen in 1984. Recently Bill decided to re-record the band's material and release them on the cds Anno Domini and Double Edge Sword. Both albums are released on Watergrave Records (a new label that focus on rare and hard to find limited edition cds) as Limited Run CD re-issues.

  • Rev Seven was a melodic heavy metal band started in 1991 lead by Bill Menchen, who later went on to greater acclaim and name recognition as axeman for Titanic, Final Axe, and Seventh Power. They recorded four albums between 1991 and 1999. This March, 2007, Watergrave Records released Heavy Laden Volume 1 which is is a re-issue of the first two, originally titled The Unveiling, and Hell and Back. All 20 songs have been re-recorded by the band. Watergrave Records has also released the cd Heavy Laden Volume 2 which is a re-issue of the last two, originally titled Seven Years Of Good Luck, and 747. 18 of the original 20 songs have been re-recorded by the band from the ground up for this project to achieve a cleaner, harder hitting listening experience. The 2 instrumentals ('Halo' and 'Serpiente') are the original recordings. These digitally mastered re-recordings have a very strong classic Ozzy and Black Sabbath vibe both musically and vocally, and so will also appeal to fans of Saint, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Barren Cross, and Stryper.

  • Glory Of God is the title Lo-Ruhamah's brand new release. Musically they mix black and death metal with post-rock influences to create an opus that is creative, melodic, atmospheric, and brutal. The CD features all brand new material and the total time of the disc is over 60 minutes. It was released on Bombworks Records in March, 2007.

  • Straight forward deathmetal band A.W.A.S has an album out called Hope.

    Formed as a re-incarnation of the notorious thrash metal outfit "Vengeance Rising", L.A.'s Once Dead boasts a refreshing dose of old school thrash metal, combined with a triple guitar assault and a lineup of seasoned musical veterans. All of the members have impressive musical resumes, with high profile acts under their belts such as Deliverance, Fasedown, Hirax, Circle of Silence, The Blamed and The Crucified. The band was formed when Vengeance Rising members Larry Farkas and Doug Thieme along with bass player Roger Dale and drummer Glen Mancaruso did a gig at the "Summer Madness" event in August of 2004 at Chain Reaction in Anaheim, California . Appearing as guest vocalist would be none other than Scott Waters of Ultimatum. Under the threat of legal action from the absent Roger Martinez, the band quickly changed their name to "Once Dead". A DVD of this show would be recorded, and would have sustained interest, which would lead the band to a spot on the Cornerstone festival in 2005. During this time, various personnel changes were to occur, with ex-Vengeance Rising and Hirax member Glenn Rogers joining the group in January 2006, and Scott Waters leaving the front man position, to be replaced by Devin Shaeffer of Fasedown. The lineup was to be completed by ex Hirax member Angelo Espino, and Jim Chaffin (ex The Crucified) on drums.

    Once Dead is currently in the studio putting the finishing touches on their debut album, "Visions of Hell" which is due out the summer of 2007 on Open Grave Records.

    In other Once Dead news: Glenn Rogers leaves Hirax to act as full time Once Dead member Statement from Glenn Rogers:

    "Today I have to announce that I'm no longer with the band Hirax. I loved my time in the band, and I'm sorry it came to an end. Due to some personal reasons it is no longer possible for the band, and myself to work together. I do wish them luck, and I'll leave it at that. As of now I have committed my time, and energy to the band Once Dead. I have been personal friends with them for many years, and I'm looking forward to finishing the new cd with them. For the fans, and friends of Hirax I want to thank you for all the support over the years. I hope that you will carry that support over to my new band Once Dead, and give us a chance. I look forward to seeing you on the road... Thanks"

    Glenn Rogers

    First, I want to take the opportunity to personally thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for the incredible love, support, thoughts and prayers for my family during this difficult time. Although it has certainly been the most frightening time of our lives, Kyle, Michael, Ellena and I have drawn closer to each other than ever before and we have drawn closer to our faith in Christ. We've learned that we must face trials and tests in order to build our relationship with The Lord, and ultimately, strengthen our faith in Him. Our faith not only has been shaken, but has become much stronger as well. We are putting our trust in The Lord and believing that He is in complete control. The love and support that all of you have shown to us has been an encouragement to our family - Thank You All! As some of you may or may not know, my beautiful wife Kyle was recently diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer. Kyle was taken to the ER on 2/10/07 due to pain in her lower abdomen. After an ultrasound and then a CT, a large mass was discovered and she was then transported to Brigham and Women's in Boston and scheduled for surgery on 2/14/07 to have the mass removed as well as a complete hysterectomy. It was a surgery that should have been 2-3 hours and it wound up being over 5 hours long. During the surgery all visible signs of the tumors were removed. There are some suspicious areas in Kyle's lung that have led doctors to believe that they are related and this is why the doctors are calling it stage 4. We began chemotherapy on 3/14 and it was the first of a total of 6 treatments, every 3 weeks. I've been learning so much about this disease since Kyle's diagnosis and something that was shocking to know is the fact that there is no effective means of early detection and as a result, ovarian cancer is usually diagnosed in advanced stages. It's extremely difficult to diagnose due to the fact that symptoms are vague and subtle. We're hoping that in some small way, we can help raise awareness and encourage all of you to help us do so.

    We (Stryper) were supposed to start on a new record on 2/12/07 (two days after Kyle was admitted to ER) and I made calls on the evening of 2/10/07 to delay the start time from 2/12/07 to 3/12/07. After meeting with the oncologist, I realized that starting a new Stryper record a few days later was not realistic. I need to be with Kyle during this time and recording a Stryper record would mean that I would be gone for two weeks at a time tracking basics and mixing. So, the record at this time is scheduled to start around mid July. All the songs are ready to go and I can promise you that this will be the best Stryper record to date and we all look forward to seeing God's will for the ministry of Stryper!

    Something that has blessed our family so much during this time is the extreme large amount of people who have written with prayers and offerings of financial support. While we greatly appreciate that, we believe that we have created a way to help get everyone involved in the fight against cancer and to help raise awareness which is so important.

    We've decided to offer five different packages at of the record "Him" at a discounted price. A percentage of the net proceeds (50%) will go to The Dana Farber Cancer Institute ( to help fund cutting edge cancer research programs that will bring us all closer to finding effective treatments and cures for cancer. Another purpose of these packages is to encourage everyone to get the message of "Him" into as many hands as possible. Our vision and goal has always been to minister to people with the gift of music, and this record is made up of some of the most powerful hymns and lyrics ever written. It would mean so much to Kyle and I to see "Him" used as a ministry tool. If you were to purchase these packages and pass them out to friends, family, neighbors, colleagues, churches, youth groups, businesses, hospitals and so on, it would be a life changing opportunity for everyone to help fight cancer and at the same time, minister to others. We need your help to accomplish this. I've had many pastors contact me about purchasing "Him" in large quantities to pass out, carry in the church store and to use as a ministry tool. I've also had individual people approach me with new ideas and new ways to get "Him" out there in the hands of more and more people. Now, with what lies ahead, we've never been more committed to doing just that. We've seen the power of people who are passionate and committed to spreading The Word. That's how Stryper began and that's how the message of Stryper spread so quickly and so powerfully - everyone working together to "spread the word". We believe that together, with your help, we can touch the lives of multitudes with the message of Christ and at the very same time, join the fight against cancer and be a light for so many others who are battling cancer.

    We appreciate your willingness to make this a reality and we can't tell you how much it means to us. We covet your prayers and we ask that you continue to pray for healing and remission. I believe without any doubt, that God can heal Kyle completely. I also believe that God can heal anyone who may be going through what we are going through. We want to be an encouragement to those of you as well. We love you and we can't thank you enough for helping us spread The Word! Once again I want to thank all of you for your friendship, love and support. We're eternally grateful for your continued prayers and I will continue to update you with details as they come in. Blessings to all of you!

    Always, with sincere gratitude,

    Michael and Kyle Sweet

  • Watergrave Records will rerelease classic 80s hardrockers Rosanna's Raiders two albums Calling Down Fire and Clothed In Fire. Both albums has bonus tracks. They will also release Paradox's two albums Ruler/Power And The Glory on one cd. Paradox album The Wrath will also soon be released. Some other interesting releases that are on the way are Armageddon - Money Mask (Remastered with bonus tracks) as well as Armageddon - Second Chance Years (pre-Armageddon Second Chance power metal demos), First Strike - Rock of Offense (remastered plus bonus tracks)

  • Retroactive Records will soon release Ultimatum's new album Into The Pit, which is their heaviest and most aggressive release so far and will delight fans of Exodus, Testament and Megadeth.

  • His Witness is a late 80's/early 90's screaming hot melodic metal with guitar solos from Southern California, USA. They recorded a selftitled album that was never released until now. It is mixed by the legendary John & Dino Elephante! Fans of Whitecross, Guardian, White Lion and Kiss are gonna love this album.

  • Illuminandi, the metal band from Poland that mix classical music with brutality is back again with the new EP Illumina Tenebras

  • HB is a quite new metal band from Finland. At times they sound at times very much like Nightwish. Their selftitled cd is called Enne.

  • Holy Soldiers two first releases Holy Soldier and Last Train will be reissued in Brazil on the label Silent Music. Strike Management & Promotion is their new booking agent in Brazil.

  • Classic 80s Metal band Neon Cross plans to release a new album this Spring. Thrown in will be traditional hymns covered metal style and live recordings as well as many tracks never released or even heard outside of their live audience. Neon Cross wants the fans to be included in the experience and to reach them on a deeper level than simply just entertainment. Find out more about this cool on and

  • Altera Enigma, the Progressive Metal project of Jason De Ron (ex-Paramaecium), Jeff Arwadi (Kekal), Kenny Cheong are pleased to announce that drummer Jayson Sherlock (ex-Mortification, ex-Paramaecium, inExordium, Soundscape) now is the new member of the band! Rehearsals in Australia with Jason, Kenny and Jayson have begun and Jayson's first appearance will be on the next Altera Enigma album which is underway and expected to be released sometime in late 2007 or early 2008. For any more details contact the band directly at info@alteraenigma.comor or visit

    Ultimatum has been hard at work finishing up their fourth full length album called "Into the Pit". Recorded in their home town of Albuqerque, NM at Site 16 Studios with producer Ysidro Garcia at the helm of this project this is sure be the essential Ultimatum CD to obtain. "Into the Pit" will prove to be Ultimatum's best work yet impressing both old and new fans alike with their more powerful and aggressive style. Songs on the CD will include tracks "Heart of Metal", "Death Wish", "Transgressor", "Game Over" and "Blood Covenant" as well as an added bonus cover of Iron Maiden's "Wrath Child". Look for a release this Spring. Two of the band's earlier releases Symphonic Extremities (1995) & The Mechanics of Perilous Times (2000) is set to be remastered and re-released with bonus material on Retroactive Records this Summer. The re-releases will contain all the original art and liner notes, as well as some additional comments from the band on the bonus material. The bonus tracks will be announced soon. This will actually be the first time Mechanics was released in the U.S. on a proper label. Mechanics was originally released independently by the band, then later released by Gutter Records in Europe.

    Due to circumstances beyond the band's control the entire Back In Red album project has been put on hold indefinitely. The co-engineer quit the project for personal reasons and it will take us awhile to get back on track. Your prayers would be most helpful during this time. On another note the album Loud & Proud has now been released. It's been remastered and also includes 2 bonus tracks and all new artwork. The cd features demos and many unreleased gems available only on this release. Zion featuring vocalist Rex Scott from X-Sinner have released the album Thrillseeker that contains rare and unreleased tracks available for the first time ever on CD. Musically it's in the vein of X-Sinner and AC/DC.

    Brutal band Frost Like Ashes has decided to do a cover of Saint's track Plan 2 John was the lead player on the original version of the song is doing the solo for the Frost Like Ashes version of this Saint classic. The tune will be included on the upcoming album "Covered In Frost".

  • Heavy Metal band Shining Force has entered the studio to begin recording their third CD, entitled "By the Blood". According to a press release, the new album will be the group's "heaviest" release to date and will feature "a touch of Lamb of God and Slayer" mixed with Shining Force's own brand of heavy riffs."

    After 12 long years, legendary unblack metal band Horde returns with a brand new live CD of the one and only EVER live performance that took place at Nordic Fest in Oslo, Norway, November 3 2006. The album is titled Alive In Oslo. Guest vocalist on Invert The Inverted Cross is no other than Pilgrim Bestiarius of Crimson Moonlight.

    Track listing:
    A Church Bell Tolls Amidst The Frozen Nordic Winds
    Blasphemous Abomination Of The Satanic Pentagram
    Behold, The Rising Of The Scarlet Moon
    Thine Hour Hast Come
    Release And Clothe The Virgin Sacrifice
    Silence The Blasphemous Chanting
    Invert The Inverted Cross
    An Abandoned Grave Bathes Softly In The Falling Moonlight
    Crush The Bloodied Horns Of The Goat
    The Day Of Total Armageddon Holocaust

    For more info about this bonecrushing release check out

    The Up From the Ashes II DVD is now available for pre-order. Featured bands are Saint, Deliverance, Once Dead, Ultimatum, Neon Cross, Tykkus, Stricken, Laudamus, Seven System, Tower of Hundred and Demize. The DVD will include clips from UFTA 1 & 2, so Tykkus fans will get to see clips with former vocalist Randy Michaud as well as current vocalist Will V. The DVD will also feature the last performance of Scott Waters with Once Dead. There will be several tracks from each band featured. This is high quality footage with multiple cameras, not bootleg quality. An advance clip from the DVD with Saint can be seen at For more info visit

  • Temple of Blood is a thrash/traditional heavy metal band influenced by many of the classic metal bands of yesterday such as Megadeth, Judas Priest, Annihilator, Dark Angel, Iron Maiden, Candlemass, etc. Their lyrics are centered around stories and teachings from the Bible. The band are currently writing a new album, which will be entitled "Overlord", that is tentatively scheduled to be released in late 07 or early 08. "Overlord" will contain 10 songs and one short instrumental, with song titles such as "Prelude to Treachery", "Harbinger", "Pawn of the Liar", "Illusion of Control", etc. This album will also include a cover song from the Bay Area thrash band Forbidden of the song "Forbidden Evil".

    In January 2007, "Rob Rock" began new studio production for his fourth solo album. Again, Rob is collaborating with songmaster Roy Z and mixmaster Jacob Hansen so be prepared for a strong follow-up to the Holy Hell cd. The new album is called "Garden of Chaos" and will be released on AFM Records Worldwide and JVC/Victor Entertainment for Japan/Asia later this year.

  • Stryper - Greatest Hits - Live in Puerto Ricod DVD has got major distribution! It will be distributed internationally through MVD Visual, which is one of the biggest distributers of Music DVDs . The DVD features the tracks Sing Along Song, Makes Me Want To Sing, Calling On You, Free, More Than A Man, Caught In The Middle, You Won't Be Lonely, Reach Out, Loud And Clear, The Way, Soldiers Under Command, To Hell With The Devil, Honestly and Winter Wonderland. For more info visit

  • Letter 7 is Christian rock/metal band that recently released the album Salt Of The Earth. The cd is filled with hard edge guitars, melodic power vocals and solid driving drums. The style reflects the old school 80s metal generation but with a newer more modern feel including good hooks and Christian lyrical content. Created by song writer and musician JD Evans with the help of professional vocalist Tom Collete and engineer Ken Orth of Alpine sound. The powerful feel and creative vocals send the listeners back to the metal days of old like Judas Priest,Rez band,Whitesnake,Bloodgood,Dio,Stryper,Petra and more. The name comes from Revelation 3:14-22 Letter 7.

  • Eden's Way is a new melodic metal band from the USA. They have a cd out

    We are happy to announce that Deuteronomium is back! A long story in short: after we played the "farewell-gig" on last June, we felt that we should continue the band that is so dear to us and to so many people out there. We still have something to give, and therefore we should rather call the last gig a new beginning. To give the reborn band a good "kick on the butt" -start, we will release a full length live-DVD on May 19th 2007 and to celebrate the release we will also play a show the same evening at Immortal Metal Fest, Nokia, Finland. We want to thank all of you loyal fans who have supported us during all these years even the band didn't ever seem to come back. Please keep us in your prayers in the future too, we'll see you soon!

    God bless,
    - Miika - Kalle - J-J - Manu -

  • Hilastherion is a new melodic death metal band from Finland. They have an album on they way titled Taken From Darkness. Be prepared for some serious guitarshredding since Niclas Buss from Northern Flame handles the guitars. They have also have some tunes up on myspace that you can check out on

    Immortal Metal Festival is a cool Christian Metal Festival that takes place May 19th, 2007 in Nokia (Finland). Bands that will play are Deuteronomium (Death'n'Roll), Venia (Progressive Heavy Metal/Thrash), Sacrecy (Melodic Metal), Hilastherion (Melodic Death Metal), Oratorio (Melodic Heavy Metal), Sacrificium (Brutal Death Metal), Luotettava Todistus (Thrashy Heavy Metal) and Lumina Polaris (Melodic Groovy Metal). For more info visit

    Stryper fans rejoice! On July 10, 2007 Fifty Three Five Records will release the original demo recordings of Stryper, or as they were known then Roxx Regime. The tunes aren't the low quality bootlegs, but taken directly from the master copy. Pre-sale purchases at will actually ship on July 7, 2007, which is the 777 day (07/07/07). In addition, will be releasing an original vintage Roxx Regime T-shirt.

    Track Listing - The Roxx Regime Demos
    1. From Wrong to Right
    2. My Love I'll Always Show (original rock version)
    3. Loud N Clear
    4. You Know What To Do
    5. You Won’t Be Lonely
    6. Co’mon Rock
    7. Tank (Robert Sweet drum solo)
    8. Honestly (the original demo version)

    Before the major label record deals; Before multi-platinum albums; Before chart-topping videos; Before history was made... there was Roxx Regime. In 1983 brothers Robert and Michael Sweet teamed up with high-school classmate Oz Fox and local bass hero Timothy Gaines to form a band that would forever change the history of Christian rock music. The four guys released a demo under the name Roxx Regime and started playing the local Hollywood club circuit. This band eventually caught the ears of Enigma Records and soon afterward would change their name to Stryper and release their first national album, The Yellow And Black Attack. Stryper would go on to sell millions and millions of records and tour the world sharing their music and their faith. Before all of this however, there was The Roxx Regime demo. This is the original limited release of the Roxx Regime demo. There are no over-dubs or re-recordings. This is the way Stryper sounded, before they were Stryper; raw, natural, and destined to change the history of music. This CD is the original Roxx Regime demo and contains versions of classic Stryper favorites from their first 3 records, including the MTV and Billboard smash hit “Honestly”.

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