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    ***METAL  NEWS  031222***

  • STRYPER's tour in the USA was a big success to say the least! According to the concert reports they sounded better than ever and Michael could still hit all the high notes just like he used to. The band was very Christcentered and even took time to pray with the audience. If you were not able to attend the tour I have some great news for you... There will be a DVD released from the tour! There will also be a live cd released!! WOW!!! Now we really have something to look forward to! Both the cd and dvd will be released sometime during next year probably in Spring/Summer 2004. Concert reports from the tour and lots of other interesting stuff are available on

  • Next gig with STRYPER takes place in San Juan Puerto Rico on Saturday the 6th March 2004. Tickets can be ordered from

  • EXTOL toured with Opeth! Extol opened up for the big secular band Opeth on their Scaninavian tour from October 15th to November 1st. 15 shows were played in Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark.

  • MORTIFICATION is in the studio recording their new album. It will be titled Brain Cleaner and will be the heaviest project the band has recorded in Ten Years. A lot more of a Death Metal/Grind orientated album but with plenty of Power & Thrash Metal mixed in to keep it interesting and multi dimensional.

    Mike Forsberg (ex Cybergrind) comes into the band on drums replacing Adam Zaffarese who left the band in February for career reasons. Steve thanks Adam for his 3 years of youthful input into the band. The World Tour was a high point for the band in 2001. Mike Forsberg has many years experience playing in Extreme Metal bands and brings a big feel of early Mortification back into the sound. Steve is the main man on Bass & vocals with Mick Jelinic continuing on Guitar to complete the new lineup. Expect a February 2004 release through Rowe Productions initially.

  • BOBFEST 2004 - Europes biggest Christian Metal Festival
    Bobfest 2004 will be an event you don't want to miss! There will be great gigs with some of the best bands in christian metal as well as interesting seminars and great teachings. The first five bands have now been announced. They are EXTOL (progressive thrash/death masters from Norway), HARMONY (excellent melodic guitar metal from Sweden), ORATORIO (the annointed melodic metal wonder from Finland), KEKAL (black metal from Indonesia!), SHADOWS OF PARAGON (fresh black metal from Sweden). More bands will soon be announced so stay tuned...

    Seminar speakers will be Pastor Bob Beeman from Santuary, USA and Ole Halvard Sveen from Subchurch, Norway. More speakers will be announced soon. The conference will be held March 5-7, 2004 in Ryttargårdskyrkan, Linköping in Sweden. The concerts will be held Friday and Saturday evenings at Cupolen, Folkets Park, Linköping. There will also be a gallery where people will show their artistic talents.

    Tickets cost 270 SEK for Swedish visitors (if paid before 15th February) or 300 SEK if paid later or at the door. For non-swedish visitors the price is only 200 SEK (approx. 22 EUR) for whole weekend Accomodation is also available nearby for an additional fee of 50 SEK (approx. 5,50 EUR) per night. (You should bring your own sleeping bags and airbeds/mattresses. Please state in your ticket booking if you need accomodation.) Breakfast will be served Saturday and Sunday morning at around 8-10 in Ryttargårdskyrkan for a cost of 20 SEK (approx. 2,20 EUR).

    Look forward to a fantastic weekend with 500+ other likeminded metalheads coming from all around the world! For more info about this cool festival visit or mail

  • ORATORIO is a new annointed melodic metal band from Finland. They recently released their their debut album titled The Reality of Existence on Rivel Records. The album has sold very well and first pressing has already sold out! The album is filled with melodic metal harmonies, hooks and great guitar solos. For more info about the band visit You can also contact their label Rivel Records at or

  • THEOCRACY is the new metal wonder from USA. They recently released their first cd and it's a must have for fans of christian bands like Narnia, Harmony, Stryper. People into secular bands like Avantasia, Iron Maiden, Edguy, Savatage and Iced Earth are also gonna like this band. It has something for everyone yet maintains its own unique sound. The cd is released on MetalAges Records For more info about the band visit

  • Front Row Seat Media has just released the CD of the solo project by Joshua Perahia vocalist Jerry Gabriel. Under the moniker TOWER, the project debuts with Turn the Page. The style is melodic hard rock influenced musically by Queensryche and Whitesnake. For more info mail or visit

    Watch for a new JOSHUA PERAHIA live CD soon on Front Row Seat Media with Jerry Gabriel back at the helm.

  • There is a cool CHRISTIAN ROCK & METAL DATABASE with plenty of interersting info. Check it out at

  • American guitar metal band RIVERA/BOMMA will be entering the studio in January 2004 to record a new cd. They are currently seeking labels/record companys for licensing deals in Japan, Europe and South America. For more info mail or You can also visit their website

  • Thrashers HOPE from Croatia have a new demo out called "More Than Words"

  • CHRISTO & ROCK ZINE is a cool webzine in portugese that now have a new issue out on

    The new Entime releases are:
    VARDØGER: WHITEFROZEN (First Edition Digipak CD Limited 999x)
    V/A: COME ARMAGEDDON (Picture LP Limited 150x + 2 Sided A2 Poster)
    EXTOL: SYNERGY (Picture LP Limited 342x)

    We would like to thank NordicFest, Nordic Mission, SubChurch Oslo and all the participating bands for the great festival celebrating "ENDTIME PRODUCTIONS V YEARS". It was a fantastic weekend! The first 250 visitors friday evening recieved a free 2CD version of "COME ARMAGEDDON" with a second, additional CD featuring unreleased tracks by ANTESTOR, ANAEMIA, ABSURD2 and EXTOL - our way to say thank you for supporting our label and the bands in the past and the future. The 2CD NordicFest Edition of "COME ARMAGEDDON" was limited to only 300x and deleted the same night. The 1CD Edition is now officially released and available from our webstore to a special anniversary price, and serves as a great introduction to all our releases from EXTOL: "BURIAL" to VARDØGER "WHITEFROZEN".

    We can confirm that ANTESTOR have finished recording their new fullength, and that it sounds awesome...more news about that next year!

    The MCD release is sure to become a classic not just for those who already know the genre. VARDØGER might not have recorded much, but when the music is as powerful as theirs you'll only be grateful for hearing anything at all, and these 5 tracks pack more strength than most full lenghts. The first edition comes as 999x limited Digipak with extended artwork, in true ENDTIME tradition.

    To celebrate the first five years of the label and its work, ENDTIME PRODUCTIONS SWEDEN are proud to present "COME ARMAGEDDON"! Featuring one track from each release spanning from EXTOL to VARDØGER, and with each track being a classic in itself it serves more as a great introduction to the label than a closure of the first 5 years. So as the end times themselves draw to their inevitable close there are many things that we know are to come. One of these is the continued work of ENDTIME PRODUCTIONS in bringing us special, unique releases where we can look for a clue to the Eternal Treasure that is hidden in the present chaos. Come Armageddon. Artwork by the famous Kristian Wahlin aka Necrolord (AT THE GATES, EMPEROR, DISSECTION, EXTOL etc etc).

    1. EXTOL: Celestial Completion (ENDCD01)
    2. ANAEMIA: By Nothingness Embraced(ENDCD02)
    3. EXTOL: Storms of Disillutions (ENDCD03)
    4. ANTESTOR: Mercy Lord (ENDCD04)
    5. LENGSEL: Coat of Arms (ENDCD05)
    6. VAAKEVANDRING: Fall of Man (ENDCD06)
    7. EXTOL: And I Watch (ENDCD07)
    8. EXTOL: Your Beauty Divine (ENDCD08)
    9. VARDØGER: Silent Witness (ENDCD09)

    Well, we could not help it but just HAD to make an Anniversary Picture LP featuring this great painting by Wahlin aka Necrolord! Included in this set is a doubled sided full colour A2 poster with the full image of the cover art AND with the VARDØGER cover art as a bonus printed on the second side.This LP features a little different track index than the CD, and as a special surprise you'll find an EXTOL take from the EMBRACED demo session instead of the BURIAL album version...We also decided to print it in an EXTREMELY small edition of ONLY 150x, so you'll have to hurry with this one. Over 80 is gone even before being listed on the site. Enjoy!

    1. EXTOL: Embraced (demo session) (ENDCD01)
    2. ANAEMIA: The Second Incarnation (ENDCD02)
    3. EXTOL: Storms of Disillutions (ENDCD03)
    4. ANTESTOR: Mercy Lord (ENDCD04)
    5. LENGSEL: Coat of Arms (ENDCD05)
    6. VAAKEVANDRING: Fall of Man (ENDCD06)
    7. EXTOL: And I Watch (ENDCD07)
    8. EXTOL: Shadow of Death (ENDCD08)
    9. VARDØGER: Footprints of Thunder (ENDCD09)

    A dream come true! This is the ultimate EXTOL: SYNERGY release, limited to only 342x on Heavy Picture Vinyl. Swedish release only. We will not have many available due to the small edition, so please get it while it last or it will be forever gone. First come first served!!!

    Thanks for supporting the label and our artists during these five years. COME ARMAGEDDON!

    Endtime Productions

  • Encryptor, brutal death metal project from Panama has released it second album through Dysmorphic Records. This is great old school grinding death metal for fans of the Discern/Crimson Thorn/Napalm Death style. If you would like to listen to a song from this brutal death/grind album visit

  • RETROACTIVE RECORDS has licensed the following titles for reissue:
    VARIOUS - Metamorphosis
    CIRCLE OF DUST - S/T (original version)
    BRAINCHILD - Mindwarp
    ARGYLE PARK - Misguided
    RESURRECTION BAND - Mommy doesn't love daddy anymore
    BARNABAS - Feel the fire
    BARNABAS - Little foxes
    SACRAMENT - Testimony of Apocalypse
    HAVEN - Age of darkness
    BELIEVER - Sanity Obscure
    BELIEVER - Dimensions

    Of course, they will be distributed through Brutal Planet Distribution and available to the general public through quality retail and internet sites. All titles will be digitally remastered. The first set of releases will be the beginning of April 2004 and will include the following four albums:
    ARGYLE PARK - Misguided
    VARIOUS - Metamorphosis
    BARNABAS - Feel The Fire/Little Foxes (2 in 1 release)

    Retailers can mail Retroactive Records at

  • SEVEN ANGELS (Power metal from Brazil) opened up for HELLOWEEN on their Brazil tour!

  • After thirteen years of silence, LEVITICUS returns with style and authority! Björn, Peo and the whole gang did a reunion show for the Swedish metal festival, Bobfest in 2003. They recorded the show with the intention of treating fans to a live release. After hearing how good everything sounded, the band was ecstatic to release it themselves, and Brutal Planet Distribution brings you another Swedish metal import! The audio sounds amazing. This is classic Christian heavy metal from a band that helped lay the foundation of the Christian music hard rock scene, beginning with their EP release in 1982! This is great stuff, offering everything a live concert CD release is supposed to be. BPD rates the audio, fidelity, and production 10 out of 10. It's that good! The songs are Flames of Fire, Saved, Messiah, Oh Lord, Majestic in Power, On The Rock, All is Calm, Born Again, The Suffering Servant, Deborah & Barak, I'm Gonna Rock. The cd is distributed all over USA through Brutal Planet Distribution. Retailers can contact For more info about Leviticus visit their official website

    VALOR - Fight For Your Life/GOLGATHA - Prisoner + live have just been released on CD containing 80 minutes of real classic metal. For fans of Barren Cross, Saxon and Iron Maiden.

    ORDAINED FAITH - Glimmer of Hope is now available again. Definately something for fans of Queensryche.

    DANIEL BAND - Rise Up/Running Out of Time are two classic hardrock releases that now is available again on this double cd that also contains the the bonus track Walk On the Water. For fans of Kiss, Dokken, Bon Jovi, Triumph, Van Halen, Rez Band, Jerusalem.

    ELECTRIK - Love, Buzz, Harmony: The Retroarchives is a must have for anyone looking for a christian alternative in the veins of Poison. Besides the whole Love, Buzz, Harmony album it also contains 3 tracks from their demo Shine Candy Shine and well as two previously unreleased tracks.

    Retailers can contact for more info about the releases above.

  • OIL has released a cd called "Choice Cuts off the Chopping Block". This CD features your favorites off of "Refine", a reworked and brutalized version of When No One Cares from the self-titled EP and 4 brand new tunes never before released, recorded live at a Sacrivox Productions show last year

  • EXOUSIA is a way cool band from Mexico that combines death/black metal vocals with catchy Power Metal!

  • The Norwegian blackers VIXIVI's new release is called Death Circus

    "Circadian Rhythms - The Drumming World of Ted Kirkpatrick" DVD is now released. We will be shipping all orders within 24 hours of receiving the product. You can still preorder it and we will make every effort to get it to you by Christmas, as so many have requested this. Those of you who preorder it will be getting a cool one-of-a-kind "extra"... Total running time: 2 hours 24 minutes!

    We haven't had these in for a few years - when we do - they ALWAYS sell out. Here's your chance to get one!

    JUST IN - for the first time ever - Stop the Bleeding logo bumper stickers - in full color! These are really cool - in stock and ready for shipping.

    We are still looking for the right guitarplayer to complete our lineup.


  • COMBATANT is a brutal Christian Metal Webzine in polish language

  • NORDICFEST was held for the 2nd time in Oslo, Norway and was a big success! Participating bands were Crimson Moonlight, Extol, Seventh Avenue, Veni Domine, Vardoger, Bloodwork, Frosthardr, Bleedience, Benea Reach, The Cross and Grand Lux. Seventh Avenue did a cover of In God We Trust by Stryper and Bloodwork did a cover of Invert the Inverted Cross by Horde where Martin from Admonish joined them on vocals.

  • Christian rock superstar project LIBERTY & JUSTICE have put out yet another press release. This one is again updating us on the release date for the album Welcome To The Revolution and teaser soundbytes previewing the album. On December 16, will update preview clips with final mix previews from Lou Gramm of Foreigner, Doug Phelps of The Kentucky Headhunters, John Schlitt of Petra, Mitch McVicker, Jeff Fenholt of TBN/Black Sabbath, and the duet with Harry Hess of Harem Scarem and Mike Roe of The 77's. The CD will be released publicly for the first time at the concert March 20,2004. With the release to the Christian and secular markets, worldwide to follow.

  • BOMBWORK RECORDS is a new christian metal label working closely with Alan from Blastbeats that will be putting out some re-releases as well as accepting demos for anyone interested. Currently they are seeking Black and Death Metal Christian bands that either need their old material released on CD or need to get some exposure for the first time. Your music will be distributed via their upcoming website as well as on and

    Current projects include: Seventh Angel, Old Path, and a few more things. Even though Bombwork are currently seeking Death and Black metal, they want ANY demos. If it's good, they want to hear it. You can send demos to:
    Rob C.
    Bombworks Records
    P.O. Box 1687
    Van Alstyne, TX 75495


  • BRAZILIAN  METAL  NEWS --- Provided by Rosemari de Melo Souza and Flávio de Souza

    It was anounced some weeks ago by guitarist Fábio Rocha, the end of the band SHINING STAR due to various problems occurred during the recording of the second CD. According to Fábio, the situation has become instable between the envolved on the project. Fábio Rocha warns the fans that he has plans to join a new band in the near future, with a new musical direction. In the mean time, the drummer Juliano Collombo will have his solo álbum "Fire" released in the beginning of the next year by Frontline/Avantage. The CD is instrumental, and there will be participation of his former band mates of Shining Star. Since Shining Star no longer exists, Juliano, is looking for other options. Site:

    Melodic Power Metal band OCULAR, which has signed with MEGAHARD, will release their first CD "Dry tears" early 2004, with the production of Tchello Martins. Site:

    ZURISADAI, Black Metal, has been preparing new stuff for their next CD that shall be released in the beginning of 2004.

    The band CORSARIO (Heavy Prog. Metal) celebrated 10 years of ativities last month, playing in a show called "Alquimia metálica" (Metallic alchemy). Next year, they are going to release their long awaited first full lenght álbum. The openening act was the Thrash band DEVASTATION, which has just recorded their new stuff: a great Demo CD with 4 tracks called "Demo Live in Studio". If you are interested in getting this CD, contact the vocalist Ewerton through his E-Mail:

    The label FORÇA ETERNA, which the owner is the former drummer of WAR BLADE band, Eduardo Vaz, is bringing to the light two historical Brazilian Christian Metal recordings: "Black Storm", of TRIBAL RITES (former Tribal) and "The Death of the brittle biscuit" of THE JOKE?. They are two releases on CDs of old Demos recorded originaly in cassette format, in the early 90's. They were pionners in Brazilian Scene. Tribal used to play Thrash/Death Metal and some covers they played are registered in this CD as bonus tracks (Vengeance Rising, Mortification, Trouble and Tourniquet). About The Joke, it was supposed to be the first Brazilian Christian Metal band to have a release in CD format, but unfortunatelly it was released in cassette. The recording is simply great and shows the old times of their technical and progressive Thrash Metal, with influences of Believer and Tourniquet, having the vocalist Daniel Martins, nowadays singing for SOUL FACTOR. Both Cds can be acquired through Metal Mission Mag

    SEVEN ANGELS put two videos of the opening show they played for Helloween in Sao Paulo: the cover for the song "Forever free" of Stratovarius and one song of the band, "Revelation".

    The band KERIX is releasing a single of two songs: "When I accepted" and "New Land", having musical influences of Nightwish and Pain of Salvation. The line-up is: Priscila Silver (v), Alex Souza (k), David Geisel (d), Fernando Leme (g) and Sergio Zoer (b). E-Mail:

    TESTIMONY (Thrash Bay Area) will probably release their long-awaited CD in January. They have plans to include 4 unedited songs, the 1999 Demo as bonus and also 2 more live songs.

    The thrashers of REBORN, after 4 years without recording, finally came into studio for new stuff!

    Punk Rock/Hardcore band SCRITURA has finished the recording of their new cd and must release it in the beginning of the next year. The tentative title is "Por você" (For you)

    "Judgement", is the name of the new work of TEMPLO DE FOGO which has just been released. The quartet gives us 7 tracks of Melodic Heavy Power Metal and the news is that now all the songs are sung in English. E-Mail:

    PENTECOST has released a Demo CD with 5 Heavy Power Metal songs. 4 of them are sung in Portuguese (including a version for the Jacob's Dream's "The bleeding Tree") and the other song is in English.

    APEIRON has finally released their CD, called "Wrong way" with 13 tracks of Progressive Metal, with influences of Dream Theater, Rush, and similar Over 70 minutes and a great option for fans of the style.

    THROUGH THE VALLEY has been divulging their Demo CD 2003 with 3 songs, which the own band labels "Funeral Doom Metal". Contacts: E-Mail: Homepage:

    Marcelo Lopes, drummer of CLEMENCY, moved to Bristol (UK) three months ago. He has been working there and has no plans to come back to Brazil soon. Clemency had stopped activities due to problems with the line up, but it might return even in England if Marcelo find musicians with the same musical direction and evangelistic emphasis. Contacts:

    MORIAH has a new line up, including now the vocalist and bassist Rodrigo's wife, Sara, who has assumed the lirical vocals. The group has been preparing the new songs for their long awaited full length album that will be released next year, through Extreme Productions. The band will record a cover of Vaakevandring.

    A new band with plays Christian Black is ZACAI. Get more information about them on their Website:

    Another band comes from Itajai, the same city of Stauros. It's STRATEGIA.

    DYNASTY will have their first full lenght CD by Avantage Records. The name will be "Perpetuu Mobile" there will be songs like: "The time is over", "Salvation", "Against all evil" (vocal duets with Ricardo Parronchi - Destra), "Not in Vain", "Following the sign", "Goldenland", "Another Chance", among others, having 11 tracks. The CD was produced by Ricardo Parronchi, recorded in June/July at Diesel Audio Solution Studio in Sao Paulo. The artcover was made by Marcus Ravelli (Thespian). The line-up is Nahor Andrade (v), Gustavo "Tuta" Colen and César Martins (g), Ademir Machado (d), Ivan Almeida (b) Gustavo Ivon (k).

    METAL NOBRE soon will have their first DVD released by Gospel Records. Pedrinho Pantoja (g) is back to the band, since Leonel Valdez (former Dark Avenger) is no longer in the band .

    Soon there will be a Tribute to JOURNEY released. At least, two Brazilian Christian bands are confirmed DESTRA and SHINING STAR.

    SKYMETAL bassist, Lucio, left the band a little time ago and the band has been playing live with a guest bassist. The band hopes to find a person to replace Lucio soon. He has left the band because he couldn't conciliate studies, job and other compromises and he is playing now in a local band called UNPROFANY. which plays Thrash/Death, in the style of Death List and Sepultura (Arise phase).

    For more info about the Christian Metal Scene in Brazil check out the cool Christian Metal Webzine Metal Mission at


  • SANCTIFICA has vaporized and As A Reminder materialized in its place. As a reminder have performed a few live shows and have recently recorded a demo, which is available for download from There are still Sanctifica albums and merchandise available for order. On sale now! Each item is US$11, $10, or 100 SEK. Shipping cost might be added, depending on what you order! Please contact us to buy. Spirit of Purity - CD
    In The Bleak Midwinter - Split CD with Pantokrator
    Negative B - CD
    Negative B - T-shirts

    More info and pictures of the items are available on the website:

  • SHADOWS OF PARAGON is a new fresh black metal band. Check'em out on

  • ACER is no more. After 38 gigs, 3 demos and 1 live cd the band has chosen to put the band to rest and go on with their lives. There are no hard feelings and the members feel full peace about the decision. The members will go on with other things and some of them are starting up a heavier more guitarbased 80s Metal band.

  • LUCCEMETAL was held on the 13th of December in Stockholm, Sweden. It was a minifestival containing great gigs with Crimson Moonlight, Veni Domine, Pantokrator, Admonish and Shadows of Paragon

  • CRIMSON MOONLIGHT have released a special collection called Songs From The Archives. It contains their demo Glorification of the Master of Light, a live gig, some unreleased tracks and other cool stuff. The disc contains of a total 20 tracks with pure black metal! Definately a must have for all fans. For more info visit their website below or their label

    Petter Edin (formerly Stenmarker) has chosen to leave the band to be able to focus more on his work as a Pastor.

  • METALLKORSET is a new cool webzine in Swedish

  • NARNIA will play on Sweden Rock Festival! Sweden Rock Festival is one of Europes and the World's biggest metal festivals and Narnia will be the first christian metal band ever to appear on this festival. Amen, praise God for opening up this door!

    Narnia will also release a live-DVD next year!

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    ***METAL  NEWS  030918***

  • STRYPER will do a reunion tour!!! Ca 40 dates all over the USA are already booked and more to come. The tour will begin on October 2nd. For more info about the tour visit

  • Living Sacrifice releases a DVD! The band played their last show late Summer, 2003, but their legacy will live on in this DVD featuring footage from the studio during the recording of The Hammering Process, tour footage of life on the road, live interviews, behind-the-scenes footage, plus videoclips of the following songs: 'Bloodwork,' 'Conditional,' 'Burn the End,' 'Local Vengeance Killing,' 'Reject,' 'Reborn,' 'Flatline,' 'Hand Of the Dead' and 'Not My Own.' There is also a VHS of the same show.

  • There is a cool metal magazine and radioshow in Peru called Shouts of Metal. They are looking for more bands to review and play on the radioshow. If you want your band to reach out to the people in Peru you can send CDs and presskits to: YUSEF IVANCOVICH PEREZ, AV. LOS ANDES 950, LA VICTORIA - CHICLAYO, PERÚ

  • There is a cool Christian Metal Radio Program called "Del Otro Lado" At Fm J.C.B. 105.9 Mhz in Argentina. There is also a webzine that support the scene of Christian Metal in Latinoamerica and rest of the world. They are very interested in promoting christian metal bands and are looking for more bands to review. Cds and presskits can be sent to: Cordoba 1471, Luis Guillon, C.P. 1838, Pcia. De Buenos Aires, Argentina.

  • Boanerges played with Stratovarious on a gig in Buenos Aires, Argentina!

  • Metalworld is one of Switzerland's biggest metalzines. If you want your band to be reviewed there you can mail cd and presskit to: METALWORLD, Alex Fontanini, Untere Holzstrasse 27, P.O.Box 126, CH-5036 Oberentfelden (AG), Switzerland

  • Armor of God is a cool band playing 80s Metal Band in the veins of of Heart and Dokken. They have two albums out, latest one is called 2 fact reality.

    Bride has finished recording "This is it!". This CD will only be found through Bride and the Official Bride Web Site. This CD sounds like the Bride from the Snakes in the Playground era with the exception…it is much BIGGER! Folks have told Bride they foresee the return of hard rock metal and Bride is leading the charge with "This is it!"

    Here may be your last chance to buy rare Bride CD's. We have the following titles and quantity remaining in stock.

    Live to Die - 7 CD's left
    Lost Reels 3 - 10 CD's left
    Lost Reels 2 - 10 CD's left
    Live Vol. II - 9 CD's left (contains rare version of Knockin' on Heavens door)
    Show No Mercy - 7 CD's left

    These few disc will soon be gone from our stock. Each disc is $14.98 each specially reduced at this time.

    To order send a check or money order to Bride 295 Churchview Road West Point KY 40177 or email your credit card information, number and expiration date, along with your name and mailing address to this email address.

    Bride will have a gig in Storsalen, Oslo (Norway) on 4th October kl 22:00. For more info visit

  • Redemption has now changed name to Redemption Metal. New members in the band are Troy Miley on guitars and Eric Bullock on drums. They have also releases a new cd called Metal.

  • Mortification will be recording a new album at the end of the year. Expect an album that will be more in the death metal/grind vein, with hints of power metal and thrash. Steve Rowe: "I guess somewhat similar to Post Momentary but more Brutal." The release date will be in March 2004.

  • Roxx Records has just released a limited edition live CD from Oil. The album is called Choice Cuts Off The Chopping Block and features a live show in Downey, California, USA. There are also two new studio tracks on this record.

  • Heavy Metal band Recon is working on new material and yes......they are gonna stay true to the sound. The reason why it's taking such a long time to record is because they want to make sure that they don't dissapoint any of the fans or themselves and also some unfortunate things that happened to some of the members of the band. For more info about Recon visit

    Classic Heavy Metal band SAINT have just released a double cd containing the CD's "Warriors of the Son", "Time's End", "Too Late For living" and "The Perfect Life". It contains plenty of cool pictures and info about the band.

    More great news! Saint has rerecruited Josh Kramer on vocals! New guitarplayer is Jerry Johnson. A new album is also on the way! The new CD will be recorded late this year and early next and tentatively named "In The Battle". The sound will be traditional Saint and will sound like a cross between Time's End" and "Too Late For Living".

    The official SAINT web site is now located on

    The new "Drum Solos" DVD (as yet untitled) is scheduled for release in the beginning of October 2003. It will include all 50 minutes from the original "Unreleased Drum Solos of Ted Kirkpatrick" video, PLUS many minutes (not sure exactly HOW many yet) of additional footage!

    The additional footage will feature a newly recorded extended drum solo or two, maybe some rare archive footage of Ted's drumming before Tourniquet, and some never before seen footage of drum tracking for "Where Moth and Rust Destroy" Also, since so many of you have requested this - there will be footage of some of Ted's hobbies - also known as "what Ted does when he's not busy with Tourniquet". The first 1000 DVD's will have an added item enclosed, so you may not want to miss out on getting one of these first 1000 copies. The DVD is $20 plus shipping. Go to to order.

  • Extreme Metal band Bloodwork from England has made two of their news tracks available on MP3. You can check'em out on the new Bloodwork MP3 site

    OUT NOW: "Introduce Us to Immortality", KEKAL's best-of album for the first time in 8 years.

    Since 1995, Indonesian extreme metallers KEKAL has been going around with 4 full-length albums in a row and contributions in many compilations as well as various Tribute Albums, now comes the essential CD all fans had been waiting for: a best-of KEKAL album with materials none other than both the band's and fans' favorite songs taken from all the albums we had recorded in first 8 years of their existence (1995 - 2003). "Introduce Us to Immortality" is a collection of works representing a journey of KEKAL's career that is full of struggles within the world's underground metal music scene for the first 8 years.

    This album comes with a very professional edition factory-pressed CD (not your usual home-burned CDR compilations) with digitally remastered songs, especially tracks from our first 2 albums. All will have maximized levels and much kicking sound in general. Also added 2 previously unreleased songs, with 13 tracks total with running time over 67 minutes. On the full-color professional booklet cover, there is a KEKAL's history of progression from the very first demo to the latest full-length album "1000 Thoughts of Violence", both musically and in the recording/production.

    Track Listing:
    1. Source of Existence *
    2. The Only Sound of Rain
    3. Mean Attraction
    4. Embrace The Dead +
    5. Default
    6. A Day The Hatred Dies +
    7. Crave for Solid Ground
    8. Healing +
    9. Behind Those Images +
    10. Millennium +
    11. Rotting Youth +
    12. The Painful Experience
    13. Introduce Me to Immortality **

    *) re-recorded version, perviously unreleased
    **) remixed version, previously unreleased
    +) digitally remastered at 24-bit processing

    The cd is released on THT Productions

    More info about Kekal can be found on

  • Ian Keith Hafner's new album called "Angry Little Freak," has been getting great reviews, and is being dubbed "The Christian Alice in Chains."

  • What do Michael Sweet, Jamie Rowe, Scott Wenzel, Lou Gramm and Dale Thompson have in common? They're all featured on the new album by Christian hard rock veterans Liberty N' Justice! Ian Keith Hafner had the opportunity to talk with LNJ guitarist Justin Murr and about this all-star project - Visit to check it out!

  • RIVERA/BOMMA is new cool guitar metal band from N.J. in U.S.A. The band themselves say they are in the vein of STRYPER,DIO,BON JOVI,RAINBOW,DEEP PURPLE with some influences of flamenco and jazz! Their debut cd is called Invisible Force. Riverra/Bomma are signed to the Greece label Secret Port Records. For more info mail visit or mail Secret Port Records directly at


  • Crimson Moonlight's new album The Covenant Progress received 9.5 of 10 in Germany leading Rockmagazine Rock Hard!!! Here is what Rock Hard magazine wrote:

    The perfect mixture of Dissection and Dimmu Borgir. Considering the heaviness of their music, one shouldn't think that it is possible that there is close link to Narnia. Hubertus, the brother of Narnia's singer Christian is the guitarist of the band and our favourite Malmsteen-like guitarist, Carl-Johan Grimmark, produced "The Covenant Progress" target="external". This album is definitely as good as the all-time classic "Storm of the Light's Bane" target="external" by Dissection! The forceful guitar leads, which almost pierce your ear-drum painfully are among the best that have ever come to us from the high north. In addition to that there are powerful drums, fitting breaks and a gifted shouter. Black (-metallic) heart, could you ask for more? Crimson Moonlight would deserve to be licensed by a big label. But until this is the case, you will have to contact good, specialized mail-order companies or their label
    9,5 / 10 points
    Robert Pöpperl-Berenda
    Rock Hard

  • NARNIA opened up for DIO in Västerås, Sweden on July 4!

  • BOBFEST - Europes biggest Christian Metal Festival will take place 5-7 March 2004 in Linköping, Sweden. Look forward to a metalfeast to the glory of God. There will be 8-10 bands playing, great teachings with Metal Pastor Bob Beeman from Sanctuary as well as seminars and other cool stuff. If this sounds interesting be sure you don't miss this megacool event! More info about bands etc will be announced in metal news to come.

  • Classic Metal band Leviticus will release a live cd later this month. It was recorded on this year's Bobfest. CD is called "Live at Bobfest 2003... after 13 years of silence". They will also record a new studio album this Autumn! Look for a release late Spring/Summer 2004. More info about this cool band can be found on their official website

  • System Breakdown (featuring Andreas Johansson and Carl Johan Grimmark) has just released their debut album on Rivel Records. The style is real 70s Metal. For more info, check out their website:

  • Erik Tordsson is the new bassplayer in Crimson Moonlight. A new Crimson Moonlight cd will also see the light later this year. It will contain their demo Glorification of the Master of Light, live tracks and other rare stuff.

  • Jonathan Ståhl (formerly Jansson) from Sanctifica has joined Pantokrator on guitar

  • Rivel Records, Sweden has now settled a deal for distribution in Scandinavia with Sound Pollution Distribution for the whole album catalog of Rivel Records, Sweden.

  • The great finnish melodic metal band Random Eyes and their excellent debut album Eyes Ablaze is also available in Sweden through Rivel Records/Sound Pollution. Random Eyes were opening act for Narnia in Keuruu 1st of February 2003.

  • Tri-Rock is a new Christian Rock station Bands can send their material to Tri-Rock "", 1804 S 244th Pl, Des Moines, Washington 98198, USA

  • Brazil's leading death band Antidemon did a very successful and appreciated gig on the Destruction Fest in England this Summer. Some time ago the band also released their second album titled "ANILLO de FUEGO". The cd is promised to be in brutal "Death Grind" Antidemon style. One of the tunes is also available in MP3 on the website

  • Drottnar is finally back with some fresh new material. This 4 track EP is limited to 850 copies. The packaging is super slick with black prints on black paper and a paperfold sleeve around the jewelcase. Musically it's technical and brutal black metal.

  • Melodic Metal band Miracle from Brazil have released a mini-cd titled Soldiers of Light

  • Still Small Voice is a new Death Metal band from Ireland! They have a cd out called "Embers"

  • Slav Simanic is a very talented guitarist and many say Slav's guitarstyle reminds of Joe Satriani. He has released two albums filled with beautiful guitarsolos and enjoyable hooks. Latest release is called Let It Go. For more info about this guitarshredder check out

  • Norwegian band The Cross has released a minicd titled "Soldiers of the Light". Style is heavy downtuned Heavy Metal.

    Last but not least I have started to build a worldwide network of concert promoters and venues that are open for christian metal bands. The plan is to make it international so christian metal bands can get in touch with good promoters and avenues, all over the world . In this way it will be easier to know where you can tour and whom you should contact. All this info will be placed on a subsection of the bands-look-here-section on the Metal For Jesus Page

    To make this network as useful and good as possible I need your help and input! So if you know of any good and trustable promoters that are willing to organize christian metal gigs, please let me know. I need the following info: 1) Name of the promoter 2) Promoters email 3) in which area and country they can organize gigs, and 4) if the gigs are in christian or secular places or both.

    Secondly I need your help to locate avenues, both churches and secular places that are open for christian metal bands to come and play. I need the following info: 1) name, email and phone to a contact person, 2) name of the avenue, 3) what kind of avenue it is (church, club, stadium, theatre etc) and 4) the full address to the avenue, and 5) in which area and country it is located .

    So if you can help with any of this I would be very thankful! If you are in a band I'm sure you know some places and organizers you can recommend... Mail me with any info you have to

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    ***METAL  NEWS  030623***

    Stryper plans on doing around 20-30 shows beginning this Autumn! (Wow!! Finally!) Details are still being worked out. A full tour schedule including dates, locations, and ticket pricing will be posted as soon as they become available. Find out more at the new and improved official website

  • STRYPER's new album titled "7" - The Very Best of Stryper" is now available. The tracks are 1.Something (New Track) 2 . For You (New Track) 3 . Shining Star 4 . Lady 5 . All For One 6 . In God We Trust 7 . Always There For You 8 . To Hell With The Devil 9 . Calling On You 10 . Free 11 . Honestly 12 . The Way 13 . Soldiers Under Command 14 . Makes Me Wanna Sing 15 . Reach Out 16 . From Wrong To Right 17 . Loving You 18 . Believe . As you can see , the CD begins with the newest tracks, then works its way back through Stryper history (With the exception of "Believe" as the final track.) The cd is released on Hollywood Records, and distributed by Universal Distribution

  • Death Metal band HEARKEN have now released their first fullength cd called Nuclear Negligence. It consists of almost 55 minutes of Technical Brutality.

    I know some of you out there has been wondering what's been going on with Vaakevandring. Well, to be honest: NOT MUCH! We played our last show in Oslo, December 2001, and sadly, this WOULD be the last show from Vaakevandring. Due to some personal affairs within the band, we took a break after our guitarplayer left the band in early spring of 2002. He was our webmaster, which is the reason the website has been down for a while. The 4 remaining members then decided to end the band late 2002, because of several reasons. One being that 3 of the 4 members are now involved in ANTESTOR fulltime. We don't want to make this dramatic at all, and we (all 5) former members of the band are still good friends and see each other every now and then. However, there are a few Vaakevandring songs that we (the 4 remaining members) hope to be able to record and release as a full length some day. Maybe this year, but nothing has been set yet. Thanks alot for your support, and we look really forward to serve you with Antestor and other projects too!
    God bless!
    On behalf of Antestor/Vaakevandring,
    Pål Dæhlen

    Saint fans rejoice! Classic Heavy Metal band Saint has once again raised the battleaxe ready to crush evil with their Heavy Heavy Metal (which musically reminds of the secular metallers Judas Priest). Armor Records will be reissuing the 2 disc set complete with all four SAINT CD's "Warriors of the Son", "Time's End", "Too Late For living" and "The Perfect Life". It will come in a slim line jewel case and have 6 panels, 3 with live shot pictures and 3 with info. The album shall be out by June 15.

    More great news! Saint has rerecruited Josh Kramer on vocals! A new album is also on the way! The new CD will be recorded late this year and early next and tentatively named "In The Battle". The sound will be traditional Saint and will sound like a cross between Time's End" and "Too Late For Living". Yes, finally SAINT is back again in full force! For more info mail Richard Lynch at or visit Josh Kramer has also set up a Saint page at

    Tourniquet's new album Where Moth and Rust Destroy on Metal Blade is now available worldwide. The band has also released a DVD called Ocular Digital featuring two concerts + Ark of Suffering video. They are also working with a drumming DVD! Ted is getting the final material together for the expanded DVD "The Unreleased Drum Solos". The band has also made cool embroidered Tourniquet patches as well as Where Moth and Rust Destroy shirts - short AND long sleeve. More info at the website

  • Norwegian extreme band DROTTNAR have made a new EP. They are signed by the new album Momentum Scandinavia and the new EP ”Anamorphosis” will be released in July. The EP will contain 4 tracks and will be available in a limited edition.

    this is it for real this time. Due to personal family obligations and issues that have recently come up, Living Sacrifice will not continue to tour after next week. We are very sorry to have to cancel our west coast dates and all others in June and July. Our final shows are listed below. If you would, please get the word out so that these final shows will be successful. We have no plans to do any other tours or albums as we feel that the time has come to move on. thanks to all of you who have been a part of Living Sacrifice and the success we have had over the last 13 years. God Bless you all.
    Bruce, Lance, Arthur, Matthew, and Cory.

    Final shows:
    6/28 Little Rock, AR @ Vino's
    7/5 Bushnell, IL @ Cornerstone Festival

  • The entire LIGHTFORCE recordings plus 2 bonus tracks has now been rereleased. Lightforce 1986 to 1989 contains the Mystical Thieves and Battlezone albums plus 2 bonus songs from the 1986 Lightforce Demo. This is where it all began for Steve of Mortification. More info at Talking about Mortification you can also download MP3s and listen to streaming music from all Mortification albums at

  • Due to the war situation MORTIFICATION will not be touring overseas this year, however in 2004 they plan to visit Switzerland, Germany, Holland, USA, Mexico and Brazil as the opportunities become available.

    Synergy is now released at Century Media and available worldwide. The Cover art for the new album is made by no other than Hugh Syme who has made cover art for bands such as Rush, Megadeth, Aerosmith & lots of other ones. It totally ROCKS! Musically the new album reminds of the thrash band Believer! You can prelisten to a few tunes on Extol's website

    Extol also plans a world tour with the dates below. Most of them are confirmed, but some are still being worked on, so changes may occur.


  • USA
    Wed. June 25, Sox Place, Denver, CO
    Thu. June 26, The Ground Zero, Wichita, KS
    Fri. June 27, The Door, Dallas, TX
    Sat. June 28, Vinos, Little Rock, AR
    Sun. June 29, The El Torreon, Kansas City, MO
    Tue. July 1, Cornerstone Festival, Tooth & Nail Day, Bushnell, IL
    Thu. July 3, Cornerstone Festival, HM Stage, Bushnell, IL
    Sun. July 6, SFBC, Atlanta, GA
    Mon. July 7, RCKTWN Skatepark, Nashville, TN
    Tue. July 8, The Emerson Theater, Indianapolis, IN
    Thu. July 10, Sonshine Festival, HM Stage, Willmar, MN
    Fri. July 11, The Eagle Reception Hall, Rock Island, IL
    Sat. July 12, The Rock, Omaha, NE
    Tue. July 15, TBA, Boise, ID

    Thu. August 14, Flevo Festival, Main Stage, Eindhoven, Holland
    Sat. August 16, Destruction Fest, The Underworld, London, UK

  • LOUDER THAN HELL Volume 1: Christian Metal Archives is a special project which will consist of a 3-4 CD set of demos from the 80's/90's compiled with help of people like Doug Van Pelt, Dave Johnson (ex-White Throne), John Heald, Dave Mutillo, and some other experts. Entire demos will be included, along with extensive biographies of the bands. It will recognize their efforts and all that they did to pave the way for the current hard music scene. The project is lead by Matt Hunt and it will be released on his label Retroactive Records. For more info mail

  • The European release date for ROB ROCK's new album "Eyes of Eternity" has been rescheduled for June 23 on Massacre Records, 4 days before the Rob Rock "Bang Your Head" Festival performance in Balingen, Germany on Friday June 27th. The Japan/Asia release date is scheduled for July 21 and includes two bonus tracks for Japan. The US release will be available at this site as soon as possible. The album is currently being mastered at Finnvox Studios in Finland by Mika Jussila. The CD was produced, arranged, and mixed by Roy Z. (Halford, Dickinson, Helloween) All songs were written by Rob Rock and Roy Z.

    Guest appearances on the epic 12 minute song “The Hour of Dawn” include classic guitar solos from: Roy Z (Halford, Tribe of Gypsies), Gus G. (Dream Evil, Firewind), Tom Naumann (Primal Fear), Carl Johan Grimmark (Narnia), Rick Renstrom (Rage of Creation), Jeff Kollman (Glenn Hughes), Jack Frost (Seven Witches), Howie Simon (Tamplin, Jeff Scott Soto), Jimi Bell (Wayne's Metal Church), and Axel Rudi Pell. “The Hour of Dawn” also includes keyboard solos from Mistheria and Alex Argento. "Rock The Earth" includes additional backing vocals by Sean Peck (Cage). Stay tuned to for new updates and album release information, and concert information. Rob Rock's Rage of Creation Band will soon begin rehearsals for the new "Eyes of Eternity" tour. Warm-up shows are expected in the Orlando Florida area before the band goes to Balingen Germany for the Bang Your Head festival.

    Okay, all you big-hair, 80's metal fans! This is great news ... Pastor Bob and Jim LaVerde (Barren Cross) are going to do an 80's type melodic metal radio stream! Any time - 24/7 - you will be able to tune in and hear the BEST in CHRISTIAN METAL! The show will debut sometime within the next two weeks. Dude - it'll be WAY cool!


  • Melodic Metal band Harmony have now released their first cd titled Dreaming Awake on Massacre Records. This is melodic guitarshredding metal that fans of Yngwie Malmsteen and Narnia are gonna love! This is most excellent metal and can very well be the release of the year.

  • Laudamus is proud to announce the signing with Escape Music ltd. The album "Lost in Vain" was released in Europe the 16th June 2003. Guestplayers on the album are: Jeff Scott Soto (Talisman, Yngwie Malmsten), Marty Friedman (Megadeth), Kee Marcello (Europe), Mattias IA Eklundh (Freak Kitchen), Rob Rock (Chris Impellitteri, Roy Z, Axel Rudi Pell, Joshua Perahia and Dennis Cameron), Howie Simon (Ken Tamplin, Glenn Huges, Jeff Scott Soto) and Ed Roth (Impellitteri, Coolio Maya). The result is an album with great songs, heavy rhythms, powerful choruses and a message that goes straight to the heart For more info contact or visit the websites below.,

  • Allsherjar have changed name to Shadows of Paragon

  • Inevitable End is a new thrash/death metal band from Nässjö.

  • Classic Metal band Leviticus played on Hjoursfestivalen in Hjo, Sweden on 20th of June. They opened up for In Flames! They are also busy mixing the live album that was recorded on Bobfest. Look for a release in August/September. The livealbum can also be preordered at their official website.

  • Narnia's album The Great Fall is now released on Nuclear Blast. Expect their heaviest album to date. Narnia also recorded a live CD/DVD in Owen, Germany in front of 1800 fans. The release is planned somewhere this autumn 2003. There is also a line-up change in the band: Martin Claesson, Narnia's keyboard-player for six years, has left the band. He left right after fullfilling his dutys on the new album. Martin made this statement: "As You know by now I have decided to leave Narnia - a tough decision to make since I've really enjoyed being a part of the band and meeting the fans at our concerts. Despite all this I feel that it's time to move on. I want to thank all fans and promoters I have met during my time with Narnia. You have made this time unforgettable! I also want to wish the best of luck to Narnia and especially my replacer Linus. God bless You and……..LONG LIVE THE KING! " /Martin. Martins replacer is Linus Kåse from Helsingborg in Skåne (southern part of Sweden)

  • Narnia will open up for Dio in Västerås, Sweden on the 4th of July!

  • Christian Rivel of Narnia are working hard with pre-production of his solo album called Christian Rivel´s Audiovisions. The producer is Lars Chriss from Lions Share and he has also written songs for the album. Carl-Johan Grimmark from Narnia has written one song and will play guitarsolos together with Pontus Norgren ex. Talisman, Great King Rat & Damage Done. Andreas Olsson from Narnia, Harmony & Stormwind and Per Schelander from Spyke & House Of Shakira will handle the bass. Keyboards will be handled by Micael Andersson from the band Cloudscape and more musicians will be involved in this recording. The style is melodic heavy metal with lots of harmony vocals in the vein of Uriah Heep & Sweet. The album will be recorded during 2003 and be out somewhere 2004.

    Christian Rivel's label Rivel Records are currently negotiating with several record labels in South America for licencing in these territories. More info later. If you are interested to licence Rivel Records albums in your territory feel free to contact Christian at: More info about this cool label can also be found on

  • There are more releases to come from Rivel Records. The band SYSTEM BREAKDOWN featuring guitarist Carljohan Grimmark, drummer Andreas Johansson and guitartech Ronnie Jaldemark on keyboards from NARNIA. Vocalist of the band is Pär Hagström, fanstastic vocalist in the same vein as Ronnie James Dio and Tony Martin. The bass is handled by Karl Persson. The band is playing heavy music and have influnces from bands like Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Sound Garden and also symphonic touches from Genesis. The album will be released 4th of July 2003 Check out their site that will be open soon.

  • Melodic Hardrockers in the band Heaven have a track on the compilation "Metal for the world" by Big Riff Records in Kansas, USA

  • Pantokrator's first fullength album "Blod" (blood) has been released on on rivel records Expect brutal and melodic death metal with some female vocals added as extra effect.

  • Crimson Moonlight first fulllength cd "The Covenant Progress" contains 9 songs of brutal, melodic blackmetal in the scandinavian vein.... This is outstanding black metal that can beat any black metal band out there. The total runningtime is over 50 minutes. The band is looking for a new bassplayer since Hubbe now plays guitar and Petter synth. Crimson Moonlight has also made t-shirts. Find out more about this cool band at

  • Sons of Thunder released their new cd Circus of Power on Bobfest. The cd is mixed by Thorbjörn Weinesjö from Veni Domine and it contains plenty of heavy praise metal. Both Crimson Moonlight and Sons of Thunder are signed to Rivel Records. For more about the band visit

  • Melodic metallers Laudamus now have soundclips of two tunes that will be on their upcoming album. You can check'em out at

  • For the 7th year in a row there was a prayer meeting for christian metal on the christian conference Nyhemsveckan. ca 40 people attended and prayed according to Matthews 18:19 for revival in the swedish metal world, for the christian metal bands, for unity, for Bobfest, for christian metal cds, zines, websites etc, that God will use them in a mighty way to lead many to Christ. It was a very powerful prayer meeting that lasted for almost an hour. The prayermeeting was organized by Prayer Warriors, a prayerchain praying for revival in the swedish metal world.

    Things here at the Bride camp have been very enterprising. Mainly we have focused our attention on song writing and preparing for the studio May 31st. We have chosen 12 songs out of the couple of dozen we have worked on. We believe we have a great group of songs and are confident that the Bride fans are going to enjoy. We have read over your emails and letters throughout the past year and we did as many of you suggested. We have drawn inspiration from within and have composed songs that we really enjoy playing. Thus far we have no ballads but one never knows once a band enters the studio if the creative bug will bite or not. We only have a couple of more weeks to rehearse but will be more than ready to lay these songs down.

    The recording process will be done on each weekend in the month of June and hopefully mixed during this time frame. The band is producing this work and we are going to bring out who and what Bride really is in the recording. If you liked the live vibe and dry mixes of Snakes in the Playground then you will really like the new CD.

    Because CD's are not just recorded and sent out immediately, we expect a release date to be around the end of August. We still need an artist to design a cover and there will still be time spent at the manufacturing plant. It seems like that the recording of a CD is easier than preparing it for release. Because this will be an independent release we encourage anyone and everyone involved with magazines, radio and bookstores to contact us. We want to service all legitimate outlets.

    We will let you know when it will be time to preorder. Meanwhile we could use your help in promoting this new project. Call your radio stations and tell youth groups etc about the new CD. The success of this project will be determined by the fans and will also influence the longevity of the band.


    Many of you have requested that Bride release a DVD of live footage etc. Troy and I have gone through the over 100 video recordings that we have shot of the band over the past 18 years and have put together what we hope is the first of many projects which chronicles the band. The newest DVD / Video project is called "Bride The World Tour" This work contains 90 minutes of never before seen video footage (some that we feared had been lost). On this project you will see what it is to fly with Bride, room with Bride, hang out back stage with Bride, drive and eat with Bride. This project takes you along on tour and vacation as the band makes its way to South America and back. There is also footage of them sight seeing and a lot of serious humor and tragedy. This in my opinion is the most up close and personal footage ever released of the group. The sales success of this project will dictate future Bride DVD releases. In other words if you, the fans support this DVD we will do more in the future. It is rather costly to do the DVD format but since many of you desired the DVD format we thought we would give you an opportunity to own one. We are taking preorders now. This project is $16.00 video and $20.00 DVD. Please allow 4 to 6 weeks delivery.

    If you are interested in ordering this video or the DVD "Bride The World Tour" send a check or money order to Bride 295 Churchview Road West Point KY 40177 or email your credit card information, along with your name and mailing address to this email address. I will take care of each order personally. Please allow a little time to receive these. If you live outside of the United States send $3.00 postage.

    Visit Bride

  • ENDLESS FUNERAL is a new black metal band. They have a demo cd out titled Darkened Horizons. For more info visit or mail

  • Classic Metal band SHINING FORCE have now released their new selftitled cd on Bloodbought Records. Look for a heavy release with real metal.

  • Power Metal band SEVENTH AVENUE announces a lineup-change. Geronimo has left the band. He has done his last show on the 22.03 on their CD release party. Now they are looking for a new bassman. He should come from Wolfsburg / Gifhorn or Braunschweig. Please write to Seventh Avenue has an European tour planned in late summer or in fall. There they will be the support for Rob Rock and Narnia. But the tour isn't firmed yet...

  • THIRD/CROW said this about their latest album: "I think this album is gonna blow people away, and show that styles like Guardian and Stryper can be harmonized with sounds like P.O.D. and Pillar," said Jonathan Bishop, lead singer.

  • MOMENTUM SCANDINAVIA is the name of a new label brought to you by the folks at Nordic Mission (Norway) & Endtime Productions (Sweden). We just released our first album: ANTESTOR: The Defeat Of Satan which is the re-release of the bands 2 first demos from '91 & '93. The tapes have been totally remastered and the release is strictly limited to 999 copies (each numbered) to make this a collector's item. It also means this CD will become rare and out of print very soon. The music is considered slow doomy death with old thrash metal influences. Quite uniqe back in the day, and a true legendary release from the upcoming extreme Scandinavian metal scene. Contact us for distribution options. More releases will come in the near future bringing you the best from the Christian extreme underground! Hope to hear from you soon!

    Sincerely yours,

    Paal Daehlen

  • BLOODGOOD has been forced to change the address to their website. The new address is

  • REX CARROL is back again! The phenomenal guitarist from Whitecross plays the guitars on the new cd Fan The Flame by the band Eden! Rex holds nothing back as he handles all guitars on the album. Any fan of Whitecross will instantly know the trademarked signature sound of Rex Carroll on FAN THE FLAME”. Arguably, Rex’s guitar playing has not been so flashy or predominant since his early days in Whitecross. Singer in Eden is Joe Dokken. Eden has a melodic hard rock sound that appeal to fans of Whitecross, Guardian, Stryper, Dokken, and Warrant. The album is released on the new label Retroactive Records. For more info mail

  • DANIEL BAND has re-released “Straight Ahead” & “Run From the Darkness” on one cd.

  • SCREAMS OF CHAOS has re-released their cd "Genetic War". Musically this is extreme death/black metal with cyber-industrial leanings. The cd also contains 2 bonus tracks called Remember and In The Name of God. According to the label Retroactive Records it will appeal to fans of In Flames, Emperor, Extol, Ancient and Horde.

  • JIMMY BROWN of Deliverance has released a industrial album with the band FEARFUL SYMMETRY. The cd is called The Sad Veils of Tears and will appeal to fans of Deliverance latest album Assimilition as well as fans of Rammstein and Nine Inch Nails. Both Daniel Band, Scream of Chaos and the Fearful Symmetry cds are released by Retroactive Records. For more info mail

    Also set to be released on Retroactive Records are:
    GOLGATHA - PRISONER + bonus tracks
    VALOR - FIGHT FOR YOUR LIFE + bonus tracks
    XALT - DARK WAR + bonus tracks
    NEON CROSS - new album currently being recorded
    NEON CROSS - album meant to be recorded/released after debut
    DANIEL BAND - demo / bonus tracks
    ELECTRIK - LOVE, BUZZ, HARMONY + bonus tracks
    SCREAMS OF CHAOS - DVD with videos and bonus material

  • Insacris is a cool Christian Metal Website in Colombia

  • Rich Davenport, a christian soloartist who formerly where vocalist / guitarist in UK rockers Through The Storm, is back in action. Now branching out as a solo artist, Rich aims to maintain his former band's commitment delivering hard-hitting, melodic Metal songs with a fresh, energetic approach. This week sees the release of Rich's first comedy CD, "Laugh Out Loud!", which features a selection of Monty Python-style comedy sketches, along with two bonus tracks with real hardhitting metal. The CD and free MP3 samples of these tracks are available at

  • Ken Tamplins new cd titled Wake The Nations is now released. The cd has strong hooks and plenty of guitar solos and many think it's one of Tamplins' best. Guestplayers are no less than Marty Friedman, Ritchie Kotzen, Reb Beach, Kee Marcello, Jeff Watson, Pete Lesperence, Mattias Eklundh, Steve Salas and more

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BOBFEST  2003  - Soli  Deo  Gloria! (Festival report)

This year Pastor Bob's plane was just on time. I met him at the airport at the same minute the plane should arrive! The plane even landed 20 minutes BEFORE scheduled time! Have never seen that happen before? Bob lived at my place for almost two days where I got the opportunity to show him the beautiness of the swedish capitol Stockholm, including the very wellpreserved huge warship Wasa that was built 1628 (!) as well as the Old Town that's also several hundred years old. (Stockholm is 750 years old BTW). Besides showing Bob Stockholm he was also my guest in my christian metal radio show Metal Radio where he chose his
favourite tunes and had plenty of interesting things to say about all the bands.

On Wednesday evening we continued by train to Linkoping. There we hooked up with Daniel, Olov, Samuel and Hannah from the Bobfest crew. As always there were plenty of things to take care of to get everything in order for the festival so we had some busy days. On Thirsday we all met at Daniel's mothers house and had a great time in fellowship and prayer. Prayer has always been an important part of the festival and it's truly the foundation of it and I really want to thank everyone that have kept this festival in prayer. Your prayer has meant more than words can say...

Friday came and we continued with the preparation for Bobfest. Since this was our 5th year I had made a special Bobfest gallery with articles, photos, posters and other cool memories thoughout the years.

Bobfest began 7.00 pm with the opening service with Pastor Bob. This year we had a great worship team including members from Extol which made the worship both powerful and rocking. After the service was over everyone went over to the concert place called Cupolen. This was the first time we have been in this place and it's a great place with plenty of space both for the audience and all the music sellers. (Bobfest is also a great place to get cool music BTW.)

Unfortunately there were some problems with the soundcheck that caused the gigs to be delayed 40 minutes :( But when it finally started it went well with some minor problems. Except this delay almost everything has went very smooth this year. (Which made things a lot easier for us organizers :)

Callisto started the gig with their metalcore sounding music. They are a finnish band and I hadn't heard much of them earlier. They were heavier than I expected but still too much core to my taste. Crimson Moonlight followed next. It was nice to see them live again! As always they have the cool viking/black metal image with swords and candles and fitting clothes. They played plenty of new material from their brand new cd The Crimson Progress since this also was their releasegig. Their new tunes are
really fast and brutal and will blow you away. They ended with one of their classics from their previous release Eternal Emperor.

Narnia then took the stage! They played of mix of both new and old material. The new tracks sounded very heavy. Unfortunately there were problems with mikes and technical things that disturbed the band's performance. But it was a good gig anyway where Carl-Johan as usual did some cool guitarsolos. The whole band is very tight and definately one of the best metalbands out there.

Next band was Leviticus!! Yes the classic swedish hardrockers from the 80s did a reunion show just for Bobfest. And what a ride! The band ripped through classics from all their albums and sounded much heavier than on record. The singer Peo Pettersson has a fantastic voice and he sounded better than ever! Sound was tight and the band managed to play the tunes very well, especially considering that they hadn't played together for many many years. It was a great experience to see Bjorn, Kjell and the other bandmembers on stage and they really enjoyed the gig themselves. A fantastic gig and definately one of the highlights to me and many others. What a great ending to the Friday concert! I really feel sorry for all Leviticus fans that wasn't there to enjoy this awesome gig. But I have some great news for ya, the whole gig was recorded and will be released on a livecd this Summer! There will also probably be a DVD with this gig... So Leviticus is back, better than ever.

Saturday started off with metal breakfast in the church Ryttargardskyrkan where we had the conferencepart of the festival. Metal breakfast is a an awesome experience, eating breakfast with 200-400 other metalheads while listening to Tourniquet and other good metaltunes flowing through the speakers. Really cool and enjoyable to be around so many christian metalheads in the same time. It's like a family where you get to know a few more each year and you have a great time, enjoying great music and
great teachings.

At 11:00 a.m. it was time for the seminars. Pastor Bob shared some hardhitting messages about the church and how it has to change to function better. Christer Espevoll from Extol talked about God's grace, the goth/metal pastor Marcus Olson talked about how to minister in the power of the Holy Spirit and Anders Voldronning from Silence the Foe spoke about loving one's neighbour.

All seminars very very interesting and to the point. After lunch Pastor Bob had some great teachings where he shared some wise words about miscelleanous topics. (All seminars and meetings are available on tape).

Saturday concert started off with the surprise band Sons of Thunder. This time they had a better mixing than they had had on earlier Bobfest performances. Sons of Thunder played many tunes from their brand new album Circus of Power. Very heavy sounding music with Christcentered lyrics in classic Sons of Thunder style.

Azure Skies with members from Mental Destruction and Sanctum was quite an odd experience. This was the first time we have had industry on Bobfest. It was a weird experience to see the band headbanging over the computers, but that's industrial. Not really my thing but interesting to see.
Soapbox was our hardcore band this year. They have become much heavier since last time they were on Bobfest. Still too much hardcore for me to get into it, but a big step in the right direction.

The highlight for me on the Saturday gig was definately Pantokrator. They ruled the stage delivering powerful crunchy death metal. Great stage presence and they really got the crowd headbanging. Pantokrator played plenty of tunes from their brand new release Blod. One tune also contained the creed of faith. Really cool! As a special surprise they also played the Mortification cover Brutal Warfare!! Wow! Yes, finally I had opportunity to hear this tune live!! The crowd became wild (in a good way),
people were headbanging, forming moshpits and totally enjoying it. Wow, you have to see this band live. They totally shred!

Ganglion is a norwegian band that I had only heard a little from earlier. They play an own kind of punk/thrash rock'n'roll. They were heavier than I expected but still not really my thing. But they put on a energetic live show that many in the audience liked.

The evening ended with Slechtvalk from Holland. Brutal black metal and extremely fast! The bandmembers had their own kind of "corpse paint" that weren't too beautiful :) Shamgar, the main singer sang with an intense shrilled voice and he even used the shrilling voice when he talked between the tunes which made it very difficult to hear what he said. The best tune they played was a Horde cover. Well, what can I say, intense and brutal to the maximum.

Bobfest then ended on Sunday with two regular church meetings along with the ordinary churchmembers in Ryttargardskyrkan and Johanneskyrkan where Pastor Bob talked about Bobfest and the idea behind it.

So, that was Bobfest folks. Overall it was a BIG success and definately det best Bobfest this far. Bobfest have now established itself as the biggest Christian Metal Festival in Europe and this year we had visitors from 14 countries all over Europe + USA. There were ca 400 on the whole festival and ca 600 on the gigs. There were also plenty of press people on Bobfest including the biggest swedish metalmagazine Sweden Rock Magazine! National swedish radio P1 was also there as well as the local radio station radio P4 Skaraborg (they recorded the whole Leviticus-gig and will soon air it).

Bobfest was overall a GREAT experience and definately the best year this far! We had a great time, enjoying great teachings and great music. Many people were touched by God and had their lives changed. Pastor Bob also lead several people to the Lord! Amen!! So God was definately doing some great things during the festival and for that we want to give God all the glory, Soli Deo Gloria!

Bobfest 2003 was a mega success and I'm already looking forward to Bobfest 2004. C ya there??

In His Service
Johannes Jonsson

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    ***METAL  NEWS  030212***

    It's been 11+ years since all 4 original members of Stryper have set foot in a studio to record any NEW material as Stryper. Well, the wait is over! All four original members (Michael Sweet, Robert Sweet, Oz Fox, & Tim Gaines) entered the studio in January of 2003 to record 2 NEW songs that will be included on a "Best of Stryper" CD to be released by Hollywood Records! At this time the following details have been made available: The CD will consist of the band's favorite Stryper songs PLUS the 2 NEW songs. The 2 NEW songs are described as being "heavy" & "modern". The CD will be produced by Michael Sweet. Hollywood Records plans to release the CD in the Spring of 2003

    This is what Michael Sweet has to say about the new release:
    Hello Everyone! As you all know Stryper reunited for the first time in almost 12 years to record two new songs to be released through Hollywood Records in the spring of 2003. The two new songs will be part of a "Best Of" which will consist of songs chosen by the band. "Can't Stop The Rock", which was a compilation as well, basically consisted of material chosen by the label for the most part. We were limited at that time to only put a limited number of songs on the disk. This time around there will be a total of 18 songs on the new project (16 old and two new). It will take everyone on a ride from present to past as the sequence goes from newest (two new songs) to oldest (Yellow and Black Attack). The two new songs are entitled "Something" and "For You" and have a very modern day Stryper sound. We prayed for God to anoint every note and believe that He did! All of the old material will be digitally re-mastered / eq'd to add a little more punch where it lacks and a little more definition where it lacks.

    The time with the guys went really well. We prayed a lot and laughed a lot. We tracked drums and bass at Sound Station 7 on January 4th and 5th. We then tracked guitars and bgv's from the 6th to the 9th. Lead vocals were then tracked and then it was mixed. Everything went so fast. It seemed like a blur! The sound is very heavy and very modern yet we were able to stay true to what we do and have always done. There are some guitar harmonies, vocal harmonies and over all it's a very, very BIG sound!!! I'm really excited about all of you hearing it. Hopefully you'll like what you hear. We will post the lyrics here at as well as samples of the songs as soon as the label gives us the okay. The samples will only be samples, not full length.

    I believe that these songs are some of the best songs that we have ever recorded and I think that the other guys agree. These songs were two songs that I had written for a new project of mine to pass around to companies at some point. You probably remember us mentioning two new "heavy" songs? These are those two songs. The deal with Hollywood went down so fast that there was no time for us to get together to put something together. These songs were already recorded and ready to be sent out to everyone to hear. We (Stryper) then re-recorded the tracks and added the vocals. A few effect guitars were flown over to the new tracks and everything worked together perfectly! The songs were produced by myself and co-produced by Kenny Lewis. Carl Beatty was the basic track engineer (drums and bass) and Kenny Lewis tracked everything else. I brought in Jack Marques (Mars Hill) to sing bgv's with Oz and myself to add a different flavor to the vocals. The vocals turned out amazing! Oz did some great solo work as well!

    Please keep this project in your prayers. Pray for Gods will to be done and for lives to be reached / touched through these songs. We will keep you posted on everything here at and until then, blessings to all of you. Always,

    Michael Sweet

    Bassist Tim Gaines has this to say about the upcoming release:
    "This really has been an exciting month for us and a wonderful beginning to a new year 2003. On New Years morning, my wife took me to the airport and there I met [guitarist] Oz [Fox]. We departed for Providence, RI, where we met up with [vocalist] Mike [Sweet] and [drummer] Robert [Sweet]. From there we went to a Motel 6 in Seekonk, MA and the four of us went to a room and prayed together. We asked the Lord to rededicate STRYPER, to be used by Him, and to forgive our shortcomings. I am truly amazed. I never thought I would see the day when we would sit together and put the past behind us and ask God to use us again. This is an answer to much prayer that has gone up for us over the last 10 years. God is good!"

    The next two days were spent in a rehearsal studio going over the new songs that were to be recorded. It was a lot of fun and the songs came together very quickly.The Peavey guitar company sent us a truckload of equipment to use, which sounded great. It looks a though Peavey will be doing a full endorsement with STRYPER this coming year. "We went to the recording studio - Sound Station 7, and spent the first day getting drum sounds. The second day Robert and I recorded the drum and bass tracks. Time went by quickly, and before I knew it I was back on a plane to California. Oz and Mike spent another week doing guitars and vocals.

    "So you might be asking where does this all lead? Well, it leads to a new 'Best Of STRYPER' album entitled 'Seven'. It will feature two new tracks as well as previously released tracks (yet to be confirmed) celebrating our 20th anniversary. The new CD is scheduled to be released in March 2003. At this point we are talking about the possibility of some touring this summer in support of the CD."So that's it folks, it is a start of something that could be really cool. Keep us in your prayers."

  • More Stryper news! As long as the editors knife doesn't cut it out, Stryper T-shirts will appear in a scene in the upcoming CHARLIE'S ANGELS: FULL THROTTLE coming to theaters in the summer of 2003! The movie will star Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz, Lucy Liu, Robert Patrick, Luke Wilson, Bernie Mac, Matt LeBlanc, Justin Theroux, Crispin Glover, Demi Moore, Rodrigo Santoro, Jaclyn Smith (cameo), Mary-Kate Olsen (cameo), and Ashley Olsen (cameo). The t-shirts will be featured in a scene where a "good guy" is killed by some "bad guy" and there's a flashback where everyone is wearing Stryper T-shirts. For more Stryperinfo visit their official website

  • BOBFEST - Europe's Biggest Christian Metal Festival
    This will be the 5th year this festival is held! It will take place in Linköping, Sweden 14-16 March 2003. Last festival, almost 40% of the people that attended came from countries outside Sweden. Over 14 countries were represented, including Poland, England, Switzerland, Germany, Brazil, Latvia, Holland, Italy, South Africa, Norway, Finland and the USA.

    The lineup this time includes bands like Narnia (melodic guitarshredding metal), Pantokrator (melodic and brutal death metal), Leviticus (classic 80s Metal) (REUNION!), Crimson Moonlight (atmospheric black), Slechtvalk (atmospheric black), Ganglion (punk/thrash rock'n'roll), Callisto (metalcore), Soapbox(hardcore), Azure Skies (industry with members from Mental Destruction and Sanctum). Crimson Moonlight and Pantokrator will both release their new albums on Bobfest.

    On friday 14th Callisto, Crimson Moonlight, Narnia and Leviticus will play and on Saturday 15th Pantokrator, Ganglion, Slechtvalk, Soapbox and Azure Skies will play.

    Mainspeaker is Pastor Bob Beeman from Sanctuary. There will also be several seminars, workshops and other cool stuff. Festival tickets cost only 24 US dollars (22 Euro) each if you live outside Scandinavia (Sweden, Norway and Denmark). Accomodation is available nearby for a small fee, so you just have to bring your sleepingbag with you. This seems to be the metalfestival of the year so be sure you don't miss it. More detailed information can be found on the Bobfest website


  • Melodic Hardrockers in the band Heaven have a cd on the way. The new setting consists of Fredrik Lindholm on drums Björn Hansson on Keyboards, Fred Shymberg on Bass, Tobbe Larsson on guitar and Frank Backen on vocals.

  • On the new Narnia album The Great Fall features the guestplayers Anders Johansson (Hammerfall) on drums and Eric Clayton (Saviour Machine) on vocals. The album is a concept album based on some of today's topical issues. No exact release date has been set but the plan is still spring 2003.

    Narna Tourdates:
    March 14 - Bobfest festival, LINKÖPING
    April 30 - Vappugospel, KOUVULA, Finland
    May 10 - WASA, Finland

  • The new Crimson Moonlight album, called "The Covenant Progress" will be released at Bobfest in Linköping at March 14th. This album will present to you a new Crimson Moonlight. But don't you worry, we will be faster, heavier and more brutal than ever! The album is released on Rivel Records. If you want to distribute it, contact them at

  • Melodic metal band Harmony will release their debut album in late March.

  • Pantokrator's first fullength album "Blod" (blood) is now finished and all songs are mixed. Release will be at Bobfest-03 on rivel records

  • Melodic metallers Laudamus now have soundclips of two tunes that will be on their upcoming album. You can check'em out at


  • THE NEW ALBUM - After hundreds of requests to release this info - we are pleased to announce the following: The new Tourniquet album is called "Where Moth and Rust Destroy". The album will be released on Metal Blade Records on Tuesday, March 25, 2003. You will definitely want to get a T shirt of the cover... We are always excited to have you all hear a new Tourniquet album. But, we must tell you, with this one - we have never been more excited to have you hear a new Tourniquet album... hope you enjoy it! More details will be posted as we approach the release date Matthew 6:19-20 - "Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust consume and where thieves break in and steal, but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust consumes and where thieves do not break in and steal."

    The first 200 CDs ONLY - will be personally signed by Ted, Luke, AND Steve - if you request this. Otherwise, your CD will arrive unsigned in the shrink wrap. $15 plus shipping You can download ALL 7:15 of the TITLE TRACK at!!!">HERE is the link. Metal Blade is planning some great promotion for this release. We are looking forward to doing some great shows in support of the album, plus we will have some cool new merchandise available.

    T SHIRTS - All T shirts are back in stock.

    NEW MERCHANDISE - Look for Tourniquet Flex-fit hats and embroidered patches soon!

  • DRUMMING INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEO - Ted has begun working on the VERY long-awaited Drumming Instructional Video. It may come out on DVD as well. Look for it in 2003.

  • TOURNIQUET DVD! The dvd will be called OCULAR DIGITAL. It will be available March 1st at the latest. You can preorder your copy NOW - $20 plus shipping.

    - over 75 minutes running time
    - TWO live concerts
    - great cover art by Nathan Krauss
    - Ark of Suffering video... on DIGITAL format for the first time
    - full chapter search by song

    CONCERT ONE - Live at the Flevo Festival - Eindhoven, Holland - August 17, 2001. Four high-res digital cameras put you there along with 12,000 excited fans. Great stereo sound.

    CONCERT TWO - Live at the Kit Carson Amphitheater - Escondido, CA - June 29, 1991. Be there for the very first Tourniquet show ever - complete and uncut. Hear all the classics from Tourniquet's debut release "Stop the Bleeding". PLUS - for the first time on digital format - Ark of Suffering - the music video that brought the horrors of animal abuse to the attention of thousands and made them rethink our treatment of God's creation.

  • Sacrificium have recently released their new CD titled "cold black piece of flesh". The cd is filled with uncompromising, melodious and energy-loaded death metal. The cd is released on the new german label Whirlwind-Records

  • Classic Heavy Metal band Saint is working on new material

  • Classic Metal band Boanerges from Argentina have just released an EP titled "Beyond the threshold" For more info visit

  • Pig thrashers One Bad Pig have new released their first release "A Christian Banned" on cd.


  • Bride is in the trenches writing for the next CD. There is no release date set thus far but the band expects to take their time putting this project together. Several songs have been recorded for preview and the word is heavy! Some fans have expressed their desire that Bride add some ballads on the new project. "Your wish is our command!" Bride will write a ballad or two for this project. Bride understands how much a song like "I miss the rain" meant for so many people. Even though Bride is a heavy metal band, they also have a sensitive side too. But, no more than two slow tunes at the most. The band wants to reestablish themselves and bring back memories of songs like, "Rattlesnakes" "Would you Die for me" from the Snakes in the Playground CD.

    Bride will also be preparing for a returned trip to Brazil in May. The band is anxious to return and hook up with old friends and see what the Lord is doing in the lives of the people of Brazil. This tour is turning out to be more extensive. Bride hopes to tour in many cities where they have not previously had the opportunity to play.

  • CD's in Stock:
    Matrix / Lost Reels 1 (2 CD set) for only $8.00.
    Live to Die $15.00
    Scarecrow Messiah $15.00
    Bride Live at Cornerstone 2001 $12.00
    Fist Full of Bees $15.00
    Bride MP3 CD (107 songs from every major release) $25.00
    Bride Independent MP3 CD (160 songs for every independent release) $25.00
    Oddities $15.00
    The Jesus Experience $15.00
    Snakes in the Playground $15.00

  • Video selection: Welcome to the Show is receiving great praise! This video includes all of the professionally shot videos such as The Worm, Under the Blood, Everybody Knows my Name, Trouble Times, Mamma, Tomorrow makes no Sense, God gave Rock n' Roll to you, the Psychedelic Super Jesus Remix Plus live footage from the Vintage Rock Stage at Cornerstone. Other songs included are War, Beginning of the End, Too Tired, and Soul Winner from Fist Full of Bees. In addition, there are some surprises on the tape also. This is the entire Bride Video collection all on one videocassette. This video is $16.00 (overseas orders add $3.00 per tape for postage)

    Bride will be putting together a brand new video soon of the last Brazil tour combined with a surreal Germany performance. As soon as this comes together a Press Release will be issued.

    Visit Bride at

  • There is a croatian christian metal band called Hope. They have their first live demo out. You can reach them at

  • There is a new Finnish Christian rock/heavy zine called RISTILLINEN. All text are in finnish. For more info mail or

  • Ken Tamplins new cd is titled Wake The Nations. Guestplayers are Marty Friedman, Ritchie Kotzen, Reb Beach, Kee Marcello, Jeff Watson, Pete Lesperence, Mattias Eklundh, Steve Salas and more. Look for an April release.

  • Norwegian black band Arvinger recently released their album Helgards Fall. Musically it is a combination of black and folk music creating a mighty viking sound.

  • Sorrowstorm is a black metal band from Panama, the only one in this nation with christian lyrics. Sorrowstorm's CURSED FIRES OF GEHENNA song has made it to number 2 on the black metal Charts. Go to to download that song. The Cursed fires of gehenna song is part of a 3 song EP to be released in late March/April of 2003. It will be entitled FUNERAL OATH.

  • American death/black metal band Frost Like Ashes have released a 5 song CD-EP titled Pure As The Blood Covered Snow.

  • Bloodgood will play at Cornerstone 2003! Other metalbands that will play there are Mortification and Resurrection band (Rez). More bands will soon be announced. Cornerstone festival takes June 29 - July 5 in Bushnell, Illinois, USA.

  • Lightmare (Power Metal), Slechtvalk (Atmospheric Black Metal), Immortal Souls (Melodic Death Metal) and Brainfaq (Metalcore) will play on a cool metal festival 7th of March in Chemnitz / ZV Bunker in Germany. Festival starts 20.00 p.m. For more info mail or check out the website

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