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    ***METAL  NEWS  021201***

    Have you ever wished that there was a reference book with info about christian metal history and biographies from all bands? Soon your dreams can become true! are considering to do a reference book on Christian Rock / Metal next year.

    They plan to make the book in similar format to their previous- between 3-400 pages with a free compilation CD. However, they would not be willing to undertake the project unless they got some significant backing from Christian bands & labels. So if you play in a christian metal band or work on a christian label do send your cds and biographies to them so they see that the interest is there!!

    All bands that send in material are guaranteed inclusion in Rockdetector if they would just send their stuff in! They include ALL submissions within the 'Rock' category- AOR thru to Grindcore & anything in between. Send cds and biographies to:

    Musicdetector Websites Ltd
    P.O. Box 3138
    New Plymouth

    For more info visit or mail


  • Melodic metallers Laudamus have now finished the recording of their new cd. Producer was no other than Ken Tamplin! They also had some famous guestplayers like Rob Rock (Joshua, Impellitteri), Kee Marcello (Europe), Mattias IA Eklund (Freak Kitchen), Ed Roth, Marty Friedman (Megadeth) and Jeff Scott Soto (Yngwie Malmsteen, Talisman). Wow! Can't wait to hear the result! Look forward to a melodic metal album with plenty of guitars. This will be a very interesting release, indeed.

  • BOBFEST  2003 - Soli  Deo  Gloria
    Bobfest is Europe's biggest Christian Metal Festival. This will be the 5th year this festival is held! It will take place in Linköping, Sweden 14-16 March 2003. Last festival, almost 40% of the people that attended came from countries outside Sweden. Over 14 countries were represented, including Poland, England, Switzerland, Germany, Brazil, Latvia, Holland, Italy, South Africa, Norway, Finland and the USA.

    The lineup this time includes bands like Narnia, Pantokrator, Leviticus (reunion just for Bobfest!!!), Crimson Moonlight, Slechtvalk, Ganglion, Callisto and more... Crimson Moonlight and Pantokrator will both release their new albums on Bobfest.

    Mainspeaker is Pastor Bob Beeman from Sanctuary. There will also be several seminars, workshops and other cool stuff. Festival tickets cost only 24 US dollars (22 Euro) each if you live outside Scandinavia (Sweden, Norway and Denmark). Accomodation is available nearby for a small fee, so you just have to bring your sleepingbags with you. More detailed information can be found on the Bobfest website

  • Neothrone have quit. The bandmembers felt that it was time to go on with other bands. However a demo will still be released ASAP

  • Taketh have now changed their music style to Hybrid Metal. They now play a mixture of power, death, black, doom plus a few nu-metal influences as well.

  • Melodic Metal band Acer are working on a live cd with 7-8 tunes

  • David and Samuel has left Crimson Moonlight and been replaced by Per on guitar and Hubertus from Sanctifica on bass.

  • The metalcore band Oblivion has a new website at

  • The symphonic rock band Brighteye Brison recently released their cd on Rivel Records. They sound like a mix of Kansas, Genesis, Utopia och Yes.

  • Christian Rivel from Narnia is just about to release his solo album called Ett Liv Jag Fått Att Leva (A Life I Have Been Given To Live). It includes covers on tunes written by Pelle Karlsson, Jerusalem, Roland Utbult as well as classic tunes like Bridge Over Trouble Waters etc.

    People interested in this release and the Brighteye Brison can mail for more info

    New releases that will be released on this Spring on Rivel Records are albums with System breakdown, Pantokrator, Crimson Moonlight och Sons Of Thunder.

  • There is an interesting interview with Ken Tamplin at

  • Global Warning has released a cd called Digital Black. The new material i heavier than their previous release

  • I Am Not What Meets The Eye is the debut cd from Tim Rhodes. The music is Classic Metal with some newer influences

    Greetings Everyone, thought I would send out a personal note and get you up to date on what Bride and I am doing.

    Bride has returned from a two-week tour of Brazil. The tour was fantastic as usual. The tour was topped off by two big shows in Sao Paulo where close to 100,000 people attended the two-night event. As always' the band was blessed along the way by the hospitality of the amazing Brazilian people. A video hopefully, will be in the works documenting this trip sometime in 2003. There was a great outpouring of the Holy Spirit during this tour and many folks were introduced for the first time to the truth of the Good News of the Gospel of Christ Jesus.

    The first half of the tour Troy was absent from the band. Scottie Hoaglan the guitarist of the band Nailed filled in for us. It was great to have Scottie around. We used him some year's prior on an U.S. tour. Another treat was having Alex on stage. Alex is Dale's oldest son and Alex got his first experience singing in front of thousands of people.

    Now it is time to do some serious song writing. Troy and Dale are busy organizing music and lyrics and will soon embark with Michael and Lawrence on putting together the next Bride CD. Thus far, one thing has been agreed upon… "MAKE IT HEAVY!" If all goes as planned this will be a self produced, self financed CD and will be released in 2003. Bride would appreciate your input, your prayers and continued support.

    BACK IN PRINT! "Live to Die" Bride's second release. This has been brought back by demand. This CD is $15.00. If you are a true metal head, it doesn't get any more metal than "Live to Die." Another great offer "Scarecrow Messiah" on CD is available for $15.00 some of these are Brazilian issued.

    Bride latest video "Welcome to the Show" is receiving great praise! This video includes all of the professionally shot videos such as The Worm, Under the Blood, Everybody Knows my Name, Trouble Times, Mamma, Tomorrow makes no Sense, God gave Rock n' Roll to you, the Psychedelic Super Jesus Remix Plus live footage from the Vintage Rock Stage at Cornerstone. Other songs included are War, Beginning of the End, Too Tired, and Soul Winner from Fist Full of Bees. In addition, there are some surprises on the tape also. This is the entire Bride Video collection all on one videocassette. This video is $16.00 (overseas orders add $3.00 per tape for postage)

    Other merchandise is available on the Web at

    Thank you for your prayers and support for without them Bride would not be able to carry on.

    In Christ Jesus,

    Dale Thompson

  • Screams of Abel Magazine #31 is now out containing interviews with Crimson Thorn, Sympathy, Mistral and Syringe

  • Ancient Prophecy from Germany are working with their new cd. The song-structures are more progressive and the length of the new songs is in average shorter than their old ones. Look for an album release sometime in January/February 2003.

  • 3:16 is a new Melodic 80s Metal. They have a mini-CD out titled "One Nation Under God".

  • Classic Heavy Metal band Boanerges from Argentina are currently recording 3 songs for a Preproduction of their next CD. The new material is heavier than the tunes on "Señales.." They have also made a cover of Soldiers Under Command with Stryper for a compilation cd.

  • Bleedience is a new black/death metal release from Norways latest extreme metal band featuring Andreas from VIXIVI.

  • Bleakwail is a new band hailing from Finland. They deliver atmospheric black metal with some gothic influences showing through at times. The CD ep is called Songs of Sorrow and it consists of 5 tracks.

  • Finland's Megiddon are another new band. They play a mixture of death and black metal. Their mini cd is called Incidents Before the Time

  • Exousia plays "Majestic Christian black metal with orchestral arrangment & some beautiful female Opera vocals to mix in with the shrill black metal screams. Blistering guitars with lovely keyboards Ultra Modern Metal!" according to Rowe Productions. Welcome to the Kingdom of Light is the name of their release.

  • Rob Rock played at The Power of Metal festival that took place on November 20, 2002 in Orlando, Florida, U.S.A. Rob played along with bands like Edguy and Angra.

  • The thrash band Betrayal has releaesed a new cd titled The Passing Of Time. It's filled with old demosongs from Betrayal and their first band Martyr. CD also includes a CDR video!

  • Norwegian band Vardöger will release a mini-cd with 4 or 5 tunes on Endtime Productions. Vardöger plays real Viking Metal so look forward to a heavy release.

  • The pig thrashers in One Bad Pig have just released for the very first time on CD - "A Christian Banned" from 1986. Originally released on vinyl and limited to 750 units, this classic can now be enjoyed in all of it's unremixed and unremastered glory. For more info visit

  • Classic Heavy Metal band Heavily Armored have a new drummer in Robby Richmond. Their former drummer Kevin has elected to leave the band to attend to his newborn baby and pursue other avenues of music in a church type setting

    Provided by Flávio de Souza and Rosemari de Melo Souza at Metal Mission Mag. Metal Mission is a cool magazine with interviews, news, over 100 addresses of Brazilian Bands, many links, CDs for sale and more....

  • Metal Mission "Brazilian Collection- Vol. II". available now! The compilation contains 13 Brazilian Christian bands, many with songs exclusively recorded for this compilation. The bands are: Kratos (Traditional Heavy Metal, Mortify (Brutal Thrash Death), Clamatorius (Black/Doom), Zurisadai (Old School Black Metal), Devastation (Thrash Metal 90's), Enigma (Traditional Heavy Metal ), Sebaoth (Brutal Deathcore), Seven Angels (Melodic Power Metal with female vocals), Themplo (Melodic Power Metal ), Holy Throne (Symphonic Black Metal), Vulgata (Progressive Metal), Bless (Hard/HM) and Destra (Progressive Metal). The CD costs 10 US dollars (including shipping and handling) and is available at Metal Mission: E-Mail:

  • Just in December CLEMENCY will be releasing their new CD Divine Legions of War by independent way. The band no longer exists. Marcelo Lopes, drummer and founder of the band made this decicion after Luis Carlos, guitarist and vocalist, left the band

  • For those who like a very good Hardcore here's a good option: DESERTOR. This group, which has as leader Pastor Pipe of Zadoque Comunity in Curitiba City makes a great HC/Crossover, mixing influences of 80's bands like RATOS DE PORÃO, THE CRUCIFIED, D.R.I., etc. Their first CD is available now and have a good production. The Title is "Aborto Não!"(Not Abort) all sung in Portuguese. Contacts:

  • ANTIDEMON's new CD is Anillo del Fuego and will be available at II Zadoque in Concert (November/15-16) at Zadoque Comunity in São Paulo. Zadoque is the name of the underground church where Batista (bass/vocals) and his wife Elke (drummer) are pastors. The new album was recorded in Mexico where Antidemon toured during the last months

  • STAUROS will be releasing an EP with 05 new songs next month, showing the new line-up, including the return of former singer, Celso de Freyn

  • On the next weeks the Melodic Power Metal band SEVEN ANGELS will be releasing their first full-length album by Megahard Label. The title will be "The Second Floor"

  • ARTHOS- Is the name of one band formed in 2000, which plays Power Metal with influences of Helloween, Rapshody, Seventh Avenue and Lightmare. Their line up is: Tiago (V), Alberto (G), Magrao (G), Gutho (B) and Paulinho (D). E-Mail:

  • REST, is another Brazilian Christian band formed in 2000. One interesting fact is that the band wears a make-up like Saviour Machine and plays Gothic Metal. You can check it on their website where there's also MP3 available:

  • The new album of BELICA is already recorded and mastered and is being printed. In december, For All, will be available.

  • PROMESSA DIVINA (Symphonic Black Metal) will release their new CD until the beginning of 2003.

  • Death Metal band SKYMETAL recorded a new album that will be entitled: Sepultura (Grave) and will be available next month by Salmus Prod.

  • AMOS has got a new printing (third) of their album Gothic Soul available by Avantage Records

  • DELIVER is working on their new CD that will be released on beginning of 2003. The band has a new guitarist, William, who also plays in another band called TRINIT. The new website of Deliver is The bassist Elias Vasconcellos is also playing with Stauros and has other solo instrumental projects and one sideband called FRANKSTEIN, actually one trio band formed by Edi (Deliver's Drummer), Daniel Ruberti (guitars) and Elias on the bass. Frankstein printed one double independent album last month.

  • New CDS available by Metal Mission Distro:
    • Templo De Fogo "Sacrificio" 05 tracks EP- Melodic Power Metal band.
    • Reobote "Song of Victory" Black Metal with old Kekal influences. One-man band. 6 tracks
    • Miracle "Soldiers of Light" Melodic Prog. Hard/HM/Power. 3 tracks EP

  • Km 107 is the name of a Heavy Metal Program that has been in the air for 5 years. It is produced in Brazil and it's totally opened to Christian Metal. More info: E-Mail:

  • Clamatorius (Black) is changing the line up and musical directions to a more extreme sound.

  • New t-shirts with Antestor is now available at

  • "The Collection, Vol. 1" is a full length CD comprised of three EPs from various bands showcasing different styles in the metal scene. One of the featured bands are Royal Anguish. ROYAL ANGUISH material is a remastered version of the tracks from their 1992/1993 EP "Shocking the Priest". The CD also includes EP's from Soul of the Savior and Tortured Conscience. Both the Soul of the Savior and Tortured Conscience releases have never been made available to the public other than in mp3 format up until this point. For order info contact SotD Records

  • "A BRUTAL CHRISTMAS" is a christmas compilation with numerous bands performing traditional seasonal classics gone metal. It features songs from the following artists: Archer, Kekal, Royal Anguish, Frank's Enemy, Frost Like Ashes, Tortured Conscience, Hearken, Death Requisite, Eversinceve, Faithbomb, Pure Defiance. For order info contact SotD Records

  • Cristo&Rock Zine is a new Brazilian christian metal magazine! Bands can send their material to Cristo&Rock Zine, c/o Ricardo Borges, Cx Postal 15091, ZIP 74501-970 Goiania GO, BRAZIL

    More info can also be found on their website

    Christmas Rock Night seems to be a very cool event! The lineup includes bands like Seventh Avenue, Mortification, Jerusalem, Morphia, Stavesacre and many more. The festival takes place in Haus Ennepetal, Ennepetal (Germany) 6th - 7th of December. Tickets for the whole festival cost 55 EURO (preorder), 61 EURO (at the door) For more info mail: or check out their homepage:

  • The german power metal band Seventh Avenue have just released their new cd Between The Worlds. Other good news is that they have recently been signed to Massacre Records in Germany

    The recording process for our next album has going great so far. About 80% of the material is now recorded, and some of the songs have already been mixed-down. The album title will be "1000 Thoughts of Violence" and there are 9 songs on it. We will not put some bonus track(s) this time. All the songs are newly written ones, and all of them will be on the album.

    "1000 Thoughts of Violence" will be our most focused, involved, and appropriately-produced album, as we are using more time in the studio than any other albums we did in the past. We can say that this is our most extreme, most violent, and yet the most technical and progressive material we have done so far. In other words, this is our finest album yet so far.

    We have finished recording and mixing the new album! Details will be released in the upcoming weeks. We are really looking forward to having you all hear it! Look for an early spring 2003 release on Metal Blade.

    All 10 Tourniquet CD's are in stock. For the first time in several months, we have all 10 Tourniquet CD's in stock, including Vanishing Lessons and Carry the Wounded. Several people have emailed us wondering about a discount on purchasing all 10 CD's. For a limited time - $125 for all 10 CD's including shipping for US orders. Foreign orders - $125 plus shipping. Order at

    We are considering releasing a live concert on DVD. It may actually be TWO concerts on one DVD - an "old" concert and a "newer" one. Remember, we said "considering"

    Ted plans to begin working on the long-awaited Drumming Instructional Video (or DVD) in December. Look for a mid to late summer 2003 release - maybe sooner

    Back ordered T shirts in stock soon Several T shirt designs have been on back order for some time. We plan to have them back in stock by early December. Sorry for the wait.

    Thanks and God Bless.


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***METAL  NEWS  020911***

  • Brittish classic metal band Stairway recently released their new album titled On Hallowed Ground

  • Azahel (former vocalist for the now-extinct band Possession, presently with Frost Like Ashes) is making some of Possession's CDs available for sale again. The cds Eternally Haunt, Unnamable Suffering, and Scourge & Fire should be available soon. For more info visit or send Azahel an e-mail at

    The band has been writing music in preparation for the recording of their 2nd Metal Blade release. Recording will begin sometime around September 2002 with veteran Tourniquet producer Bill Metoyer at the helm. Expect ultra-heavy thick guitar sounds, classical influence, lots of tempo and melodic changes, and the most involved drumming of any Tourniquet release...

    "Guitarist Aaron Guerra is no longer in Tourniquet. He is starting a family and is not able to continue the commitment required for recording, doing shows, etc. He was a friend and a valuable contributor to the band for eight years. We wish him well. Ted, Luke and Steve will begin recording the new Metal Blade album beginning early September or so. As for the guitars... expect some heavy guitar firepower. We'll leave it at that for now...

    We look forward to continuing the music and ministry of Tourniquet. So, after the album is recorded, we will be seeking a new guitarist."

  • The new Faithbomb disc "Bleed" is now available. This is the second full length album from Texas groove/thrash masters Faithbomb. Way heavier and better produced than their debut "The American Jesus", this new release is sure to turn some heads:

  • The show Real Videos, which airs on the TBN channel, has produced an hour long Stryper special that was aired August 31st

    Greetings Everyone, thought I would send out a personal note and get you up to date on what Bride and I am doing.

    Bride has re-released the CD's Live to Die and Scarecrow Messiah. This is a limited release and we hope to get these CD's into the hands of everyone who has not yet found them. They have been out of print for a very long time. Each CD is $15.00.

    The Oddities Video is almost gone so if you have not yet ordered one and you are planning to now is the time. This video is $15.00.

    Bride latest video "Welcome to the Show" is receiving great praise! This video includes all of the professionally shot videos such as The Worm, Under the Blood, Everybody Knows my Name, Trouble Times, Mamma, Tomorrow makes no Sense, God gave Rock n' Roll to you, the Psychedelic Super Jesus Remix Plus live footage from the Vintage Rock Stage at Cornerstone. Other songs included are War, Beginning of the End, Too Tired, and Soul Winner from Fist Full of Bees. In addition, there are some surprises on the tape also. This is the entire Bride Video collection all on one videocassette. This video is $16.00 (overseas orders add $3.00 per tape for postage)

    MP3 discs are still available. Acquire every song that Bride has ever recorded. MP3 Major Releases which includes the songs from all of their CD's produced through record labels or The Independent CD which includes every song from their Independent Releases. Reduced price for those who want both discs! Take both the Major Release and the Independent Release for $40.00 or $25.00 each

    Bride is planning to return to the studio soon to begin a self financed project, which we may be releasing independently. Troy and I have almost 20 songs written and are still in the writing mode.

    The new cd is expected to be released in early 2003. With band, members recording side projects this year little time has been spent on writing new material for Bride. When the band returns from Brazil at the end of September there will be an all out assault on writing and putting together Bride's heaviest CD to date.

    For better or for worse Bride is no longer affiliated with any label. One thing is certain, Bride knows they can always depend upon support from their friends to make this a very success CD which, will reach the lost and bless those who are saved.

    Bride Concert Dates:
    Sept 19 - 30 Brazil Tour (Part 1) More info to come
    Oct 4 -11 SOS Brazilian Tour (Part 2) More info to come
    Oct 12 Brasilia Brazil
    Oct 26 Recife Brazil

    Yes Bride is returning to Brazil! The dates are tentatively Sept 19th through the 30th. These will be posted soon on the concert page.

    I am hoping to add chapters to the online book very soon. I have been gathering notes and trying to remember key moments to add. Keep checking and watch for the updates.

    One last thing, Spiritually speaking, the band is doing wonderful walking in the light as Jesus is the light, which lights every man that comes into the world. We have been so blessed over the years by the Lord through you the fans and we want to thank you for your continued love, prayers and support.

    Bride loves to hear your testimonies. Something that Bride has never done was to request your testimonies. If the music of Bride has been a blessing to you or a message from Dale has touched you by the Spirit in some way and you would like to share that with us Email Bride at or send a letter to Bride 295 Churchview Road, West Point KY 40177 Your correspondence is welcomed and encouraged.

    Thank you for your prayers and support for without them Bride would not be able to carry on.

    In Christ Jesus,

    Dale Thompson

  • The collection Screams of Abbadon II is now out on Dysmorphic Records. This cd contains some of the most brutal christian metal there are.

    01: Exousia - Master Of Masters
    02: Benovolence - Human Disposal Machine
    03: Pergamon - Why
    04: Encryptor - Brutalizer Of Humanity
    05: Encryptor - Images Of Tragedy
    06: Syringe - Strength
    07: Secretion - From Death To Life
    08: Exorcism - Amort Vigil
    09: Death Requisite - Crimson Savior
    10: Ministros Del Santuario - Encadenado
    11: Nihilist - John 3-16
    12: Sympathy - Realm Of Disease
    13: Chains Of Bondage - Everyday Tragedy
    14: Soul Of The Savior - Farewell To The Flesh
    15: Sorrowstorm - Nocturnal Apparition
    16: Goredeath - Cast Into Darkness (remix)
    17: Sorrowstorm - Chanting The Last Passages

  • Michael Sweet has been very busy lately, not only working on his next solo release but also producing. He has been working with several bands, one of which is Mass! You may remember them from when Michael produced their 1989 Enigma release Voices In The Night. Fans of Mass can now keep up with the band at their official website.

  • More news from Robert Sweet's band Blissed. Now available is a limited edition, numbered and autographed EP. As a bonus with every CD purchased, names will be entered into a contest with the winning prize being a Blissed Recording Collection. This prize contains a variety of cool items used in the recording of the blissed CD in a collectors frame. Order your copy now, as there will be only four hundred and forty four CD's pressed!

  • Stryper was voted the 27th best band on VH-1's top 40 hair bands-list

  • Death Metal band Crimson Thorn have now released their new cd. The title is Purification.


    Introducing our newest signing, TRANSCENDUS. TRANSCENDUS just signed a lifetime deal (yes, lifetime deal) with THT Productions few months ago and their debut album "Nocturnal Ambience" is out now on THT Productions. This trio is a really unique band as they mix dark ambient and dark metal compositions. Their original compositions are totally inspired by the random movements of nature. "Nocturnal Ambience" has 9 compositions ranging from calm, relaxing and almost transcending ambient sonicscapes, to scary minimalist pieces of random dark symphony, to the simple chaotic raw metal blasts!

    After few months studio delay, the band is now at the final stages of the mixing process for their most anticipated new album entitled "Default". Started out as an experimental death metal outfit and switched gear towards gothic electronic metal, their new material is now full of mood-orientated, progressive, dark post-rock with the significant influences from RADIOHEAD, PINK FLOYD (70's era), COCTEAU TWINS, CAMEL ('70's era), Joni Mitchell, Joan Baez, to GORDIAN KNOT and recent ULVER. As the structures built equal electronic and organic, EXCISION stays clear to any labeling stereotype within both 'rock' and 'electronic' genres. As a formerly extreme metal band which now ventures into a new dimension, their new musical direction surely will be an interesting alternative to all of us. There are 9 songs in the album. Some titles are: Saturday Rain, The Rose Kitchen, Snowy Little Cold Rock, Blessing In Disguise, Standpoint, etc. THT Productions will release their album very soon as a limited edition 500 copies hand-numbered, and the CD is enhanced with a bonus interactive PC CD-ROM contains the latest information as well as history of the band. EXCISION website at:

    These Indonesian extreme metallers are currently starting to write new material for their next full-length album (which is expected to be out early 2003) as the follow-up to their impressive 3rd album "The Painful Experience" (2001). In the meantime, they have a split CD out now (with Dutch dark metal band SLECHTVALK, released by Fear Dark Records). The split CD is entitled "Chaos & Warfare" with 4 songs each band. Out of 4 songs from Kekal there is a classic TROUBLE cover "The Skull", as well as "Mean Attraction", the (hit) song from "The Painful Experience" album. Visit Fear Dark Website at KEKAL website:

    The band has finished recording a new full-length album entitled "D-Liverance" and currently looking for labels to underlicense and release the new album. The music is totally fresh, riff-monger groove/thrash/black/speed metal, mixing old-school influences (HELLHAMMER/CELTIC FROST, VENOM, BATHORY, DISCHARGE) with modern metal production, elements, and arrangements. This is a hybrid of all interesting extreme metal styles done in 2 decades and they will bring it to the next decade! DOCTOR D website:

    Their infamous album "Into Total Destruction" (2000) has been totally sold-out for some months now.. This self-proclaimed Apokalyptic Destruction metal band known for receiving many contradictory comments all over the world, and reviews that gave this album from 2/10 to 10/10. We decided to re-release "Into Total Destruction" but this time with a 24-bit digital remaster to give their unbelievably raw sound a more balance... Watch out for September 2002 release. Beware of Armageddon destruction! Band website:

    For ordering information of above releases visit the website:

  • Extreme Mardi Gras took off August 17, 2002 in Anaheim in California. The setting included the bands Barren Cross, Deliverance, Jordan, Krush, Neon Cross, Blissed, Junker Jorg, Disciple, Salt, Band Of Wild Angels, Ultimatum, D.O.G., Subdux, AMR, and more.

    To celebrate this cool event a special cd has been released titled Extreme Mardi Gras compilation

    Track Listing:
    1) Mardi Gras 2002 Radio Spot
    2) Barren Cross "Here I Am"
    3) Blissed "I Hate You" *
    4) Krush "Sindrome"
    5) Disciple "Wait" *
    6) Junker Jorg "Problem Of Pain"
    7) Oil "Scream"
    8) Neon Cross "Sometimes" (Live) *
    9) Jordan "The Road
    10) Ultimatum "The Purging"
    11) Band Of Wild Angels "Heart Soul Mind" *
    12) D.O.G. "Pay The Piper" *
    13) Subdux (fka Titanic) "Hypnotik" *
    14) All Man Rise "Thru The Fire" *
    15) Biogenesis "FallBack" *
    and a Bonus Mystery Track

    * Indicates a track that has not yet been released and is exclusive to this disc ! (Track listing is subject to changes/additions) These are Promotional Only Discs! There are only a few available to the public, as most of them are being distributed to the bands, and to media to help promote the show. Read more about this event at

  • Drive is ex-Barren Cross singer Mike Lee's new band

  • Former Whitecross guitar hero Rex Carrol now has a bluesband! They are currently working on a fullength cd.

  • Recon fans rejoice! Recon now finally has an official website. They also have a new singer in Rod and a new keyboardplayer in Todd Levvy. For more info about this cool heavy metal band check out

  • Krush has a new cd out, "Sindrome".

  • Whitecross played at Cornerstone this Summer! The setting included both Scott Wenzel and Rex Carrol! Let's just hope they continue with this setting. There might even be a livecd from this gig... I'll keep you updated.

  • ROCK SOUND, one of the most important, if not the most important music magazine in Spain is putting out an AOR/HARD ROCK SPECIAL ISSUE. Every 3 months this magazine puts out an especial issue covering one music style in particular and this time they have decided to go for aor/hard rock music. Rock Sound has asked ROCK IN SPAIN to act as a contact bettween the magazine and the labels and bands giving us the chance to offer to you an special and very attractive package that includes an article and interview of each band also including information of each label and puting one song on a compilation CD which is attached to the magazine. The magazine pressing is of 28 000 units on full color-high quality paper and it can be found on every point of Spain.

    We think this is a great way to promote any band you wish to include and also your label for future realeases and we really recommend you to consider this option as you can be shure that 28 000 people are going to read and hear your band(s) name hand in hand with first class already confirmed for this issue.

    If you are interested in this project please contact us as soon as possible as the space is limited and we will tell you more about it. We thank you for your attention and are looking forward to hear from you. Sincerily
    The best promotion and distribution in Spain

  • Progressive Metallers Test Of Faith started to record a new 3-track cd August 31st.

  • Meathead Records is looking for bands for metal compilation. It is free to get on. It will be the largest single collection of unsigned Heavy Metal bands ever released. 5 CD's, a Video CD (or DVD) poster, stickers, pin or badge - all in a cool black box. Will sell for only $29 - Deadline for submissions is November 30. Limited to 1000 copies worldwide. Information and submission form at:

  • The brutal grindcore band Vomitorial Corpulence has new members, Bass player-Maria Green, Low Vox-Ziggy Peters,High Vox-Joshua Kellerman and they're still looking for a drummer. VC has been working on new songs for the up and coming cd "Insalubrious Collagery of Pernicious Sepsis Infestation",will be recorded in September/October and will be released by Morbid Records sometime early 2003. Also Skin Stripper has been re-released by Morbid Records and is out now. A new cd is also on the way.

  • There is an interesting Bloodgood article at

  • Melodic Power Metal band Hallowed from Finland would like to thank the fans for their support over the past several years. The group has officially disbanded, but the legacy lives on. In closing, they want to be remembered not for the tenure among you, but for what they stood for - The Rock Of Ages, Jesus Christ

  • MORTIFICATION  NEWS The long awaited new CD titled Relentless is now released. It will not be in any stores in the US or Europe until Dec/Jan so until then it will be available on the website only. The CD features 12 blistering new tracks that musically cover the whole range of what the band has done before. Check our MP3 section to hear Web of Fire & Priests of The Underground. Canadian guitarist Jeff Lewis added his magnificent writing & laying to help make this CD what many are calling The Best Mortification CD yet. As you can see in the Photo the current lineup features 4 members. Steve welcomes Mick Jelinic into the band who is an established Metal Guitarist from Melbourne Australia where The Band resides. Mick has been playing The Australian Metal scene as long as Steve and being just a few monthe younger than Steve at 37 is an accomplished player.

    Originally the choice for new guitarist was between Jeff & Mick with Jeff getting the gig with Mick coming in latter. Jeff added true class to this CD but will not be returning from Canada due to financial, accomadation & Immigration problems. The saga continues but Steve, Adam & Mick will continue on as a 3 piece unit as always. The band did one show in June as a 4 piece. It was awesome for those who got the chance to see the one Mortification show ever as a 4 peice.



    To All the Faithful "D" fans:

    Jimmy P. Brown II, founding member of Deliverance and co-owner Manny Morales would like to issue the following statement:

    After much thought and contemplation, both Manny and I have decided, After a brief comeback to the music scene with Deliverance, to call it quits for the 2nd time. The reasons are multiple but can be summed up in some very real truths...

    We want to settle into our family lives of being good husbands to our wives and good fathers to our kids. "D" has a HUGE history and we are very thankful to the fans for all the good times that "D" has brought to our lives. We will cherish the memories forever...

    From 1985 to the present I have tried to make music that can appeal to all types of people. I believe that I have succeeded in that endeavor and simply feel that it is time to move on. We truly hope that you will remember your favorite songs, moments and love for the "D." But, it is time for the "sleeping midget" to lay its head back to rest...

    "D" broke much ground for a lot of the bands that are in play today. We had some great accomplishments that are listed in the "History Page" and we know that we will live on through those bands that claim and name us as an influence. So, if you are a fan of the "old D," cherish those memories!!! If you are a fan of the "latter D," cherish those memories as well!!!

    I will continue to make music as I only know how to along with Manny and some other talented individuals that have the same vision. When that is ready, we will make that music available to all who would listen. So, again... Thank you for the memories and for the faithfulness of most of our fans out there... You KNOW who you are and we are ever so grateful for your continued supports of our efforts throughout the years...

    Here's to the music, and here's to you... The TRUE "D" fans...


    Jimmy P. Brown II
    Manny Morales

    1985 - 1996
    2000 - 2002

  • Norwegian thrashers Arise Eternal now have a new song available for download. The tune is called Heal The Sick and is one of the 3 songs that will appear on the new demo, which will be released this autum.

    Arise Eternal has also participated in a black metal project called Arvinger. 5 songs are available for download at

  • SEVENTH AVENUE tours South America!
    The german power metal band Seventh Avenue is just about to tour South America. Here are the current dates:
    13 Septiembre: Goiania - Brasil.
    14 de Septiembre: Brasília - Brasil.
    15 de Septiembre: Vitória - Brasil.
    18 de Septiembre: LIMA - PERÚ.
    20 de Septiembre: São Paulo - Brasil.
    21 de Septiembre: Ipatinga - Brasil.
    22 de Septiembre: Uberlândia - Brasil.
    27 de Septiembre: Curitiba - Brasil.
    28 de Septiembre: Recife - Brasil.

    Seventh Avenue will very soon release their new cd Between The Worlds. You can already prelisten to one of the tunes on the album at

  • Classic Metal band Shining Force has signed a record deal with Blood Bought records.

  • Hardrock/Metal band Symbols are playing The L.A. Korean Festival on Saturday September 28th. at 6:00 p.m. on the main stage. They will be the only Christian band playing there. For more info check out the bands megacool web site

  • Bloodbought Records is a cool label for extreme christian music. They are currently looking for unsigned Christian Metal/Punk/Hardcore/Alternative bands who are interested in submitting demos for possible future recording projects. Bands who are dedicated not only to making music but even more dedicated to their faith in Jesus Christ.

    Please send demos w/ band bio, song lyrics, name, address, phone #, and email address to the address under the Contact section. All submissions will be reviewed for consideration for upcoming projects. Send all material to Bloodbought Records 120 E. Main St. Apt# 1 Tuckerton, NJ 08087 Find out more about the label at

  • Ancient Prophecy is a cool german band

  • Doble Filo is a Spanish Christian Metal Resource

  • Irenic is a blues influenced hard rock band with a metal edge. They are currently looking for a bassplayer

  • Purgation is doom metal band for fans of Black Sabbath and Solitude Aeturnus. They recently released a cd titled Among The Dead

  • Barren Cross fans should definately check out their official and improved website


  • Veni Domine has finished the mixing for the forth coming cd!! "We are working to get the release dates for our fourth cd, as well are we working to raise our new site, that will contain both some pretty serious and funny stuff. At present the scanner is working overtime to digitalize some rare pics that makes a grown man blush....hopefully we will get our hands on some rare livetakes as well on video."

    Bobfest is Europes biggest Christian Metal Festival. This will be the 5th year this festival is held! BobFest will be held once again in Linköping, Sweden 14-16 March 2003. Last festival, almost 40% of the people in attendance came from countries outside Sweden. Over 14 countries were represented, including Poland, England, Switzerland, Germany, Brazil, Latvia, Holland, Italy, South Africa, Norway, Finland and the USA. This is a metal festival you don't want to miss. More detailed information will soon be found on the BobFest website

  • Melodic metallers Laudamus is currently in the USA recording their new cd. Producer is no less than Ken Tamplin!

  • Taketh has recently recorded some more tracks in the black metal vein. Check'em out at

  • Samuel Emtlind, the singer in the metalcore band Oblivion was brutally attacked by satanists!! Oblivon were playing the Hovstock festival. When they had only two tunes left to play two satanists all of a sudden jumped onstage. Everything happened so fast so the guards were taken by surprise and didn't act fast enough to stop them. The satanists then took Samuel to the back side of the stage. There they hit him with their fists and pulled off a big piece of his hair. After a while the satanists stopped hitting him. Then the guards finally came and arrested the satanists.

    "The satanists said that it was the Devil that had sent them. They were out of their minds and their eyes were filled with evil" saids Samuel Emtlind. "I guess they couldn't take that we play music with a christian message" saids drummer Håkan Sjöquist.

    Even though Samuel felt plenty of pain the band still did their last tune. Then they went directly to the hospital. Fortunately enough, Samuel Emtlind's injuries were not as bad as they could have been, he only got some bruises and some pain in the back. Read more about it att Oblivion's website

    This story really shows how important it is to pray for protection for christian metal bands when they play secular places.

  • The production of Narnia's 4th studio-album "The Great fall" is still in progress. This time we will give You a concept album based on some of today's topical issues.

    The titles on the album:
    INTRODUCTION (Yet untitled)
    WAR (The countdown has begun)
    THE GREAT FALL OF MAN (14 minute epic song)
    + one yet untitled instrumental.

    We are also pleased to announce two very special guests: ANDERS JOHANSSON (Former drummer of Yngwie Malmsteen's Rising Force, now drummer of Hammerfall) and ERIC CLAYTON (Vocalist of Saviour Machine). They perform on one track each. The release is planned for spring 2003.

    Regards, Narnia

  • Rivel Records is the new name of the label formerly known as C.L Music & Publishing. The label is running by Christian Rivel who is also the singer of Narnia.The main goal with the label is to release good albums with a good message to the people in this world. During 2002-2003 Rivel Records will release cool albums from bands like Vindication, Sons Of Thunder, Brighteye Brison, Christian Rivel, Windy City & Crimson Moonlight and more releases will follow. Listen to soundsamples from artists on Rivel Records under the file soundfiles: The first release on Rivel Records is Vindication's debut cd.

    Bands on Rivel Records:
    Wisdom Call
    Sons Of Thunder
    Brighteye Brison
    Windy City
    Christian Rivel
    Crimson Moonlight

    Sanctifica's latest release Negative B has sold out. A new pressing will soon be done on Rivel Records.

  • Windy City is Narnia singer Christian Rivel's new symphonic project. They are working with a cd. Kerry Livgren from the legendary band Kansas will play on one tune on their album.

  • Sanctifica have a new vocalist, his name is David Seiving and is most recently known for handling the bass guitar and clean vocals in Crimson Moonlight. His vocals can also be heard in Stardust Inc. on the Negative B album. Sanctifica will also do a mini tour in Finland

    Tour dates:
    Wednesday, October 2 Turku, Old School
    Thursday, October 3 Helsinki, Semifinal
    Friday, October 4 Jyväskylä, Bar 68

  • Sons of Thunder is now mixing their new album together with Torbjörn Weinesjo (guitarist and producer in swedish metal band Veni Domine). Sons is very happy to work with Torbjörn and the first songs are being mixed as this is written, and are really sounding great. By sheer coincidence or should I rather say divine intervention by our mighty God was it that Michael called Torbjörn (a long time friend of his) not long ago just to talk a little. It all ended up with Torbjorn wanting to help out with the mixing-part, and admitting that he had thought about working with Sons a while ago, like it was God's call. Now the pieces fell in place and all involved is happy about the way it is turning out. The release-date is not yet decided, but keep checking this page for the latest news.

  • Pantokrator is currently in studio working with their new cd.

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    ***METAL  NEWS  020525***

  • Bloodgood now have a new official website at

  • The band members of Sacred Warrior are sad to announce that Rey Parra has decided not to re-join the band. After much prayer, God has shown him that his duties and responsibilities in his home church, job, and family require him to stay focused there. He will be missed.

  • Intense  Radio  and  Sanctuary  International  Merge!
    URGENT: The URL is going away permanently. Please update your links and bookmarks accordingly. Feel free to use any of these URL's as they will all point to this home page:,, We are in the process of merging the Intense Radio site and services with Sanctuary International Ministries. This is a huge undertaking, so we ask that you be patient with us during this time of transition. This is an exciting time for ministry and we will do the best we can to provide a viable platform for discipleship and outreach.

    A few things to expect from the new site: Your own personalized email service (similar to Hotmail or YahooMail) on the domain. Brand new chat & message boards/forums program. The same Intense Radio band interviews and news that you are used to getting. Classes with notes and multimedia that you can participate in. Your own personalized online bookmarks, a site calendar, newsgram, devotionals, daily scripture, surveys, shopping, postcards, etc... Plus much, much more...

    Just keep in mind that all of this is still under construction and in transition mode, so many of the pages you'll see are the same ol' pages you've always seen; but rest assured that they will be changing.
    Thankx & God Bless You,
    Pastor Bob & Jason.

  • Faithbomb have almost finished their new cd. They also have a new website at

    Roxx Productions, Sanctuary International and are pleased to announce the complete line up for Extreme Mardi Gras 2002. You’ve been watching and waiting as bands have been added, finally after much careful consideration, the line up is complete.

    ** MAIN STAGE **
    Barren Cross (with all original members)
    Blissed (featuring Robert Sweet)
    Neon Cross
    Junker Jorg
    Salt ( Featuring former members of Vengeance Rising)
    Subject 7
    Band Of Wild Angels (Featuring ex-members of Holy Solder. Will do Holy Soldier and H.E.R.O covers!

    ** SIDE STAGE **

    Subdux ( formerly know as Titanic )
    Disciples Of God
    Shop 11 Phoenix
    Curbside Wilderness
    All Man Rise

    There you have it the official line up for Extreme Mardi Gras 2002, August 17th in Southern California. You don’t want to miss this once in a lifetime show! Tickets are Extremely limited...get yours today! For more details please visit Roxx Productions.


  • DOCTOR D (ex-BEALIAH & ARMAGEDDON HOLOCAUST member) is currently recording new material for his new band's (also named DOCTOR D) 1st full-length album, entitled "D-Liverance". Jeff from KEKAL is joining forces with The Doctor!! And he is producing the album as well. This album will be a strong statement of the band's new direction, called "Metallic Dark Groove". Taking the best from black metal, early speed/thrash, and modern groove metal, the band unifies all those elements into none but the original DOCTOR D's edge!! Some of the titles in the works: Q-Factor, Emptyhollow, The Widowmaker, Hazardous Aquatic Transmission. Visit their updated website:

  • KEKAL's newest release "The Painful Experience" is doing very well and it has already got many good reviews from the media and also good responses from metalheads all around the world! Their new album has been sold nearly 1000 copies within 3 months! The band is currently recording 2 new songs for the next release, possibly a split CD. Their guitarist Leo left the band as he moved to Australia last year. No replacement has been considered yet. Jeff (guitar/vocals) and Azhar (bass/vocals) will remain in the band. Watch an interview of Kekal at an Indonesian recording & musicians magazine AudioPro on their March 2002 issue. For latest news about the band, visit the Kekal official website at:

  • The recording of DISASTROUS AGE debut album has been put on hold as the founding member Dark Thriller recently quit the band. There are some indications that Dark Thriller will be back with another mayhemic album of ARMAGEDDON HOLOCAUST in the near future. More news will be coming soon. In the meanwhile, check out ARMAGEDDON HOLOCAUST website at:

  • EXCISION is currently writing new songs for next album entitled "Default". Their new material will be full of mood-oriented progressive dark rock in the vein of RADIOHEAD, PINK FLOYD, COCTEAU TWINS, and CAMEL. As a formerly extreme metal band which now ventures into a new dimension, their new musical direction surely will be an interesting addition to all of us. Fans of new KATATONIA, THE GATHERING, PARADISE LOST, and ANATHEMA will love this. Still Available, their latest album "Visi". Visit their website:

  • KEKAL- The Painful Experience
    The finest new album yet from this great Indonesian extreme metal band you love or hate!! THT Productions release the cassette version of "The Painful Experience" with 2 bonus tracks (total tracks: 12). The CD version of this album is now released by 2 labels: Clenchedfist Records (USA) for North American market exclusively, and Fear Dark Records (Holland) for European market exclusively. E-mail for more info on how to get the album. Or visit their website at

    Kekal has just finished recording for the upcoming split CD with SLECHTVALK entitled "Resist, Unite, Attack". The split is scheduled to be released by Fear Dark Records in June 2002. Watch out for the sheer brutality of extreme metal! KEKAL also did the cover of TROUBLE "The Skull" on the split.

    KEKAL is invited to participate on the Tribute to the 80's doom metallers TROUBLE. Other bands on the tribute will be SPIRITUAL BEGGARS, THIS TORTURED SOUL, MOOD, RISE AND SHINE, etc.. The tribute will only be available on mp3's for downloads.

    KEKAL is also joining the Baroeg Benefit Compilation CD, a compilation CD to help Baroeg, a heavy metal club in Rotterdam, Holland. The compilation is scheduled to be released on May 2002 and will be largely distributed around Netherlands and perhaps other Benelux countries. Other bands on the compilation are IMMORTAL, LOCK UP, BOLT THROWER, VADER, ARCH ENEMY, MARDUK, SOILWORK, DYING FETUS, DEW-SCENTED, among others. Many thanks to label Fear Dark for their hard work and great support to KEKAL.

    Fear Dark also made "The Painful Experience" Long-Sleeve shirt, for ordering information, e-mail them at or visit their website Cassette version of all 3 KEKAL albums are available at THT Productions.

    For all available THT Productions releases and other distributed items, visit THT Productions Online Webstore at

  • Some of the guys in the old thrash metal band Possession are back with a new sound. If you're into Cradle of Filth, Dimmu Borgir, this is for you... The band is called Frost Like Ashes These guys might be the biggest thing to hit the underground since Horde.

  • Rob Rock and Roy Z are working on the new studio album and will soon meet in Los Angeles to begin recording. The new album is expected to be completed by the end of July with the release date to be announced.


  • Surrender is a brand new melodic metal band. They play covers with Stryper, Holy Solder etc and also have own material on the way. Recently they had a successful gig at the event Plattform in their hometown Alingsås. There were like 250 people in the audience. The band played the covers Stranger (Holy Soldier) and Surrender (Stryper) and 6 surrendered their lives to the Lord that evening! (Amen!)

  • NeoThrone is another new band with a heavy 80s influence.

  • Acer is yet another new promising band. They play 80s Metal and have a democd titled C.I.A. out. Yeah, it seems like 80s Metal finally are on the way back again!

  • Narnia is currently recording a new cd that will be both heavier and faster than the previous ones. It will be a theme album and goes under the working name "The Great Fall". They also have a new bass-player. His name is Andreas Olsson. To find out more about him, take a look at the biography section at

  • Allsherjar is a new black band. They played on the carneval in Lund and 1 person got saved. Amen

  • God has opened some big doors for Vital Sign. They was included on a cd that was attached to the secular brittish hardrock magazine Powerplay that reach out to ca 20.000 people. (Wow!) Vital Sign's debut cd was released in November and their AOR (Adult Oriented Rock)-influenced hardrock have got good feedback from secular press. For more info visit

  • Pergamon have after much praying and searching finally found new members on bass and guitar. The new members are the twins Emil & Jonas Karlsson. Lots have happened musically too. Based on this, they have decided to change the name of the band to Taketh. They already have a brand new, 10 minute long black metal tune with lots of melody and clean vocals. Roughly, Taketh's music can be described as a melodic mix of death and black metal, with heavy influences from power metal and folk music.

  • Pantokrator har recently launched a new website. The new address at They also plan to enter the studio in August/September to start recording a fullength.

  • Harmony is a new band in the melodic/power metal vein. Fans of Narnia and Yngwie Malmsteen are gonna drool when they here this very talented band!

  • Veni Domine is working hard to finish their new cd. Some other great news is that Fredrik, the singer now has recovered from the illness in his throat and can sing without problems again. Amen. (He couldn't sing for about a year)

  • Tamplin Teams Up With Whitesnake Members!
    Ken Tamplin is going to be singing with Rudi Sarzo on bass (from Quiet Riot and Whitesnake), Doug Aldridge on lead guitar (from House Of Lords, Whitesnake and Bad Moon Rising), Glen Sobel on drums (from Impelliteri and played with members from Cypress Hill), and Edward Harris Roth on keys (from Impelliteri and Mark Benia). Entitled "Crusade," the album will be in the Whitesnake vein and released on Z Records.


    Hi Metal Fans!! Steve Rowe here welcoming you to the new Rowe Productions/ Mortification website located back here in Australia. At the moment I am in the process of building Rowe Productions/ Mortification back up from ground level. As you will see I have some older releases still available at great prices with some exciting new releases soon to arrive. Highlights to look forward to very soon:

    1- MORTIFICATION- "TEN YEARS- 1990 TO 2000- POWER PAIN & PASSION" CD featuring songs from all 9 studio albums plus the 3 official Live projects. Incudes 4 bonus tracks recorded acoustic Live on the 2001 World Tour. Also extensive Pictorial History of the band. A must have for all true Mortification fans. Check this new CD & the entire Mortification back catalogue on our new MP3 downloads section.


    3- MORTIFICATION- "RELENTLESS" *NEW CD!!!!* Yes the new Mortification CD now officially titled "RELENTLESS" will be available from this site by early July 2002. Featuring 10 brand new Brutal True Evangelistic Christian War Metal!!!!!!! Featuring the lineup of Steve Rowe- Bass/ Vocals, Adam Zaffarese- Drums & Hotshot Canadian Guitarist Jeff Lewis. Also features cover artwork by Troy Dunmire "Primitive Rhythm Machine", EnVision EvAngelene" & "Triumph of Mercy". Im excited!!!!!!!

    4- New Cybergrind album late 2002. The Undisputed fastest Christian Grind band in the World! Twice as fast as "Transcend" their debut CD! and also twice as good.

    5- New Mortification Merchandise, T- Shirts and Long Sleeves coming to this site regularly from now on. Stay Online!

    6- Awesome releases by Die Version (Death Metal meets Ramstein), Exousia- Christian black metal at its most brutal & Antidemon- Chritian black/ Death Metal that will leave you glued to the wall. 27 songs of Grindart brilliance unsurpassed in recent times.

    7. Massive bargains on Mortification Tshirts & Long Sleeves from the 2001 World Tour. NOW AVAILABLE!

    Mortification continues on as strongly as ever. Unfortunately following the world tour last year Lincoln left the band but has been replaced by Canadian guitarist Jeff Lewis. Jeff is an accomplished player who will be recording a new album with myself and Adamin in April/May. It should be available from this web site by late June. We are currently labelless as the Mortification "Conquer The World" DVD will be our last release with Nuclear Blast. I am confident we will be picked up by bigger labels again but initially the new CD "Relentless" will be released independently on Rowe Productions. The music is a mix of everything we have done before, something to please everyone. Unrelenting Christian War Metal!!!

    Metal Blessings

    Bride - The Organic Years is now available (The entire Jesus Experience and Oddities albums) Only 370 made! Autographed. This album also includes the original art with the new double disc art that features a chapter from the upcoming Bride book.

    BACK IN PRINT! "Live to Die" Bride's second release. This has been brought back by demand. This CD is $15.00. If you are a true metal head it doesn't get any more metal than "Live to Die."

    Bride is now taking orders for the Brand New Bride Video. This video includes all of the professionally shot videos such as The Worm, Under the Blood, Everybody Knows my Name, Trouble Times, Mamma, Tomorrow makes no Sense, God gave Rock n' Roll to you, the Psychedelic Super Jesus Remix Plus live footage from the Vintage Rock Stage at Cornerstone. Other songs included are War, Beginning of the End, Too Tired, and Soul Winner from Fist Full of Bees. In addition, there are some surprises on the tape also. This is the entire Bride Video collection all on one videocassette. This video is $16.00 (overseas orders add $3.00 per tape for postage) When ordering request the Video "Welcome to the show." This video does not yet appear on our Merchandise Page on our Web Site but you may still order it through this email.

    Meanwhile Bride still has copies of "The Best of Bride in Brazil" and "Oddities" video buy both for $25.00 or $15.00 each. Once the "Oddities Video" is sold out, it will be discontinued. (Very few copies of Oddities remain)

    CD's available are Fist Full of Bees, Oddities, The Jesus Experience, Snakes in the Playground, Kinetic Faith, Matrix and Lost Reels 1 (Double Disc), and Live at Cornerstone. $15.00 each

    Bride has a BRAND NEW T-shirt! It is prison orange with black lettering. It comes in large, XL $15.00 each, and double X $16.00. On the front it reads "Bride" underneath that it reads "I am a prisoner of Jesus Christ" (Eph 3:1) The back reads "Property of Jesus Christ 24-7-365"

    There is a Bride fan Page with lyrics at

    Visit Bride at

  • Extol have been signed by Century Media! They are a big secular label that carry bands like Blind Guardian, Iced Earth, Marduk, Angel Dust, Dark Tranquillity, Royal Hunt, Sonata Arctica, Tiamat etc. Extol are the first christian band ever on this label! Praise God for opening this great door! Century Media have already rereleased Undeceived for the European market in April. Extol are also working on a new cd. Some other great news is that guitarvirtouso Ole Borud have rejoined the band! Their former guitarist Tor Magne left Extol to be able to concentrate on his band Ganglion. Extol also have a new cool official website at

  • Shining Force has won the Battle of the Bands in Houston. As a result they will be on a compilation CD and get recording time. They also have a new lineup and are going for a heavier sound.

  • Matt Skrzypczak of Feast Eternal are having a very tough time now (Keep him in prayer) Feast Eternal are also looking for a new guitarplayer. If any of you or someone you know would consider playing for a Christian Death Metal band in Traverse City, USA e-mail Matt at Feast Eternal's website have moved to

  • Barren Cross now have an official website! Check it at

  • Heavy Metal band Heavily Armored has indeed undergone some personnel changes over the past couple of months. Michael and Josh have left the band to pursue other interests. The new official lineup for the band is Jeff (Lead vocals, bass), Jim (Vocals, guitar) K Man (Vocals, drums and percussion)

  • Blissed is a brand new band made up of David Pearson and Trevor Barr from the group Static and Robert Sweet of Stryper! The band will be wrapping up the recording of their debut CD in May. Robert Sweet saids "I've got something new for everyone, my band Blissed. Its been quite a while since I've felt this good about a group effort musically, and this feels great. If you weren't into Stryper you'll like this, and if your were into Stryper you'll like it all the more. I'm heavily into what is heavy and this is! I can't wait to swing my sticks in front of you with this stuff. I'm real excited, you might say I'm Blissed.

  • One Bad Pig fans rejoice! Right now, Daniel and Carey (Kosher) are focusing on the book project, putting together the autobiography and history of the Pig!

  • Here is a cool opportunity for all you christian metal bands out there!
    WWW.ROCKDETECTOR.COM is the world's biggest Rock devoted database at 11'800 bands and counting... It is updated daily and it is unique. Rockdetector chronicles, in depth with full band histories and global discographies, all genres and types of Rock from the very softest AOR through to the nastiest Death Metal. Of course, Christian Rock bands cover every genre too but, despite receiving a constant flow of mail daily, we have received next to nothing from Christian bands. EVERY single submission (including bands both old and new) to Rockdetector is included, we will include your band history, your news and details on your releases. In addition to this we will provide a free link to your official site, fan sites and record labels.

    Rockdetector also has a publishing arm. We have already published two books (both including Christian acts of the genre) and have three more to be published in September- 'Thrash Metal', 'Doom & Gothic Metal' and 'Power Metal'. All three of these include compilation CDs and all three books include Christian bands. Other genre books inc. 'Nu-Metal' and 'Hardcore' are in the pipeline. In 2004 Rockdetector will publish 'Rockdetector A-Z of Christian Rock & Metal'.

    So, we need your help. Not only to help us but help you promote yourselves. Take a look at the website, check your entry. We will add artists and update. Get onto your record label promotion department- stir them into action. For inclusion on the site & books we need 1 x copy of each record, a good quality photograph and a full biography. If you are able to supply good quality rare album / single covers by e mail we require these minimum 200 x 200 pixels.If you can send us your band logo and a URL link banner we'll include that too. We want your information and we value your feedback. Remember, ALL submissions are included. Please feel free to copy this message and spread the word.

    Our e mail:

    Our mailing address for submission:

    P.O. BOX 3138,

  • Now there is an Oz Fox model guitar! This hand crafted Oz Fox Signature Model with the original Rising Sun graphic will be a limited edition. Only 100 will be made and a standard model is slated to follow.

  • Though VIXIVI was ended last year but "Sweet Kiss And Faraway Dreams" is still being asked for from many corners of the world. In light of this Zestigma has decided to record some brand new tracks which will be released this summer, as a official last disc from VIXIVI.

  • Rey Parra has quit Sacred Warrior and he now has a soloband called Pyra. Read more about it at

  • Flaming Arts is a secular metal company that can distribute your cd to people in Belarus, Russia, Ucraine etc. Mail for more info.

  • Tarantula Promotion is a christian distribution company in England. They will release a COMPILATION CD called ARACHNID TERROR by the end of June. The comp will feature over 70 mins of extreme music from the underground of the underground and be split with the final PARADOX release, "Overcome or Burn for Eternity".

    Tarantula Promotion will also run the UK's first Christian extreme music festival. It's called Destruction Fest and will run in London from 9-11 of August. There will be two nights of music and two sessions of teaching / worship stuff. It's mostly UK bands; metal, industrial, hardcore and punk with a couple of overseas bands thrown in for the sake of international relations. The website is:

  • IMMORTAL SOULS from Finland has signed a recorddeal with the FEAR DARK label from Holland. Early 2003 they will release a new album of IMMORTAL SOULS. Fans of IN FLAMES and DARK TRANQUILLITY should check this out. More information can be found on

    Through the years IMMORTAL SOULS became known as one of the better bands coming from Scandanavia. Their mixing of death- and black-metal with ice-cold lyrics about the northern nature already came to a highlight on their previous album 'Under The Northern Sky', which was received very well worldwide. IMMORTAL SOULS is now writing songs for their upcoming album which will proove again that they can be called the masters from the north. Check:

    FEAR DARK celebrates its fifth anniversary this year. The Dutch based label is known for quality bands like MORPHIA, SLECHTVALK, SYMPATHY and KEKAL. The label is supporting all kinds of metalbands, as long as they sound brutal and heavy.


    Provided by Flávio de Souza and Rosemari de Melo Souza at Metal Mission Mag., e-mail:

  • NECROMANICIDER is coming back! The older Christian Brazilian group is planning to return to the activities this year. From the original members only vocalist Evandro and drummer Xavier are present (Three former members are now playing on BLASTERROR). Necromanicider recorded the CD "Revelations of Third Millenium" four years ago but it was never released so they intend to release this stuff until the end of the year. The musical style of the band is Doom/Death/Black Metal with Heavy Metal passages.

  • SEVEN ANGELS (Melodic Power) was invited to play as opening act for NIGHTWISH in their land, Curitiba. The finnish band will be doing a tour in Brazil and Seven Angels will be the only Christian band to share the stage with Nightwish!

  • CLEMENCY have just finished recording their long awaited full lenght CD. All the chords were performed by Luis Carlos cause bassist Lúcio left the band some days before the band come into studio. So Luis Carlos played bass, guitars and also vocals. The drummer is the same, Marcelo Lopes, founder of the band. Next week they will be working with the mixing and mastering and the album is scheduled to be ready in a few weeks, but about the release the band is still dealing with some labels.

  • New band on Brazilian scene: VEX. They play Rock/Prog metal and the line up has Juliano Martins (v/b), Marcus Vinícius (g), Ednaldo (d). They recorded the indie CD "Visões experimentais"(experimental visions). More information on their site

  • It was a beautiful and well organized the event III METANOIA FEST which took plays in Vitória City, on March 27/28. Bands of different styles as New Metal, Rapcore, Hardcore, Death, Power Metal, Thrash shared the stage during the two days. And something really good was the fact that it wasn't just an event for Christian people entertainment but mostly evangelistic shows and about 60% of the crowd wasn't Christian (around 1.600 people were present during the two days) For those who wanna see some pictures of the event check

  • The "Brazilian Collection II- Metal Mission" will be released in a month and brings the following bands: KRATOS (Traditional Heavy Metal), MORTIFY (Brutal Thrash Death), CLAMATORIUS (Black/Doom), ZURISADAI (Black Metal), ANAMENIEM (Thrash Metal 80's), DEVASTATION (Thrash Metal 90's), ENIGMA (Traditional Heavy Metal), SEBAOTH (Brutal Deathcore), SEVEN ANGELS (Melodic Power Metal), THEMPLO (Melodic Power Metal), HOLY THRONE (Symphonic Black Metal), VULGATA (Progressive Metal), BLESS (Hard/HM) and DESTRA (Progressive Metal). Much unedited stuff, recorded exclusively for this compilation. By the way Holy Throne is a project with musicians of some Christian bands who adopted nicknames and their identity won't be revealed (a Brazilian Horde??!!!)

  • The Black Metal band CLAMATORIUS has just released their CD Demo "Consumatum est" .The CD contains 5 tracks and more than 33 minutes! Another Black Metal Band which released their CD is ZURISADAI through Extreme Brutal Death Distribution. You can check these releases with METAL MISSION DISTRIBUTION

  • The German band SEVENTH AVENUE will be playing in Brazil in September. There are at least five shows confirmed. More info: W METAL CONCERTS:

  • New Brazilian bands: CAUTION (New Metal) E-Mail:, SACRAA (Fusion) E-Mail: , ALLIANÇA (Melodic Power Metal), ORACULO (New Metal) E-mail:

  • The Heavy Metal DEADLINE returned to activities with new songs and new line up: Jonas (v), Wesley (g), Juninho (b), Vando (g) e Thiago (d). Contacts: R. Pioneira Virgínia Teixeira, 140. Iguatemi-Maringá/PR- 87103-000- Brazil

  • Cds that are being released on the next weeks: "Torment Alive" by Thrash Metal ARCANJO and Brutal Death SKYMETAL (unknown title). Both by Salmus Productions.

  • And finally it was released by Destroyer Records the long awaited DELIVER "The second death" album. The Prog./Thrash band presents 10 tracks performed both in Portuguese and English. The guitarist Josué left the band due musical differences at the moment they are playing with a guest guitarist of SUTURA band. You can get the CD at Metal Mission Distro.(


      ***METAL  NEWS  020911***

    • Brittish classic metal band Stairway recently released their new album titled On Hallowed Ground

    • Azahel (former vocalist for the now-extinct band Possession, presently with Frost L

    • ANTIDEMON toured in Mexico last month! Their CD "Demonicídio" is sold out and we hope the band provide a new printing soon. They have sold more than 3.000 copies by independent way.

    • "EXODO" CD, produced by bassist of DESTRA, Ricardo Parronchi, will bringing many agreeable surprises. The album, will be conceptual approaching Exodus Book themes and will be performed by many Heavy Power Metal bands of Brazilian Christian Scene as DYNASTY, LIGHT HAMMER, DESTRA, BELICA, DRACMA, etc. The album will be released still this year. And talking about Destra, they are working on their new full lenght CD "Joe's Rhapsody" which will have a guest vocalist and also some special participation of guitarist of SEPULTURA Andreas Kisser (!!!) and the vocalist of German Band EVERON, Oliver Philips. There's still no scheduled date for this release.

    • TRINO has been preparing new printing for their CD "More than a New Life", since their first 1.000 copies are almost sold out. The band has got a website:

    • BELICA has recorded the previews for their new album. Their music will have great changes, with much 70's sounds influence. The group made a new version for "Völlig Heilig", the music which gave the former name to the band and appeared on their CD "Power of God". They now have a keyboardman called Karl Ellwein. The new album will be officially recorded next month.

    • "Battle of Tears", this is the name of the full lenght CD of SOUL HUNTER. The band will cause a great impact with their strong Melodic Power Metal. The album should be already released but it will happen soon.

    • SHINING STAR have already recorded the preview for their new CD. They are arranging a time to release and also dealing with the label some details. If you liked the first, will like this one much more!!!!

    • Attention Europeans!! Pastor Bob will begin teaching his SyberSanctaury HEARTCORE! series LIVE! on Intense Radio for the European crowd on Mondays at 19:00 in most of Europe. Listen to first program LIVE on Monday 27/5.

      99% of all the misconceptions of the Christian faith could be eliminated if we simply understood who we are in Christ - from HIS point of view. Join Pastor Bob as we begin a Quest that leads straight to the heart of God. Get your Bibles ready, download/print the notes, click on the web radio station, join the chatroom, and prepare to be blessed!

      The classes are interactive - which means you can be part of them. Here is what you do: Go to the Sanctuary Web site: Click On "LIBRARY" on the top Then Click on "Sanctuary Syber Studies" Download/Print out the notes for the study Click on the "INTENSE RADIO" button to listen to the class. Click on "PARTICIPATE" to be part of the discussion in the TABLE TALK chat room

      We would love to have you join us!

      Pastor Bob and radio crew

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      BOBFEST  2002 - Be  Thou  My  Vision!

      Bobfest is Europes biggest Christian Metal Festival and is held yearly in March in Linköping. This was the 4th year in a row it took place. And it was a big success! As usual though we had to face resistance from our enemy. Our mainspeaker Pastor Bob Beeman from Sanctuary, USA had to face big problems when he was about to fly to Sweden. Same day as he was going, the government took over the security from the private companys that had handled it before. As a result the security checks took much longer time and many flights were cancelled.

      This meant that Pastor Bob couldn't get on a plane during the whole day. He contacted a travelagent in the US that checked all flights to see if he could find a seat on a flight to Europe, but there were none available! Pastor Bob and his travelagent tried for over 24 hours to get a seat on a plane to Europe, but there were no seat available anywhere! Things looked really bad and the situation seemed to be impossible to solve. At that time it seemed like Bob should not be able to get to Bobfest at all…

      Then I called a friend and we prayed over the situation. When we prayed he got a prophetic word that said that "if we go in faith everything will be solved in a miraculus way". Inspired by this message we and many others all over the world continued to pray. And God hears prayers, cause as an answer to our prayers God opened an opportunity, so Daniel Dahlberg in the Bobfest crew managed to find a seat on a flight to Europe for Bob! This was truly a miracle cause when Bob's travel agent in USA checked the same flight there were no seat available! But God somehow opened a way so one seat got available! So Pastor Bob got here, one day delayed but still in time for the first meeting on friday. Amen. After he finally arrived here almost everything has got very smooth with the festival.

      There were plenty of foreigners on Bobfest this year, almost 40% of the visitors came from countries outside Sweden and at least 14 countries were represented. People were coming from countries like Poland, England, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Norway, Finland and some even from USA. There were over 100 more attendencies than previous years. The concerts were also sold out both evenings. Totally it was 400+ on the gigs and over 300 on the conference.

      The conference part was held in the Pentecostal Church and they totally supported Bobfest to 100%. They had even prayed and fasted for two days for Bobfest! WOW! God also did many things during the festival. How much we will not know fully until we are in heaven. But I know for sure that at least one person who had been lukewarm took a decision during Bobfest to follow Jesus to 100%. It's testimonies like that that touches your heart and shows that God uses Bobfest as at tool to expand His empire. And this is just a small glimpse of all God did during the festival. I believe that everyone that attended the festival got something from God and was touched by Him in some way.

      There were also seminars with Morten Holmquist (Pastor of Subchurch in Oslo, Norway), Karl Walfridsson (singer in Pantokrator) and Pastor Bob about miscelleanous topics. They were all very interesting. Pastor Bob's teachings during the meetings was as always very inspiring and to the point.

      Over to the concerts: There were many people on the concerts and we filled the concert place Skylten both evenings, which meant that there were over 400 people on each of the concerts! On the Saturday concert the concert hall was so filled so some didn't even get in.

      First band out on friday was Soniferous, a norwegian thrash band. Haven't heard them before. They sounded ok but didn't impress. They need to incorporate more melodic crunch to their sound to reach the top. Next band was Veni Domine, and they never let you down! They ripped through plenty of classics like Wisdom Calls, In The Day of the Sentinel, Fall Babylon Fall, Dawn of Time, The Meeting and many more. They also played two new tunes from their upcoming album. Lots of crunch, a great stageshow (especially from Thorbjörn Weinesjö) and Fredrik's great voice (he's got a great range!) made this one of the very best shows at this Bobfest.

      It was great to see them live again at Bobfest, especially since they had to back out last year because of Fredrik's voice problems. (As you might know Fredrik has had some severe problems with his throat for over a year, but after much prayer he can now sing to the glory of God again. Amen!) Veni Domine was also the band that was most vocal about their faith. An awesome and impressible gig overall!! Almost as good as when the played at Bobfest two years ago. A cool thing was also that I got the opportunity to spend some time with Thorbjörn Weinesjö before the gig and listen to their upcoming album in his car. The evening ended with the metalcore band Oblivion. This was also the releaseparty of their cd Renewal. Since metalcore a la Meshuggah and Living Sacrifice is not my thing I'm not the best to judge them, but I would say that they are good in what they are doing, but it's not my kind of music.

      Saturday's concert kicked off with a surprise band called Jam Boo Garden. They have a bit Dream Theater influence and they weren't too impressive. An ok opening band though. When their set was over the finnish melodic deathers in Immortal Souls entered the stage. And Wow, now things got way better! Plenty of speed, crunch, melodic harmonies and Aki's brutal voice made their gig to a real metalfeast! Great to finally hear them live. Next band was Sanctifica and their releaseparty of their brand new cd Negative B. Sanctifica put out a great show with plenty of headbanging. They are an excellent liveband! There were also plenty of headbanging in the audience, especially during their old tunes from In The Bleak Midwinter and Spirit of Purity. Their new songs were very different and much more experimental. I definately prefer their old style. But overall a great gig and a fantastic stagepresence!

      But the concert had just begun, cause next band out was the melodic power metal band Seventh Avenue from Germany! They did a great show with plenty of speed, guitarsolos and highpitched vocals, which made their gig to a classic metal feast! Yeah! Very tight and good gig overall. Herbie, the singer, also talked about the importance of getting it right with God so you will be ready to meet the afterlife when you die. Then they played the tune Rest In Peace. Overall they managed to play many of the best tunes from all their albums which made their gig very enjoyable and definately the highlight to me. We also got the pleasure to hear two new tunes that will be on their upcoming album. Well, what can I say, classic metal will always rule and Seventh Avenue did it very well. Truly an awesome gig!! But the show was not over yet…

      Extol was next to enter the stage! As always they did a good show with plenty of headbanging. The highlight was definately their cool cover of Vengeance Rising's tune Warfare! They did it very well. What can I say, a great band, definately one the best live bands out there. The evening ended with Selfmindead. Since hardcore is definately not my thing, I can not judge their music, but their sound was definately a lot heavier than I expected, so that was a good thing anyway.

      Exhausted and very much delighted after these wonderful concerts I went to sleep with a big smile on my face. :-)

      Bobfest is truly God's festival, we would never had made it without Him! We had never had any churches backing us up with money, we are just 9 students with very low income that arrange this festival. But somehow God blesses it and makes it to work. The foundation for Bobfest is truly prayer and I really want to thank all that has prayed for the festival. Your prayers have meant more than words can say…

      Bobfest 2002 was indeed, a wonderful festival in all ways! Definately the best year this far. I can highly recommend this festival, it's definately the highlight of the year, to me and many other metalheads. If you want to join us at Bobfest next year you can check out the website for more info and photos.

      In His Service

      Johannes Jonsson
      Bobfest 2002

      C ya@Bobfest2003!

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      ***METAL  NEWS 020131***

      We'll start with a bang... BLOODGOOD is back!!! Yes, the classic metal band Bloodgood has now taken up the battleax again, ready to crush the darkness and lighten up a dark world. Michael Bloodgood, Les Carlsen and Paul Jackson met with new drummer Jeffrey McCormack in January 2002 to discuss the future of the newly reunited BLOODGOOD! As of this moment..... there is no official word whether this means a new cd, touring or both....

      A few weeks ago Michael, Paul and Jeff also had their first official Bloodgood rehearsal at a local church! (The event was captured on digital film and stills by local photographer, Cale Burr. Some of which you'll be able to see on their new website "".) In keeping with their hard rock tradition, the band cooked the p.a. system in the first 10 minutes. (Thankfully, it was only a blown fuse.) The guys had ear-to-ear grins as they covered tunes from Blacksnake to All Stand Together. Les (who lives in California) will begin rehearsing with the band sometime next month.

      BLOODGOOD also wants to have feedback from all fans to know what songs they would like to hear at coming gigs? Mail your requests to Find out more info about this long awaited comeback at

    • LIVING SACRIFICE fans rejoice! Recently a Living Sacrifice tribute CD was released. The content can be described as majestically brutal. The "interpretations" range from metalcore (Mindrage, Gnashing of Teeth) to death metal (Soul Embraced, Crimson Thorn, Clemency) to black metal (Mordecai, Kekal).

    • BOBFEST 2002 looks to be a fantastic festival! The lineup is EXTOL (technical death metal), VENI DOMINE (doom metal), SEVENTH AVENUE (power metal), IMMORTAL SOULS (melodic death/black metal), SANCTIFICA (brutal metal), OBLIVION (metalcore), SONIFEROUS (thrash), S ELFMINDEAD (hardcore) and UMBRELLA (punk). As always Metal Pastor Bob Beeman from Sanctuary will talk and there will be seminars and other cool stuff.

      The festival will take place in Linköping, Sweden 8-10th of March 2002. Last year people were coming all the way from the US (airtickets to Sweden are cheap during this time of the year), from many countries in Europe and some even from South Africa to be on Bobfest! Festival tickets cost $15 each if you live outside Scandinavia. To be sure you got a ticket you better preorder your copy now before they are all gone... You can preorder your ticket at the website

      Sleepingplaces are available nearby. (Just bring your sleepingbags with you). If you are travelling from the US you can get cheap airtickets to Sweden at and

      This is the biggest Christian Metal Festival in Europe and will now be held for the fourth time. If you haven't been on Bobfest yet I can highly recommend a visit. It's like Europe's Cornerstone but smaller and more Metaloriented. For more info check out the website

    • Some new cool re-releases to check out:

      HAVEN - Your Dying Day & Straight from the Cutting Room Floor (2 albums on 2 CD's)

      SACRAMENT - Haunts of Violence ( reissue of their second album)

      SAINT - Time's End (the whole album & as extra bonus plenty of Livecuts from their gig at Cornerstone 1986),

      SOLDIER - Babylon & Hotter than Hell (The Definitive Collection 1985-1989, includes both their albums and 2 bonus tracks from California Metal 2 )

      All these are released at Millenium Eight Records and should be available at mailordercompanys like Blastbeats, The Crossing etc.

    • STRYPER petition! The cool folks at, and fans from all over the world, are trying to get Stryper recognized with a Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2002 Dove Awards. But we need YOUR help! We need you to sign the petition. Stryper pawed the way for all christian metal bands that have come after them and has been to an enormous blessing to the Kingdom of God. If there is any christian metal band that deserves this award it's definately them. So if Stryper means anything to you, then show them your support by clicking on this link and sign the petition

      Stryperfans can also enjoy videoclips from C-stone at The double video from Stryper Expo 2001 is now finally available! It's a two-video package including the whole Stryper-gig + more. It's available worldwide from

    • Christian Metal Ministry surely bears good fruit. A prime example is the the tour Goliath and Disciple had recently. During the tour they have seen 237 kids come to the Lord!! (WOW! Praise God!)

      The members of Bride are now writing a book that tells the story about the band! You can read it online at More chapters will be added every couple of weeks. Other great news is that Snakes in the Playground and Kinetic Faith CD's are now available for $10.00 each (limited time) at Bride's Home Page http://www.bridepub.comThere is also a Bride fan Page with lyrics at

      You asked for it now you've got it! We are now taking orders for the Brand New Bride Video. This video includes all of the professionally shot videos such as The Worm, Under the Blood, Everybody Knows my Name, Trouble Times, Mamma, Tomorrow makes no sense, God gave Rock n' Roll to you, the Psychedelic Super Jesus Remix Plus live footage from the Vintage Rock Stage at Cornerstone. Other songs included are War, Beginning of the End, Too Tired, and Soul Winner from Fist Full of Bees. In addition, there are some surprises on the tape also. This is the entire Bride Video collection all on one videocassette. This video is $16.00 (overseas orders add $3.00 per tape for postage) When ordering request the Video "Welcome to the show."

      Bride will spend the first part of 2002 writing and experimenting with new songs. We would love your input on what you "the fans" would like to hear. We have heard from many that old style metal is coming back and that we should write in that direction. We have also heard that many like the rapcore modern style. Drop us a note and tell us what you like and dislike but do not write and criticize anyone or any band. We just want to know what you would like to see Bride do in the future. Just email us

      New tour pics from 2001 is available at There are many of you who have been requesting info about touring. We hope to provide this info very soon. There are a couple of folks who are attempting to put together Bride tours for 2002. We would also love to hear from any promoter who feels led to have us in your area. Just email us

      Bride Live at Cornerstone 2001 CD. This is another limited edition CD, recorded live at Cornerstone 2001. Bride only played songs from their first 3 records. The quality is great. The tracks include: Same Ol' Sinner, Fool Me Once, Whiskey Seed, First Will Be Last, Thunder in the City, Until the End We Rock, Hell, I Saw the Light, Under the Influence, Bonus tracks from Bride Live Vol. I, Amazing Grace, Jesus on the Mainline, I Have Decided. This CD is $15.00 each

    • SEVENTH AVENUE, the melodic power metal band from Germany are recording a new album titled "Between the worlds". Look for a release this Spring.

    • David and Micke from swedish death/black band Pergamon now have new sideproject called FOUNDATIONS FEAR. Musically their sound is heavy power metal reminding of Children of Bodom. Listen to Foundations Fear online at

    • CHRISTIAN LILJEGREN (Narnia/ Wisdom Call) & FRANK BAKKEN (Heaven) sang on the new all star project "United" along with artists like Mikkey Dee (Motorhead/Dokken), Yngwie Malmsteen, Europe, Tommy Nilsson, Stefan Andersson, Kee Marcello, Jan Johansen, Brian May (Queen), Hammerfall, Sha Boom, Backyard Babies, Hardcore Superstar, Black Ingvars and more. The cd will be released in March/April, along with a video. All income will go to the victims of the terrorattack in USA, through the Red Cross. The album will be released through the italian label Frontiers and the english label Now and Then.

    • OBLIVION is a new interesting act in the hardmusic scene. They are playing very explosive music with tons of energy. Stylewise they are influenced by bands like Living Sacrifice, Sepultura and Meshuggah. It is a very strong debutalbum from these Swedes. Check out "Renewal" (CLCD006) by Oblivion featuring a version of Living Sacrifice song "Reject". The album will be available late February, so it willl definately be out in time for Bobfest, where a releaseparty also will be held. For more info check out their label C.L Music & Publishing

    • SANCTIFICA's recording sessions for the coming album - named NEGATIVE B (CLCD007) - is now (finally) complete, and is currently being mixed. The cd is a concept album with big production and contains 9 songs and around 60 minutes music produced by Carljohan Grimmark, Narnia also guitarist in Saviour Machine. Stylewise it's a lot more progressive metal mixing hard and melodic vocals but still very heavy and hard music. This album will satisfiy both old and new fans. If you love a band called Opeth you will definitely love this album. This album is a masterpiece, maybe the album of the year, according to C.L Music & Publishing, their label. The album will be mastered at Cutting Room by Peter In de Betou by same guy who master Meshuggah, Narnia and John Norum etc. Official release set to April 2002. But it will also be available exclusively at Sanctificas releasegig on Bobfest (8-10 March in Linkoping, Sweden)

      Sanctifica will also open up for the swedish techno-metal band PAIN on February the 1st. The venue is Folkets Park in Huskvarna, Sweden.

    • Future releases this year on C.L Music & Publishing:

      Sons of Thunder: Circus Of Power

      Heaven: TBA

      Brighteye Brison
      Fantastic new symphonic rock in the vein of Kansas, Yes , Genesis with strong 70´s influences and lot of harmony vocals. Release in August/September

      Vindication: TBA

      For more info about C.L Music & Publishing visit

    • SOLDIER a good melodic metal band from the 80s now have a new website at

      Provided by Flávio at Metal Mission Mag

    • SOUL FACTOR has just released its debut CD, called "Live". As the name says, it was recorded live in the end of the last year.It has a great production, sounding totally professional and had its first printing of 6.000 copies. There are 10 Thrash Metal tracks with much adrenaline. Fans of this genre should check it.

    • Another great releasing from Brazil: TRINO. The CD "More than a new life" was released in the end of the last year it brings 13 tracks of Thrash Metal influenced by Sepultura. This is one of the most well produced Cds in the Brazilian Christian Metal scene, since the art cover until the songs production.

    • And speaking of professional CDs STAUROS has just released its 4th CD : Adrift, with 9 songs in a Prog. Metal vein, with Metallica influences. This an indie CD and promises to get good sellings, like the previous album Seaquake, which has sold about 40.000 copies. In this first month since the releasing they have sold 2.000 copies!

    • PROMESSA DIVINA has a new Demo CD out: Mercy welcome. 10 tracks of furious Black Metal with atmospheric keyboards. Althought its a Demo CD, it has very good level of quality.

    • AMOS News: The Gothic Metal band has to ask for a new printing for the re-releasing of Gothic Soul album, because the first one is almos sold out. This CDhas been receiving very good reviews and the the band has appeared in Rock Brigade Mag, the biggest secular Rock/Heavy Metal magazine in Brazil in January/2002.

    • BELICA (ex-Völlig Heilig) will probably come into studio until April to record a new CD. Some new songs are: "Little London" and "Fire".

    • Another band which will come into studio in the next months is the brutal Death Grinders of CLEMENCY. They are working on new songs, like "The end in terror", "legions at war" and "Blasphemy in the altars of God".

    • SPIRIT'S BREEZE is the new force of Brutal Death Grind in Brazil. The trio has just releaded the EP "Annuling dark forces" with 3 tracks; "Divine March" (04:19), "Celestial Carnage" (06:28) and "Holocaust of humanity" (06:11). It has a good production and the band established the line up with Firás (lead vocals and guitars), Daniel (bass) and Marquinhos (drums).

    • SEVEN ANGELS has released the debut EP "To Know God and make Him known", with 3 songs in the Melodic Power Metal Style and with a female singer, Debora Serri (also on the keyboards) . The other good musicians are Eliezer Leite (drums), Ricardo Bagatelli (bass) and Karim Serri (guitars).

    • The III METANOIA FESTIVAL will take plays on March 29/30, in Vitoria City. 16 bands are expected, among them STAUROS, TRINO, ANTIDEMON, SOUL FACTOR, SKYMETAL, THEMPLO, ATONEMENT and the american hardcore band NIV. They expected to have about 1.200/1.500 people in each day of the event.

      All these brazilian cds mentioned above are available from Metal Misssion Distribution. For orderinfo mail

    • The norwegian thrash band ARISE have changed name to Arise Eternal

    • The planned JERUSALEM tour with Dio and Motörhead was unfortunately cancelled due to the tragic terroristattack in New York. :( But hopefully Jerusalem will tour with some big secular bands this Spring instead. We'll see. I'll keep you updated.

    • Some news from the MORTIFICATION camp... "It is Steve Rowe from Mortification here. Just letting you know what is going on. Firstly Lincoln left the band after last years World Tour so Adam (Drummer) & I got very discouraged. Plus my recording commitments with Nuclear Blast & Diamante are finished. I was thinking about reforming a new Lightforce or completely new band but have decided to stay with Mortification. We have a new guitarist & will record a new album in April / May this year. Rowe Productions is coming back to be based here in Australia from the US. So please watch in the coming months. We have a DVD coming out in April on Nuclear Blast called "Mortification Conquer The World"."

    • METAL MESSIAH is a new american thrash band. They got a fulllength cd out. Check them out at

    • SWORD is another band hailing from the US. They play classic hardrock. Musically they are influenced by bands like Grand Funk Railroad, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Rush, Journey and Van Halen. Sword just released their debut cd titled "SWORD - MT.10:34"

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