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    ***METAL  NEWS 011031***

  • We'll start with a Bang... JERUSALEM will tour with Dio and Motörhead!!! They will play with them on big arenas on the Monsters of Rock tour in South Africa this coming week. Pray that God will use Jerusalem to be a light in the darkness during this tour and that many will find Christ as a result.

    The dates are:
    2nd November Johannesburg Standard Bank Arena
    3rd November Johannesburg Standard Bank Arena
    6th November Cape Town 3 Arts
    7th November Cape Town 3 Arts
    9th November Durban Kingspark Outerfields

    Tickets are available from:

  • Some cds you don't wanna miss are the cool live metal cds from this year's Cornerstone with Recon, Sacred Warrior, Deliverance, Bride, Guardian and more! Quantities are limited so get them fast before they are gone. Soundquality is really good. Thank you so much Matthew Hunt and M8 for making this possible! You are such a blessing for us starving metalheads.

  • Some other cool releases from M8 are also the re-release of BELIEVER's first album Extraction From Mortality with bonustracks as well as GUARDIAN - Voyager and Fusion containing mostly unreleased stuff from their early demos.

  • BOBFEST 2002 looks to be a fantastic festival! The lineup so far is Extol (technical death metal), Veni Domine (doom metal), Seventh Avenue (power metal), Immortal Souls (melodic death/black metal), Soniferous (thrash) and Umbrella (punk). More bands will soon be announced. As always Metal Pastor Bob Beeman will talk and there will be seminars and other cool stuff.

    The festival will take place in Linköping, Sweden 8-10th of March 2002. Last year people were coming all the way from the US (airtickets to Sweden are cheap during this time of the year), from many countries in Europe and some even from South Africa to be on Bobfest!

    This is the biggest christian metal festival in Europe and will now be held for the fourth time. If you haven't been on Bobfest yet I can highly recommend a visit. It's like Europe's Cornerstone but smaller and more Metaloriented. For more info check out the website


  • Melodic metal band MERCENARY has changed name to AYENNA. They have also recorded some new tunes that you can listen to at their new website

  • Melodic death/black band PERGAMON has released a six tune cd titled Breaking an Image. It contains three new tunes + the three cuts that was on their first mini-cd Forgiven. They are also looking for a bass player.

  • Albums available from C.L Music & Publishing:
    Sanctifica / Pantokrator CLCD 004
    Sanctificas' Spirit Of Purity LRP 010 is now available again
    Wisdom Call: S/T CLCD 003
    Sons Of Thunder: Load Aim Fire CLCD 20002
    Laudamus: Unlimited Love CLCD 20001
    mail for more info.

  • C.L Music & Publishing will also soon release a cool album titled Power From The Sky - New Wave Of Swedish metal Strikes Again! Featuring: Ayenna (Ex.Mercenary), Crimson Moonlight, Sanctifica, Wisdom Call, Heaven, Sons Of Thunder, Pantokrator, Laudamus and Oblivion. The release is set to December-2001

    There will also be a videorelease with the same name. This will be the first videocompilation with Christian metal bands from Sweden. The video will see the light late December/early January.

  • Oblivion will also release their debutalbum in January, it will be called "Renewal".

  • Sanctifica have just entered the studio to record their follow-up to Spirit Of Purity with producer Carl-Johan Grimmark of Narnia & System Breakdown. Release date is set to March-2002. Sons of Thunder will also release their 2nd album the same time.

  • C.L Music & Publishing have also signed a great new band called Brighteye Brison, a symphonic rockband in the same style as Kansas,Yes and early Genesis.

  • Christian Liljegren and Carl-Johan Grimmark are also working with a project under the name Spiritual Metal Orchestra with different vocalists and musicians. The album will be called "The Call Of The Spirit". The album will hopefully be released someday during next year 2002.

  • Christian will also release an album singing in Swedish for the first time. It will contain songs that has touched his heart during his life together with Jesus Christ. There will be songs written by Jerusalem, Pelle Karlsson, Roland Utbult, Börje Ring, Perla etc. It will have an acoustic feel over it with cool arrangements such as flute, oboe,strings etc.

    For more info about CL Music & Publishing visit

  • DELIVERANCE is planning on going back into the studio very soon. Plans for the next effort are being tossed around, and it might even be a new concept record. The tentative title is From Kether to Malkuth.

  • Mexican metal band LAMENT will soon release their album called "Breathless". They are taking pre-orders of it right now. Contact Kevin Reynolds at for more info.

  • American deathers HEARKEN are releasing a new 4 song CD. It has 2 new songs " It Is Written " & " Filthy Rags ". Also included in this CD offer, is a limited offer their Demo Arise which was never released on CD.


  • SHINING STAR have released their debut CD "Fatal mistake". The band is a project of guitarist Fábio Rocha and follow the Hard/Heavy vein, having much influence of Yngwie Malmsteen and vocals à la Ronnie James Dio.

  • VÖLLIG HEILIG band have changed their name to BELICA and will rerelease the album Looking for the light with this new name, including a bonus track. The CD also brings a new art cover.

  • AMOS will re-release the album Gothic Soul with 3 bonus tracks and new art-cover.

  • A new Heavy Metal band is upcoming in Brazil: THEMPLO. You can listen to two songs of them on their site:

  • Drummer and founder of WAR BLADE (Stoner Metal), Eduardo Vaz, has left the band. Maybe he will be replaced by Rafael Sales (former Dynasty). The group will be releasing their first full-length album in November in which there will be a homage to reformer Martin Luther.

  • Soon DYNASTY EP "Following the sign" will be released in Argentina, having two bonus tracks, still unedited in Brazil. Now there is one keyboard man in the band, his name is Saulo, former Overtake.

  • VEXED (Heavy/Power) are preparing themselves to record a EP. The group have been playing since 1998 and have a woman on the vocals, Katebe, wife of Arcanjo's drummer Julio. For those who havent heard the band yet its a great promise in the scene, inclusively they used to play covers of Recon on their gigs !

  • TRINO are almost finishing the recording of their first full-length album that will be called More than new life.

  • ARCANJO and SOUL FACTOR will be releasing a split CD in November.

  • LIGHT HAMMER CD will come out in november with 9 tracks.

  • DESTRA have re-released their album Sea of doubt with two bonus tracks.

  • METAL MISSION MAG from Brazil is now distributing Brazilian CDs. If you a looking for bands like SHINING STAR, THE JOKE?, AMOS, BELICA, CLEMENCY, SKYMETAL, SOUL HUNTER, ANTIDEMON, FULL EFFECT, DESTRA you can contact with E-Mail: They are also distributing SEVENTH AVENUE (the 3 first cds), TREASURE SEEKER and LIGHTMARE (The Fool), which were re-released in Brazil. Metal Mission is also great zine in portugese which I highly can recommend. Visit their page at

  • Drummer Alê of STAUROS burned himself while he was working. He received an eletric discharge of 380 Woltz. It caused burnings of third degree in his right hand. The band had to cancel the beginning of the recordings of the new cd until Alê will be completly recovered. He has been under treatment and is out of danger. The band members ask for the support and prayers.

  • CARKEMIS have released their first Demo CD Morte e nada mais (Death and nothing else) with 19 Grindnoise tracks. They may release a split with VOMITORIAL CORPULENCE in the next months

  • New Heavy Metal bands in Brazil: FIGHTING: and EXOUSSIAN

  • If you like Power Metal, listen to SOUL HUNTER band. Fans of Gamma Ray and Lightmare will be glad to hear this talented band:

  • THE WHITE VELVET (Gothic Rock Metal), is the name of the project of Rodrigo SH, AMOS bassist and vocalist. He has recorded this Cassette demo in Japan and the distribution is being made by METAL MISSION MAG in Brazil.

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    ***METAL  NEWS 010917***

  • EXTOL have just released a new CD titled Paralysis. It contains 3 tunes and is a swedish release only. One of the tunes is the Believer cover Shadow of Death! For orderinfo check out There you can also found a rare 7" with Blindside and much much more...

  • Talking about BELIEVER their first album Extraction from Mortality has recently been re-released on CD! Besides the ordinary tunes you can also found their classic tune The Chosen which haven't been on any of their studioalbums until now. The cd is limited to 1-2000 copies so you better hurry if you wanna get it. It's released through M8.

  • EXTOL had a memorable gig in Helsinki, Finland this Summer. The hedonic band Thyrane opened up for them. Thyrane did their best to put down Extol with bad words before they played their tune satanist. Satanists were in the audience and showed their fingers. Extol then entered the stage and the audience started to throw pints and drinks to Extol. The bandmembers were hit by some and got beer on them. But that didn't stop Extol, it just fueled them more! They just continued with the show and headbanged the beer away. Extol did a great gig and even the secular audience became very impressed. A satanist said that Extol totally outnumbered Thyrane by their stage presence. He also said Extol produced wind electricity for one year by their moshing. :-) It's great to see that God uses Extol to be a light in the darkness!

  • BLOODGOOD has moved their official page to also have some very interesting news to tell...

  • SEVENTH ANGEL fans rejoice! There is a great page with plenty of info about this brittish band at

  • The label Fear Dark from Holland signed the progressive blackmetalband Kekal from Indonesia. Fear Dark will release their third album titled The Painful Experience for the European market. The release is planned sometime this month. More info about it can soon be found at

  • SAINT will be reissuing a full box set which will include all Saint recordings plus a few recordings that Rich and Dee wrote this last year. The new material is more in the style of old Saint.

  • SYMPATHY is a death metal project from Canada. They are heavily influenced by early Tourniquet and Saint as well as Extol and Lengsel. They are working with a new album, to be completed in the Fall of 2001. If you want to know what they sound like you can hear two tunes of their new material at

  • The cool DELIVERANCE - Weapons of our Warfare Posters I have spoken about in earlier updates are selling pretty fast and now it's only around 10 copies left! The size is 27 x 27 inches (70x70 cm) and the printing is in fullcolour. You can see a picture of the cool cover at The posters are sent out in wellprotected tubes. So if you are a Deliverancefan and love this cover, you better be quick and order your copy now before they are all gone... They cost $10+$5 postage worldwide. Send $15 (usa dollars) as WELLHIDDEN CASH (No checks or money orders) in a REGISTERED LETTER to: Johannes Jonsson, Nederstavagen 1, 137 55 Tungelsta, SWEDEN Mail me at for more info.


  • CL Music & Publishing will release a cd featuring SANCTIFICAS' rare recordings from 1997 including 6 remastered songs and PANTOKRATOR'S debute release Songs of Solomon. The Pantokrator songs are produced by Hubertus Liljegren (Vocalist & Guitarist in Sanctifica) and Pantokrator. This cd is definately something for you if you are into brutal stuff with melody. The cd will probably be released this month.

  • CL Music & Publishing will also release an album and video in October or November. The album and video will be called Power From The Sky! A new wave of Swedish Metal Strikes Again! Featuring Wisdom Call, Sanctifica, Laudamus, Sons of Thunder, Mercenary, Pantokrator & Heaven.

  • Recently the melodic metallers Laudamus was robbed. :-( Someone broke into the place where they had their equipment and stole a lot of expensive things. Because of their robbery it's unclear at this moment if they can have the equipment they need to be a part of the album and video just mentioned. Keep them in prayer.

  • If you live in U.S and Canada you can get the albums on C.L Music & Publishing through Blastbeats or Rad Rockers. More info about C.L Music & Publishing and their releases can be found at the website

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    ***METAL  NEWS 010702***

  • CORNERSTONE 2001 will start tomorrow and this year it will be a real METAL FEAST!! Stryper will headline on the mainstage! And if that's not enough Deliverance, Recon, Sacred Warrior, Trytan and Daniel Band will also play!!!! WOW, praise God, Metal is back again!!! The four later bands will play thursday evening at the Encore 1 stage. Deliverance will be playing the HM stage as well as the Encore 1 stage.

    Other metalbands confirmed are Lengsel and Lament as well as Guardian and Bride that will play their metaltunes from the 80s, so look for a real Metalfeast this year. (Unfortunately I can't be at the festival myself :(((( , but those that will will definately get the experience of their lifetime) Cornerstone takes place at Bushnell, Illinois, USA 3-7 July.

  • X-SINNER was also scheduled to play at Cornerstone but due to a traffic accident Rob Kniep, Bass player for the band has so much hurt in his back so he just can't play. So they had to cancel their gig. Rob was just operated for his injury. Let's all KEEP ROB IN PRAYER.

  • Now on to some good news... The STRYPEREXPO 2001 was a megasuccess! The people that attended totally enjoyed it, some even say it was Stryper's best gig, ever! Read more about this cool event at Some other great news is that the Stryperexpo Video from last years expo are now available. Soon this years expo will also be released on Video. This time it's gonna be a two package-video, one of them containing some cool stuff from the expo the whole Strypergig on the other!

  • Some other great STRYPER news is that there now is a book about them! Strypers authorized biography, Stryper: Loud 'N Clear, made it's debut at the second annual Stryper Expo on May 18th and 19th. Authors Dale Erickson and Jesse Sturdevant have given painstaking detail to presenting the entire history of the band, from its humble beginnings - including the membersí lives growing up - through the band's demise and the musicians' current activities.

    The book is based on interviews with all four band members (Michael Sweet, Robert Sweet, Oz Fox, Timothy Gaines), Phil and Janice Sweet, Wes and Laura Hein, Michael Guido, Ken Metcalf, Daryn Hinton, Glenn Kaiser, Patti Gannon, Kyle Rae Sweet, Doug Van Pelt and many Stryper fans. A limited number of signed copies will be made available. For more info visit

  • Anyone remember ANGELICA?? They were a great melodic metal band from the 80s with a fantastic first album titled Angelica where Rob Rock handled the vocals. Dennis Cameron, the band's guitarshredder now has a webpage where you can read more about him and his band.

  • There is a big fan site about MASTEDON at

  • Endtime reports that the scandinavian progressive death band EXTOL is releasing a 3 track EP, as a sequel to "Undeceived" Featuring two Extol tracks and a cover. This will be a Swedish release only, but they report that copies will be available on-line.

  • Indonesian black metallers in KEKAL has some new material on the way. They have just finished the recording of their 3rd full-length album "The Painful Experience".. According to what the band saids it has much better production than their previous albums.. "The Painful Experience" will be released on CD by Clenchedfist Records (USA) in July 2001 for North American market.. There are at least 10 tracks with more than 50 minutes of playing time.. In the meantime, Clenchedfist Records already put one of the song "Mean Attraction" on at: For more info visit Kekal's official page at

  • DELIVERANCE will play at Alto Poder 2001/ The Day of Deliverance in San Juan, Puerto Rico on October 27, 2001. The concert/fest is free. Other bands attending the festival include Quejidos Del Seol (Death Metal), Pacto de Sangre (Thrash), Skaterrestres (Ska), Aprobado (Heavy metal) and Frail (Heavy Alternative). For more information, visit For more Deliverance info visit and

  • Talking about Deliverance, the cool WEAPONS OF OUR WARFARE POSTERS I have spoken about in earlier updates are selling pretty fast and now it's only 17 copies left. The size is 27 x 27 inches (70x70 cm) and the printing is in fullcolour. You can see a picture of the cool cover at The posters are sent out in wellprotected tubes. So if you like this cover, you better be quick and order your copy before they are all gone... They cost $10+$5 postage worldwide. Send $15 (usa dollars) as WELLHIDDEN CASH (No checks or money orders) to: Johannes Jonsson, Nederstavagen 1, 137 55 Tungelsta, SWEDEN Mail me at for more info.


  • Carl-Johan Grimmark, the guitarist from Narnia has started a new band called System Breakdown. The members are Carl-Johan Grimmark (guitar), Andreas Johansson (drums) , Ronnie Jaldemark (keyboards), Pär Hagström (vocals) and Karl Persson (bass). According to Carl-Johan the band will sound pretty heavy like Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin but pretty melodic too. He also saids that a record will come somewhere in the future. Some other great news is that if you go to the Cornerstone festival the 7th july you can watch C-J play a gig with Saviour Machine. Find out more about C-J at the cool fan page

  • Christian Liljegren, C-J's bandmate in NARNIA is also a busy man. Besides working with Narnia and his label CL Music & Publishing he has also released a cd with his soloproject WISDOM CALL. There are now 4 bands on C.L Music & Publishing. Wisdom Call, Laudamus, Sanctifica and Sons Of Thunder. Wisdom Call´s debut album with the same title have just been released on C.L Music & Publishing in Sweden and Finland with Distribution through Naxos. The album is licenced to Massacre Records, Germany for the European market except Sweden and Finland. The album will be out in Taiwan(!) and China(!) through Rock Empire Records. Even Sanctifica: Spirit Of Purity, Sons Of Thunder: Load Aim Fire, Laudamus: Unlimited Love will be released through Rock Empire Records. (Praise God for opening these great doors!)

    If you live in U.S and Canada you can get the albums on C.L Music & Publishing through Blastbeats or Rad Rockers. Soundfiles from Wisdom Call can be found at More info about Wisdom Call and C.L Music & Publishing can be found at the newly opened website

  • PANTOKRATOR, has just released a 6-tune CD filled with crunchy melodic death metal. Those of you that saw them live at Bobfest know the great quality tunes this band delivers. For orderinfo mail

  • PERGAMON, another great band from the dark swedish forests have recorded a few new tunes in the death/black vein. Check'em out at

  • Ulf Christiansson from JERUSALEM has decided to move to the US. However the band will continue. Talking about this great band, that was one of the first christian hardrock bands ever, they recently released a fullength video with lots of clips, videos and other cool stuff. Any Jerusalemfan got to check it out.

  • BOBFEST - The big yearly metal festival in Sweden plans to release a video from this year's festival with bands like Hallowed, Pergamon, Pantokrator, Wisdom Call, Vaakevandring and more... Right now we are checking the interest. The price will probably be ca $15 (150 SEK) If you are interested mail me at

  • Now over to Finland and some sad news... DEUTERONOMIUM has split up!

  • DYNASTY, the classic metal band from Brazil has changed mail to Visit their page at

  • SOUL EMBRACED has released "For the Incomplete" This CD is getting tremendous play, featuring, Rocky Gray and Lance Garvin from Living Sacrifice, sure to change death metal as we know it! Soul Embraced has also signed to Solid State Records, where they will be releasing "In My Blood". Due ** 31 July 01. Check out for a recent interview with Soul Embraced.

  • Indie Dream Recordings announces that after six years, fans can get just a taste of music from the new DELIVERANCE project. Sound clips of "Limitless Light" and "From The Beginning" are currently avaiable at The new cd is titled Assimilation and the official CD release party is at CornerStone 2001.

  • Finnish melodic metallers HALLOWED played at Nummirock, a big finnish festival with 10-20 000 visitors!

  • The classic thrash band BETRAYAL have just released some classic demos from their early days when they were still known as Martyr. Also included on the disc are some very early demo versions of Betrayal songs from their first album "Renaissaince by Death" !

  • BRIDE has now released a cd from their pre-Bride days when they were still called Matrix. It is a Limited Edition Collector's Series. From their project PG-13 and Monkey See Monkey Do: you can now get the full works of Matrix 20 songs TT: 68:09 minutes PLUS… A Bonus CD will also be sent! This is now a "2 CD Set" with Lost Reels #1 being the second disc in the set. This second CD is a compilation of songs submitted as possible tracks for Bride albums, but were not used. Over the years Bride has had several line-ups. The songs featured here were recorded in four different sessions at four different points in the band's history. The members of each session are listed with each group of songs recorded at the same time. 20 songs TT: 72:37 Receive both CD's for $16.00.

  • Gospel Rock is a cool whitemetal site in Brazil

  • Talking about Brazil, two of the many upcoming bands in that big scene over there are Testimony and Vanquisher

  • For all you brazilians out there there is also an IRC channel #whitemetal on Brasnet server (

  • That's all folks for this time, I'll come back with more Metal news after Summer. Until then I wish you all a great Metal Summer!

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Whizrecords is a brand new record company, which has been developed during the past year and is now being made public. The vision of this company is to help Christian people to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to others, with music as a tool.

We are a Swedish record company, but we work on an international basis and this has turned out well. This also enables us to work with musicians from all around the world.

We on Whizrecords are supporting these people and working for them to be able to focus on their mission and will advertise the musicians rather than ourselves, thus following the words of Benedict of Nursia: "Pray and work".

The people working with this project are principally Daniel Westlund and myself, Greger Larsson, but we have also engaged some other skilful persons who we consider to show a high quality standard in what they do.

Why then should you be successful in the music industry? Well, our definition of ‘success’ is when people are being saved, and when we see this happen we know that our work has been successful. Only God can help us to succeed in this, because we strongly believe that it is God who puts a longing for salvation into the heart of man. We hope that the musicians will be tools for God when he puts this longing for salvation in other people. Then we have succeeded.

The first band to work with us is Laudamus, If you have any questions, please visit our homepage.

We wish you all God’s peace!

Yours sincerely, Greger Larsson and Daniel Westlund

    ***METAL  NEWS 010408***

  • BOBFEST 2001 in Linköping, Sweden was a big success! Plenty of good Metalbands were playing and many were touched by the Lord, read full report here

  • Talking about festivals, there is a great one called STRYPEREXPO that will take place 18-19th of May in California, USA. Stryper, Disciple, Joshua, Oil, Sin Dizzy and more bands will play.

  • CORNERSTONE 2001 seems to be a real Metal Feast this year! Stryper will headline on the mainstage!! And if that's not enough Deliverance, Recon, Sacred Warrior, Daniel Band, and X-Sinner will also play!!!! WOW, praise God, Metal is back again!!! The four later bands will play thursday evening at the Encore 1 stage. Deliverance will be playing the HM stage. Other metalbands confirmed are Lengsel and Lament and there might be some more as well. Man, this time I got to go to Cornerstone! Cornerstone takes place at Bushnell, Illinois, USA 3-7 July.

  • Lament now have two new guitarrists, new sound and a new CD that will be released this year. They have left bass lines for harmonies and clear voices and are now told to sound like a mix between Iron Maiden and In Flames. Check out their new sound at Cornerstone.

  • Arise is a promising thrash band from Norway. They got a CD out.

  • Anyone remember Apostle?? They were a great heavy metal band in the 80s with a very good guitarist in Matt Harding. Now there is a page where you can read more about this band

  • Atmospheric Blackers Crimson Moonlight's CD-EP "Eternal Emperor" is now SOLD OUT. There are plans to re-print the CD, but it's not confirmed yet.... You may still be able get some copies from Nordic Mission, Little Rose Productions and Cross Rhythms Music. Guitarplayer Jonathan want to focus more on Sanctifica so he has chosen to leave the band, new guitarist is Samuel. Other news from the Crimson Moonlight camp is that they have Longsleeves on the way...

  • Carl-Johan Grimmark, the guitarshredder from Narnia is now in the USA, assisting Saviour Machine with the recording of their guitartracks.

  • If you are into extreme music, check out Vomitorial Corpulence they play extreme grindcore reminding of Nasum

  • There is a cool page with Christian Metal Tabs at

  • Laceration Productions reports that they are putting together a sampler CD featuring: Inversion, Encryptor, Sorrowstorm, Ministros Del Santuario, No Longer Mortal, Necromanicide, Betroth, Eden In Ruins, Sacrificium, Vixivi, Stygian Empire, Kekal, Fleshwalker, Lament, Acoustic Torment, Sons Of Thunder. But there are still room for more bands. If your band is interested in appearing on this CD sampler, contact Laceration Productions quick!

  • It seems like Nicko Mc Brain from Iron Maiden is now a Christian! Read an interview about it at

  • DELIVERANCE - WEAPONS POSTERS are now available! Yeah, the cool cover from their second album is now available as a poster. The size is 27 x 27 inches (70x70 cm) and the printing is in fullcolour. You can see a picture of the cool cover at The posters will be sent out in wellprotected tubes. So if you like this cover, you better be quick and order your copy before they are all gone... They cost $10+$5 postage worldwide. Send $15 (usa dollars) as WELLHIDDEN CASH (No checks or money orders) to: Johannes Jonsson, Nederstavagen 1, 137 55 Tungelsta, SWEDEN Mail me at for more info.

  • Rowe Productions CDs are now distributed in Bulgaria! If you want to distribute your band in this country contact Assen at

  • TOURNIQUET has just re-released their first 3 albums! The cds also have new artwork and plenty of bonustracks has been added

  • Pergamon is a new promising swedish band in the death/black vein. They also got a 3-tune cd out.

  • SAINT fans rejoice! Their first EP has just been rereleased on CD! Included is also the rare Gentiles demo that was recorded before they changed name to Saint.

  • MESSIAH PROPHET has just rereleased their first album. So now you can enjoy Rock The Flock on cd.

  • NEON CROSS first album has also been rereleased. Their demo Frontline Life has been added as bonus tracks.

  • X-SINNER is alive and well! Yeah, the great melodic metal band that blows AC/DC away is back again! They also have a new cd with unreleased tunes as well as different versions of album tunes from their two albums. The album is called Loud And Proud. More info can be found at their brand new webpage

  • MORTIFICATION has just released their latest album The Silver Cord is Severed. According to many this is the best Mortification album for years.

  • WISDOM CALL is the Narnia singer Christian Liljegren's soloproject and they have just released their first album. Musically it's melodic metal reminding of Narnia, Hammerfall and the likes.

  • NARNIA'S new album has finally seen the light! It's called Desert Land and as always when it comes to Narnia it's a must have for anyone that loves metal with plenty of guitarsolos.

  • MORTIFICATION's thrash album Break The Curse from 1990 has just been rereleased.

  • Stronghold is a new Norwegian atmospheric black band that just released a cd at the Nordic Mission label.

  • David Benson is singing on the new Tempest album.

  • A Jerusalem video has just been released! It contains clips from the first gigs, videos with It's Mad and Constantly changing that was originally made for MTV. There are also some other cool clips from the 70s and 80s.

  • Fredrik from VENI DOMINE has got a strange infection in his throat and NEEDS OUR PRAYERS. Pray that God will heal him so he can sing again. Veni Domine are currently working hard with their new album but can't finish it until Fredrik's voice is fine again so keep him and the whole band in prayer.

  • DELIVERANCE will soon release a special cd including the famous Greetings of Death demo and more...

  • And last but not least METAL PASTOR BOB BEEMAN is feeling much better now! Praise God! He was in top condition when he preached at Bobfest in Sweden recently and he saids that he hasn't felt this good for 10 years! He is also very thankful to all that has prayed for him.

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    BOBFEST 2001 - 23-25 March in Linköping, Sweden

    This years Bobfest was a big success!
    As usual though we had to face a lot of resistance. Some christians even started a prayerchain against Bobfest!! They sent out e-mails to hundreds of churches in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Iceland where they urged people to pray against Bobfest. Another bad thing that happened was that two of the mainbands this year; Extol and Veni Domine had to back out from the festival due to strange infections. Fredrik from Veni Domine got an infection in his throat so he couldn't sing and Tor-Magne from Extol all of a sudden got a strange infection in the arm so he couldn't play guitar, so they had to cancel their gig just 10 days before Bobfest! So the devil surely was nervous and scared for what God would do on Bobfest so he tried all his filthy tricks to try to destroy it. But Satan is a loser and Jesus has the power! <Matthew 28:18> So our enemy couldn't stop us, cause God that is in us is bigger than he who is in the world. <1 John 4:4, 5:4>

    So we succeded to find some good replacements bands in Wisdom Call and Dime'n'Dough. On Thirsday night, almost all organizers as well as Pastor Bob, Disciple and Arlene their manager, was congregated at Daniel's house and spent some great time in prayer and worship and put the whole festival in God's mighty hands. We have also tried to make prayer our first priority the whole festival and started every day during the festival in prayer. And we have really felt that God has been with us and helped us in a wonderful way. Almost everything has gone very smooth this year. This year we also had doubled the festival team, which has helped us to be much more effective and kept us from burning out.

    Friday came and people started to show up. To our great joy there were more than 50 more attendencies than last year to the conference. Another great thing was that more people outside Sweden came and joined us this year. There were people from Poland, Netherlands, England, USA, South Africa, Finland, Norway and more… Great to see that so many want to travel this far to be at Bobfest!

    This year we have also get very good PR from secular media! The localradio in Linköping has interviewed Olov & Daniel (two of the organizers) as well as Disciple and has also played tunes with Extol, Hallowed, Disciple and more Bobfest bands on radio. They have also given away Hallowed cds to wellneeded listeners. The local newspaper Östgötakorrespondenten, has also written multiple big articles about Bobfest with interviews with Daniel & Olov as well as Pastor Bob. They also had a journalist at Bobfest that reviewed the festival. And the best thing is that TV was there! Yes! The youth program Vera from Swedish National Television was there, interviewing Christian and Marie (two of the organizers) as well as Bobfest attendencies and Pastor Bob. The very cool thing with this is that the people from Vera did this reportage because they wanted to break down misconceptions that people have about christians and show that christian people are no wimps but can rock hard! AMEN, this is so amazing that they had this attitude and it's really a work of GOD.

    Friday started off with a service at Ryttargårdskyrkan with a sermon from Heavy Metal Pastor Bob Beeman. As usual he had a lot of great things to say. It's so wonderful to see Pastor Bob so alert and full of energy. As many of you know he has been very ill and almost dead but due to God's grace and many prayers he is now feeling better than he has for the last 10 years! After the service everyone went on to the secular concert place called Skylten to enjoy the first concert. First band playing was Pantokrator. I have never seen them live before but they were very good. Tight heavy and melodic death metal. Extremely good! The best band on the whole festival. Next band was the punkers in Tekla Knös. As usual they played an energetic set that the audience enjoyed. Disciple ended the evening with a great gig. Musically they are really not my thing since they play metalcore but they are a good liveband and very Christ centered. Disciple also played the Stryper cover More Than A Man, which was freaking awesome. People were jumping and headbanging and really enjoying themselves. Definately one of the highlights at Bobfest! But the best of all happened at the end of the concert when Kevin Young held a mini sermon. When he did an altarcall many people raised their hands and made a decision to follow Jesus, some for the first time and others that has fallen away but now resubmitted their lives to Christ! Amen, this is what I'm living for and also the mainreason for this festival, to see people changed by Christ!

    After the concert there were problems to get into the sleepingplace at Skytteholmsskolan. The entrance card that had worked very well all day suddenly stopped working! But we called for Securitas and they opened for us so everyone could get into the warmth again and get some hours of wellneeded sleep.

    Saturday started as usual with prayer. After a short openingmeeting there were time for seminars, something we hadn't had earlier years. We had 3 seminars with Keving Young from Disciple, Peter Espevoll from Extol and Christian Liljegren from Narnia. Kevin talked about "what it takes and means to be a ministry band", Peter about "how to communicate the Gospel" and Christian about the "music industry". All the seminars were very interesting and encouraging. Then after the lunchbreak it was time for the main service with Pastor Bob. Bobs teachings were very interesting and encourageing. The meeting ended with a communion.

    Then it was time for the mainconcert where we had 6 bands playing. First band out was Jacks of All Trades, they play rapcore so their music wasn't my thing so I didn't hear much of their gig. Their finnish metalbrothers in Hallowed followed next. They were much better in my ears, plenty of talent but a bit uneven musically (they need to incorporate more catchy melodies). Some tunes were really good and some were not. Dime'n'Dough followed them. Their music was not enough metal for me to like them so I spent some time hanging around with friends instead. Then it was time for our surprise band Pergamon! They were very good, nice melodic death with black vocals, with a clear christian message. Without a doubt another of the festivals highlights. Vaakevandring from Norway then entered the stage and played their beautiful atmospheric black metal version of the prayer Our Father. An awesome tune! Black Metal Praise all the way. They did a good gig but at times the tempo was too slow. Last band out was Wisdom Call, which is Christian Liljegren, the Narnia singer's soloband and this was also the releasegig for their brand new cd. Their gig contained lots of nice guitar solos and real pure 80s Metal. Something I can never get enough of. J A good gig and and a great ending of the concert evening. Totally there were like 300 people on each of the concerts and about 200 at the whole conference. After the Saturday concert was over we got an unpleasant surprise. Someone had destroyed the wash basin at the toilet so there were lots of water on the floor. But some days later Daniel found a good christian friend that repaired it for us in 5 minutes for just $10.

    But the festival wasn't ended yet. After cleaning up at the concert place and 2 hours sleep it was time to get up again to the last service at Ryttargårdskyrkan. This were Ryttargårdskyrkans ordinary service but we got like 15 minutes to talk about Bobfest. Olov and Marie from the Bobfest team and Pastor Bob talked about the Bobfest weekend and what it was all about. The people at Ryttargårdskyrkan has overall been very helpful and it has been great to have their support behind the festival.

    The great thing with this year's festival is that everything (with a few exceptions) went very smooth. I want to say a big thank you for all that participated on the festival, especially those that travelled a long way to get here, and also a big thank you to my great friends at the Bobfest team (you all did a great work!), I also wanna thank everyone that has prayed for the festival (your prayersupport are invaluable and has meant more than words can say), but most of all I wanna thank JESUS who has made this a reality. To him be the glory forever and ever. Amen.

    So we had a great time this year with plenty of good Metal bands playing. But most important is that many was blessed and changed by Christ. If you want to enjoy Europes biggest Christian Metal Festival feel free to come and join us next year at the end of March. You won't be dissapointed.

    In His Service
    Johannes Jonsson
    Bobfest 2001

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    ***METAL  NEWS 010111***

  • STRYPER will headline Cornerstone!!! They will close the festival on the 7th of July. Other great news is that DELIVERANCE also will play Cornerstone this year! WOW, Metal is back again!! The Cornerstone Festival is held in Bushnell, Illinois and runs from July 3rd to July 7th. Find out more about this great event at and

    Other Stryper news is that the second annual Stryper Expo is also being planned for "spring/summer 2001" in southern California; see for more info

    Michael Sweet the Stryper singer has released a special Christmas singel with the famous Christmas tune O Holy Night. A few days ago he also released his new solo album titled Truth. For more info check out

  • Deliverance will also release their brand new album at Cornerstone

  • DELIVERANCE will also have their first gig in 5 years! They will play in Herrin IL on Saturday April the 7th. Doors open at 7pm and they are playing with Metal Messiah and Outcry. Herrin IL is 5 hours south of Chicago, 1 hour south of Paducah Kentucky and 1 hour west of Indiana. For info or general info e-mail Mark Muir at or call him at 618-942-7504 Tickets are going fast so be hurry to reserve yours...

  • PASTOR BOB BEEMAN, the legendary metalpastor of Sanctuary are feeling much better now and his health is constantly improving.

  • BOBFEST  2001
    Pastor Bob will also speak at Bobfest 2001 that will take place 23-25 March in Linköping, Sweden. It will be a powerful Metal festival with Jesus in center that will rock your world and motivate and inspire everyone that will come. There will be some great teachings and some of the best christian metal bands playing including Extol, Veni Domine, Vaakevandring, Hallowed, Pantokrator, Tekla Knös (punk) and more... Air tickets to Sweden are much cheaper during this time of year so international visitors are also very welcome. (Air ticket from the US cost like $500) This will be the Metal Festival of the year so be sure to not miss it... For more details about Europes probably biggest Christian Metal Festival visit

    We also urge you to please keep this festival and the organizers in your prayers. Pray that God will help us, guide us and make this festival to everything He wants so that the mighty name of Jesus will be glorified. Pray that all practical things will be solved, and that everyone that will come will be touched by God.

    Big things are happening in Brazil! Zadoque, a metal church recently organized a festival as a thermometer of sorts. They wanted to not only impact the region with the power of God through heavy metal, but also to see how the church would be accepted. Approximately 900 people showed up to watch Antidemon, Satan's Doom, among others. When Batista, the vocalist for Antidemon, did an altar call, a total of 189 people accepted Christ as their savior!!! Praise God! This is what it's all about.

  • One Bad Pig recently released a live album from their successful gig at Cornerstone last year.

  • Bloodgood are about to re-release their original demo! They will also add some extra bonuscuts.

  • There's a cool online christian metal radio show at

  • Scott Wenzel of Whitecross is back from the mission fields and ready to get back into music! Scott is currently gearing up for shows and is ready to go. If you are interested in booking information for Scott, please contact his management at or call Joe Austin at (906) 323-0060.

  • Taker is back again and working with a new cd. Visit Taker website -

  • P.O.D's "The Fundamental Elements of Southtown" has been certified platinum! Gotta give these guys their props. Somebody correct me if I am wrong but this is only the second Christian hard music album to go platinum (Stryper's "To Hell With the Devil" is the other).

  • Brittish Heavy Metal band Stairway got a webpage at

  • Krush's CD "Welcome to Paradise" is now being distributed / sold in Sweden by Bore Productions ( Skarblacka) . Fans can go to their online store and purchase the CD and others

    There's some changes coming up at Little Rose in near future. Starting from the beginning of December, the webstore and all other mail order service will be handled by The Christian Underground, a finnish association working to reach out the underground kids. We have sold our mail order service to them. The e-mail address to ask for the Cds after December 1 will be

    So after this change Little Rose will only concentrate on releasing music. I have also got some help for running the label, a friend of mine, Jaakko Leinonen, has joined the Little Rose -team and we're heading towards more professional way of doing this business.

    The new Immortal Souls -EP "The Cleansing" can be ordered from The Christian Underground and so will be all the upcoming Little Rose -releases in the future. You can also ask for our releases from the Christian metal distros in your country:

    in USA: Cross Rhythms Music, Rad Rockers, Rowe Productions, Nascent Frost Productions, Loud! Distribution

    in Holland:Fear Dark

    in Germany:Stephans Buchhandlung, Pleitegeier Records

    in Australia: Christian Music Products

    in Mexico:Lament Distribution

    in Sweden, Norway and Denmark: MNW Records Group (ask from your local record store)

    in Norway: Nordic Mission For more info about Little Rose visit

  • Teramaze are releasing a new mini CD - Titled 'Not the Criminal'. They have recorded it, and are in the process of mastering it now.

  • Jerusalem videos on the way! Finally they will release two videos. They will contain clips from the first gigs, videos with It's Mad and Constantly changing that was originally made for MTV. There will also be some other cool clips from the 70s and 80s.

  • The Hardcore band Overcome have now become a Death Metal Band and changed their name to Indwelling, they have 2 mp3 in their web page. The new style is "Old School Death Metal"

  • There is an interview with Rob Rock at

    Bride has just finished up a ten-day tour of Brazil. Accompanying Bride on this tour was Burlap to Cashmere and Out of Eden. Each show was a festival of celebration of life in Christ. The tour was called S.O.S. of life. Cities visited were Sao Paulo where crowds exceeded over 80,000 people. 3000 were confirmed to have given their lives to the Lord here. (Amen!) This is also where Dale severely sprang his ankle was placed in a cast for the remainder of the tour. Then it was on to Rio, Salvador where the festival rocked out on a beach. The tour then traveled to the capital Brasilia and concluded in a tropical paradise called Recife. All in all this was another successful trip for Bride (ninth time) to Brazil. God receives all of the glory for opening up these doors! In the weeks to come, Bride hopes to offer a new Brazil video. It will take time to put together all of the footage. Once it is complete you will receive a notice announcing the release. Pictures from the trip will soon be posted on the Web Site. We hope to post more facts about the tour on our Web Site in the coming weeks.

    "Fist Full of Bees" is coming! Release Date in Jan 2001. Absolute Records, Plinky Producer. The lineup is Dale Thompson vocals, Troy Thompson Guitar, Lawrence Bishop bass and Michael Loy on drums.

    Bride Live volume 2 (Acoustic) is now available!. We will only be receiving a LIMITED quantity to sell so order now. This Bootleg recording has your favorite Bride tunes (14 songs) over (60 minutes) of raw rock in an acoustic packaging from two shows that you will love! An extra bonus track of the favorite "Knock n' on Heavens Door" also appears on this release. This will be much more limited than our previous Bride releases so get one while you can! Everybody Knows My Name, Knockin' on Heavens Door (unreleased), Hired Gun, Sweet Louise, Show Them, Political Statement, Hell No, Christian Rock Statement, Same ol' sinner, Rock of Ages, Kiss the Train, Help, Young Love, Hollywood,

    NEW! "The Best of Bride" 2000. This new release contains 12 hand picked favorites from Oddities, The Jesus Experience, and two songs from The Kentucky Cadillac's. CD ONLY $12.00 each.

    Something Utlra Special Found -- Bride Lost Reels 3 which were thought to be all gone. There is 10 CD's left at $25.00 each (first come first serve)

    All CD's $15.00. Best of Bride 2000, Oddities, The Jesus Experience, Snakes in the Playground, Drop, Silence is Madness (re-issue with BONUS tracks) "Bride Live" less than 15 remain in stock. More of Dale Thompson solo CD's have been located. "Kentucky Cadillac's," "Religious Overtones" are now $5.00 each for CD's. Also 2 for 1 buy Speak into the Machine and Acoustic Daylight for $6.00 for the both of them! Many of you have asked about T-shirts and baseball caps. These will be available once the CD cover is decided upon. Do not forget to check out Bride's Home Page

  • Whitecross is about to move their page to

  • The Stryper gig in Costa Rica was a big success! Ca 2500 people attended and heard them play Stryperclassics for 1,5 hours! The set list for the Costa Rica concert was: Loud and Clear, Soldiers Under Command, Makes Me Wanna Sing, To Hell With The Devil, Sing-along Song, Honestly, More Than a Man, The Way, Calling On You, Free, Rock the People, Lady, From Wrong to Right, Can't Stop the Rock, On Fire (Van Halen cover tune) There some pics from the gig at


  • THE JOKE are preparing their long awaited full length album, which is called "Beware of the dog" and contains 11 tracks. Heavy Metal band SURRENDER has changed the name to SOUL HUNTER, because there is another band with the same name in activity.

  • DEADLINE has a new bassist. His name is Melke.

  • Another band that has changed the name was BURIAL, for the same reason as the above mentioned Surrender. Now they are called BURIAL SARKIKOS and are looking for a new drummer because Fábio has left the band.

  • The single "Old man", which was supposed to be a new version for "Comfort in trouble" Demo-Tape won't be done by AMOS band anymore, but 3 of its songs will appear as bonus tracks on the new edition of their CD "Gothic Soul" that soon will be released with a new art cover, new pictures and remastered. The group also has the intention to release an acoustic CD and a home-video. There's a new guitarist in the band: Helder Domingues

  • CHRISTIAN PROPHECY still haven't released their long awaited DT. They have a new line up and are thinking about a new name for the band.

  • TESTIMONY broke up. Fernando (g/v), Douglas (b) and Amaury (d)formed a new band called RAISING FAITH. Only Eder (g/v) remains from the former line-up and he called new members to keep up the band. Raising Faith play 80's Thrash Metal and have six songs ready to be listened. They may release a rehearsal DT soon only to become known on Christian media, and right after this their intention is to record a Demo CD with 4/6 tracks and start to divulge their sound to people in general.

  • SACRED SCROLLS are preparing their new DT and have already recorded 2 songs. They also have got a new drummer, Otávio Mendes (Rock New Zine) and their DT will be released soon.

  • DYNASTY is back again bringing a new line-up, they have a new guitarist, Gustavo Colen, and a new drummer, Rafael Sales. They are intending to release a new single with 3 songs and release it as soon as possible.

  • SKYMETAL (Brutal Death) band have got an e-mail: The current line-up is Lucio (b), Júnior (g) and brothers Gustavo (v) and Rafael (d). They are recording their first single CD.

  • HAVESTH are preparing a new DT to divulge their current Heavy Power Metal.

  • THE LAST FEELING will release a DT entitled "Until the last breath" and Samuel Sant'ana describe it as being "atmospheric". He also told the purpose of the band: "The center of The Last Feeling is not me, is not the music, but is Jesus, and I live for him". Besides drummer, Samuel now also plays keyboards and do the vocals, that according to him are screeched in a Black Metal style. The Last Feeling is a twosome band again: Samuel Sant'ana and H. Cardoso (g/b/v).

  • TRINO are already preparing stuff to record a new album soon. According to Fábi

      ***METAL  NEWS 011031***

    • We'll start with a Bang... JERUSALEM will tour with Dio and Motörhead!!! They will play with them on big arenas on the Monsters of Rock tour in South Africa this coming week. Pray that God will use Jerusalem to be a light in the

    • "Cataclisma" (Cataclysm) is the name of the debut CD of VULGATA that play Progressive HM.

    • BLESS (Hard Rock) have some of their songs for the new DT already done, it will be released soon and will contain 4 tracks.

    • VÖLLIG HEILIG's vocalist, Helio D'Tarso, is releasing with SACRAMENTO band a CD entitled "Voice in the desert", with six songs, among them there's a cover for Stryper (To hell with the devil). The songs follow Progressive heavy influences, having touches of Queensrÿche, Veni Domine and others. This CD is just a partnership since Völlig Heilig keep on being the main band for Helio. In this CD the group has got the name of D'TARSO & SACRAMENTO. About Sacramento, the group is testing a new vocalist. This CD will be available in the beginning in 2001.

    • DELIVER re-released their "Official Demo" with a bonus track "Ele é" (He is). For those who like a well played Thrash Metal this is a good option! Contacts: Caixa Postal 162. Curitiba/PR.80001-970. Brazil

    • NEC PLUS ULTRA is a new band in a Rage Against Machine style. Their site is

    • WAR BLADE is recording their first CD. They intend to have the CD available in April 2000.

    • NEWS BANDS FROM BRAZIL: DARING (Melodic HM/Power), SPIRITUAL CRADLE (Death),ANAMENIEM (Modern Extreme Metal), HAZAEL (Black), SHABAK (Death/Grind), EMBRACE (Metalcore), STERIDZO (Hard Rock), BENEDICTUS (Death Metal) ,ALTHAR (Hard Rock), THEMPLO (HEAVY METAL), YOURSELF (Alternative Metal), CRUCIFER (Death Metal), PHISSÁLIA (HC), PRAYER (Thrash), GRIND LUCIFER (Death/Black/Grind), SATAN'S DEATH (Death Metal), R4 (Punk Rock), OPERA SIDE (Heavy Metal), HALLELUYAH (Metal Praise), MORTIFY (Thrash/Death), NEVERDIE (Death), CALVARIUM (Death), TRONOS (Deathcore), SONETS OF GOD (Doom), ARMAGEDOM(Grunge)

    • Talking about Brazil, the new issue of the thick white metal zine Metal Mission has now been released. Featuring interviews with Tourniquet, Lighthammer, Saint, Bride, Laudamus, Staurus, POD, EBDM, Ruptura, Empty Grave, Annointing and Boanerges as well as plenty of reviews, poster of Staurus and other cool stuff. As usual the zine is very quick and have over 80 pages!

    • Pergamon is a new swedish brutal band. Hear their new tunes at

    • Amethyst is Christcentered death band

    • There is a big brazilian christian metal page called Metal Crazy

    • American deathers Hearken will soon move their page to, and along with the new website comes a new single called " It Is Written ", totaling over 7 minutes of Technical Brutality. Look for the release Sometime in January 2001.

    • Nordic Mission have moved their page. They have also started an own label called Nordic Mission Productions. First release is Stronghold-Prayers From A Yearning Heart - norwegian doomy black metal reminding of Antestor and Schaliach. Find out more about it at their new address

    • There are some cool christian metal shows online at and

    • Hardrock band Normandy is working with a new cd that will be heavier.

    • Do you want all tunes Bride ever has made on one cd?? Now you got the chance. Go to for more info.

    • Barnabas fans rejoice! They have just released two new cds. Artifacts and Relics (This is an album with unreleased songs and remixes, plus 3 recordings of their 1982 rehearsals. A good limited collectors cd-only 1000 made) Barnabas-Approaching Light Speed (this is a early 80's Christian metal classic available for the first time on cd).

    • Joshua Perahia is currently recording his newest album titled Something To Say, produced by Keith Olson (Whitesnake, Foreigner) which will be released in 5.1 digital surround sound as well as regular stereo.

    • There is Messiah Prophet site at

    • Philadelphia has landed at and will soon be releasing a limited-edition EP on called "Lightning Strikes Twice". It will contain some songs from a never-before-released live performance in 1999, as well as their newest material. Only 2001 CDs will be made of this special EP. It is scheduled for release in 1st Quarter of this year (2001) You can find them at at:

    • Mortification have begun to arrange a world tour for Summer. Their new album "The Silver Cord is Severed" will be available the 5th of February, including a free live-CD with 13 tracks.

      And last but not least I think it's about time that we christian metalheads do a campaign to get more publicity for our favourite bands! We can do so by mailing the leading talk shows in the US and telling them that we want them to interview Michael Sweet in Stryper, Jimmy Brown in Deliverance, Ted in Tourniquet, etc. Mail Jay Leno at and David Lettermann at We can also help Ultimatum to reach more people for Christ by voting on them at So let's all join together and do what we can to help our favourite bands! Together we are strong and can make a change.

    • That's all folks! C ya again with more Metal News in two months.

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