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      METAL  NEWS  051021

    • MAJESTIC VANGUARD is a really cool melodic/progressive metal band hailing from Sweden. Anyone into melodic metal like Stryper, Narnia, Harmony etc will surely enjoy their debut album Beyond The Moon.

    • FLAGSHIP is a symphonic rock band in the vein of Kansas, Styx and Queen. They just released their debut album Maiden Voyage

      Crawl to China now available! - FINALLY - after 3 years of "out of stock" status, we have Crawl to China CDs in stock again! This is the original release with all the songs and original booklet. The CD itself is the only difference - it's silver instead of black. As a kind of "thank you" to the fans for waiting so long, for the first 100 people who order, your CD will be signed by the three people who created the album - Luke, Aaron and Ted. (with Divine inspiration, of course) Our original plan to reissue Crawl in a double-disc format has been scrapped for the time being. As we do not own the master, the label has imposed a licensing fee that is too cost prohibitive to embark on at this time.

    • Guitarshredding band WHITECROSS is back again! The new album is a completely new recording of their original Whitecross self-titled debut. The newly re-recorded Cd includes the songs from the original CD as well as 2 bonus tracks, "Love on the Line" from the Love on the Line EP, never before released on CD, as well as a new guitar solo/song, "Re:Animate" by Rex Carroll. Both bonus tracks are new recordings and never before released on CD. The first 2000 pressings will include 4 additional tracks of Out-Takes from the studio recordings, which will be a nice surprise for fans. The CD contains an 8 panel 4/1 fold-out with photos, thank yous, and insight into the Cd. Tracks are as follows... Who will you follow, Enough is enough, He is the rock, Lookin' for a reason, No way I'm going down, Seein' is believin', All I need, Nagasake, Signs of the end, Love on the Line, Re:Animate, (Out-takes) 4 tracks.

    • Classic Heavy Metal band SAINT are now busy working with preproduction of the new cd. Look for a late winter/early spring release.

    • THE GROOVE MACHINE is an internet radio show that plays a mix of prog, goth, melodic/power metal, and other experimental music from Christian artists. The show goes out Thursday nights at 10pm Central time from Christian metal bands that want to have their music played on this show can mail cds to Anton Meyers, 1210 1/2 Windsor Ave, Independence MO 64055, USA

      Two new great album with two new bands is coming out through RIVEL RECORDS in October. It is FLAGSHIP & MAJESTIC VANGUARD.

      One major step for me and my wife Jannine is that we are leaving Stockholm the 1st of SEPTEMBER and move our home and office of RIVEL RECORDS to Eskilstuna. We have now a much bigger place and more relaxing atmosphere. We need a good place where we can recharge our batteries. Back to history

      In May I signed a label deal with Georg Siegl at METAL HEAVEN in Germany. This means that METAL HEAVEN take care of all distribution & promotion in Europe and promotion is handeled by GERMUSICA. Now I can focus more and spend time to write songs for my bands I am involved in like NARNIA, FLAGSHIP & DIVINEFIRE.

      METAL HEAVEN in Germany first wanted my symphonic band FLAGSHIP then it ended up o be a label deal and my releases finally got proper distribution & promotion in EUROPE. Our co-operation started 18th of July with a re-release of DIVINEFIRE & AUDIOVISION. October 17 the debut album of FLAGSHIP will be released. The title is Maiden Voyage and the website of FLAGSHIP is now online This release will also be out in Japan the 15th of September through ART UNION GROUP JAPAN.

      I signed a new band last year to the label called MAJESTIC VANGUARD. Their debut album Beyond The Moon will be out October 17 same date as FLAGSHIP. Check out their site

      I have also recorded a new album with NARNIA this summer. Our 5th studio album will be called ENTER THE GATE and planned release for this album is FEBRUARY/MARCH 2006. See more information at

      2 weeks ago I quit my job as music consulent and have the wonderful possiblity to go fulltime on music only. I am looking forward for the future and thanks for your support and prayers. I will continue to deliver powerful albums to this world and I will never surrender!!!

      Below you see the release plan of RIVEL RECORDS:
      DIVINEFIRE - HERO (21st NOVEMBER 2005)

      Planned albums to be out in 2006:

      (The Soloband/album from master musician JANI STEFANOVIC of DIVINEFIRE FEATURING MIKKO HÄRKIN ( WINGDOM & EX. SONATA ARTICA), CHRISTIAN PALIN (RANDOM EYES), ANDREAS OLSSON (NARNIA), PATRIK GARDBERG (AMMOTRACK), PLEC (UNMOORED) and hopefully we will have MATS LEVÉN (AT VANCE, MALMSTEEN & TREAT) on lead vocals on 4-5 songs. It is a killer metal album.

      Solo album of NARNIA guitarist featuring ROB ROCK, THOMAS VIKSTRÖM (CANDLEMASS & BRAZEN ABBOT), JAN S ECKERT (MASTERPLAN) and many more will be involved on the album.

      All the best and God Bless
      Christian Rivel

    • Brazilian Progressive/Goth Metal band AMOS has a new website and a new album out

    • SIN KILLER WEBZINE is a Brazilian christian metal online magazine

    • ROB ROCK had this to say about the Japanese version of the album "Holy Hell": HH is about to be scheduled to come out in late Sept/October in Japan with 2 bonus tracks and 2 re-mixes. "Waiting for you" (the European bonus track) is on it too and the album will have 14 tracks total. One bonus track is leftover from the ROC sessions, the other is a song written in the Driver days and recorded recently and has a Gus G. solo on it. The remixes are "I'm a Warrior" and "End of Time" from the Roy Z sessions before I went to Denmark for the real mix.

    • RIVERA/BOMMA has been signed to Mausoleum Records. The new full length album "I Am God" is scheduled to be released November 7th, 2005 on Mausoleum, with a follow up to be released in a year.

    • Feark Dark just released a 2xCD digipak with IMMORTAL SOULS titled Once Upon A Time In The North featuring the band's 2 out of print EPs, some even older demo tracks as well as some brand new ones, and the entire Under The Northern Sky album

    • NORDIC FEST, the metal festival in Oslo, Norway sponsored by NORDIC MISSION will take place 3rd - 6th of November this year featuring bands like CRIMSON MOONLIGHT, DIVINEFIRE, CRIMSON THORN, SACRIFICUM, FROSTHARDR, DROTTNAR and more! The mainspeaker is Metal PASTOR BOB BEEMAN from Santuary. For more info visit

    • Talking about cool festivals there is one festival called RESURRECTION that takes off where the legendary Bobfest left! Bands that already are confirmed are VENI DOMINE, BRIDE, ADMONISH, SHADOWS OF PARAGON, SANCTUM, SOAPBOX, MEADOW and THE RISE. More bands and speakers will soon be announced... The festival takes place 10-12 March, 2006 in Stockholm, Sweden. You can already preorder your tickets to this cool festival at

    • RICK HUNTER MARTINEZ, the guitar shredder from from SOLDIER and later REGIME have a new band called WALK THE SKY. Their first cd should be out now

    • JET CIRCUS reports that the remastered version of Step On It is under progress. Both of the cover songs that were recorded for different markets at the time of the original release, will be on this album. BE-BOP-A-LULA was a major requested live number by the american audiences when touring in the 90s. The other classic LET'S DANCE by Gene Vincent, were put on the European (withdrawn) release of Step On It. Those two along with one or two never released Jet Circus songs from the actual Step On It sessions will appear on the re-released album. You will also find the rare VICTORY DANCE video on the CD. Planned release in december 05.

    • REFINERY ROCK is a new Christian hard rock/metal internet radio station. Check them out at

    • BRIDE is now writing new material. Tim Bushong from the band "Channel Surfers" who also appeared on Bride's CD "The Jesus Experience" has been contacted by the band as a strong possibility for recording and engineering the next Bride project. Also Dale and Jamie Rowe from Guardian have been speaking regularly about singing together on some of Bride's new tunes. A new Bride DVD will be offered soon highlighting the 2005 Brazilian tour. All other DVD's will be discontinued very soon.

    • As I told you in the last update the classic rockers PETRA are retiring. Below are their Farewell Tour Dates:
      10/20 Springfield, MO
      10/21 Papillion, NE
      10/22 Boulder, CO
      10/23 Cheyenne, WY
      10/24 Salt Lake City, UT
      10/25 Helena, MT
      10/26 Calgary, AB
      10/27 Kalispell, MT
      10/28 Vancouver, WA
      10/29 Roseburg, OR
      10/30 Spokane, WA
      10/31 Coeur d'Alene, ID
      11/01 Nampa, ID
      11/04 Visalia, CA
      11/05 Oceanside, CA
      11/06 Mesa, AZ
      11/08 Rye, CO
      11/10 Waterloo, IA
      11/11 Grove City, OH
      11/12 Fort Wayne, IN
      11/13 Youngstown, OH
      11/18 Irving, TX
      11/19 Enid, OK
      11/26 Kristiansand S, Norway
      12/03 Ennepetal, Germany
      12/07 Joao Pessoa, Brazil
      12/08 Salvador, Brazil
      12/09 Brasilia, Brazil
      12/10 Recife, Brazil
      12/11 Belo Horizonte, Brazil
      12/12 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
      12/13 Sao Paulo, Brazil
      12/14 Porto Alegre, Brazil
      12/15 Fortaleza, Brazil
      12/16 Londrina, Brazil
      12/17 Nunez, Argentina
      12/18 Bogota, Columbia

      To celebrate 33 years of music and ministry from the pioneering Christian rock band, PETRA, Inpop Records will release PETRA FAREWELL DVD on November 22nd. PETRA FAREWELL, recorded on October 4th in front of an audience of family, friends and fans at W274 in Franklin, Tennessee, features PETRA classics, emerging worship favorites, and special guest appearances by former band members, including vocalist Greg X. Volz and keyboard player John Lawry. “It was great to see Greg and John on the same stage together,” says PETRA lead vocalist since 1986, John Schlitt. “Everyone had fun and I’m sure the fans enjoyed the show. We’ve had a wonderful 33 years, and God has done amazing things through this band. We are thankful for all He has given us,” Schlitt says. PETRA, currently comprised of Schlitt, band founder/guitarist/songwriter Bob Hartman, drummer Paul Simmons and bassist Greg Bailey, has impacted generations of musicians and fans alike over the years with over seven million CDs sold, four Grammy Awards, 10 Dove Awards and an induction into the Gospel Music Hall of Fame. The band initially formed in 1972 and paved the way for the rock genre perhaps more than any other in the Christian music industry. For tour details and more on PETRA, visit

    • BECOMING THE ARCHETYPE is new death band that will appeal to fans of Living Sacrifice‚ Opeth and Unearth. Their debut album "Terminate Damnation‘‘ is solid death metal album with some metalcore and black metal influences.

    • The HOLY BLOOD members new brutal project is called EVROKLIDON. The Flame Of Sodom is the title of their brand new release on Bombworks Records

    • ILLUMINANDI from Poland have now released their fullength filled with gothic metal with plenty of classic orchestral influences.

    • IN VAIN is a critically acclaimed new melodic death/black metal band from Norway.

    • Melodic Metallers NORTHERN FLAME is back with a new release called White Winternight with plenty of cool guitarsolos by Niclas Buss, the axeman of Parakletos. Check it out if you like Narnia, Impellitteri, Harmony, Seventh Avenue etc

    • VENIA is a metal band from Finland with a female vocalist. On their brand new release In Our Weakness they mix thrash and plenty of melodic riffs.

      The new album Reborn is going really well. To this date it has sold over 24 000 copies just in USA. First week after the new release Reborn took place #111 on the Billboard Top 200 album chart (meaning it was the 111th best selling album in USA!) and #2 place on the Billboard Internet Sale Chart! In addition to the cd the band has also released a LP of Reborn. The band is now out on tour in the USA and plans to do a world tour next year.

      Hi you guys here´s a brief update on the new cd. The cd is nearly finished, we are working on the artwork, small touches are left on the mastering, descisions on the order of the songs, some booklet issues etc. If a deal came by, these things could be finished in a few days. We have for a while been talking to some labels discussing possible ways to release the cd and trying to establish the near future for the band. Beeing on a label for over ten years where the last years was pretty unhappy ones, we want to make sure, as far as we can, that we will be in good hands. This is a timeconsuming task and MCM is doing a great job holding these discussions. Dependning on the release slots on the labels I would be surprised if it was released this year, this was our goal and the year aint over yet, but given the status of the business I would say we´re pretty happy with the pace at present.We feel comfortable with our new product and hope for a good solution in the near future. Anyone having questions just fire away!

      In Christ,
      Torbjörn "TW2"

    • Roxx Productions and Spaceport Records have joined together for an extremely Limited edition DVD release of some rare and timeless classic metal…. ‘Holy Soldier – Live, Rare and Raw' If you were lucky enough to be at the 'Up From The Ashes' show this past August in Anaheim California then you were lucky enough to catch the one time performance of the original and classic line up of HOLY SOLDIER. This limited edition DVD will showcase highlights from their performance and will also included for the first time ever released the original promo video clips for "See No Evil" off the debut CD and also "Last Train" from the Last Train CD, as well as some very rare performance and promotional clips from throughout their career. In addition to the DVD will also include special performances and interview footage from several of the other acts performing at the ‘Up From The Ashes' show including Neon Cross, Ultimatum, Once Dead (featuring a song unavailable on the first DVD) Tower of Hundred, 7 System, Tykküs, Brandon Reid Allen, Laudamus, and Rivera Bomma. This will be a true collectable for the Christian Metal Music fan and only available for a limited time. This DVD will be specially packaged and released in a limited quantity of 1000 only. The initial 100 pre orders will be personally autographed by the band and are available now on the website. For more info visit and

    • Atmospheric blackers PARAKLETOS now have a synthplayer in Rasmus Forsman. The new CD will contain 11 songs + possibly also an instrumental and will be an epic album like the first. Stay tuned.

    • METAL CHURCH is newly started metal ministry in Sweden

    • There is an in interesting article with OZ FOX of STRYPER at this site

    • DIVINEFIRE just returned from a very successful tour in Japan! Radio, TV and magazines met the band they got lots of PR. The band is very popular there and the response was fantastic! The band really wants to focus on Christ and God also used the band in a powerful way where God's Word went out to many. Christian Rivel, the band's vocalist also got the opportunity to personally lead one person to Christ.

    • KLUBB SION is a cool Christian Metal Club in Gothenburg, Sweden

    • There are now four tracks from RENASCENT'S new CD Through Darkness available on mp3 at their website

    • Do you want some more more metal bands on Cornerstone?? Then vote on heavy bands you want to see at Cornerstone 2006 at

    • The METAL BIBLE is going really well! Half the edition (5000 copies) have already been spread of this special Bible edition. Since it's very metal looking it has gotten many metalheads interested to read the Bible. You can see a trailer of how the metal bible looks on More info about this special bible can be found at

    • There is a cool interview with IAN ARKLEY the creative force behind such bands as SEVENTH ANGEL and ASHEN MORTALITY at

    • ROCKDETECTOR.COM - the world's biggest Rock & Metal website are looking for more christian metal releases to review! Send them to Rockdetector, Musicdetector Websites Ltd, PO Box 7556, Coalville, Leicestershire, LE67 4WR, UNITED KINGDOM

    • Guitarplayer PASTOR BRAD will release his new album SHRED on november 25

      The new Narnia album will be titled Enter The Gate focusing on what it means to be devoted to Christ and follow the call of your life. The album is currently being mixed. The band asks for our prayer support. Pray that the mixing will go well and that cd will be all God wants it to be. Look for a release in February/March 2006. Linus Kåse, the keyboardplayer has left the band and the band wish him all the best.

      Holy Soldier would like to say that it was a pleasure to all come together one last time to play on stage again with the five original members. The five of us have a very special relationship that will stand forever as brothers, The band (Terry, Michael, Jamie and Andy) are looking forward to continuing to perform, write and record together. Holy Soldier and Steven Patrick are going in different directions and have different goals and visions and decided together, it was in everyone's best interest to move on separately. With Steven Patrick moving on to what he feels led to do in pursuing his Country & Western career, he does so with our blessings and encouragement! The bands immediate plans are to perform at the shows scheduled at Beyond the Mountain in St. Charles, IL on Nov. 4th Paladino’s in Reseda, CA on Nov. 19th with our new vocalist Don Russell. Don has been featured as a back ground vocalist on our first two cds providing his high range vocals to our sound. He is a wonderful person, and an incredible and versatile vocalist. He will also contribute his creative song writing abilities on our future material.

      We cherish what we have done in the past but we feel it is a new time and a new beginning. Great things lay ahead and we are excited to explore them with all of you. All the members of the group have recommitted to playing together because of the brotherhood we have had with each other over the past 20 years. Our music, though it may have been written 10-15 years ago contains Christ inspired lyrics and messages that we feel are still relevant in today’s ever changing and value depleting world. We are looking to record our new ideas in the coming months and hope to deliver to you new songs along the lines of the musical integrity of what you already know us for and to perform select dates for years to come to give each of you the opportunity to come out and see us live because to us, that is what it is really all about! We appreciate all the support we received from you - our friends.

      Steve Patrick himself had this to say about the departure from Holy Soldier: "Just wanted to say that to those of you who made it out to our reunion show, it was a pleasure to meet you in person. It was an awesome time for me to be able to reunite with my brothers in Holy Soldier for one final concert together, and I am happy for those of you that got to share the experience with us. I am doing alot of traveling as of late and I expect to be on the move for some time, as I am starting a new band called "Band Of Brothers" and am currently writing an album in collaboration with the Navy Seals for a worldwide production, as God has opened many doors in terms of working with our military. We are realizing that music can be a powerful weapon that empowers and instills courage in our troops, as we have all the resources to be a part of something that has never been done before and on a professional level that far surpasses anything that we could have ever imagined. I really feel that it is my calling at this time in my life to empower others to be "holy soldiers" as the name is really not about a band, but rather a movement, particularly in our US military.

      Again, it has been an honor to reunite with my good friends one last time, as I will cherish the memory and take that with me wherever God leads. Love you guys!"

      Steven Patrick

    • HOLY STEEL is the first Christian Metal site ever in Italy! (in Italian)

      Hi, this is Herbie again. Our next activity will be our new CD. It will be a concept album and the songwriting is already in motion. At the moment, I have 7 songs written and pre produced. All in all we`re planning 14 songs. We hope, this album will take us a decisive step forward. Anyway, we are already quite convinced of it. As soon as the first concept is ready we will give you a little foretaste. So, stay tuned on the new homepage and I will try to keep you well informed. ROCK ON !!!

    • There is an interesting interview with MICHAEL SWEET of STRYPER at

      Steve, Mick and Damien are hard at work on "Erasing the Goblin". A good combo of fast and slow Death Metal with a few surprises as usual. The album is certainly developing into a monster. Very Jesus centerd lyrics as usual. It will be a good album to give to your non-Christian friends. If you are not a Christian then "Erasing..." will be a good challenge for you to consider lyrically. Thanks to Soundmass the classic "Grind Planets" video will be re-issued on DVD later this month. Featuring 8 professional film clips from the 91-92 era, plus on tour craziness, the making of "Scrolls of the Megilloth", plus a bonus full live concert from '92.

    • GRAVE FORSAKEN is a new thrash band hailing from Australia. They have a critically acclaimed EP out filled with real thrash

    • The thrashers of ULTIMATUM are currently recording a new CD and are also working on a DVD release. The CD is tenatively titled "Into the Pit".

    • Swedish deathers PANTOKRATOR are working hard with their new album.

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      METAL  NEWS  050703

      Finally after 3 years work The Metal Bible is now out. This special Bible contains the New Testament in an easy to understand language as well as testimonies from metalheads that talk about what God and the Bible means to them. Participating persons are: Nicko McBrain (Iron Maiden), Tommy Aldridge (Whitesnake), Brian Welsh (ex-Korn), Rob Rock, Michael Sweet (Stryper), Ken Tamplin, Metal Pastor Bob Beeman (Sanctuary International), Karl Walfridsson (Pantokrator), Shadows of Paragon, Luke Renno (Crimson Thorn), Simon "Pilgrim" Rosén (Crimson Moonlight), Christian Rivel (Narnia, Divinefire), Matt Smith (Theocracy), Ulf Christiansson (Jerusalem), Michael Hero (Sons of Thunder, Hero), Torbjörn Weinesjö (Veni Domine), Slav Simanic, Richard Lynch (Saint), Steve Rowe (Mortification), Ted Kirkpatrick (Tourniquet), Herbie Langhans & Mike Pflüger (Seventh Avenue), Carl Johan Grimmark (Narnia), Jani Stefanovic (Renascent), Scott Waters (Ultimatum), Batista (Antidemon), John Schlitt (Petra), Miguel Martinez (Exousia), Gabriela Sepúlveda (Boanerges), Rod Rivera & Johnny Bomma (Rivera/Bomma) and some more.

      The language of this first edition is in Swedish. Later on it will also come in other languages like English, Portugese and Spanish. The purpose of this special Bible is to break down prejudices and misconceptions that many metalheads have about the Bible and help them to realize that the Bible is not a boring book but an interesting and living book that has a lot to tell us today, so that they through this special Bible version can realize that the Bible and it's message is something for them too. As a result of this many metalheads will check out the Bible and through it find Christ. The Metal Bible was given away for free at Sweden Rock Festival with 21 000 visitors and almost everyone that saw it were enthusiastic about it and wanted to have a copy. We had 1700 copies with us and when we were out of them we managed to get 400 more and these 400 extra went out in just 6 hours! Amen, people were really hungry for the metal bible and really wanted to have a copy of it. So the last festival day we were totally out of Bibles and hadn't a single copy left. Although we were out of bibles people kept coming and asking for them and were really dissapointed that they couldn't get one. So God's Word reached out to 10 percent of all that were there, and we know that God's Word won't return void, so let's keep all these people in prayer that God will continue His work in them. You can see a trailer of how the metal bible looks on More info about this special bible can be found at

      Nashville, TN - After 33 years of music and ministry, Christian rock pioneer PETRA will come to a close. December 2005 will mark the end to a ministry that has boldly and consistently proclaimed the gospel in the United States and abroad. The decision to retire the band was mutual by all members. "It has been a privilege and honor to represent our Savior and participate in His Great Commission. We have nothing but thanks to God for all He has done," says PETRA founder, guitarist and primary songwriter Bob Hartman. "God used PETRA in my life in so many ways, as He did in so many other lives," says lead singer since 1986, John Schlitt. "I am truly thankful for having been part of PETRA. We've had a good long run and have seen so much. We've seen God's hand at work in our music on every continent and in every language," he says.

      The band has impacted generations of musicians and fans alike over the years with over seven million CDs sold, four Grammy Awards, 10 Dove Awards and an induction into the Gospel Music Hall of Fame. PETRA, initially formed in 1972 by Hartman on vocals and guitars, paved the way for the rock genre perhaps more than any other in the Christian music industry. Though a rotating cast of musicians comprised PETRA's lineup over the years, the band is closing 2005 strong with over 20 albums to its credit, the latest being the 2003 Grammy-nominated Jekyll & Hyde. At present, Schlitt and Hartman have made no immediate plans for the future. "I'm not sure what the future will bring for me," says Schlitt, "but when God chooses to show us His will, then we just go in faith and walk in faith toward Him. He has never let us down, and He never will." There are currently talks of a live album or box set to release in the future. Final PETRA tours in the United States and Europe are in the planning stages. There will be no further concerts booked after this year.

      "PETRA has always been one of the biggest names in Christian rock," says Inpop Records President Wes Campbell. "PETRA's contributions to our industry are innumerable, and the band was very instrumental in the beginning stages of newsboys career. We are honored to have supported PETRA in its ministry and music," he says.

    • SEVENTH AVENUE reports that 4 new songs are finished and the next album will be a concept album

    • STRYPER was headliner at Lorca Rock Festival in Spain. DREAM THEATER and IRON MAIDEN were two of the bands that opened up for them! They played after Iron Maiden (so, everybody left after Stryper show) but almost everybody stayed after the Maiden show to the STRYPER show (about 15000 people). The STRYPER show was 75 minutes, including THWTD encore song & the final prayer. The Stryper setlist was: Intro: Battle Hym of the Republic, Sing Along Song, You Know What To Do, Free, The Way, Loud 'N' Clear, In God We Trust, Calling On You, Honestly, More Than A Man, Soldiers Under Command, To Hell with the Devil + 2 new songs. Truly an historic day! God is really opening up some big doors now.

      Unfortunatly, the recording of the next Mortification album "Impailing the Goblin" will be delayed due to the depature of drummer Mike Forsberg from the band. Mike will be pursuing other projects and Steve and Mick Jelinic wish Mike all the best in his future endeavours. All friendships are well intact. Mike now becomes a part of the extended Mortification family. The bond of friendship that exists between Steve and past Mort members is really amazing. Steve was out with former Mortification guitarist Lincoln Bowen last Saturday night checking out one of the bands that Lincoln is now part of. Lincoln's lattest musical move is into mainstream doom act The Eternal who are signed to European label Firebox. The Eternal completed their first European tour last year and you can catch Lincoln touring with them across Europe in mid 2006 and, currently, at shows across Australia. Lincoln is also part of ex-Mort drummer Phil Gibson's band Callous, who recently changed their name to Three Times Fire. Three Times Fire will feature on the upcoming Soundmass compilation "Oz Mosh 2005", which will also feature a Mortification song from the "Brain Cleaner" album. Brain Cleaner is, of course, available from the Store. Ex-Mort guitarist Mick Carlisle will be involved in one of Mike Forsberg's new projects. Mick Carlisle and Mike played together previously in Cybergrind and you can still pick up this Grind classic from the Store. The family tree that has extended from Mortification is really amazing, the best thing being that all involved are such close friends. Steve Rowe and Mick Jelinic will continue working on new material for "Impailing the Goblin". Once the album does get recorded you can expect a strong release with the best of a variety of material developed over a two year period.

    • Swedish thrashers INEVITABLE END now has a new singer; Andreaz Hansen from Oslo, Norway. He's got plenty of experience when it comes to metal and have been active in bands like Bleedience and VIXIVI for a long time. The band is thrilled to have Andreaz in the band and believe that this will bring the band to a whole new level. The first concert with our new lineup will take place at Seaside Festival this summer. The band has also lost two members Joakim Bergquist and Jonas Arvidsson, that quit the band due to traveling distances and differing musical standpoints. The band wish them good luck and there is no hard feelings.

      Anyone remember the classic thrash band Believer?? I sure do, and now there is some exciting news about this talented band! "Finally, Kurt and I got together recently and finished up our first new Believer tune! And there are two other tunes in process. We are both enjoying writing and we like the direction the material is going. Due to all that is going on with our schedules, it is difficult to get together a lot. However, we will continue to put time aside for this project. One last thing, if anyone has or knows anyone who has any bootlegged Believer concerts or footage of the band please get in touch with me. We are trying to gather this for a possible DVD." says drummer Joey Daub.

    • There is an interview with Tracie Ferrie the new bassplayer in STRYPER at

    • MICHAEL BLOODGOOD is recovering and returned to the pulpit last month, teaching the Epistle of James. You can hear any of these messages by going to and clicking on the "media" link. Michael's latest MRA shows that the dissection has completely healed. Praise God! Please continue to pray that all three damaged nerves will be completely restored.

      Narnia is currently working hard with their new release Enter the Gate. This is what they recently wrote on their website: We have finished tracking drums and rhythm guitars and parts of the bass and keyboard parts have been finished with great result! The songs cover the whole spectrum from crushing, heavy riffs to the most catchy up-tempo songs we have ever done. We have been doing some serious digging among our melodic roots again this time but we are also working on a modern sound for the material. Please have a look at the Pictures section to see a few pictures from the sessions. We can also announce that we are working with the great engineer/producer Anders "Theo" Theander who will mix the entire thing in the Roastinghouse studio in Malmö, Sweden. As You may have noticed we decided to take a break from live-performing for a while, reasons being that we wanted a relaxed environment for creating the new record but also because of Andreas x2 and Carl Johan's recording and touring with american artist Rob Rock. Rob Rock and his partially narninian band will perform on this year's Sweden Rock Festival. The first NARNIA-show in six months will take place at the Flevo festival in Holland and we will also play the Metal Fest in Germany later this year. We are all very excited about these two concerts. Please see tourdates for more information. Since we do not yet have any release-date set for our new album we can not announce any more tourdates, but we are negotiating with our labels at the moment and we will keep You posted! Yesterday we turned into some big problems when the harddrive with the entire album broke! But after much prayer a specialist managed to get it all back. Amen, praise God! Please keep the recording in prayer.

      Until next time - May God, the creator of metal, bless You and stay safe: )
      In Christ - NARNIA

    • DIVINEFIRE is also working hard to get their new album ready. Jani fills us in with how the recording is progressing: "I just arrived from the studio outside Skara, Sweden. I have now the mixed version of our upcoming album the mastering will be in a couple of weeks. We are more than satisfied with the result. As for my self ( Jani) I think this one is the best sounding record I have ever made. Production wise it is really good and you can expect a really massive album. I want to share a special thanks to everyone who has been apart of this production. Thank you" :)

    • Finally, the new JET CIRCUS album Look at Death Now is now out.

    • Classic swedish black band ADMONISH have now released a 3 track Ep titled - Den Yttersta Tiden (The Last Days)

    • There is a cool website about HOLY SOLDIER with lots of info and pictures at

    • Both X-SINNER and ZION are working on new material! Both bands are being headed up by Rex Scott and they "promise to do their best to not update the sound".

    • THE BURIED SCROLLS is a new cool christian metal online zine

    • American metallers DISINTERMENT are working on new 8 song cd titled If But For One filled with guitar driven metal. This one will also have much better production than their debut album.

    • ROB ROCK played a successful gig at Sweden Rock Festival where bands like Yngwie Malmsteen, Dream Theater, Saxon, Hammerfall, Mötley Crüe, Accept, Candlemass, Kansas, Motörhead, Dio and many others played. Rob Rocks new album Holy Hell is going well and has received very good reviews in several metal magazines.

    • Swedish deathers PANTOKRATOR will play at Gates of Metal along with bands like Dimmu Borgir, Masterplan, Edguy, Children of Bodom, Evergrey and many others. Pray that God will use Pantokrator to be a light in the darkness on this festival and that God will work through them and also protect them and their equipment.

      Beyond the mountain is the place I wanna be! This festival will be held in San Bernadino, California, USA on August 27th and 28th. The lineup of this megacool festival features Tourniquet, Holy Soldier, Whitecross, Barren Cross, Deliverance, Sacred Warrior, Once Dead, Saint, Recon, Neon Cross, Ultimatum, Rivera/Bomma, Jacobs Dream, Tower of Hundred, 39 Lashes,Reaching For Mercy,Laudamus and Demize. WOW!!! Speakers will be Bob Beeman of Sanctuary International, Bryan Kemper of Stand True Ministries, Doug VanPelt of HM Magazine, Phil Mungarro of Metal Missionaries

    • STRYPER is planning to release its first new studio album in more than a decade later this summer. "Reborn," due Aug. 16 from Big3 Records, will include 10 new songs and a new version of the band's "In God We Truest." The title track was released June 7 to U.S. radio outlets as a single for airplay consideration. "I wrote the song 'Reborn' before we decided to reunite as a band, and once we came together it was natural to make this notion the essence of the album as we feel we are being reborn," guitarist/frontman Michael Sweet says. "We truly feel like a new band." In addition to original guitarist Oz Fox and drummer Robert Sweet, new bassist Tracy Ferrie rounds out the band's current lineup. Stryper will also do a cover of Michael W. Smith's track Friends on a collection titled Ultimate Music Makeover: "The Songs of Michael W. Smith"

    • 80s Melodic Metal band OVERDRIVE has taken up the axe again and are currently re-recording most of their old stuff as well as 3 songs they wrote, performed, but never recorded. The project will also include 2-3 new songs. The total project will be 12-14 songs, including their best from the first 2 demos. Look for a release by fall of 2006. Overdrive's style is kinda like Metallica meets Queensryche... very heavy, but extremely melodic (lots of 2 part harmony guitars)... The vocals are high like Tates or Ray Parra (Sacred Warrior), but can get gruff like Mike Lee from Barren Cross. The songs are pretty technical, lots of time changes, etc. Mail Doug Levy for more info

    • TOURNIQUET are working on new material for the next release

    • The new issue of HEAVEN'S METAL features ROB ROCK, ONCE DEAD, SLECHTVALK, KEKAL, SYMPATHY, GWAR + reviews, news and other cool stuff

    • Power Metal band THEOCRACY is working with their new album and are extremely excited about the new tunes and the new dimension that Shawn and Seth, the new members bring to the band.

    • EXTOL's video for the tune Pearl has been picked by MTV2 to be played on Headbangers Ball.

    • Bombworks Records released a special SEVENTH ANGEL CD re-issue of material previously only available on cassette, i.e. the very rare 1990 4-song Heed the Warning demo as well as 8 songs from several live concerts recorded in 1992.

    • HOLY BLOOD's first two releases The Wanderer and Waves are Dancing have now been released on Bombworks Records Holy Blood play a nice mix of black and death metal with plenty of folk/viking influences Their music has been described as a mix of Bleakwail, Emperor, In Flames, and Mordecai, with some folk influences thrown in.

    • In Memoriam is a newly released best of cd with LIVING SACRIFICE that also has 3 new tracks.

    • REQUITAL is an Ukranian Death Metal band with a cd titled Retribution for Sin

      Rex Carroll, Scott Wenzel and Mike Fieghan have been hard at work in the studio re-recording the Whitecross Self-Titled CD. These guys have only gotten better and more accurate. Rex's shredding guitar work is spellbounding and Scott vocals are impressive to say the least. Mike's drum work... I've never seen a drummer hit so hard and be so accurate. "It's the way it was always meant to be", said Rex." It's just all coming together really nice", he added. "It's as if everything is falling into place." Whitecross fans lookout. This is going to raise the bar for sure. The re-recorded CD, due out August 2005, will contain original material as well as "Love on the Line" from the “Love on the Line EP”. New artwork, photos, liner notes and other enhanced features will accompany the re-recorded self-titled CD.

    • Classic Heavy Metal band SAINT plans to release a DVD. The work with the new cd goes well and the artwork is already done. Look for a release this Winter.

    • Melodic Metallers VENIA's new mini-CD is finally mixed and you can get a taste of it at our Media page. We don't know the exact release date yet, but we will announce it here as soon as it is confirmed. We will also start taking pre-orders when we have the release date. Stay tuned!

    • Finnish atmospheric black band PARAKLETOS now seem to have a full setting with the new members Eden (that contributes with some beautiful female vocals), Veneror on drums and Bard on bass. The band is working on new tunes.

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    BOBFEST 2005 - End of an era- rise of a legend

    Bobfest is Europe's biggest Christian Metal Festival and this year's edition took place in Linköping, Sweden between 11-13 March, 2005. This year there were over 600 metalheads that attended the whole festival and at most there were about 800 including volunteers that attended the gigs. This year's Bobfest was also the final one. After 7 years it was time to say goodbye to this cool festival. And what a great ending it was! Of all Bobfests I think this was definately the best one. A cool thing this year was that there were so many that preordered festival tickets that we had to stop the preordering because the church hadn't space for more people! Another cool thing with Bobfest is the social part. It's so great to meet hundreds of other metalheads that love Jesus. Being at Bobfest it's like meeting your family, a family that each year get's bigger and bigger.

    Prayer has always been the foundation of Bobfest and this year was no exception. We organizers & Pastor Bob Beeman gathered at Daniel Dahlbergs mother's house on Thirsday evening and had a great evening of prayer and good food. We put the festival in God's hands and prayed that God would minister to everyone that attended and that He would be the center of the festival. Felt so great to put it all in God's mighty hands!

    As always, we organizers worked hard to get everything in order in time for the festival and since we had about twice as many visitors this year things took a bit longer and about 4:30 on the Friday morning the folders were finally done. A great thing this year was that things went smoother than ever which meant that we organizers could be calmer and didn't have to stress up like we did during the first years.

    The Friday meeting started off with a megacool intro with lots of cool pictures and pyrotechnics. After the intro the meeting continued with powerful worship in real metal style. This is what worship should be like! Powerful, heavy and Christcentered. After the worship Pastor Bob Beeman gave us an introduction of what he was about to share during the festival. In Ryttargårdskyrkan, the church where the conference part of the festival took place, there was also a gallery as well as a Bobfest exhibition with pictures and articles from all years.

    Then it was time to go to the concert place Cupolen. First band out was the metalcore-influenced band grace.will.fall. I have never really liked this kind of music, but they had an energetic show that got the crowd going. Then it was time for the official "surprise" band Virgin Forest. Almost no one had heard this band before so very few knew what to expect. Anyway, Virgin Forest was a pleasant surprise to many with their heavy sound and energetic show. Melodic metallers Seventh Avenue followed next. Really like this band, always make me happy when I hear this kind of music. They put on a good gig with tunes from many of their albums ending with an encore of the cover Run To The Hills. Unfortunately though their original drummer couldn't be on the gig so they had to train a new one just 10 days before the gig. With this considered the new drummer did an ok gig but it wasn't as tight as it is when Mike Pflüger sits behind the drumkit.

    After Seventh Avenue had ended Extol took the stage. Those of you that have seen them live knew that they are one of the best live bands there are. This night they played lots of their newer tunes and I really missed the classics from their earlier albums. Anyway, they are a great live band and really got the crowd going and to many this was the highlight of the festival. But compared to the phenomenal gig they did last year on Bobfest this was not in the same caliber, in my opinion and I also can't get into Peter's new way of singing. Anyway, besides enjoying great music there were also plenty of music, t-shirts and other cool stuff you could buy at the concert place.

    Saturday started off with metal breakfast, where we all ate breakfast together while listening to great music with Tourniquet, Extol etc. After breakfast there was time for worship and then it was time for this year's seminars. There were three seminars to choose from: Pastor Christian Kastö talked about "Being John the Baptist today", Musician Maria Solheim talked about the topic "God can use a broken vessel" and Pastor Bob Beeman talked about the topic "God wants to radically change your life!" All seminars were really interesting and spoke to many people's heart.

    After lunch the Saturday meeting took off with powerful worship and great inspiring teachings by Pastor Bob. At the end of the meeting we celebrated communion together. This was a great moment and definately one of the highlights of the festival.

    Then it was time to go to Cupolen again and enjoy some more great gigs. First band out was Renascent. They have a very powerful and heavy sound influenced by thrash and death metal that got the crowd headbanging. Renascent is truly a great liveband and lots of hair were flying both on and off stage. The vocalist Barry shared his testimony and they were really vocal about their faith. Thrashers Inevitable End followed next. This band is truly thrashers to the bone and I totally love their attitude. Great liveband with plenty of headbanging. Inevitable End also make me think of early Vengeance Rising. Definately a band for the future.

    After the inevitable end of this band's set it was time for melodic metal delivered by Finnish Metal band Random Eyes. I had heard this band's debut release and wasn't too impressed but when they played live it was 2 or 3 times better than on cd! Wow, this band really knows how to rock! Fantastic stage presence and really Christcentered. This band has really improved a lot lately. After Random Eyes' gig had ended Crimson Moonlight entered the stage. Crimson Moonlight was along with Extol the only two bands that played both the first Bobfest and the last. And Crimson Moonlight didn't dissapoint, but put on a great gig with ultrafast and ultraheavy black metal for Jesus. Wow, this was one of the best gigs I have ever seen with them! Music was so heavy, fast and brutal it felt like being run over by a truck.

    But the best was still to come… Tourniquet was about to take the stage. For the first time ever in Sweden we had the pleasure to see this worldclass band live! They played for over 90 minutes delivering classics from their whole career including tunes like Broken Chromosomes, Pathogenic Ocular Dissonance, Ark of Suffering, Tomb of Gilgamesh and many many more… In the middle of the set Ted Kirkpatrick did a fantastic drumsolo that lasted for about a quarter! Wow, Tourniquet even surpassed my expectations and was definately one of my favourite moments of this year's Bobfest. Tourniquet was truly amazing and besides great music they also took the opportunity to adress several topics. One theme they really focused on (as well as several other bands did during the festival) was that the only thing that matters in the end is if you have a relationship with Jesus Christ. Material things can never fill the void in your heart - only God can fill it. Tourniquet also said that we are all created equal and to treat people bad is like spitting God in the face.

    After a fantastic gig with Tourniquet the Saturday concert was over. Truly a great and worthy ending of the concert part of Bobfest! After the gig was over we organizers gathered to pray together and thank God for all He had done during the festival. It was a precious moment and you could really feel the presence of God.

    But the festival wasn't over yet. On Sunday morning we had another cool metal breakfast and then it was time for the final meeting. It that was held together with the ordinary church members of Ryttargårdskyrkan. Pastor Bob talked a little and Olov Davidsson and Daniel Dahlberg summarized Bobfest during the years. The worship in the meeting was a combination of the metal worship team from Bobfest and the organ player from the church as well as the church brass! Truly an interesting combination!! J After the meeting we had a special surprise to mark the end of this era. All Bobfest people and church members ended Bobfest together eating a special metal cake decorated with black marzipan and crowns of thorns!

    So Bobfest has ended and it was the best ending it could be! However a sad thing that happened at the end of the festival was that someone on Bobfest was spreading a virus that caused many to be ill and vomit the days after the festival. Despite of this illness this year's edition of Bobfest was a big success and a worthy ending of this era. And all the visitors that attended seems to be very satisfied with it as well.

    Ever from the beginning Bobfest has always been God's festival and we really want God to be glorified through it. So many times things have been totally out of hand but God has always helped us through and solved the most impossible situations. During the Bobfests countless people have been touched by God and come closer to Him and several people have also been saved. For all the things that God has done during this and all previous Bobfest we really want to give GOD all the glory!. I and the other organizers are really thankful to God for having the opportunity of being a part of the work God has been doing through Bobfest during the years. We have met so many people that have been blessed through Bobfest and all these people are living proofs that show us that all the work and late hours we have spent on putting Bobfest together, have all been worth it.

    For more info and pictures about this festival visit

    In His Service
    Johannes Jonsson

      METAL  NEWS  050320

      We'll start the news with a bang.... Stryper with play at the Lorca Rock Festival in Murcia Spain, on June 18th, 2005 with.... Iron Maiden and Dream Theater. WOW!!! Seems like God is really opening up some big doors here. Pray that God will work through Stryper and minister to all the people that will attend this festival.

      The band has also signed to Big 3 Records and the new album will be released on Big 3 Records this summer. (2 of the producers on this label is the Elephante Brothers!) Stryper will be touring nationally and internationally following the release of their new album.

      Rob Rock will play on one of Europes biggest metal festivals Sweden Rock Festival along with bands like Anthrax, Megadeth, Accept, Hammerfall, Mötley Crüe, Dio, Yngwie Malmsteen and many more. There are over 20 000 headbangers that visit this festival.

      Swedish deathers Pantokrator will play with Children of Bodom, Dream Evil, Masterplan, Edguy, Nocturnal Rites and more on the festival Gates of Metal

      This really seems to be the year when Christian Metal breaks through on big scale! Finally the christian metal bands get the chance to play with the big boys in metal. So let's all keep Stryper, Rob Rock and Pantokrator in prayer that God will use them mightily to be lights in the darkness on these festivals and that God will work and shine through them so the audience see Christ through them and realize that these bands have something the other bands are missing and need. Also pray that God will protect these 3 bands from all evil.

      Michael has suffered a "spontaneous carotid arterial dissection." The left carotid vein collapsed and caused a swelling of the vein impacting three cranial nerves leaving one of his vocal cords, the left side of his tongue, and part of his ability to swallow in a state of paralysis. This a very rare event (odds are only 2.5/100,000), so it took a extensive series of tests (CAT scan, multiple MRI, MRA tests, x-rays, bloods tests, et al) before the doctors were able to discover what exactly had happened. Thankfully, Michael did not suffer a stroke as initially diagnosed, but continues to experience ipsilateral headaches and neck aches along with the other symptoms of the dissection. The doctors are optimistic that he will make a full recovery over the weeks and months ahead, but will be continue to monitor his blood pressure and look for any sign of clotting as a result of the dissection. Please keep Michael in your prayers for his full and speedy recovery. He sends his love and gratitude for all the prayers and help you have been extending to him and his family during this difficult time.

      Michael summarized by saying this: "Don't know if you heard about what I've been going through, but I'm a mess! ;-( Would sure appreciate your prayers."

    • Extol recently toured with Mastodon! Their new album The Blueprint Dives is now released in Europe.

      This week we will be laying down the final bass tracks and the start of the vocals in the studio on our new material. We will keep you all updated on the progress. So far this new material sounds fantastic. The production will blow away anything we have done before. If you liked the pre-production demo of Heart of Metal, I think you will really like the full-blown version we are recording says Scott Waters, the vocalist.

      80s metallers look here! Beyond The Mountain Music Festival will be held in San Bernadino, California on August 27th and 28th. The lineup features Ultimatum, Recon, Saint, Once Dead, Neon Cross, 39 Lashes,Sacred Warrior, Barren Cross and possibly Holy Soldier and Guardian. WOW!!! What an incredible festival! Read more about this megacool festival at

      The 4/5 of Vengeance Rising + Scott Waters from Ultimatum on vocals forms the band Once Dead. The band plays material from the first two Vengeance Rising albums + some own material. Any day now thy will release a DVD called Once Dead 'Return with a Vengeance'. This DVD captures the historic live performance that took place this past August in Anaheim, CA. This DVD will not only capture the whole live performance but will also contain many added bonus features. Just to mention a couple of them it will include the pre-concert interview where the guys address everything from Vengeance to where they are in their lives today! One other VERY cool bonus feature will be a menu feature that will allow you to read the article that addresses it all, on the original break up of Vengeance, just as it appeared in that LONG out of print issue of HM magazine way back then. Look for a release any day now

    • Brittish thrashers Seventh Angels both albums (The Torment and Lament For The Weary) as well as Believers albums Sanity Obscure and Dimensions (both albums contains bonus tracks) have now been rereleased by Retroactive Records that does a fantastic job in keeping the old metal classics alive by rereleasing classic metal albums as well as helping to release albums that would never seen the light if it weren't for their hard work. Read more about all the cool stuff they have released and plan to release on

    • Axehead Inc is a new American Heavy Metal band with Luke Renno and Miles Sunde from Crimson Thorn
      The guitar metal band R/B are currently working on releasing an e.p. entitle "EL E.P." due date is for april 2005, that will open a tour to Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico with plan on touring with Jacobs Dream and Pacto De Sangre in South America and Europe. The release date of the new cd "I am God" is going to be sometime in late summer. They are currently working w/ mr. Eric Rachel (Skid Row, Hatebreed, Symphony X) to remaster and remix the album. After listening and much prayers they felt that is was better to re-mixed and re-master the recordings. All i have to say is, that if you think you've heard "I am God" you havent heard nothing yet.
      Before the album the band will release an EP that will have some b-sides and also will include songs from "I am God".
      They are also working in a dvd of the making of "Invisible Force" and the making of "I am God" w/ live clips and maybe a live concert from their past head-lining tour in Puerto Rico so there's lots cooking in R/B'S pot. Read more about this cool band at

    • BOBFEST 2005 - End of an era - rise of a legend
      This year's edition of Bobfest was definately a big success featuring great teachings by Pastor Bob Beeman, Christian Kastö and Maria Solheim, great gigs with the bands Extol, Tourniquet, Seventh Avenue, Crimson Moonlight, Renascent, Random Eyes, Inevitable End, grace.will.fall and Virgin Forest as well as great worship in real metal style. There were 700+ on the whole festival and about 800 at most on the gigs! It was a great experience and GOD really was the center of it all and did som great things during the festival and ministered to many. (Look for a more detailed report soon on this section.)

    • ELEMENTS  OF  ROCK  2005
      Another cool festival this Spring was Elements of Rock in Switzerland where Barren Cross did a very memorable comeback gig where all the audience sang along with their classic tunes. Some other bands that played were Tourniquet, Crimson Moonlight, Random Eyes and many more...

    • Strangeland is a melodic/progressive rock/metal band hailing from the USA.

    • Liberty n' Justice - Welcome To the Revolution is the new album by this band project that will warm the hearts of all hard rockers who love classic arena rock and melodic metal, but not the nasty hard music that dominates today. Imagine a solid rock band inviting tons of famous vocalists to front their band for one song. The cd features: 'Blind Man's Bluff' from Michael Sweet (Stryper), 'Noise' from Jamie Rowe (Guardian/London Calling), 'Shed My Skin,' Lou Gramm (Foreigner), 'Rebel Son' from Paul Q Pek (One Bad Pig), 'Only Heaven Knows' from Mitch Malloy, 'One Word' from Ken Tamplin, 'Do You Know' from Bob Carlisle (Sweet Comfort Band/Allies), 'Change Comes Around' from Mike Roe (77s) with Harry Hess (Harem Scarem), 'Rise' from Scott Wenzel (Whitecross), 'The Lord's Prayer' from Robert Fleischman (Journey), 'It's About Love' from John Schlitt (Petra/Head East), 'Bargain Bin' from Greg X. Volz (Petra), 'Forever, I Love You' from Doug Phelps (The Kentucky Headhunters), 'Holy Roller' from Mitch McVicker, 'Doctor Love' from Michelle Lynn, 'Cain 2 Abel' from Dale Thompson (Bride), 'FHL' from Rick Florian (White Heart), and 'Foolish Child' from Jeff Fenholt. Available from

      We are now in the middle of pre-production for a NEW Narnia studio-album.Many new songs have been written and we have picked out the best ones that will make it all the way to Your CD-players. Never before have such effort been put into a Narnia production as for this fifth studio-album. The sound and performance will be high-end class and the actual songs are stronger than ever. Expect a mind-blowing Narnia-experience. God bless You all/ Narnia

    • Northern Flame are in talks with a new potential singer. They have also now a second guitarist. They hope to release their new album later this year. Here is a teaser of their new material More info about this promising band can be found on

    • Death/Thrashers Renascent has now entered The Panic room studio outside Skara in Sweden to record their first full-length.

    • German Classic Metalllers Lightmare is working on a new album and the now have a pre-released song to download! The band has completed the preproduction phase and final recordings are on the way and we are looking forward to complete everything this Spring.

    • Warrior is a Christian rock band with an image reminding of Kiss 

    • Melodic metallers Laudamus have decided to leave Sweden and move to California, USA, for one year to be a part of the music scene over there. That means that there will probably not be any Laudamus shows in Sweden and Europe until spring 2006. The release date for Unlimited Love is not yet announced, but the CD cover is almost done and the band are in negotiating with the record company.

    • Classic Thrash band Consecrator has now reformed! After 11 years original members Ashley Lawhon (Drums), Rob Ojeda (Bass) and James Chavez (Guitar) have reformed Consecrator. This event came mainly from the response of old fans and by new interest of the re-release of our two demos Consecrator (1990) and Image of Deception (1992) by their label Bombworks Records. A new full length album should be out by early 2005.

    • The cool label Bombworks Records has now released new albums with Palehorse (old school thrash) and Holy Blood (folk/viking metal from Ucraine)

      Founding members, Rex Carroll and Scott Wenzel, of the 3 time Dove Award winning Christian metal band Whitecross, met on January 15th, 2005 to begin discussing a new Whitecross album as well as re-recording their 1987 debut, self-titled recording. The original self-titled debut, now out of print, was release in 1987 on Pure Metal. The re-recorded CD, due out early Summer 2005, will contain all original material, re-recorded, as well as special bonus tracks, including but not limited to, “Love on the Line” from the “Love on the Line $6.98 EP”. New artwork, photos, liner notes and other enhanced features will accompany the re-recorded self-titled CD.

      Whitecross will perform a few selected live dates in 2005 as well as begin working on a new full length Whitecross album featuring both Rex Carroll and Scott Wenzel. To celebrate this important event Whitecross is selling a limited number of their original self-titled CD’s, autographed by Scott Wenzel and Rex Carroll. Rex will also be auctioning off his Peavey Vandenberg guitar during the month of March. This guitar was the primary guitar used in the making of In the Kingdom and High Gear as well as was Rex's primary guitar used while on tour. For more information and the latest updates, please visit the Whitecross official website at

      Another classic metal band that is back is Guardian. Here's an update on Guardian's "return" in 2005. Aside from some new songs, a re-release of past albums seems to be in the works with possible expanded inserts. Also in the plans is a DVD release of all the professionally shot videos...stuff only available on VHS as of now. Reminder: this is all tentative, but exciting things are happening. If we're lucky, we may get more than just a few new songs as well. It looks like the band will be hitting the studio sometime this year to record a couple new songs for a greatest hits release in the old-school style. We're talking pre-SWING SWANG SWUNG era. A tour is being planned to coincide with the release. Jamie, Tony, David, and Karl are involved and our old compadres John and Dino Elefante are set to produce. If things go well, they may consider doing another one in the post-SWING SWANG SWUNG style. Keep in mind, all things are always subject to change. So stay tuned to Guardian-World and I'll keep you informed.

    • Admonish announces that the the mixing of the upcoming 3-track EP is finished. Expect a release in March/April.

    • Taketh will release their first fullength this Summer on Fear Dark Records. Expect some heavy hardhitting Gothenburg death metal.

      Hello everyone, the new record is almost finished! It sounds absolutely amazing!!! It's a perfect cross between heavy, edgy and melodic. There are solos, lots and lots of guitars, heavy drums, excellent bass and lots of vocals! Rob came out just after Christmas for one week, then Tracy tracked bass and then Oz came out just after New Years Day. He was here for one week as well. We finished mixing on February 1st and we will head back in the second week in March to make final mix tweaks. There are eleven songs on the disc (at least at this point) and this record is in my opinion (and those who have heard it so far), the best Stryper to date! We look forward to working with a label who will promote and market this record the way it should be and we plan to release a single and a video as well. We will also be working with a publicity firm and you may even see the band on some late night shows this year as well!

      There is so much planned and I feel that we have the music and the record so now all we need is the right choices to be made regarding marketing and promotion. We believe that this label will make all the right decisions in that regard. 2005 will be a great year and we look forward to getting back out on the road to perform this new music (and powerful message) for all of you.

      On another note, Kyle has been hired as the make-up artist for a new film that is being shot here on The Cape. Shooting begins February 7th and will wrap sometime around mid March. She is excited to have the opportunity to do what she loves again. For those of you who don't know, Kyle used to do make-up for years and has worked on a number of films (Terminator, Teen Wolf, Wisdom, Ghost, Night of the Creeps, Fraternity Vacation and many other films and commercials). I'm happy for her! It's good to see her do what she is so talented at.

      I have a small role in the film and I'm happy to be a part of it. The writer/director/lead actor is a very good friend of mine by the name of David Wall. He also wrote and directed a movie by the name of "Joe and Joe" and he asked me to take a bigger role and I said to him "I can't act" and he said "You can but you just don't know it". Anyway, I'll start with something small and see how it goes.

      We'll keep you posted on the movie and when it will be available.

      Once again, thank you guys for your patience and I look forward to seeing all of you soon on the road.

      Stay well and blessings,

      Michael Sweet

    • Divinefire's video to The World's on Fire was included in Sweden Rock Magazine's DVD along with bands like Megadeth, Dark Tranquility, Evergrey, Cradle of Filth, Testament, Dream Evil and many more. Praise God for opening new doors for His kingdom!

      Divinefire and Audiovision are also featured on the cd that follows the lastest issue of this big Swedish Metal Magazine.

    • Hardrock band Heaven will soon record some new tracks

    • Classic hardrockers Petra played for 20 000 in India! Pictures and a review are posted at

    • Melodic metallers Leviticus has released a DVD from their successful gig at Bobfest 2003.

      For those of you who have not heard we now have available another DVD. It is called "Welcome to the Show" and features all of Bride's professionally shot videos. This did come out on VHS format at one time. But now we have it for you on DVD. Welcome to the Show contains the following songs, Troubled Times, Everybody knows my name, Under the Blood, The Making of the Worm, Worm, God Gave Rock n' Roll to you, Mamma, Psychedelic Super Jesus (REMIX), Tomorrow Makes no Sense, Follow Me, War, Beginning of the End, Soul Winner, Too Tired, Fool Me Once, Whiskey Seed, War. The second DVD we are making available is the most requested that we have ever released. It is called "The Best of Bride in Brazil": This DVD contains: Would you die for me, Hired Gun, End, Worm, Help, Life is the Blues, Scarecrow, Murder, Time, Beast, Love U, DadMom, I love You, Mamma, Personal Savior, Everybody Knows my Name, Psychedelic Super Jesus, Trouble times, Hell No. And additional footage that was not contained in the original release contains crowd shots and backstage footage with Whitecross. The live album "Snakes Alive Live at Cornerstone 92' is now available. This is a digitally re-mastered live recording of the legendary performance July 2 at Cornerstone Festival '92, in Bushnell, IL. More NEWS coming soon on the NEW CD from Dale & Troy Thompson. Stay tuned in..
      The classic heavy death metal album Scrolls of the Megilloth by Mortification has been rereleased with improved layout of the cover and it also has some bonus tracks.


    • Things are going really well for Swedish metal wonder Divinefire. They have signed a publishing deal in ASIA for Nippon TV and Publishing for showing the video on airplay in Japan. Glory Thy Name received 84 points out of 100 in BURRN! MAGAZINE -the biggest heavy metal magazine in the world right now and both King Records and Nippon TV are very pleased with the result.

      King Records did a one page advertising in BURRN! for DIVINEFIRE so they really believe in the album and push it alot. The songs have already got lots of rotation in Japan on radio so the start for this band and release have been great.
      The band are very thankful to God for opening these doors.

      Jani Stefanovic and Christian Rivel made a extensive interview for BURRN! MAGAZINE and it will be published next month.
      Jani has also done an interview for the big guitar magazine in Japan called Young Guitar.

    • It is also going very well on the rockradio for AUDIOVISION & DIVINEFIRE!
      Tune in and check also out

      Tuesday Top Ten
      + Going up - Going down / Stays put (2) Weeks on the chart

      1. Audiovision - The Calling (+) (2)
      2. Divinefire - Out of the darkness (+) (2)
      3. Judas Priest - Revolution (+) (7)
      4. Phunk - Scabies NY!
      5. Mnemic - Door 2.12 (+) (1)
      6. Hammerfall - Blood Bound (-) (7)
      7. Within Temptation - Stand my ground (-) (7)
      8. Helltrain - Route 666 (-) (9)
      9. Nocturnal Rites - Against the world (/) (9)
      10.Metal Majesty - We Rocked (-) (3)

    • It is going really well for the new releases from Rivel Records in Japan!

      The biggest news is that DIVINEFIRE - Glory Thy Name & AUDIOVISION - The Calling entered the TOP 50 charts in JAPAN called BURRNING CHARTS based on sales for Hard Rock and Heavy Metal sales in Japan on position number 9 for DIVINEFIRE and number 31 for AUDIOVISION. Maybe it will be tour in Japan for DIVINEFIRE. For those of you that haven't heard these cool releases yet Divinefire plays Crunchy Symphonic Melodic and Heavy Power Metal, sounding something like a cross of Rhapsody and Masterplan. Audiovision plays melodic metal with plenty of influences from the 80s. The album features many great musicians like Bruce Kulick (Grand Funk Railroad & Ex. Kiss), Jeff Scott Soto (Talisman & Ex. Yngwie Malmsteen's Rising Force), Tony Franklin (Whitesnake, Blue Murder, Firm) Mats Levén (At Vance & Ex. Yngwie Malmsteen B4s Rising Force) Mic Michaeli ( Europe) and many more.

    • 70s influenced metal band Heartcry have just open their website. You can prelisten to some tracks from their brand new album Lightmaker

    • Rivel Records have signed a new melodic metal band called VANGUARD and you can get more info about them at
      Their debut album is planned to be out AUGUST/SEPTEMBER 2005.

    • The great new epic/doom metal band MIRADOR have open up their website and can be found on this adress
      On the website you can also listen to some cool soundclips from their debut album The Azrael Tales. Fans of Veni Domine will definately enjoy this cool band.

    • The 2nd album with DIVINEFIRE is currently recoreded and is planned to be out in Japan September/October this year.

      For more info about Rivel Records and its releases visit or mail

    • Rapture Radio is a 24 hour Metal Internet station located in Oklahoma. They are looking for more more christian metal to play on their shows! So all Christian metal bands and labels that want to help with this can send their cds to Rapture Radio, 1932 E.Lindsey, Apt.212, Norman,Ok 73071, USA They are also looking for a staff memeber to join Rapture who exclusivly handle the Christain Metal/Hardcore. Please email Wes at if you want to help him with this.

    • BRAZILIAN  METAL  NEWS --- Provided by Rosemari de Melo Souza and Flávio de Souza of

      † The "Fatal Mistake", album by guitarist Fabio Rocha and his project SHINING STAR will be released in the first semester of this year through Avantage Records. The CD was remastered and will have two unedited songs as bonus, featuring vocalist Lance King (Balance of Power, Defyance, The King's Machine). The label will also release the instrumental album of drummer JULIANO COLLOMBO "Fire", which title track appeared on Metal Mission III Collection, and had the participation of Fabio Rocha.

      † DELOHIM is a Brazilian Melodic Metal band started in 1998 and that stabilized its musical style almost two years ago. Their main influences come from bands such as Stratovarius, Narnia, Balance of Power, Helloween, Impellitteri, among others. For those who want to listen to their sound the band offers through their e mail two songs in MP3 format: a live Stryper cover "To hell with the devil" and one own composition "Lord's Day".

      † ETERNUS (Black Metal) has just released their demo cd AWar declaration with five songs. If you wanna contact the band, their E-Mail is

      † ATONEMENT (Devotional Hardcore) is back again. They returned to activities last September and intend to release a full length album soon. Photos, MP3, news through the addresses: or

      † From the ashes of extinct NEPHESH, raised ENCIENDE, a Hardcore band, which is musically influenced by Strongarm, Zao, As I Lay Dying, Underoath, Hopesfall, Living Sacrifice and Extol. The band has already recorded nine songs that will be released very soon through Chain Recordings, under the title "Mãos adestradas para guerra".†

      † Alerta Records is new Brazilian label, the first release will take place in February: POSTMORTEN band (Death Metal).

      † STRATIOTES is a new Brazilian Christian Metal band. It has been playing for two years and has Dream Theater, Symphony X, Stryper, Stratovarius, Rhapsody and Angra as musical influences. Get more information at their site 

      † Modern Metal quintet SHAPHAL is planning the recording of their next CD, which is supposed to be released until the end of this semester. Their new work will keep the weight of their debut album and they will re Record some songs from members of former bands (Via Crucix, South Diesel and Sacrifice), with new versions to those songs.

      † One of the most important Metal magazines in Brazil, Valhalla, published (Issue 27 December) an interview with Black Metal band Mayhem. In a passage Blasphemer mentioned Antestor: Considering the Mayhem trajectory, the relation with Inner Circle and the bands position of hate against Christianity, shocking the fact of Hellhammer had been a Session Member of the White Metal band Antestor. Is it possible to explain this subject? Blasphemer answers: "I didn't even know they were a White Metal band, I had never heard about them before. The only thing I know is that I was physically sick when I heard one of their songs, because it's really bad. I think you have to ask this question to Hellhammer." Valhalla then asked: But dont you know the reason why he accepted the invitation to play with them? How could the fans react with regard to it? Blasphemer answered “ Well, I really don't know anything about it. Hellhammer plays and records with billion of bands and I have no idea of why or how he does all these things. If I knew it was a White Metal band, I would give my opinion for sure. I would never do such a thing, never!!! I hate all these so called opposition bands."

      † German Power Metal band SEVENTH AVENUE had a tour in South America January-February this year. Megahard label is talking about the possibility of releasing a live CD and a live DVD as well from this memorable tour.  

      † NECROMORF is a new Brazilian band: . Their musical direction is Death-Thrash Metal. More details on their site

      † Another new Brazilian force is the Thrash Metal band ARNION. They came into studio for the recording of their first CD that will bring 10 songs and is being recorded at Old Studio, Goiana, with the co-production of Marcello Kozlowisk.

      † The new site of the gothic band ETERNAL SAVIOUR is located at

      † The Brazilian Collection - VOL. III of Metal Mission is now available. The collection presents 12 names of Brazilian Heavy, Power, Progressive and Gothic. Here is the track-list : 01- HEAVEN CAVALRY "Without Fear", 02- SCEPTRUM "Fim dos dias", 03- AMOS "Shadows of thy cross", 04- KERIX "When I accepted", 05- STRACTUM FORCE "Profane Legends", 06- LUX SALUTIS "I am immortal", 07- ANGEL X "Ghost Ship", 08- METAL LIVE "For you", 09- OVERTURE "The fire is open again", 10- CLEAN HEART "Time to war", 11- JULIANO COLLOMBO "Fire", 12- SLAVE "Promessas". The total running time is 62:20 minutes. You can order yours at Metal Mission:

      † Extreme Records has announced the next releases for 2005: NEVERSATAN - Symphonic Medieval Doom Metal; a mixture of Tristania and Dimmu Borgir, also influenced by Vaakevandring, Renascent, Parakletos and Divinefire. BERITH - Symphony of Suffering and MORIAH Extreme Records 

      † FLAMES ON FIRE is a new Brazilian band formed in 2002. As you can notice, the name of the band is influenced by a Leviticus famous song. They play Hard 'n' Heavy, with classic influences from the 80s and something from Petra. The line-up is Carlos Nogarolli (vocals and keyboards), FÃbio Manasses (guitar), Dafne Picco (guitar and backing vocals), Rodrigo Efrata (bass, keyboards and backing vocals) and Eduardo Szesz (drums).

      † TRINO has been working on their new album. "The new songs are becoming absurdly heavy. It's a new Trino, with new breath, stronger and more furious. I want to set this work available as soon as possible so people can understand what I'm talking about saids vocalist and guitarist Tom. The CD will be introduced on the market only in April or May, 2005. On the website you also can see a video clip and photos from their latest tour .

      † DIVINE SYMPHONY has released their first work "Reject Darkness". This album contains 9 tracks of a powerful Black Metal, melodic and aggressive at the same time. It mixes influences of Dimmu Borgir, Trail of Tears, Antestor and Rhapsody. It's available through

      † SERENADE IN DARKNESS is composing new songs . The musical direction of the new album will be the same that was shown on their self titled EP, which means Norwegian Viking and Black Metal.

      † SARCROSS is preparing to put on the market their official album "In Hell Compact". The CD will bring 10 songs and will follow the same musical trend of "Kill the Beast".

      † Teocracia ministry, from Paraguay, organized the III Campametal Festival, which took place in February, 2005. The event lasted for 3 days, with plenty of music and also a lecture about the underground and its various branches. Just to have an idea, bands like SKYMETAL, SPIRITS BREEZE, DESERTOR and MIRACLE have taken part in this event.  

      † BOANERGES from Argentina has put on their site the photos of their latest gig in Brazil, in November, 2004. The pictures were taken during the SOS Festival on November 13.

      † SOUL HUNTER is finishing the recording of their new CD. At the moment, they are working on some solos, keyboards and vocals. There are some changes in the line up: guitarist Miguel left and was replaced by Ricardo and the band has got a permanent vocalist called Juceli.

      † MARGORIUM, a Black Metal band, which has former Skymetal bassist Lúcio among its players, has finally released their self titled debut CD EP, containing 5 songs, an intro and also including a cover for a Horde song. CDs are available at Metal Mission.

      † STAUROS has published a text on their site informing that they are going to give a break for some time, with no planned return so far 

      † On March 25 and 26, 2005, METANOIA FEST VI will take place in Vitoria (ES). It's the biggest underground Christian Metal Festival in Latin America. The show will be totally charitable; the price of the ticket will be 1KG of no perishable food. The gates will be open at 2:00 PM and the gigs will start at 4:00. The complete band list is:
      25/03/2005 (Friday)
      4:00 - Skatos (Gothic/ES)
      4:40 - Done (Nü Metal/MG)
      5:20 - Imperfection (Grunge/SC)
      6:00 - Unigênito (Alternativo/RJ)
      6:40 - Enciende (Metalcore/RJ)
      7:20 - Renúncia (Nu Metal/ES)
      8:00 - Zive (Metalcore/SP)
      8:40 - Saint Spirit (Thrash/RJ)
      9:20 - Postmortem (Thrash-Death/ES)
      10:00 - Skymetal (Death/MG)
      10:40 - Harpazo (Thrash-Death/MG)
      11:20 - Baraque's Lord (Black/GO) 00:00 - Divine Symphony (Symphonic Black/AM)
      26/03/2005 (Saturday)
      4:00 – ¿Hasta Cuando? (SP)
      4:40 - Rabboni (Rapcore/DF)
      5:20 - Fogo Consumidor (Hard Rock 70's/ES)
      6:00 - Distarnish (Death/ES))
      6:40 - Via Crucis (Melodic HC/ES)
      7:20 - Trino (Metalcore/ES)
      8:00 - Dynasty (Power Metal/MG)
      8:40 - Sangue Inocente (Hardcore/SP)
      9:20 - Afronta (Hardcore/ES)
      10:00 - Sabbatariam (Death/MG)
      10:40 - Implement (Grind/PE)
      11:20 - Death Poems(Black/SP)

      † After 6 months playing with guest bassists, HEAVENLY HOST announced their new permanent bassist: Alex Mattoso. The band, which plays an Extreme Metal with plenty of melody, intends to Record their first full length album during this year and has already received proposals for distribution. You can listen to some songs from the CD "Spirit in Battle", released in 2002, at their site

      † Confradia Dikaion is a great site from Equador, with emphasis on the divulgation of South American bands. www.confradikaion

      † Metal band LUX SALUTIS has now a website: There you can listen to songs from the "Alea Lacta Est" CD, released in the end of last year.

      † DRACMA has been passing through some changes. The band is testing some guitarists and is looking for a vocalist as well, because vocalist Fábio is now giving preference to his solo project.

      † KERIX (Gothic Metal) has a new vocalist. Simone Moraes is no longer in the band and Léa Oliveira was invited to replace her.

      † After 4 years, ARCANJO (Thrash Metal) is back to studio. The bass, drums and guitar parts are already done, only the vocals are missing. The band canceled their contract with Salmus Productions and is working independently. The new album is being recorded at Korzus studio, in São Paulo, and will contain 12 tracks. The new line up is: Rodrigo (vocals), Allan (guitars), Priscila (bass) and Júlio (drums).

      † Azbuk has released their album "Ancient Secrets of the Bible" with 6 songs. Access the site of the band and listen to some parts of their songs: or Orders through their E-Mail:  

      † SABBATARIAM is divulging two songs which will be on their next CD. The recording is just a preview, since it was done in an amateur studio.

      † DOULOS is a Brutal Death Grind band from Equador that has been standing out in Latin America. It was formed in 2000 and the current line up is: Santiago Córdova (Bass), Darío Yambay (Guitar), Santiago Quishpe (drums) and Abraham Quishpe (Vocals/Guitar). Get more information about these brothers at their website: 

      † "Manifesta" is the title of a 5 songs CD of LEVITÃNEA. The band has been in activity for 4 years and blends some trends, predominating Heavy Metal. The members are: Eduardo Gomes (Guitar), Jonatan Shingay (Vocals and guitar), Marcelo Hyroake (Bass) and Renato Shingay (Drums).

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