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        METAL  NEWS  041115

        There's a very cool festival coming up in Mexico City on November 20th featuring the bands STRYPER, NARNIA, MORTIFICATION, SAVIOUR MACHINE AND EXOUSIA! WOW!!! Find out more about this megacool festival at

        The organizers of this big event also need PLENTY of PRAYER so they can put it together in God's way and that it will be a success to the Kingdom of God. Pray that God will supply all needs and that many will come and be touched by God and come to know Jesus through this festival. So let's all unite in prayer (Matthews 18:19) for this cool event.

      • SAINT  NEWS
        American Heavy Metal Warriors Saint announces the release of the much anticipated WARRIORS OF THE SON 20th Anniversary Edition, which includes 2 previously un-released songs, "The Reaper" and "Killers and the Destroyers". The New album features all original Saint members, Josh Kramer, Richard Lynch, Dee Harrington, Jerry Johnson and Tim Lamberson . Warriors of the Son now sounds better than ever with a few audio enhancements that were not available in 1984, not to mention that Josh is at the top of his game vocally.

        Also available for the first time ever is the "Saint Basement Tapes" on CD. The Saint Basement Tapes are a collection of unreleased songs recorded from 1983-1989. Many pieces of history in these recordings including vintage versions of "The Reaper" and "Killers and The Destroyers", the 2 previously unreleased songs now on the new Warriors of the Son 20th Anniversary Edition. This is a CDR in a slim line Jewel case recorded at Armor Records. Only 100 of these have been pressed. To celebrate the release of the new album, SAINT has redeveloped and improved their official website,

        Talking about Saint, there is also a great fan site about them with plenty of interviews and other cool stuff. Check it out at

        In October's issue of Guitar One Magazine, Stryper is in the Top 10 80's biggest hair bands. It's a top 10 of the 80's hair bands with the biggest hair. Stryper came in at number 3.

        After much prayer, deep consideration, conversations, and deliberation, it has been decided, by all four of the original members of Stryper, that bassist Timothy Gaines will not be performing with the band during any upcoming concerts. This was not an easy decision for anyone involved. The four recently convened to discuss this very heartfelt and difficult topic. The departure was an amicable one on behalf of everyone. Timothy Gaines was not asked to leave the band, nor was there a ceremonious resignation. It was simply a decision made by all parties, in an effort to in idually preserve their respective calling, personally and professionally.

        Management has requested that the fans respect each member throughout what has been a difficult process. While a decision such as this one can often lend itself to speculation, idle rumors, and public discussions, we instead ask that you respect everyone involved, keep them in your prayers, and refrain from negative exchange, both privately and publicly.A replacement bass player will be named on a show by show basis until further notice.

        Former STRYPER bassist Tim Gaines has issued a statement explaining in greater detail his decision to leave the group this past August. His statement reads as follows: "On August 13th, 2004 21 years to the day that I joined STRYPER I have given my resignation. Without going into any great detail, I made the decision to 'retire' from STRYPER in April of 2004, after what I felt was a successful end to a reunion tour and final concert in Puerto Rico the previous month. The decision was made after months of prayer, and ultimately it was the Lord who gave me peace about leaving. I wish the guys in STRYPER all the best. I pray for them and the ministry God has given them. I pray that the Lord continues to use them." "As for the fans, some of you have written and voiced your dissapointment, and some have voiced their support. To those who I have disappointed, I am sorry. There is a season for change, and now is my season. If I were to stay in STRYPER I would not grow into the person that the Lord wants me to be. I know that the new bass player for STRYPER will keep you well entertained. He is a great player and entertainer, and he is spiritually in tune with the Lord. For those of you who have voiced your support, myself and [wife] Irene do appreciate your prayers. Although I cannot personally write everyone back who has emailed me, I do read everything that comes in, and it makes me glad to see so much encouragement. Please pray for Gods direction in our lives as we (my wife and I) move on to other things."

      • German Power Metallers Lightmare are working on a new album.

      • Dark Endless is a new christian band with a cd out. Their style is raw and brutal black metal in the veins of Horde

      • Classic Swedish metallers Leviticus will this month release a live DVD titled "Live At Bobfest 2003 DVD". Leviticus guitarist Björn Stigsson has also been nominated to participate in strategy board game Ecclesiaste III "The Quest"as Commander Björn Stigsson, commanding the star ship Leviticus.

      • NordicFest was held in October in Oslo, Norway with bands like Ashen Mortality, Rob Rock, Antestor, Harmony, Narnia, Admonish, Inevitable End, Renascent, Megiddon, Mental Destruction, Soapbox, Benea Reach and

        "Guitarist AARON GUERRA will once again be cranking up the guitar with Tourniquet! As you may remember, it was a mutual parting a couple three years ago, as Aaron was starting a family and so on. We are all now in a position to welcome him back and he is in a position to return - so... let's all give him a "WELCOME BACK AARON". Of course, this means you may have a chance to see Tourniquet live again..."

        Tourniquet have also just re-released The Vanishing Lessons album. The CD is almost 74 minutes long and features several live tracks, a previously unreleased track and a couple of rare demos... The band is also working on new music.

      • The Brazilian power metal band Seven Angels are in the studio recording their new album. Tentative title is Faceless man. Look for a release in December or early next year.

      • Power Metal band Theocracy now has a bassist. It is Seth Filkins, a cousin of Matt Smith. Further they put a new rehearsal video online, which contains the complete track "Twist of Fate" played by the (now) three guys in the basement studio.

      • Classic Metal band Neon Cross have just about finished their 1989 DVD concert. This DVD contains songs from two concerts recorded in LA. As a bonus, they are including the Video of Backlash from the Torn CD.

      • There is cool site that features the best 100 Christian Metal sites on the web. Check it out at

      • Shadows of Paragon have now released their selftitled demo containing 4 tracks of brutal metal

      • Inevitable End is a cool thrash band from Sweden. They have a mini-cd out.

      • Melodic Metallers in Harmony will start recording their new cd this Winter.

      • Narnia har already started to preproduce their next album that will see the light sometime during Fall/Winter 2005.

      • Divinefire has already written the tunes for their next album and will soon go into studio.

      • Legendary swedish band Admonish plans to record their demo this Winter.

      • ONCE  DEAD  DVD!
        The former rhythm section for Vengeance Rising (Larry, Doug, Glen and Roger), now known as Once Dead, recorded its August 2004 reunion concert for an upcoming DVD release. The vocals on the gig were handled by Scott Waters of Ultimatum. Besides the live performance the DVD will also contain many added bonus features, including a pre-concert interview where the guys address everything from Vengeance to where they are in their lives today. Also included will be the article that addresses it all, on the original break up of Vengeance, just as it appeared in an old HM magazine. 1000 copies of this DVD will be pressed and available through

      • Parakletos is a new melodic black metal band from Finland. They have plenty of catchy classic metal harmonies incorporated to their sound. Their brand new cd is titled Offerlammets Makt (The Power of the Sacrifical Lamb) was released on Rivel Records For more info about this cool band visit

      • Swedish deathers Pantokrator will do a mini tour through Germany and Holland in March 2005.

      • The official releasedate the new Antestor cd The Forsaken are set to JANUARY 05 for Scandinavia. Pre-orders for the Limited 1000x Digipak Edition can now be made at

      • CRIMSON  MOONLIGHT  NEWS - October 04.
        Hails and greetings metal heads!

        We hope that you all are doing well and that you are hungry for some NEWS from us in Crimson Mooonlight. 040811 we entered studion Big barabom outside Skara here in Sweden to record our new fullength album. We all had a great time there and we are very glad for the great opportunity to work with Thomas Johansson again and this time, also in a professional studio. The recording session turned out very well and we even had one day more off before we began to mix the songs. So all long traveling and hard work in the rehearsal place had made result. 040823 we started the mixing session and in the end of the same week Thomas mastered the new songs. And then all the music for the new CD were completed. We would like to say thanks a lot to all of you who have support us in prayers and other kind of ways, we are really happy for it and we have felt that God has blessed us during the work with this songs.

        The new album Veil of Remembrance will contain 9 songs of uncompromising, furious blast attack - extremly fast and grinding blackmetal mixed with the heaviest elements of death and thrashmetal. Apart from the brutal speed the new CD are more guitar/riff-based and also more technical compared to our prevoius release. We have keeped the atmosphere of scancinavian melodies but skipped the all keyboards, since we realized that the production turned in to a more raw and hard sound without the keys. The vocals on this new album are more aggressive and a lot more intensive than before. Lyrically Veil of Remembrance is a very dark story: a lot about greif, pain and reflections of life, but also through all this chaos about a light that never fades away. All things that are written in the lyrics is real-life experiences in poetic form.

        Prepare for a pure brutal blackmetal holocaust. This is the sound track of the great Armargeddon entitled: Veil of Remembrance Crimson Moonlight would also like to take the opportunity to thank Hubertus och Erik for their time in the band. Erik moved recently back to his home in southern of Sweden and Hubertus wants to take more time for his own musical career and for his planed studies abroad. Both of them have brought a lot of good ideas, riffs and inspiration to the band. May the Lord bless you both.

        But we are also happy to welcome Jani Stefanovic (ex Am I blood, Sins of Omission) as a new guitarist. Jani joined the band in July this year so he is also apart of the new CD. Jani is also found in our Finnish fellow warriors Renascent and also in Divine Fire.

        Veil of Remembrance will hopefully be released in January 05, but at last in March 05. We are sorry about the long delay with the release but it all depends on some abroad distribution contract. More info about the release date will appear on our homepage: or our record company's homepage: as soon as we know more about it !!

        /Pilgrim & Crimson Moonlight.

      • The German death metal band Sacrificium is working on their new CD that hopefully will be released in March 2005. The title of the cd is Escaping The Stupor. Look for a much harder and aggressive sound than on Cold Black Piece Of Flesh.

      • Rob Rock hopes to have his third solo album out in Spring 2005.

      • Taketh have two new tunes up for download at their website. They will record their first fullength album this Winter and plans to have it released in Spring 2005. Musically the cd will be melodic death/thrash influenced by At The Gates, In Flames, Within Y and Disarmonia Mundi.

      • The British melodic metallers Stairway has just finished demos for the new songs. Look for a release of their new album by mid 2005.

      • Horde fans rejoice! To celebrate the tenth anniversary of Horde's groundbreaking black metal album Soundmass has now re-released Hellig Usvart in partnership with Rowe Productions. Hellig Usvart will include a bonus track and new layout.

      • Echoes From The Ground, the new album from the Australian doomsters Paramaecium is now out.

      • German Power Metallers Seventh Avenue recently released their new album "Eternals" on Massacre Records. The album has already received great response and can very well be the band's best release this far. The band also has a new bass player in Marcus Beck.

        Finally, after 10 years of waiting Heaven's Metal is back again! In the 80s Heaven's Metal was the leading christian metal magazine and has meant a lot when it comes to spreading God's kingdom through christian metal. Now as metal is returning with a vengeance so is Heaven's Metal. The fanzine is re-appearing as a black & white xerox fanzine. "It's kind of an outlet for fun," says founding editor Doug Van Pelt. The first 24- page issue of the re-launch (Issue #55, picking up where Heaven's Metal left off in '95) has now seen the light. "It will fill the month-long gap between each issue of HM," explains Van Pelt, "so HM will continue as is with a Jan/Feb, Mar/Apr, May/Jun, Jul/Aug, Sep/Oct, and Nov/Dec issues; and Heaven's Metal Fanzine will be titled Dec/Jan, Feb/Mar, Apr/May, Jun/Jul, Aug/Sep, and Oct/Nov." As for the editorial flavor of the "new" fanzine, it will feel a lot like the recent "Heaven's Metal" section that's appeared in HM the past 2 issues. Single copy prices will be $2.95 and one-year subscriptions will be $6.' Heaven's Metal Fanzine One-year subscription (6 issues) Comes out in the "off" months between each issue of HM (Dec/Jan, F/M, A/M, J/J, A/S, O/N) Foreign subscribers add $15 for AirMail Postage. So let's give Doug Van Pelt a big metal salute for taking up his battleaxe again by restarting this groundbreaking magazine.

      • The latest Rowe Productions release is the debut album by FEARSCAPE titled "SLEEPING IN LIGHT" containing Epic Brutally Melodic Holy Unblack Metal.

      • There is a great fan page with lots of Whitecross info at

      • Inmortal Magazine is the first publication for White Metal in Ecuador. First edition is now out featuring Hodah (Venezuela), Azbuk (Brazil), Ex- Sanctifica (Sweden), Golgota (Ecuador), Doulos (Ecuador) and more. The editor of the zine also has a christian metal radio show titled Inmortal Music

      • The Brazilian band Sabbatariam has recorded a death metal cover of Bride's classic track Heroes! Sabbatariam has also released a split-CD with Demoniciduth from Switzerland. The album is called Demoniciduth - Dogs of antichrist/Sabbatariam - The valley of the shadow and contains 14 songs and a total running time of almost an hour. Samples can be heard on the bands' websites: and

      • Finnish death metal thrashers Renascent has a new vocalist called Barry Halldan (ex-Darkened). Their mini-cd Demons' Quest is now released with 4 tracks of thrashing death metal

      • Indonesian extreme metal band Kekal are almost done with the recording of the next album, Acidity. There will be more guitar solos on this disc than on previous albums. Jeff, Leo and live-guitarist Didi are doing solos, as well as special guest Jason DeRon (from Altera Enigma, formerly of Paramaecium). Kekal has also released Spirits From The Ancients Days which is a re-issue of their demos.

      • EXTOL  NEWS
        Extol entered the Toproom Studio to record their fourth full-length album with Herr Borge Finstad. Tentative title for this release is Gloriana. The album was mixed in the Antfarm Studio in Denmark. The band says that "The new material demands a different sound approach than the detailed 'Synergy' concept. In order to create a heavier and more atmospheric Extol sound, we will bring the recorded material from Toproom to Antfarm Studio (The Haunted, Heaven Shall Burn, Hatesphere) in Aarhus, Denmark to mix it there." Look for an early 2005 release through Century Media Records. The cd will be 49-minute long and contain 11 brand new songs that are being described as the most erse "and undoubtedly the heaviest and most energetic" material presented by EXTOL so far.

        The band is also proud to present the new Extol members: Tor Glidje and Ole Halvard Sveen are the new, permanent guitarists in Extol. As many of you already know, Tor already contributed in Extol on bass and guitar throughout the Undeceived era, and both he and Ole Halvard are considered the masterminds behind the bands Lengsel and Ganglion.

      • Michael Hero from Sons of Thunder now has a new melodic metal band called HERO. They plan to release their debute cd "Bless this nation" early next year. The band consists of Michael Hero and Björn Sundström. "Live" the band also will get backup from Torbjörn and Thomas Weinesjö from Veni Domine.

      • Shouts of Metal is one of the leading metal magazines in Peru. They want more christian metal to review. Interested band and labels can send their promos to: Yusef Ivancovich Perez
        Av.los Andes 950
        La Victoria-Chiclayo

      • Talking about secular metal magazines there is a brazilian one called Strike Virtual Metal Magazine. The magazine gives complete support for christian metal/hard rock bands and would love to cover more christian metal. Bands and labels can send promos to: EDUARDO DE SOUZA BONADIA,CAIXA POSTAL 15094,CAMBUCI,SAO PAULO/SP, CEP 01519-970,BRASIL

      • The Metal scene is constantly growing. Now there is a Christian metal band from Ukraine, named Holy Blood. They play folk-metal and have existed for 5 years. They have have 2 albums out of which their latest is called Waves are dancing.

      • Narnia played at the Faroe Islands as first foreign metalband ever! 500 metalheads were gathered on the gig and totally enjoyed it. God really touched the audience and ministered to them in a mighty way. The band themselves say that they are in a new phase now, where focus on Jesus is the only thing that will lead them from now on.

      • Divinefire were recently interviewed by the world's biggest metal magazine BURRN! In the interview they got the oppertunity to to talk about what God has done in their lives and that their focus to 100% is that it's only Jesus that can change us and heal us on the inside. Divinefire are also planning to do a video to air on TV in Japan, Sweden and other countries. Pray that God will supply their needs, so more Christ-centered Metal can be seen on TV and impact people for the Kingdom of God.

      • Venia is a new melodic metal band from Finland. They have just released their first demo titled Genesis.

        Brutal Planet Distribution and Retroactive records is proud to announce that the following titles will be available in November:
        BRIDE - SNAKES ALIVE (quality C-stone '92 concert with tunes mostly from Snakes In The Playground-era)
        REGIME - STRAIGHT THROUGH YOUR HEART (classic guitar metal a la Whitecross, Yngwie etc)
        SACRAMENT - TESTIMONY OF APOCALYPSE (american thrash, includes six bonus demo tracks)
        REZ - DMZ
        BELIEVER - SANITY OBSCURE (legendary thrash release that includes one bonus track!)

        In December, the following releases will be available:
        BELIEVER - Dimensions (progressive thrash, includes three bonus tracks!) FINAL AXE - BEYOND HELLS GATES (classic metal pre-Titanic)
        BRAINCHILD - MINDWARP (industrial metal at its finest)
        CIRCLE OF DUST - S/T (classic industrial metal release with "Am I In Sync" as bonus track)
        SEVENTH ANGEL - LAMENT FOR THE WEARY (brittish thrash)
        SEVENTH ANGEL - THE TORMENT (heavy thrash from England)
        REZ - DMZ
        HAVEN - AGE OF DARKNESS (with a bunch of bonus tracks)

        As always, these releases have been digitally remastered, and they are limited to 1000 units each. For more info visit

      • Sanctuary has now released a DVD from the Sanctuary Reunion 2000 featuring FMOV (Former Members Of Vengeance), Jordan, Neon Cross, Recon, and Triple Ace. You can order it through the Sanctuary Website:

      • Bombworks records has got the permission from the band to release all three of the Brittish thrashers Seventh Angel's demos, "Heed the Warning", "Seventh Angel" and "Rehearsal Demo" on cd for the first time. The cd is called Heed The Warning.

      • The Underground Church Fill is a site with info about christian metal gigs in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, West Virginia, Michigan, Pennsylvania

        VENI DOMINE 4th release the Album Of Labour was released the 11th of August through Rivel Records. You can order the album from us or from the band or check out your local record store. If you live in US please check out good stores on the net like Blastbeats, Rad Rockers & Impulse Music. See the links site reach these stores.

        Our first release this Autumn is PARAKLETOS from Finland. They are playing symphonic extreme metal. If you into bands like Sanctifica, Antestor, Vaakevandring, Vardoger or Crimson Moonlight you will love this album.

        Finally DIVINEFIRE have signed with King Records in Japan and the album titled GLORY THY NAME will be released in Japan and South East Asia the 26th of November 04 including 1 bonustrack. The album will be released 22th of February 05 for the rest of the world through Rivel Records. You can already now listen to some soundclips of the songs from the forthcoming album if you enter the site click on the link DISCO.

        Guitarplayer Torbjörn Weinesjö (VENI DOMINE) is no longer member of DIVINEFIRE. Due to musical differencies and the way it has progressed productionwise Torbjörn has chosen to leave the band. He will now concentrate to work and promote VENI DOMINE latest release The Album Of Labour and his band "THORB" He will write new material & develop his studio Room Of Doom. We will wish Torbjörn all the luck and success for the future and thank him for the time, service and great work you have done in Divinefire. We will keep you updated of what is happening around DIVINEFIRE and thanx for your support and prayers.

        The AUDIOVISION album that Christian Rivel (Narnia & Divinefire) & Lars Chriss (Lion's Share) have been working on for long time will finally see the light in Japan & South East Asia through King Records in Japan. Release date is 22nd of December 04 in Japan and 22nd of February 05 in Sweden through Rivel Records. The album features many great musicians Bruce Kulick (Grand Funk Railroad & Ex. Kiss), Jeff Scott Soto (Talisman & Ex. Yngwie Malmsteen B4s Rising Force), Tony Franklin (Whitesnake, Blue Murder, Firm) Mats Levén (At Vance & Ex. Yngwie Malmsteen B4s Rising Force) Mic Michaeli ( Europe) and many more. This is a killer album !!!

        Crimson Moonlight, Mirador & Heartcry have all been in the studio this summer and will be released through Rivel Records in a near future. We are really looking forward to deliver these great albums to you.

        Keep it sweet and take it easy !!!

      • Veni Domine, Frosthardr, Admonish and Inevitable End are 4 of the bands that will play at the festival LucceMetal in Stockholm, Sweden on the 11th of December.

        The work with the Metal Bible is constantly progressing. The Metal Bible will include the New Testament in an easy to understand language as well as testimonies from Nicko McBrain (Iron Maiden), Tommy Aldridge (Whitesnake), Steve Rowe (Mortification), Ted Kirkpatrick (Tourniquet), Christian Rivel (Narnia, Divinefire), Herbie Langhans (Seventh Avenue), Simon "Pilgrim" Rosén (Crimson Moonlight), Karl Walfridsson (Pantokrator), Luke Renno (Crimson Thorn) Rob Rock, Ken Tamplin, Richard Lynch (Saint), Pastor Bob Beeman (Sanctuary International), Matt Smith (Theocracy), Jani Stefanovic (Renascent, Divinefire), Torbjörn Weinesjö (Veni Domine), Björn Stigsson (Leviticus), Peter Stenlund (Laudamus), Carl Johan Grimmark (Narnia) and many more.

        Please keep the Metal Bible in prayer, that it will be all God wants it to be, that God will provide the needs for it and that many find Christ through this special Bible edition. First version of it will be in Swedish. Look for a release in time for Bobfest 2005. You can check out the cool cover and read more about it on

      • BOBFEST  2005
        Bobfest 2005 will be something to really look forward to! This legendary Christian Metal Festival is now held for the 7th time and it's truly the highlight of the year to half a thousand metalheads coming to enjoy great gigs and inspiring teachings. The first 5 bands that will play have now been announced. They are Veni Domine (progressive doom metal from Sweden), Renascent (heavy thrash/death from Finland), Inevitable End (crunchy thrash from Sweden), Grace Will Fall (hardcore/metalcore from Sweden) and Virgin Forest. More bands will soon be announced. Besides great gigs Bobfest has lots of great teachings and inspiring seminars with Pastor Bob Beeman (Sanctuary International). Another speaker this year will also be Pastor Christian Kastö from Borås, Sweden. This edition of Bobfest will also be the last one so be sure to not miss it, cause you won't have another chance! Bobfest will take place 11-13 March 2005 in Linköping, Sweden.

        Please keep this festival in your prayers, pray that it will be all God wants to be and that God will give the organizers all the wisdom we need to this God's way. Pray that many will come and that God will touch each and everyone that will be there and minister to them in the way they need.

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        • ***METAL  NEWS  040723***

          Summer MADNESS this year will be headlined by none other than classic thrashers VENGEANCE! Other confirmed bands are Ultimatum, Carbon 9 and Oil (featuring Ron Rinehart formerly of Dark Angel). The event will be held on Sunday night August 29th, 2004 at Chain Reaction in Anaheim, California. The venue only holds roughly 400 and that means that only 350 tickets are sold. So when they are gone, they are gone! Tickets are going to be $20 + $1 for shipping and handling. Tickets will be going on sale May 15th through the Roxx Productions website and a few other select retail outlets.

          The setting of Vengeance will be the original members Larry Farkas (Lead Guitar), Glen Mancaruso (Drums), Roger Dale Martin (Bass), Doug Thieme (Guitar). And on Vocals will be Scott Waters of Ultimatum. This years show will be held at the legendary Rock Club Chain Reaction in Anaheim California on Sunday night August 29th 2004. For complete details please visit For more information on Vengeance contact

          Doug Thieme says that he is totally excited about this show. The band are going to play songs from the first 2 albums and possibly a couple of Die Happy songs. They are also considering to record something after the show, depending on how everything works out.

        • OIL  NEWS
          Oil had decided to call it quits. After 3 successful albums, being considered for a national Dove award, playing extensive shows and showcases, making many new friends and fans along the way, the guys have decided to call it quits. But before they quit they will do one last show on Saturday night August 14th at The Lighthouse, 3445 Studebaker Road, Long Beach, California, USA. There will also be a special performance from RECON, featuring ALL original members!!! Other bands confirmed are East West, Trauma and Terrestrial Harvest. For more info visit Roxx Productions website

        • SAINT  NEWS
          I have lots to report this time, so lets get to it!!! Guitar player Dee Harrington is now back in the band and we are very excited about it!! This summer we’re going to re-record Warriors Of The Son in commemoration of the 20th anniversary of it’s release In 1984. This will give us a chance to do some recording in our new studio before we put out the next full length project, next year. It will be limited to 1000 copies, and I know some of you cringe at the thought of limited production runs, but the market is saturated with Saint reissues. Of course Dee will be playing as well as Jerry Johnson and Josh Kramer, but on drums we’re going to have Tim Lamberson play this time, please don’t confuse him with the drum tracks on The Perfect Life, that wasn’t him. I’m sure you will be (if you happen to buy this project) very impressed with Tim’s ability to pound, I am. Two songs that weren't put on the EP will also be included on this project. The new tracks are The Reaper and Destroyers. Keep praying for us and hit those radio stations up!!! We need a full fledged SAINT revival.

          Richard Lynch, Saint

        • STRYPER  NEWS
          The brand new Stryper live cd 7 Weeks: Live in America, 2003 is selling very well and on the week of May 30th, 2004 it reached the #4 place on Billboards Top 20 Internet Sales Chart! This means that it this week was the 4th best selling album in the online stores in USA.

          Stryper will play at Disney World, Florida! The event is called Disney's Night of Joy and takes place Friday, Sept. 10, 7:30pm-12:30am at Magic Kingdom Park, Walt Disney World in Florida, USA.

          The DVD the band shot in Puerto Rico in March is now being edited. Watch for a release later this year.

          A new Stryper Live Highlight reel from the Stryper tour last Autumn can now be seen at

        • For all fans of the band DIE HAPPY there is now a fansite on

        • METAL SWORD RADIO is a cool Online Christian Metal Radio Station

        • There is now a MESSIAH PROPHET page at From this site you can also order their 3 releases.

        • MERCY is a Christian black metal band from Brazil. It is influenced musically by bands like Antestor, Arvinger, Vardøger, Lengsel, Crimsom Moonlight, Pantokrator, Vaakevandring and others.

        • RENASCENT is a very promising finnish symphonic death metal band. The recently released their critically acclaimed debut CD titled Demon's Quest containing 4 tracks of brutal and symphonic death metal.

        • There is a cool Belgian MORTIFICATION fansite on

          Early this Summer NARNIA played at Sweden Rock Festival, which is one of Europes biggest metalfestivals. This year over 20 000 metalheads were there to enjoy bands like Europe, Judas Priest, Scorpions, Helloween, Nightwish and many more. Narnia was the first Christian band ever to play on this festival. People all over the world had been praying for them, that God would use Narnia during this festival. And God hears prayers cause you could really feel that it was a totally different atomosphere when Narnia played than it was when the secular bands played. God was surely there and He ministered to the audience and people were touched by God. Before the tune Long Live The King Christian Rivel announced loud'n'clear that this tune is dedicated to our Lord Jesus Christ. Then something happened in the atmosphere and during the tune it was like streams of living water were flowing from the band and ministering to the audience. Many also sang along in the chorus of Long Live The King. It was a great experience to be in this festival with all 666 and pro-satan shirts and worship God together with Narnia!

          After the gig the band got a great response from the audience and many people said that God touched them during their gig. They also received plenty of compliments from the audience as well as from the organizers. Narnia's gig lasted for 40 minutes and it was definately one of their best gigs ever. Christian has never sang better than he did during this gig, Calle did a great job with the guitar and the whole band did a phenomenal gig! Before the gig though, there was a big spiritual battle. The horned one did his best to destroy for Narnia. Christian got a severe flu in the throat just days before the festival and he was even thinking of cancelling the gig, but as an answer to prayer the flu was totally gone the day before they were about to play! Calle also injured a finger shortly before the festival but that didn't hindered him cause God helped him to perform perfectly despite the injury. So it was a big battle going on but God proved that He is the One that rules and satan is the loser. Amen.

          An interesting thing that happened was also the weather. When Narnia played the sun breaked through the clouds but when a satanic band played later that evening it was raining very heavily!! So Narnia's performance was just one big testimony of that God Rulz. I Johannes Jonsson and a friend of mine Rickard Bransell (Editor of Noizegate) also handed out 170 copies of the Christian Rock/Metal Magazine Noizegate for free to people at the festival, and I'm sure God will continue his work in all that received them. There were also other Christians there that God used to be lights for His Kingdom. So all glory to God for what He did through Narnia and other Christians that were on the festival.

        • EXTOL  NEWS
          Century Media`s EXTOL announces line-up change and reveals details of a new album at local press-conference in Oslo:

          Peter: -My brother (Christer) and Ole decided to leave the band a couple of months ago. At first it came as a shock, although we understand their reasons for leaving, but still it was sad to lose two great bandmembers, one just after the other. (...) After 10 years of playing we reached a point where we could try to bring the band to the next level, but neither Christer nor Ole felt they could make the commitment it required (...) so instead now, they invest their time and energy elsewhere, with our blessing of course.

          David: -Yeah, I mean, their parting was at one point very sad for obvious reasons, but there was never any hard feelings or ill will between any of us through the process. We are still the best of friends, and that`s a good thing really. We wish them all the best, and I know they wish the same for us.

          Despite the changes, Extol claims to have come strenghtened through the ordeal, and when asked upon "whatever will come of the mighty Extol" the reply comes sharp but easy:

          David: -We have already sought out new members to replace Ole and Christer, and we will make an official statement of who they are later in July. I am confident that this new unit of ours will deliver, and we are rehearsing material for our next album as we speak (...) The new stuff is in many ways extraordinary!

          John: -The idea is to enter the studio late summer, and release the album later this year, so right now we are just working like mad to make all the loose ends meet. We are also planning some extensive touring through Europe and the States to support the release, so these are exciting times in deed!

          Ole’s thoughts
          First of all I would like to say that it’s been a privilege to be in Extol. All of the guys are really fantastic people with a clear focus, both musically and spiritually, and I will remember the extol era of my life as a very good one. Here’s the deal: Extol as a band wants to take things to a higher level than before when it comes to putting an effort into the band, wich demands more time basically. This is a very cool thought indeed, but the truth is I do not feel it would be right for me to do this. I just wouldn’t have the ability to spend that much time on the band, mainly due to other musical priorities. And of course, this also has to do with what I feel is God’s plan for my life now. Having said that, it is really important for me to point out that I am not leaving because of any bad feelings or anything like that, nor did I grow tired of the music. They’re all some of my closest friends, and I know I will treasure the friendship we have for the rest of my life. Also, thanks to all of you guys we have seen on the road and all of you who support Extol, we appreciate you! Keep up the good work in the future aswell! And again, I am proud to have been a member of such a fine act as Extol was, is and will always be. God bless yall. -ole-

          Final words from Christer
          So the news is finally out. Yesterday it was 10 years ago since Extol played their first show ever. This summer it's 11 years since David and I started the band. After all these years, I have decided to leave the band. I feel that I owe you, the fans, an explaination. My reason for leaving the band is this: After 'Synergy' we talked about the future of Extol and how we could take the band further.It turned out that David, Peter and John were keen on raising the level of effort and energy put into the band to a point that would be too much for me. I have always loved playing in Extol. I love metal and I love music. But I also have other responsabilities. The main thing is my involvement in my church. For many years my heart has been with the youth, and I am not willing to sacrifice that for Extol. I would like to do both, but that is not possible. Like I said, I love metal, and as I decided to leave Extol, it turned out that the eminent metal band Benea Reach needed a guitarist, so I didn't hesitate when they asked me if I wanted to join their orchestra. After 11 years of Extol metal insanity I would like to thank all you fans who have bought our albums and showed up at our shows, and of course the guys in the band for awesome musicianship and everything we have experienced together. God Bless!! -christer-

          Some more Extol news: A previously unreleased EXTOL song will be on the Century Media compilation "In the Eyes of Death - Vol. 4".

        • BRIDE  NEWS
          Bride is now offering 4 DVD's:

          1. Metal Mission in Fontana, CA - 1988 (Metal)
          2. Under the Gun SOS da Vida Festival Brazil September 17-18 1993
          3. Germany March 1994 (Rock)
          4. UNPLUGGED My Brother's Place Washington DC (Acoustic)

          If you have never experienced a Bride concert these are up close and personal live shows (unedited). There are multi-camera angles, a lot of energy. These performances were chosen because of the intensity of the concerts and value of the songs performed.

          Show 1 is: "Metal Mission in Fontana, CA - 1988" DVD contains footage of Bride during the metal days - big hair, spandex, outlandish costumes. The location is in California, which was the hotbed of metal in the 1980s. The first show includes songs from Show No Mercy and Live To Die, as well as some improv and a Matrix song. It is one of the few shows recorded in which Steve Osbourne and Steve Rolland were still in the band. The video footage is good, but was shot with a single camera in the front row. This DVD shows Bride as you haven't seen in a while. The track list contains of the tunes Whiskey Seed, Fire and Brimstone, Forever in Darkness, Show No Mercy, Hell No, Thunder in the City, Out For Blood, Here Comes the Bride, Remember Me * (Missing Part of the song), Metal Might (1st part), Metal Might (2nd part), Heroes Pig Song, In the Dark

          Show 2 is: "Metal Midnight Fontana, CA - 1989" has one never before recorded song as well as the original versions of many songs that later became staples on Bride's set list. This performance shows Bride in a transition period - leaving metal and entering hard rock. This is much due much in part to the introduction of Jerry McBroom as drummer. This is one of the first times that the song, "Everybody Knows My Name", was performed live. The version of the song that appears on Kinetic Faith had Rik Foley playing bass. Both of these shows combined reveals how Bride started in the 1980s and began to transition for the 1990s. The track list contains of the tunes: Anything, Pyramid Club, Kiss The Train, Young Love, Everybody Knows My Name, I'm The Devil, Hired Gun, Dirty, Same Old Sinner, Hot Down South (Video)

          The third show is called Under the Gun SOS da Vida Festival Brazil September 17-18 1993 This is shot with multu camera angles including slow motion effects. The track list contains of the tunes: Rattlesnake, Would you die for me, Psychedelic Super Jesus, Hired Gun, Trouble Times, Under the Influence / Bullet the Blue Sky, Fallout, Everybody knows my name, Hell No For more info visit

        • BRAZILIAN  METAL  NEWS --- Provided by Rosemari de Melo Souza and Flávio de Souza of

          † The releasing of the new CD "Joe's Rhapsody" by DESTRA is scheduled for June. The Prog. Metal band has a new vocalist, Rodrigo Grecco. You can listen to some samples at their official homepage

          † SPIRIT'S BREEZE (Brutal Death Metal) has just signed with ROWE PRODUCTIONS for 5 years. The band will record a new CD the next months. They also plan to record a new album at Steve Rowe's studios in 2006 and in the same year, they will open Mortification's shows in Brazil.

          † BLAZING HARP is a new Heavy Power Metal from Brazil. The line-up is: Mike (v/g), Cléber (g), Clayton (d), Reginaldo (b) and Gabriel (k). Contacts:

          † Marcelo Lopes, drummer of CLEMENCY and Metal Mission colaborator, is the new drummer of ASHEN MORTALITY. Marcelo, who lives in England nowadays, was indicated by Michael, of BLOODWORK.

          † Brazilian Label Avantage Records released some weeks ago the long awaited "Motus Perpetuus" of DYNASTY. The CD contains 11 songs and was produced by Ricardo Parronchi (Destra). The main influences are: Angra, Stratovarius and Hammerfall. The label also re released, together with Frontline Records, BELICA CD "For All", which was previously released by Megahard. Belica also has got a new bassist , Carlos Burkle (Overture, former Predator and Gólgota).

          † SANCTIMONY is a new Brazilian band..They play "Extreme Doom Metal". There are only women in the band, and the line-up is: Carla (guitar, vocals), Márcia (guitar, vocals), Matasja (bass) and Renata (drums). Contacts: Caixa Postal 3059. Uberlândia/MG. 38407-970. E-Mail:

          † This is for those who like Grind Noise: the band JOÃO (John) is releasing their new CD, "As The Shadows Death". Information at their site:

          † SEVEN ANGELS is back from their South American Tour and is already working on new stuff for their second full lenght album. The recordings might start in July. The band was nominated by the two most important Brazilian Metal Magazines (Rock Brigade and Roadie Crew) as being one of the main new bands in Brazilian scene! The band was also invitated to PRIMAL FEAR Tribute CD. The chosen song was Sacred Illusions from Devil´s Ground CD.

          † POEMS OF SHADOWS is a new Brazilian Black Metal band. It has the former bassist and vocalist of PROMESSA DIVINA, Edmilson Giglio, who is now known as Lord Shavout. The guitarrist is Lady Damnaris and the drummer is Argoroth. The band will release their first album "Nocturnal blasphemous" through MCK Records. The CD has 12 songs and one multi-media track containing the testimony of the members of the band. The launching will be next month. Contacts:

          † SABBATARIAM (Death Metal) disposed some tracks in MP3 format from their split CD with DEMONICIDUTH from Switzerland. Access:

          † SOUL HUNTER finally has started to record their full length CD. The Melodic Power Metal band might put 9 songs on the CD, including the ones from the CD-Demo Still Believe. The guest vocalist for the recording is Nahor Andrade (DYNASTY). But the band has already got a vocalist, who is Argentinian.

          † There are some songs of APEIRON (Progressive Metal) available on their site

          As many of you know, the metal ministry Sanctuary will celebrate it’s 20th Anniversary in 2005! To commemorate this monumentious event, they are releasing a series of DVD’s. The first, REUNION 2000 (featuring Triple Ace, Former Members of Vengeance, Krush, Jordan, Recon, Neon Cross) will be released this Summer. Then, they will re-release (first time on DVD) Metal Mardi Gras 1987 with some special surprises. Then, it's time for the Bobfest Festival DVD – a compilation of 6 years of the cool Christian Metal festival in Sweden. But wait – there’s more! Sanctuary are also planning to release SANCTUARY 20 YEAR DVD BOX SET! This is a wonderful compilation of pictures, slides, and video including church services, beach baptisms, concerts, you name it! If you have some pictures or video’s you would like to have included, just contact them at

        • The classic 1996 MORTIFICATION album Envision Evangelene has been re-issued.

        • Guitar metal band RIVERA/BOMMA is currently mixing the up-coming release. The new cd/dvd is set to be released this Summer/early Fall. The cd/dvd version will be available only @ Riverra/Bomma website. The international version(s) will include bonus tracks. The band is currently seeking a permanent bass player for touring and recording. For more info email or visit

        • R.Y.P. Reviews & Previews - Metal Christiano is a spanish online christian metal magazine

        • Rapture Radio is a 24 hour Metal Internet station located in Oklahoma. They are looking for more Christian Metal to play. Wes Jaques at Rapture Radio says: I play as much Christian Metal as I can but my supply is limited. So I am here to ask for your help! I not only need todays Christian acts but unsigned Christian metal as well! If you are in a Christian band be it Metal or Hardcore I would love to get your CD for worldwide exposure and airplay at Rapture Radio. I am also looking for someone who can provide Rapture with Recent Christian Metal releases! Here is the mailing address Rapture Radio, 1932 E.Lindsey, Apt.212, Norman,OK 73071, USA. I am also looking for a staff member to join Rapture who exclusively handles the Christian Metal/Hardcore. Please email me at if you can help me with these matters! Thanks for your time!

          Wes Jaques, Rapture Radio

        • After many years in the making, the Australian doom/deathers PARAMAECIUM have now finally released their fourth album. The cd is titled Echoes From The Ground and according to the band this is their most aggressive album yet. The album has the band's signature style, with violins and soprano vocals adding an operatic tone to the death metal. The storyline of the album follows a nineteenth century traveller as he explores the Holy Lands seeking out a justification for his faith in God. Check out the lyrics and mp3s on the site

          We are now accepting preorders for the Vanishing Lessons re-release CD. The release date is tentatively scheduled for August 1 - exactly 10 years since the original release date! As Tourniquet fans have come to expect, there will be added tracks, etc. - and an added bonus for the first 500 people who preorder the CD. Get the first look at the cover at We are working on new music and look forward to doing live shows again - hopefully soon...

        • The EDGE is a Christian Metal and Hardcore Online Radio Station. For more info contact

        • German death band NOIZ have now broke up. But before the breakup they released an EP with 4 tracks. For more info visit

        • ALTERA ENIGMA is a new project showing the progressive metal side project of Jason De Ron (ex-Paramaecium) and Jeff (the vocalist/guitarist from extreme metal band Kekal).

          Greetings! We hope you have been having a great summer! BPD has been able to find some outstanding new releases to offer you before the August 31 release schedule. We are currently working on the following for the August release schedule:

          BELIEVER - SANITY OBSCURE (with IYF demo track as bonus)
          BRIDE - SNAKES ALIVE (C-stone '92 show)
          REGIME - STRAIGHT THROUGH YOUR HEART(ex Soldier guitar hero record)
          REZ - DMZ (no bonus tracks)

          For more info about this cool label visit

        • The Death Prog band SABBATARIAM from Brazil has recorded a death metal cover of Stryper's classic "to hell with the devil"

        • There is a WHITECROSS fansite on

        • Tykkos is a new melodic metal band

        • Have you ever been looking for Christian Metal History info? Well, I sure have. Now there finally is a site devoted to this topic! Check it out on

          DIVINEFIRE is one of the most interestings things happening during 2004. They deliver symphonic heavy metal in a new way. They have combined elements from both the melodic and extreme metal like speed, energy, heaviness, big string arrangements and of course lots of great melodies. This mix shows what DIVINEFIRE is about and the response in ASIA have been fantastic. Several labels wants to sign the band over there and we can now announce that one of the biggest metal labels in Japan called King Records have signed a licence deal with DIVINEFIRE and the album Glory Thy Name is planned to be out late November and early 2005 for the rest of the world.

          AUDIOVISION is Christian Rivel's soloband. He has done an album with several of his musical heroes with members from bands like Whitesnake, Europe, Yngwie Malmsteen, Kiss and many more. Most of the material is written by producer and guitarist Lars Chriss (Lion´s Share) and Christian Rivel. AUDIOVISION have just signed a licence deal with King Records in Japan for the Asian market. Planned release date in Asia is set to late December 2004 or January 2005 and somewhere during 2005 for the rest of the world. Click on the cover for more information.

          Finally the long awaited fourth album from the legendary band VENI DOMINE is here! The title of it is IIII - The Album Of Labour. The band was formed 1987 and have since then delivered great doom and progressive metal. Apocalyptic message blended with the signs seen today. Planned date of this great production, produced by Torbjörn Weinesjö (Veni Domine & Divinefire) is set to early August. Distributors and retailers outside Sweden please mail info@rivelrecords to place your order for this long awaited masterpiece.

          Rivel Records are proud to announce MIRADOR - a new great band on the metal map. MIRADOR members may have come and gone since the early 90's, but Erik Mjörnell and Jakob Forsberg, who have been in from the beginning, still forms the spine of this melodic doom metal band. This time, teamed up with the drummer Olof Gardestrand, the newborn trio's trying to accomplish a slight different kind of doom music on their album The Azrael Tales, although the experienced listener will recognize the essential ingredients as well. Release is planned to be Autumn/Winter 2004.

          FLAGSHIP is a new symphonic rock band featuring members from Narnia & Brighteye Brison. If you bands like Kansas, Styx, Queen, Kayak and John Miles you will love the music of FLAGSHIP. There is a strong 70´s vibe in their music and you will be surprised when you hear the final result. Planned release for their debut album called The Maiden Voyage is set to Autumn/Winter 2004/2005.

          Here is some more info brought to you by Christian Rivel about the happenings on Rivel Records: "It´s been a while since last update. Been on the road with Narnia & Modest Attraction and have played shows and festivals with great bands like Europe, Petra, Scorpions, Judas Priest at Sweden Rock Festival and Gullbranna Festivalen.

          I have been working on three albums during 2002-2004 Audiovision, Divinefire and Flagship. We´re now in the final stages for all three albums and the result have been amazing. I am really looking forward to release these albums. This week it is confirmed that Divinefire and Audiovision will be released in Japan through King Records. They are one of the biggest labels in Japan and specialized on hardrock and heavy metal. Planned releasedates in Japan are Divinefire (November 2004) and Audiovision (Dec 2004/January 2005). Both albums will be released for the rest of the world springtime 2005.

          The symphonic rockband Flagship will start looking for a record contract outside Sweden for their album titled The Maiden Voyage during autumn 2004 so expect a release early 2005.

          Crimson Moonlight will enter the studio in August and release their follow up album to the successful The Covenant Progress during autumn 2004. New member and guitarist in Crimson Moonlight is Jani Stefanovic (Renascent & Divinefire). Jani will replace Hubertus Liljegren who will leave the band after the recordings of the new album and concentrate on his own career. He wants to thank all the fans for their fantastic support for Crimson Moonlight and wishes Jani Stefanovic the best of luck to continue the great adventure of Crimson Moonlight.

          More cool news is that Rivel Records have signed two great bands to the label. It is the legendary Veni Domine and the new band Mirador. The forth album by Veni Domine titled IIII - The Album Of Labour will be available in early August and Mirador´s debutalbum titled The Azrael Tales will be released Autumn 2004. Both albums are superb productions and they are a must for all lovers of melodic doom metal!"

          Keep it Sweet!

          Christian Rivel at


        • Videosamples from the NARNIA DVD - At short notice... Live in Germany is now available on The setlist for the DVD is as follows: Inner Sanctum, The Mission, War Preludium, The Countdown Has Begun, Back From Hell, No Time To Lose, Long Live The King, Living Water, Shelter Through The Pain, Dangerous Game, Guitar Solo, Awakening, Break The Chains, The Witch And The Lion

          Calle from NARNIA has just finished recording with SAVIOUR MACHINE for their forthcoming album and is now working on songs for the next NARNIA album. He will also make some guest appearence on Christians soloprojects.

          Linus Kåse just got married and is at the moment on honeymoon with his wife Maria! CONGRATULATIONS!! Andreas Lindahl from Platitude will be Linus stand in for two gigs in July. Lately Linus has been working on the Flagship album, and has also been working with his band Brighteye Brison.

          Andreas Johansson replaced Mikky Dee (Motorhead) this summer with swedish artist E-type and will be on tour with him until august. Thomas Weinesjö from Veni domine will be stand-in drummer with Narnia for a few gigs this summer!

        • Melodic metallers LAUDAMUS is at the moment in the studio rerecording Unlimited Love. They have new arrangements, and two bonus tracks. The bonustracks are Be there forever and Oh Lord from the vinyl singel. Those will be rerecorded as well. Releasedate will be announced at

        • CRIMSON MOONLIGHT writes on their website that they are sorry to announce that Hubertus will quit the band after the recordning of their new cd. "But we are also happy to announce that we have got a new member in Jani of Renascent on the guitar. Jani will also provide some material on our new project. So for now Crimson Moonlight is a band containing six metalheads. Right now we are rehearsing for our new cd. There is still no name but we're going to record it in august -04. There will be about 8-9 new grinding songs. And we think that we are going to please you. It's now more death/black than black metal. We have in this musical world at last found our home, and we will soon invite you."

        • Alexander Orest, the former keyboard player for Crimson Moonlight and Sanctifica has a new metal project on the way. The project is called "The Revelation". More info and soundclips can be found on

        • The two new albums with JET CIRCUS have been delayed. Ez Gomer gives us the details: "I've decided to discuss a licensing deal for the new Jet Circus albums so we have to wait and see the outcome of this. If things turns out the right way, the matter of good distribution and marketing will be solved and you can hopefully buy the albums in a store near you this fall or winter. I know some of you will be dissapointed but I can't do it another way right now. The radio stations that have contacted me wanting new stuff to play and the Internet stores and smaller distros will also have to wait to see what comes out of the negotiations. I'm sorry to ask you to be patient and I hope you anyhow agree with me in this decision to build a solid ground for the best future for Jet Circus. One idea right now is to package the Re-mastered "Step On It" together with "No Mercy" as a double special edition. Tell me what you think of it.

          Terry Haw has dequits music. Yeah, people. That's sad for us all, but the decision is all his own. I've been trying for ten years to bring Terry to the studio to make some new music and first of all, finish the "No Mercy" album. A few hours the last few years was all it happened to be. I'm sorry for it and I know you are. But let me tell you it's no surprise to me and there is no hard feelings between us. Life goes on and I will do all I can to deliver good and hard rock n´roll in the Jet Circus vibe as I always wanted to and worked for.

          The "Look at Death Now" album that was supposed to be my solo album is from now on, naturally a Jet Circus album as I can't count Terry in, in the future anyhow. You will also find basically the same lineup on the next Jet Circus album as I have on LADN. I've already started to write songs and prepare for it to be recorded this fall and winter.

          The song "Kings Of Hollywood" I wrote exclusively to appear on the coming All-Star album is finished. And I must say it turned out to be a real knock out. I'm very proud of it and I would like it to appear on new Jet Circus album too, but it won't. You have to watch out for the All-Star CD, due to release late -05. The whole album is very promising with lot's of good company, like Lou Gramm of Foreigner and Michael Sweet of Stryper for instance. More info later.

        • Black metal band SHADOWS OF PARAGON have this Spring/Summer experienced great problems in the final process of finishing their demo, but hope to have it released within a month. Recently their keyboard player Jocke decided to leave Shadows of Paragon. The band miss him greatly and are truly thankful for everything he has done in the

        • Experimental and brutal band TAKETH, have now recorded some new material. Check it out on

          As I mentioned in my last update I (Johannes Jonsson) am working with a special Bible version aimed to reach the metalworld for Jesus! Besides the New Testament in an easy to understand language (Living Bible) it also contains testimonies from metalheads that talk about what God and the Bible means to them. The purpose of this special Bible is to break down prejudices and misconceptions that many metalheads have about the Bible and make them realize that the Bible and it's message is something for them too. As a result of this many metalheads will check out the Bible and through it find Christ. I'm VERY EXCITED about this project and I'm sure the Metal Bible will mean a lot to many!! Some of the participating persons in the Metal Bible are: Nicko Mc Brain (Iron Maiden), Tommy Aldridge (Whitesnake), Rob Rock, Ken Tamplin, Christian Rivel (Narnia), Simon "Pilgrim" Rosén (Crimson Moonlight), Karl Walfridsson (Pantokrator), Pastor Bob Beeman (Sanctuary International), Matt Smith (Theocracy), Luke Renno (Crimson Thorn), Carl Johan Grimmark (Narnia), Torbjörn Weinesjö (Veni Domine), Steve Rowe (Mortification) and many more.

          Please keep this project in your prayers. Pray that God will lead the Metal Bible so it will be everything God wants it to be and that the testimonies in it will touch people and speak prophetically into their life. Pray that God will give me and everyone involved in this project all wisdom and inspiration we need to do this in God's way. Pray that the Metal Bible will reach out to many, break down prejudices and lead many metalheads to Christ. Pray also that that God will supply us with the money that we need to pay expenses for printing etc.

          First version of the Metal Bible will be in Swedish. But plans are already being made for releasing it in German, English and Portugese as well. You can see the cover of the Metal Bible and read more about it on

        • PARAKLETOS is a new Christian Metal band from Finland. They have a cd on the way. Check out the website for more info

        • German Power Metal band SEVENTH AVENUE is currently in the studio mixing their new album titled Eternals. Look for a release later this year.

        • Guitar metal band NORTHERN FLAME from Finland is a really cool band with plenty of tasty guitar solos. Check'em out at

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        ***METAL  NEWS  040405***

      • SAINT is back! Recently they released the much anticipated new album titled "In The Battle!". This time they have rerecruited their classic vocalist Josh Kramer and music sounds like a mix of Time's End and Too Late For Living. Wow! This is truly Classic Heavy Metal in real battle style just like Saint used to do in the 80s. For those of you that aren't familiar with this cool band their sound can be compared to secular metallers Judas Priest. For more info about Saint visit

      • MORTIFICATION has now released their new album titled Brain Cleaner which is the heaviest project the band has recorded in ten years. A lot more of a Death Metal/Grind orientated album but with plenty of Power & Thrash Metal mixed in to keep it interesting and multi dimensional. It's somewhat reminding of Post Momentary Affliction.

      • BOBFEST 2004 - Europe's leading Christian Metal Festival
        Bobfest 2004 was a big success! About half a thousand people were there and enjoyed inspiring teachings and great gigs. 15 countries were represented this year including Mexico and Indonesia! God touched many and Pastor Bob Beeman lead several to Christ. Amen! For more info about this cool festival read the full festival report here For more info about Bobfest visit

      • Besides Bobfest Pastor Bob Beeman also spoke on Elements of Rock Festival in Switzerland and Metalzone Festival in Sundsvall, Sweden. Read more about these festivals on and

      • NEWS  FROM  CHRISTIAN  RIVEL  &  RIVEL  RECORDS 2003 was a tough year when it comes to album sales for Rivel Records and many other record companys. Because of this I have decided to reduce the amount of album releases and bands signed. The only release planned for this year is a studioalbum with Crimson Moonlight scheduled for release in October/November. Pray that all details will fall into place. The good however with this situation is that I now have more time to work with own tunes that has evolved during the latest two years. God has opened up some big doors and lead me into a new phase in my work as rock evangelist. To be able to reach as many as possible for Christ I work with many different projects and music styles ranging from symphonic rock to really hard and intense metal.

        Now the time is ready to complete these albums and really show the world who Jesus is. I have never felt such a need for our world as I do now. NARNIA is my main priority and the coming LIVE DVD which has the titlen Narnia ”At Short Notice – Live In Germany” is a statemente for the power and love that Jesus can bring. The DVD will be released on Massacre Records 26th April 2004. The release gig of the DVD will take place in Fristad (outside Borås, Sweden) the 30th April 2004 where also Eric Clayton from Saviour Machine will sing on one tune. Narnia has also started to work on their 5th studioalbum. God has also opened some big doors when it comes to livegigs and Narnia is as first Christian band ever invited to play at Sweden Rock Festival the 12th June where bands like Europe, Scorpions, Judas Priest and many more will play! It also seems like Narnia will travel to Mexico City the 20th November to play at a festival with Stryper, Mortification & Saviour Machine! Pray that all details will fall into place. For more info about Narnia visit

          NARNIA& TOUR
        • 2004-04-30: Fristad, Borås
        • 2004-06-12: Sweden Rock Festival, Sölvesborg
        • 2004-08-13: Humlefestivalen, Vaasa, Finland
        • 2004-08-21: Sporthallen, Nässjö

        Christian Rivel´s band before Narnia was Modest Attraction founded in november 1991 from the scraps of BORDERLINE. The band released The Truth In Your Face (1994) & Divine Luxury (1996). Later a collectioin with both albums was released in Japan 1999 under the name Modest Attraction. Since 1997 it has been very quiet about the band since Narnia has taken all time. There have been requests for reunion now and then but the time hasn't been right, until now. The style is 70s influenced hardrock with music influences from bands like Deep Purple, Rainbow, Sweet & Uriah Heep and Modest Attraction actually opened up for Uriah Heep and Glenn Hughes (ex Deep Purple & Black Sabbath) 1996. The band has a strong scene show with plenty of energy and it will be a lot of fun to deliver this to the people again. There are 3 gigs planned this far:

        • 8 May Ung Kraft festival
        • 15 May Nässjö
        • 2 July Gullbranna festival along with Petra
        Modest Attraction consists of the original setting of the band with Christian Rivel on Vocals, Simeon Liljegren - Bass & Vocals, Mick Nordström - Drums & Vocals, Stephan Mohlin - Guitar and Richard Eriksson - Organ.

        Right now the album Christian Rivel´s AUDIOVISION is recorded. It's a melodic hardrock/heavy metal album with beautiful songarrangements. The guests that are playing on the album are very wellknown in the music industry and Christian has through this album been able to witness about the living God he believes in. Artists that will participate on the album are: Bruce Kulick ( Grand Funk Railroad & Ex. Kiss), Jeff Scott Soto (Talisman & Ex. Yngwie Malmsteen´s Rising Force), Tony Franklin (Whitesnake, Blue Murder, Firm), Mats Levén (Krux, At Vance & Ex. Yngwie Malmsteen´s Rising Force), Mic Michaeli ( Europe), Michael Höglund (Punchline, Ex Thunder & Great King Rat), Thomas Broman (Hughes & Turner,Glenn Hughes Band & ex Electric Boys), Thomas Vikström (Stormwind, Brazen Abbot, Ex. Candlemass & Talisman), Lars Chriss (Lion´s Share), Hubertus Liljegren (Crimson Moonlight), Linus Kåse (Narnia, Windy City & Brighteye Brison), Janne Stark ( Locomotive Breath), Tommy Denander (Radioactive), Carl Johan Grimmark (Narnia), Andreas Lindahl (Platitude), Jörgen Schelander (Mercury Fang), Michael Andersson (Cloudscape). Release date hasn't been set yet. Pray that God will continue to lead Audiovision and open up the right doors so it will be released on the record companies and on the right time.

        WINDY CITY
        Windy City is a symphonic rockband which Christian has along with Linus Kåse (keyboardplayer in Narnia & Brighteye Brison). Windy City consists of 7 members and has a melodic sound in the veins of Kansas, Styx, Queen, John Miles & Kayak. There is a lot of big vocals and long intrumental parts leading the listener on a musical journey with focus on Jesus Christ, the author of music and life. The production of the debutalbum has already begun and is scheduled for release this Autumn. The album will also include a guestappearance of Kerry Livgren, guitarist and songwriter in the legendary symphonic rock band Kansas. Participating people on the Windy City album are : Christian Rivel (Narnia), Carl Johan Grimmark (Narnia), Linus Kåse (Narnia & Brighteye Brison) Kristofer Eng (Brighteye Brison), Per Hallman (Brighteye Brison & ex. Wisdom Call), Mick Nordström (Modest Attraction), Björn Klingvall. The guest musicians are: Thomas Vikström (Stormwind, Brazen Abbot, Ex. Candlemass & Talisman) and Kerry Livgren (Kansas). No release date is set yet and we pray that God will lead us right.

        Through Rivel Records I have released very hard bands musically like Crimson Moonlight and Pantokrator and as a result I now enjoy the hardness and speed this kind of music has. In late February 2004 I got a demo from a melodic death metal band called Renascent and contact person was a guy called Jani Stefanovic. Jani is the drummer of this finnish band. Currently he lives in Gothenburg and before Renascent he played and toured with the secular bands Am I Blood and Sins Of Omission. I called up Jani to get more info about Renascent. When we were speaking I felt that God told me that I should help Jani into his music ministry and it appeared that he has tunes that are hard but doesn't fit Renascent but still very melodic which fits my voice well. I shared my ideas and the vision to combine the different styles as a result of this we have written an album together in less than a month. To get the album as good as possible I used my contacts. God told me very clear to sing out his Word straight ahead, and so it will be. God's Word will be spoken directly from the Bible through this album called DIVINEFIRE.

        Music is fast and heavy metal with many orchestral parts. The music shows God's greatness. Figure a mix of Crimson Moonlight meets Narnia & Veni Domine. This is a very exciting album where God has worked in a supernatural way and I believe that God will change many lives through DIVINEFIRE. The album is scheduled for release this Autumn. Confirmed musicians on the album are: Jani Stefanovic (Renascent), Christian Rivel (Narnia), Torbjörn Weinsjö (Veni Domine), Fredric Sjöholm (Veni Domine), Eric Clayton (Saviour Machine), Hubertus Liljegren (Crimson Moonlight), Andreas Olsson (Narnia), Ronny Hemlin ( Lack Of Faith) and Carl Johan Grimmark (Narnia).

        As you can see it's full speed now and I really need all prayer support I can get so I can make the right decisions and go on with all these bands/projects in God's way. Pray that God will give me wisdom to release these bands/projects in God's time and not mine. Pray that I will be open to God's will.

        God Bless you and thank you very much for all your prayers!!!

        Christian Rivel

      • Close-Up, one of the two leading metal magazines in Sweden did a special article in their latest issue (#65) about christian metal! They wrote 5 pages about it and included interviews Pantokrator, Sanctifica, Crimson Moonlight, Veni Domine, Christian Rivel (Narnia) and me Johannes Jonsson. It was a great article, very objective and we got the chance to talk about christian metal and what we believe in. This was very groundbreaking and truly a work from God since Close-Up has been very negative to christian metal before. It's really awesome to see that God is opening up some big doors for His kingdom!

        I'm working with a special Bible version aimed to reach the metalworld for Jesus! Besides the New Testament in an easy to understand language (Living Bible) it also contains testimonies from metalheads that talk about what God and the Bible means to them. The purpose of this special Bible is to break down prejudices and misconceptions that many metalheads have about the Bible and make them realize that the Bible and it's message is something for them too. As a result of this many metalheads will check out the Bible and through it find Christ. I'm VERY EXCITED about this project and I'm sure the Metal Bible will mean a lot!! Some of the participating persons in the Metal Bible are: Tommy Aldridge (Whitesnake), Rob Rock, Ken Tamplin, Christian Rivel (Narnia), Simon "Pilgrim" Rosén (Crimson Moonlight), Karl Walfridsson (Pantokrator), Pastor Bob Beeman (Sanctuary International), Matt Smith (Theocracy), Luke Renno (Crimson Thorn) and many more.

        The plan is to have it ready before Summer so we can give it away for free to people that attend Sweden Rock Festival. I really need your prayers for this project. Pray that it will get ready in time, that God will supply all money that we need to print. Pray that God will lead the Metal Bible so it will be everything God wants it to be. Pray that God will give me and everyone involved in this project all wisdom and inspiration we need to this in God's way. Pray that the MetalBible will reach many, break down prejudices and lead many metalheads to Christ.

        First version of the Metal Bible will be in swedish. Later on it will probably be released on other languages as well. We'll see how God leads. You can see the cover of the Metal Bible on

      • ROB ROCK just started working on the new album which is expected in spring 2004

      • VIRGIN BLACK is busy with composing their new album and planing to go into the studio in spring 2004

      • SEVENTH AVENUE is in the studio and may have a late spring 2004 release

      • Delorean is a new 80s Metal band. They are looking for a singer. Musically they are influenced by bands such as Stryper, Van Halen, Scorpions, Boston and Dream Theater.

      • NOIZEGATE, Scandinavia's leading christian rock/metal magazine now have a new issue out featuring bands like Oratorio, Petra, Seventh Avenue, Nicko McBrain of Iron Maiden (talking about his conversion to Christ), Larry Norman and more. The magazine also has plenty of reviews and other cool stuff.

      • CHRISTO & ROCK ZINE is a cool webzine in portugese that now have a new issue out on

      • JET CIRCUS is back! The swedish metallers are now back again with a new cd called No Mercy For The Living Dead. Their first release Step On it will also be remastered including two new songs!

      • Bodi Hodge is a solo metal musician from the USA with two albums out

      • STRYPER frontman Michael Sweet has posted the following message on his official web site:
        "Hello everyone. I thank you all again for your undying patience with me regarding updates and newsletters. I get so caught up in day-to-day events that before I know it, two to three months have gone by. Amazing, where does the time go? Hopefully I'll get better about sticking to a monthly update. The STRYPER tour was very successful in the sense of re-establishing our faith, and getting to know each other again. We spoke often and really opened up to each other, and because of the communication that we had, healing took place. When I left the band in 1991 and later moved to the East Coast in 1995, the time and distance away from each other seemed to have built a wall between us. We all know that this is not what God intended or wanted. Although I still believe without doubt that I was supposed to leave STRYPER to pursue other plans that God had on my life, I've come to the conclusion that no matter what God's plans are for our lives individually, we need to be able to love one another and show Gods love, mercy and grace to one another. It's easier to say this than it is to actually do it. We are all very different and we all have a very different way of wanting to do things. In the beginning stages of the band, we were more on the same page of the same book. Now however, we are on separate pages many times, and even within separate books. This is not a bad thing, it just makes it more difficult to learn how to deal with one another.

        On this tour we all felt that God had brought us together again and we wanted to be obedient to God. I don't mean to get deep here but I just want all of you to have a little insight on what we were going through off stage. Another thing that I learned is no matter how hard it is to deal with one another at times, God seems to continue to touch people and encourage people through the band. No matter how much we fall short, God's message and anointing still goes out! We saw this day after day and night after night. Despite our weaknesses, God is glorified! Praise God!!! He deserves it all. At this time we don't know what the future holds for the band, but we do know that we want to be obedient to God's calling, if He calls us to do more in the future. We of course will keep all of you updated as soon as anything is planned here at and

        Now more than ever, I feel a calling to do another solo project. God continues to give me music and a vision to reach people with that music. I'm preparing right now for a future release and my plans are to release a full-length record this year. Many of you have heard two of the songs that will be part of this project. Those songs are 'Miles Away' and 'Strong' and I've been writing for the past two months and have many new songs as well. I'm very happy with the direction and we (Deep South Entertainment and myself) have sent material out to a number of labels and we have many labels interested. We will update all of you with the latest news as it comes in.

        My hopes and prayers are that all of you will continue to support not only what I do individually, but what Robert, Oz and Tim do as well. We appreciate your prayers for God's direction and guidance on our lives. Jeff will also be re-creating the site to coincide with the new solo release. I thank God for Jeff and his amazing talent and support! Thank you all for continuing to support the site and the vision here at!

        I'm also VERY happy to announce that the Hymn Record entitled 'Hims' is finally available in the Merchandise section here at It is being shipped without lyrics, but you can view and print out the lyrics here on the site as well in the Multimedia section. It's a project that was long overdue and I'm thrilled to be able to offer it to all of you!

        May God continue to bless all of you."

        Michael Sweet, Stryper

      • Talking about Michael Sweet there is also an interview with him on

      • STRYPER will also release a live album!! It will be released in May 2004 and the title is 7 weeks: Live in America, 2003 - the CD! Track listing for the new live record are: Sing Along Song, Makes Me Wanna Sing, Calling On You, Free, More Than A Man, Caught In The Middle, Reach Out, Loud 'N Clear, The Way, Soldiers Under Command, To Hell With The Devil, Honestly, Winter Wonderland, Closing Prayer. Stryper will also play on Disney World on September 10 as part of three days of Christian music

      • Torbjörn Weinesjö, the guitarist of  VENI DOMINE have put up a "Lo-Fi" site for his own unreleased music.

      • Norwegian black metal band ANTESTOR have a new EP on the way that was prereleased at Bobfest and will be available in stores in the middle of April. It's called "Det tapte liv" (The Lost Life) and contains the five tracks Rites of Death, Grief, Last Season, Med Hevede Sverd ("With Raised Swords") and Det Tapte Liv ("The Lost Life"). First 1000x is presented in a Limited Edition Black Matte HEAVY Paper Box with a special heat-debossed black ANTESTOR logo on top. The exclusive box is designed to also house the later coming fullength DigiPak, so completing the set. The EP, filled with the sadness ANTESTOR is known for, is to be seen as a prelude or prologue to the coming fullenght with 3 slower and 2 fast, furious tracks. The opening "RITES OF DEATH" is shared with the fullength, although in a different mix - the four others are only to be found here. The ep is released on Endtime Productions

        There are also t-shirts available now with the Antestor logo as well as the classic Endtime T-shirt. Both are printed with a Heavy Silver Print and if you are interested you better get them quick while you they are still available. There's yet a few EXTOL "SYNERGY" PICTURE LP's available, but this will probably be your last chance to grab one - don't miss out if you intend to include this already rare gem in your EXTOL collection!

      • Liberty n' Justice's cd "Welcome To The Revolution" is now finished. This All-Star CD is featuring Lou Gramm of Foreigner, Michael Sweet of Stryper, Mitch Malloy, Jamie Rowe of Guardian/Adriangale/London Calling, Harry Hess of Harem Scarem, and John Schlitt of Petra plus 12 other "known" singers.

      • Blood 'N Water is a new classic metal band. The lineup so far is: Jimmie Earls from Akeldama on Lead Vocals, Marty Warren on Guitars, Vocals and Sean Quidgeon on Guitars, Vocals. They are looking for a drummer and bassist.

      • FROSTHARDR CD-EP "Makteslos" (Powerless) is now out on Momentum Scandinavia. Frosthardr plays old school Norwegian Black Metal. EP contains 3 bonechilling Black Metal tracks and 2 short industrial pieces and clocks in at 26 minutes. The cd is distributed by Endtime Productions and Nordic Mission For more info about Frosthardr visit

      • RETROACTIVE RECORDS are doing an fantastic job in rereleasing classics and rare metal releases! This month (April) they will release the following albums: Argyle Park / Misguided Metamorphosis remixes (featuring Brainchild, Living Sacrifice, and Circle of Dust, remixed by mastermind Scott Albert, aka Klay Scott), Barnabas / Feel the Fire / Little Foxes (2 on 1 CD reissue) and Rez / Colors. Additionally, there are now tentative release dates for quite a few more releases, some of them very highly anticipated:

        August 31, 2004
        * Rez Band - DMZ
        * Bride - Snakes Live (Live CD featuring songs from the Snakes era! Possible DVD)
        * Sacrament - Testimony of Apocalypse (possibly with bonus tracks)
        * Believer - Sanity Obscure (possibly with bonus tracks)

        December 7, 2004
        * Believer / Dimensions
        * Brainchild / Mindwarp
        * Circle of Dust / Circle of Dust (1992 original version)
        * Resurrection Band / Mommy Doesn't Love Daddy Anymore (possibly with bonus tracks)

        March 21, 2005
        * Drop Dead - UNTITLED
        * Haven - Age of Darkness
        * Pale Horse - Until the Last Seal Is Opened
        * Servant - World of Sand / Caught in the Act (2 on 1)

        August 2005
        * Armada - Frontline
        * Regime - UNTITLED (Rick Hunter/Martinez of Soldier)

        For more info about this cool label visit

      • SYMPATHY is a death metal band hailing from Canada. They have two albums out titled Invocation and Arcane Path. They play tight & heavy death metal and is the perfect choice if you are looking for a christian band in the veins of Morbid Angel. For more info visit

      • EVERGRACE is a very promising swedish power metal band. They have a demo out with 5 tracks.

      • BARREN CROSS fans rejoice! Three of their albums have now been rereleased on cd! The albums are State of Control, Atomic Arena and Hotter Than Hell Live. For orderinfo mail

      • ABOLISHMENT OF HATE is an instrumental death metal project by Jeff Lewis (ex Mortification).They have a demo cd out with 4 tunes

      • HERO is a new project by Michael Hero of Sons of Thunder. They have a cd on the way titled "Bless This Nation". For more info mail

      • The swedish metallers in HEARTCRY have reformed and are working on a new album in real 70s Metal vein.

      • Classic underground thrashers CONSECRATOR have now finally released their demo on cd! This should be something for all who love early Deliverance and Vengeance Rising. The cd is out on newly started label Bombworks Records

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        BOBFEST  2004 --- 5-7 March 2004 in Linköping, Sweden

        Bobfest is the highlight of the year to me and hundreds of other metalheads. This time things went very smooth especially compared to previous years. The only major thing that caused problems was the Bobfest folder, that due to many problems wasn't finished until 3 in the morning on Friday! Besides this almost everything went extremely smooth. Everyone in the Bobfest team also complement each other very well, and we work really good as a team. Prayer has always been a key ingredient in Bobfest and I really want to thank everyone that prayed for the festival. Your prayers have meant more than words can say! A cool thing this this year was also that we had a special prayer force called 112 that was located at the festival area and prayed especially for us organizers, the speakers and the bands during the whole festival. This truly meant a lot.

        On Thirsday, the day before the festival was about to start, Pastor Bob Beeman, all us organizers and the 112 prayer team had a meeting at Daniel Dahlbergs mother's house where we had a great time in prayer and fellowship. Feels so great to start with prayer and invite God to take full control. This festival has always been God's festival and we really want God to be exalted through it.

        This year we also had great weather, the sun was shining bright during the whole weekend, it was like God was showing his delight over Bobfest. We also has some snow on the ground this time, something the dudes from Mexico and Indonesia found quite exotic.

        Fellowshipping is a very important part of Bobfest. To be at Bobfest is like being with a big family, a family that is growing every year. Every year you meet old friends and got to know some new. It's so great to meet hundreds of other likeminded metalheads that love the Lord! Every year people are coming from all over Europe and some even from countries like USA and Mexico to be at Bobfest! 15 countries were represented this year. There were about 400 on the whole festival and about 600 at most on the gigs.

        The Friday gig started with surprise band Bloodwork from England. They did a good set filled with heavy death metal. Oratorio was next. They play melodic power/classic metal and are hailing from Finland. Really nice gig filled with melodic hooks and a straightforward message. Kekal from Indonesia ended the night. This was actually their first gig ever! Unfortunately their second guitarist couldn't join them because of passport/visa problems. They also miss a drummer so they had a computer on stage and the singer's wife stood there and started and stopped the drums. Looked kinda odd. J But nevertheless they did a good gig playing tunes from their whole career. One problem I have always had with Kekal though is the vocals, sometimes they are just too screamy for me to enjoy them. Anyway Kekal did a nice set and it was really cool to be able to have an Indonesian Black Metal band on stage.

        Saturday gig featured 5 bands. One of them was the punkers in Tekla Knös. They did an energetic set which many enjoyed. Shadows of Paragon is an up'n'coming black metal band hailing from the South of Sweden. They had a good stage show and were really Christcentered. They talked about that Jesus helps and he carries us through the hardest times. They also talked about that we Christians really have to get more need for the lost to see revival. Singer has a really cool dark voice. With some more practise and tightness this band can go far. Benea Reach was our metalcore band this year and they got the crowd going with their energetic show.

        Extol was the highlight to many this festival. They did their longest set ever! Ca 75 minutes with classics from all their albums. They even played Jesus Kom Till Jorden För Å Dö (Jesus came to earth to die)! Extol truly are one of the best live bands there are and the crowd totally loved their show. There were plenty of headbanging all over the place and even a moshpit. Truly a memorable show even though I still hold their gig on Bobfest 99 as my favourite when they all had long hair and all headbanged in synch without missing a beat.

        Harmony was another highlight of the evening! They are a new very talented and promising band hailing from Borås in Sweden. They did their first gig ever and did it very well. This was a real melodic metalfeast! Plenty of hooks, great guitarsolos and fantastic vocals. Wow, this was truly the highlight to me!! This band will go far, hear my words. Antestor ended the night. As usual they had full corpsepaint on. However this time I couldn't really get into them, it was just too much corpsepaint and too little Christ in their liveshow. I have never been a fan of corpsepaint, it just looks lame and pathetic in my eyes and I see no use in trying to look as evil as possible and when all Antestor said was "We want more blood" it was really pathetic in my opinion. I also missed many of their classics from their early career. Anyway, the gigs overall were really cool, we had a great time and there were plenty of good music to enjoy.

        Bobfest is also much more than just great gigs, it's a concept where people can meet God. Teachings are seminars are just as important as the gigs. Besides gigs and teachings there is also a gallery people could visit. Mainspeaker Pastor Bob Beeman from Sanctuary International had great inspiring teachings and there were seminars by Pastor Bob, Ole Halvard Sveen (Ganglion) and Rob Schellert (Glorious Undead Church, London). The worship was lead by members from Extol. On Saturday we celebrated the Lord's Supper. It was really powerful.

        As a service for our visitors we also organize "metal breakfast" in the mornings where we all eat breakfast together while listening to Extol, Tourniquet etc. Truly a great start of the day! :-) A cool thing this year was that a whole family with mom, dad and two children came to Bobfest! They totally enjoyed the festival and were headbanging at the gigs.

        God did great things during the festival, many were touched by God and Pastor Bob lead several to Christ and for this we want to give God all the glory. As a whole this was definately the best Bobfest yet and if you would like to worship the Lord, listen to inspiring teachings and enjoy great gigs with half a thousand other metalheads be sure you don't miss Bobfest 2005!

        In His Service
        Johannes Jonsson
        Bobfest 2004

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