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    ***METAL  NEWS 001104***

  • We'll start with some GREAT NEWS... (drum roll).... Tim, Oz, Michael and Robert has reformed for a special concert with STRYPER!! YES! The great metalband from the late 80s/early 90s have reunited their forces and are now back again to spread light in the darkness. They will do a 90 minutes gig with Stryper classics! The concert will take off December 16th at Coliseo de Cartago in Cartago in Costa Rica. For more info check out

    The second annual Stryper Expo is also being planned for "spring/summer 2001" in southern California; see for more. .

    There also some interesting interviews with Robert Sweet at and There is also a interview with Oz interview at When you still are out surfing be sure to check out Timothy Gaines cool page at

    The fourth member in Stryper Michael Sweet has an interesting project on the way. He will release a special Christmas singel with the famous Christmas tune O Holy Night. There will be 2 different mixes of the song: a heavier mix and a lighter mix. There will also be an orchestra and most possibly a choir for the background vocals. Find out more at Michael's place on the net

  • DELIVERANCE will release a new album!! Jimmy P, Brown II (the brainchild behind the Big D) has teamed up once again with bass player Manny Morales (Learn, River Disturbance and Camelot in Smithereens), to release the most powerful record of the millennium “RISING FROM THE ASHES” Jimmy and Manny will be joined by Fearful Symmetry keyboardist, David Gilbreath and members of the cyber funk group Sanctified Sister, as well as numerous guest appearances to create what will be the most anticipated release of 2001. This might be the most exciting news to come out of the Deliverance camp in the past 10 years.

    “We’ll see what the future holds” says long time front man and key song writer, Jimmy Brown. “After being away for so long you start to wonder if people even remember you, but it seems like the 2 Deliverance web sites that are still operating are getting hit more and more these days. People haven’t forgotten it seems, just more interested. It’s time for me to grab the old battle ax (guitar) and rock hard again.” Does this mean this new record is going to be heavy??? Jimmy says, "You’d better believe it.”

    What does this mean for Fearful Symmetry? “Nothing, Symmetry will go on, but I feel at this time this is what YHWH (God) wants me to do at this time. But the Symmetry will march on.” I know this may be a shock and a surprise to some of you fans out there, and some of you may have a hard time swallowing it because of the constant CCM rumor mill. But you can count on this, this is real, this is legit. AFTER 5 YEARS OF SILENCE… THE “D” IS OUT THERE…" Find out more at

  • More great Deliverance news! Deliverance will release a special album from the four first years with unreleased tunes, live tunes, demotunes and more! The style is full on speedmetal.

    Yes, finally the metalglory days seem to be coming back now when Sacred Warrior, Deliverance and even Stryper seems to be reforming!

  • The Deliverance posters with the cool cover from Weapons of our Warfare album are now almost finished. The format will be big, 27x27 inches (70x70 cm)! Fullcolour of course so it'll be both BIG and beautiful. If you want a copy of this great poster, mail The price will be $10+$5 in postage.

  • And now some sad news... PASTOR BOB BEEMAN, the legendary metalpastor of Sanctuary is very ill. :-( At first he got the diagnose cancer but now when the doctors has had some more time to check his condition more thoroughly it don't seem like he has cancer. But he still has problems with breathing and the heart. So let's all join in prayer for him that GOD will do a miracle and heal him totally. GOD IS BIGGER than the tough situation Bob is facing and as God healed Steve Rowe, He will also heal Pastor Bob.

    There is a special prayer time when people all around the globe are praying for Bob at Mondays 7:00-7:30 (19:00-19:30) Central Europe Time. It gets very powerful when we pray together as Matthew 18:19 saids, so if you got the chance please check with timezones and join us and pray especially for Bob at that time. For more info about Bob's condition visit For more info about Pastor Bob's ministry visit

  • Pastor Bob has spoken on BOBFEST two years in a row and we believe that God will heal him so he can speak on it next year as well. Bobfest 2001 will take off 23-25 March in Linkoping, Sweden. It will be a powerful Metal festival with Jesus in center that will rock your world and motivate and inspire everyone that will come. There will be some great teachings and 8 of the best Christian Metal bands will play so be sure to not miss it! Extol, Veni Domine, Narnia, Antestor, Crimson Moonlight are some of the bands that have played on Bobfest the lastest two years. Last year people came from many parts of the world to Bobfest, some even from South Africa (!), so it seems like the interest is high. For more details about Europes probably biggest Christian Metal Festival visit This will be the Metal Festival of the year so be sure to not miss it...

    We also urge you to please keep this festival and the organizers in your prayers. Pray that God will help us, guide us and make this festival to everything He wants so that the mighty name of Jesus will be glorified. Pray that all practical things will be solved, and that everyone that will come will be touched by God.

  • Ken Tamplin is to record a new solo album for Z to be released September 2001. The material will be in the classic vein of Radio Bikini and will feature many well known musicians. Ken commented "I am looking forward to making an album in the style of my classic years, and working with some of rocks most respected players".

  • Global warning is a Christcentered melodic hardrock band from the US

  • Do you like Gammaray and want a Christian band in the same vein? Then Hallowed might be what you are looking for! Melodic Power Metal from Finland.

  • MORTIFICATION has finished the work on their next album "The Silver Chord Is Severed", which will be released on the 5th february. The first edition will also feature a bonus CD with thirteen live tracks!

  • A new issue of German Metalzine Turn or Burn is now out...

  • Swedish blackers Crimson Moonlight is searching for a new keyboard player. Their former keyboard player is about to form a new band in Goteborg that will play "horror metal". Mail him if you live in the Goteborg and are interested to join

  • Swedish Heavy Metal band Vademecum will soon release a four tune cd.

  • TOURNIQUET was featured in Guitar World Magazine. Aaron and Ted were interviewed for the October 2000 issue of Guitar World. The article talks about the influence of Christian music in the mainstream market.

  • The CD version of the Kekal's 2nd full-length album "Embrace The Dead" is now released. It's released by a US new label Fleshwalker Records. The band is preparing the tracks which will be used for their next release, a collection of their non-album tracks from 1995 to 2000 including demos, unreleased tracks, remixes, brand new tracks, and a cover tune. KEKAL also invited to participate in 2 compilation albums, one of them is a tribute album to LIVING SACRIFICE. The band records exclusive recordings for the both compilations.

  • EXCISION's debut full-length album "Visi" is finally ready! It has 10 tracks incl. an exclusive remix one track done by FXAJ. The musical direction is very spicy, taking influences and inspirations from gothic, dark dancewave, industrial, and heavy metal. This album will be released on cassette format on early December 2000. It will be offered to various labels for licensing deals.

  • Norwegian black band Drottner has expanded the band with a new guitar player

    We are excited to announce NEON CROSS has been signed to a 3 album deal. Neon Cross has been known for their hard driving power metal, with crunchy riffs, and unrelenting, operatic vocals. Here's what you can expect in the coming months from one of your favorite metal bands.

    Early in 2001, NEON CROSS - self-titled will be reissued featuring a 32 bit remster. There will be at least 7 bonus tracks added, including the legendary 5 song "Frontline Life" demo that got Neon Cross signed to their first deal back in the 80's. This CD has been selling in auctions for unbelievable prices, and now you'll be able to get a superior product for a fraction of the price.

    In the NEON CROSS - THE SANCTUARY REUNION will be released. At the end of August, a bunch of bands got back together for a reunion benefit for Sanctuary. Neon Cross played, we recorded it and will be packaging this unique and special performance to fans who missed it!

    Perhaps the most exciting of the releases is the as yet, untitled NEON CROSS release which Magdalene Records will be releasing. In the late 80's David Podue and company had a second album all ready to go and record. To make along story short, it never happended. Years later, "Torn" was rceived with mixed response, but it wasn't the album that was to be recorded in the late 80's. Now, the band is heading back to the studio, to record the signature power metal sounds that Neon Cross fans have been craving for the last decade. This monumental album is set for a late 2001 release date.

    In late November of this year, expect:
    DELIVERANCE - BACK IN THE DAY: THE FIRST FOUR YEARS (demo, live, unreleased, collected & narrated by Jimmy Brown himself!)
    LEVITICUS - THE STRONGEST POWER (remastered with four bonus cuts)

    In January 2000, expect to see releases of the following:
    X-SINNER - LOUD & PROUD (phenomenal live and unreleased stuff...killer stuff)
    DANIEL BAND - ON ROCK (remastered on CD for the first time ever!)

    Thank you for your support of Magdalene Records and great metal albums! All releases available through M8 Distribution.


    Matt Hunt, owner

    Massive Groove Productions &
    Magdalene Records releases
    sold and distributed at

  • Swedish metallers can also find the best of the M8 releases and some other rare and new christian metal albums, Stryper rarities and more cool stuff from the swedish christian metal distro Metal Community.

  • Finnish melodic death band Immortal Souls is just about to release an ep called The Cleansing. It includes four songs, "The Cleansing" from the upcoming album, and 3 others; "Until", "The Prophet" and "Icebound".

  • Listen to the whole Stryper expo on RealAudio at

  • 80s metal band Tempest has reformed! The new Tempest cd will be called "Crushing The Dark Cathederal" New singer is none other thand David Benson.

  • Nascent Frost Productions is a new christian black/power metal distro and label

  • Slechtvalk (formerly Dommer) has just released their new album Falconry. The style is dark/black-metal with a doomy touch for fans of Dimmu Borgir, Within Temptation and Antestor. For more information about SLECHTVALK check out the Fear Dark website at and the official SLECHTVALK website at

  • Jimmy Earls from Akeldama is now going solo

  • Disciples new album By God is now released. Fans of Kid Rock and Limp Bizkit will definately get a new favourite with this talented band.

  • HALLOWED’s EP “End Of The Age” will be released at late fall / early winter. The EP includes 5 songs: End Of The Age, The Challenge, The Chosen One, Jesus Christ and New Millenium. The cover art for the album, based on the Book of Revelations, was painted by their vocalist Michael Majalahti.

  • The new Finnish Metal Compilation “The Metal Rose Collection” is on it’s way. The bands appearing on the sampler are: IMMORTAL SOULS, HALLOWED, WORSHIP FACTORY, IX SYNDICATE, CHILDREN OF LIGHT, TINNITUS, ANCHOR, ORATORIO, C-FORCE, ICON CLAN and STONER KINGS.

  • There is an fan page for Mortification with tablaturs at

  • METAL MINISTRY in Brazil! Antidemon a brazilian death band played at Zadoque Community last Saturday, celebrating their 200th concert. Thirty-three souls were saved, through the power of metal and through the delivering message of Jesus Christ. WOW!! This is what it's all about to reach more metalheads with the great message of Christ. For more info about the Metal Church Zadoque visit

  • According to the Sanctuary INTL web site, the recent Sanctuary reunion will be released on video. It will feature the best of the event, with bands such as Vengeance Rising (former members of), Recon, Neon Cross, Krush, Jordan, and Triple Ace. It will also be released as a CD.

    Hi, Steve Rowe here. Lots of excitement going on here at the Rowe Productions Australian office and with Mortification and Hammer of God studio.

    Our live album "10 Years Live Not Dead" has been received well around the world and is getting killer reviews. Hail to Jesus for giving us the power for a great show on the opening of mainstage at the Blackstump Festival last October. The album is selling well in the US, Canada, South America, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. For those of you in Europe who think you have missed out, don't worry because Nuclear Blast will be releasing the Live album along with the release of our new studio album, "The Silver Cord is Severed". We have finished up the tracking and are now mixing and mastering. The album will soon be finished and off to Nuclear Blast and Diamante. The album will see an early 2001 release.

    Hopefully everyone can pick up a copy before we tour in June/July/August next year (2001). The tour will take in Australia, South Africa, Europe, USA and South America. 10 weeks / 50 shows! Sounds totally killer. Hope to see all our fans again out on the road and some new ones in the places we have not been before.

    "The Silver Cord is Severed" is again a reinvention of our combination of extreme metal sounds. Something for everyone! Most of you know by now that the Live album was Keith Bannister's last show and album with the band. Thanks for 5 years of hard work, Keith, especially through all the hard times when I was sick. God bless you and Brandi in your career and family plans. Keith married Brandi one year ago in St. Louis, USA where Brandi lived. They now live in Australia and we still hang out

    together often. We are friends forever. Keith met Brandi when we played at Cornerstone in 1996. I think that Bruce of Living Sacrifice met his wife at Cornerstone also. So the moral of the story is, if you want to find a wife, save up and go to Cornerstone next year.

    Lincoln married Penny on the 11th of March this year and he is now working full time as a teacher as well as working hard for Mortification. (Busy Boy!) My wife Kate and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary along with the Mortification 10 year celebration. Our son Leighton is now four and a half and plays drums and belts out some great thrash vocals already. I guess most of you did not notice that he did the final vocal on "God Rulz" on "Hammer of God" because no one has commented on it. Check it out. He did that when he was just 3 years old! Chip off the old block!

    Our new drummer, Adam Zaffarese, joined the band when he was just 15 years old, which makes him 20 years younger than me. He has been playing drums for 10 years. Kate and I used to look after him and his little brothers when he was my son's age. He was playing drums back then. He is the eldest son of Rosanna's Raiders drummer Johno Zaffarese. Rosanna's Raiders was signed to Refuge / Pure Metal at the same time my old band Lightforce was in the late 80's. I started playing Christian metal when Adam was born. Isn't it amazing how God arranges our lives! Adam is a killer drummer!

    With "the Silver Cord is Severed" and the new tour, get ready for an extreme shot of metal that will blow the evil forces of the world back to the pit where they belong. See you all on tour in 2001. Look out for reissues of Mortification "Break the Curse 1990", Lightforce "1986 to 1989", Biogenesis debut album "The Mark Bleeds Through", Ubiquitous debut album and "Southern Extremities" Brasilian Metal Compilation!

    God bless,
    Steve Rowe

  • The classic polish band Creation Of Death will rerelease their album Purify Your Soul.

  • Rey Parra from Sacred Warrior is now the minister of music at Praise Assembly in Palm Coast, Florida. He will be releasing a new solo album some time next year.

  • The Melodic Hardrockers in Shout's has now released their new album Shout Back in Japan. The Japan version contains 3 bonus tracks - "Man Without Tears" "World's Last Night" + 1 more

  • Divine Endeavor is a new metal/hard rock Christian band from Chicago, Il in the U.S.

  • The new NARNIA album will reach Japan in december and the rest of the planet in February 2001.  Right now they are also recording a song for a Uriah Heep-tribute album. The song is called "Sunrise" For more info about these awesome band check out

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    ***METAL  NEWS 000817***

  • We'll start with a bang... (drum roll).... SACRED WARRIOR is back!! Yeah the great metalband from the late 80s/early 90s have reunited their forces and are now back again to spread light in the darkness. And that's not all, they currently working on new material and plan to have an album out by the end of this year! Find out more at Sacred Warriors official webpage

  • Some other great news is that there will be a Sanctuary reunion! AUGUST 25-27 Sanctuary International will hold a reunion. It will be held at Living Word Fellowship, 2424 Moreton Steet in Torrance, CA. Friday night will be a night of Worship with Jim LaVerde and "Righteous Rap" with Pastor Bob. Saturday night will be a reunion concert featuring Deliverance, Jordan, Krush, Neon Cross, Overdrive, Recon, Triple Ace, and Vengeance (with a surprise vocalist!). Sunday afternoon will be a Church service in the afternoon with Jim LaVerde leading the original worship team and Pastor Bob Speaking. YEAH, sounds like a dream event!! For more info contact: Sanctuary International Office - (615) 573-7798

  • The Deliverance posters with the cool cover from Weapons of our Warfare album are now almost finished. The format will be big, like 50x50 cm or most possibly 70x70 cm! Fullcolour of course so it'll be both BIG and beautiful. If you want a copy of this great poster, mail for orderinfo.

  • Celestial Light is a Polish Christian Metal Distro! Check it out at:

  • Guitarist Dan Spitz from Anthrax have now become a Christian! He had a time of searching and a time of struggle, and finally, a time of change. Dan recalls, "I started reading a Bible that my grandfather had given me. I read it like four times and it just hit me. I started going to Bible studies and then confessed. And from there, the Holy Spirit just started to rip through me and change everything. It's pretty unbelievable." Dan now wants to be a vessel of God and spread His wonderful kingdom. Praise Jesus for hearing things like this!

  • P.O.D.'s "Rock The Party" goes #1! Millions watched on 7/26 as P.O.D.'s "Rock The Party" unseated Backstreet Boys, N'sync, and Hanson taking the #1 spot on MTV's TRL!! Go to to Vote to keep them on the list.

  • And now some sad news... Rob Rock has left Impellitteri!! He is now a solo artist. Rob Rock got an ultimatum from Chris Impellitteri to either stay in the band or be a soloartist. Rob choosed to become a soloartist since he had had a longing to do a soloalbum for years. (Rob would have liked to do both Impellitteri and solo albums, but that option was not made available to him.) His new new cd "Rage of Creation" is out in Japan now! It will be out in the U.S. and Europe October 23rd. The cd will be available at . The album has Roy Z (Driver, Tribe of Gypsies) on guitar and bass, Reynold "Butch" Carlson (Driver, Jag Panzer) on drums, Jake E. Lee (Ozzy, Badlands) on guitar for 2 tracks, Ray Burke (Life After Death) on bass for 3 tracks, and Greg Analla (Tribe of Gypsies) on the backing vocals. The album was produced by Roy Z.

  • Zadoque is an underground church in Brazil that support brutal christian bands. Recently they had a big black/grind festival with bands like Satans Doom, Skymetal, Neversatan and many more. The festival took off really well. If you want to have contact with Zadoque mail

  • Bride is excited about the completion of the new CD. With "Snakes in the Playground" producer Plinky Giglio, Bride is sounding more like their old selves with hints of WOW according to the band.

    "The Best of Bride" 2000 is another new release that contains 12 hand picked favorites from Oddities, The Jesus Experience, and two songs from The Kentucky Cadillac's.

    Sept 6th watch for Bride Live volume 2 on M8 Records. This "LIVE" CD will showcase the acoustic side of the band. M8 has been instrumental in producing hard to find Bride recordings over the past few years. Bride Live 2 will be made available through Bride Sept 6th.

  • Christian Metal Resource have changed name and location to Plenty of Christian Metal info can be found on that site. Soon there will also be a Christian Metal Radio show broadcasted via Internet from this site with Pastor Bob himself as DJ!

  • Due to several reasons Manu Lehtinen from Deuteronomium and Little Rose have been ordered a disability vacation that lasts for one month, at least. During that time he will not able to work, and therefore Little Rose will be closed until September the 15th, maybe even longer. Keep Manu in prayer, he surely needs all prayersupport he can get.

    The drummer J-J Kontoniemi has decided to leave Deuteronomium after the Germany tour, so most likely the band will not play any gigs during 2000 after this tour. The remaining members of the band, Manu and Kalle, will continue searching for God’s guidance for the band and, if God allows, after finding new vocalist, guitarist and drummer, they will start composing and rehearsing new material. However, everything will be done without stress and hurry, the main thing is to find out what God’s plan for the band is. More details will be informed when something new comes up. Deuteronomium has also got a domain of their own

  • David Benson, has now released a new album titled Prenomition of Doom. As his previous releases it's full on Black Sabbath/Ozzy musically and lyrically it's full on for Christ.

  • Detonation is an up'n'coming band from Switzerland!

  • Former Stryper vocalist Michael Sweet's third solo record Truth claimed the #2 spot on Burrn, the world's biggest Metalzine! It was the second best selling import disc of 1999 in Japan. Distributed by MJM Entertainment Group to the Japanese market, Truth outranked artists like Testament, Cinderella, Sodom, Metallica, Dream Theater and Aerosmith in a market well known for its love of classic metal and hard rock. Ironically, Sweet's band Stryper first grabbed the same #2 spot on Burrn!'s chart in 1984.

  • Living Sacrifice have been in the studio in June and July. Expect a much heavier Living Sacrifice! Heavier than Reborn? For those that haven't kept up with the band you will notice some new members. Matt and Arthur, formerly of EsoCharis, have joined the band. Look for a late summer release that will be some of the bands heaviest stuff to date.

  • Jimmy Brown and Deliverance have agreed to put out a CD featuring their demo material, "a live album of the early years, live the later years, and somewhere in there a bunch of unreleased outakes from various recording sessions."

  • There is cool unofficial Extol page with lots of interesting info at

  • The swedish melodic metallers in Laudamus now have a new domain

  • The new Sons of Thunder cd is now out, filled with thundering Heavy Metal with lyrics that are totally praise. Truly a great metal album to worship the Lord with.

  • A new EXTREME CHRISTIAN DEATH METAL BAND called SICKENED has just been formed. The members are Mitch Reese ( guitarist of OBLATION), Alan Tregoning ( bassist of OBLATION and owner of CROSS RHYTHMS MUSIC - "The Online Christian Music Store") and the drummer is Dave "Plowboy" Campbell (drummer of OBLITERATION/DEATH LIST w/ studio work on the new INVERSION album due out this summer).With in mind of a couple of vocalist that have inquired about the position, this line up has already wrote material that is so much heavier than anything else they've ever done. The music is in a vein of Cannibal corpse, Hate Eternal, Suffocation and Malevolent Creation.The mere speed and the amount of pounding that will be laid upon the listener will be of utmost BRUTALITY. SICKENED hopes to have a recording done by this summer which will be recorded at premiere studio, the place of Kirk Campbell. Same studio and producer/engineer that did Death List, OBLITERATION, all the Eternal Decision's album and the new INVERSION album.

  • Brutal Crozz is a Christian Metal zine from Indonesia! New issue has interviews with Vaakevandring(Norway), Kekal(INA), Necromanicide(Malaysia) and Mournphagy(INA).

  • Speaking about Indonesia THT Productions are working hard and have just released ARMAGEDDON HOLOCAUST "Into Total Destruction" which is a special project featuring a member of BEALIAH. T Produced by Jeff from KEKAL. "Into Total Destruction" is their only album under ARMAGEDDON HOLOCAUST banner. E-mail for ordering information.

    They have also signed DISASTROUS AGE and EMPIRECHRIO. Both bands are from Jakarta, Indonesia. DISASTROUS AGE is a new band formed by ARMAGEDDON HOLOCAUST's Dark Thriller. They play extreme old-school catchy death metal with different kind of vocal growls. EMPIRECHRIO plays brutal death metal with melodic edge and extreme dual vocal styles. Their styles are very fresh to these days in the midst of countless new-school brutal death bands showing the similar structures & complexity.

    MOURNPHAGY finally has new material ready to record. Expect the most extreme Grind release in a decade! Those who already heard the band's latest track "5627", may know what direction the band moves into: 100% Not for trendies! The band has a 7" release out on Noise Squatch Records (NY-based grind label).

    KEKAL is in the process of recording some songs to be included as bonus tracks for the re-release of "Contra Spiritualia Nequitiae", their classic demo recorded back in 1995-1996. The re-released version will have at least 7 bonus tracks alongside the original demo tracks (including previously unreleased tracks, newly-remixed versions, brand new tracks, & a cover song). Scheduled to be released on September/October 2000.

  • The cool and professional Christian Metal Zine Wreathe of Thorns have now an own domain.

  • Slechtvalk, formerly Dommer will be releasing his debut full-length album late summer on Fear Dark.

  • Eternal Decision got an own domain

  • There is a cool Christian Metal Radio Show called Reign Radio. They play plenty of Stryper and Sacred Warrior and other great metalbands from the golden 80s!

  • "In the shadow of death" is NOW released! It contains 15 scandinavian Death, Black and Industrial bands. the total running time is 75 min! Bands on the CD are Crimson Moonlight, Extol, Schaliach, Vaakevandring, Absurd, Vardoger, Antestor, Lengsel, Sanctifica, Anaemia and Drottnar and more...

  • Heavily Armoured is a new Christcentered Metal band

  • The extreme Christian Metal zine Dead now got an own domain name

    Hi! This is Kathy with Rowe Productions, USA.

    First of all I want to thank all of you who have contributed towards Steve's medical expenses. He is continuing to improve, although he is still struggling with walking because of motor paralysis, and he still has kidney, heart and spinal problems. Many of you may have heard last year that doctors were giving Steve only another two years to live. They have now told him that he should expect to live another twenty years. It is good to know that God is in control, and it is God who numbers our days. Thanks so much to all of you for your continued prayers and support. Mortification is planning on doing a full world tour in June and July of 2001 with a possible spill over into August. God willing, they will be travelling to South Africa, Europe, the USA and South America. We will keep you posted.

    I am sure that most of you know by now that Mortification has a new drummer. Keith Bannister was offered a very good job which would not allow him to travel with the band. It goes without saying that Keith will be missed, but he will still be a part of the behind the scenes activities of Mortification and Rowe Productions on a scaled down basis.

    The new drummer is Adam Zaffarese, who was only fifteen years old when he joined the band. (He is now sixteen.) Adam has been playing drums since he was five years old. He is an excellent musician and brings a whole new feel to the band. Steve is very excited about bringing in a younger musician. In Steve's words, "It keeps the band in touch with youth." An interesting note, Steve and Kate used to babysit Adam before they were married.

    As far as what is new with Rowe Productions, The Mortification 10 Years Live cd is now available. Unfortunately, the video did not turn out, so the album is only being released as a cd.

    The Cybergrind cd is also now available. Cybergrind features former Mortification guitarist Mick Carlisle on guitar and lead vocals. Those of you who liked the Scrolls album should enjoy this release.

    Gnashing of Teeth will be touring in the US this July with Extol. They will also be playing at the Sonshine Fest. If you have the opportunity to hear Gnashing of Teeth live, please do so. They are phenomonal!

    We have also signed another US band called Biogenesis. Steve has called them "brilliant", "awesome" and "killer". Personally, I keep listening to their three song demo over and over and over. Be watching for their debut cd, "The Mark Bleeds Through" sometime this fall.

    Also, if you haven't visited our web site for a while, we have a lot of new merchandise, including the Primitive Rhythm Machine T-shirt so many of you have asked about. We will be getting some more new stuff in soon, including some Extol T-shirts and some cool indie releases.

    Once again, I want to thank all of you for your awesome support.

    As always, GOD RULZ!!!!


  • Metanoia was recently interview on the national bulgarian radio!

  • Bride is now taking orders for "Silence is Madness!" Bride's 3rd CD is now available for $15.00. This is a limited one time release of the most popular CD from Bride's Pure Metal era.


  • DIESEL changed their name to SOUTH DIESEL because there’s another band in Brazil with the same name. They are releasing “Myserya”, a single with 5 tracks.

    “Seaquake” is the new STAUROS album. 13 songs in English and mixed by Edielson, who has already worked with Angra.

  • DESTRA (Prog. HM) have just released their first album, “Sea of Doubt” through Destroyer Records.

  • AMOS have another guitarist: Helder Domingues. They are going to release their single “Old man” soon, which is a new version for their old Dt “Comfort in trouble”.

  • “Just for Fun” is the tittle of SACRIFICE’s Dt. It has six Groove Metal tracks, sung in Portuguese .Get it:

  • Formerly TESTIMONY members are now in RAISING FAITH. The line up is: Fernando (g/v), Douglas (b) and Amauri (d) and Testimony have another bassist called Fernando and Eder (g/v) is the only former member.

  • JUSTA ADVERTÊNCIA (Crossover) are searching for a drummer to come into studio and record new stuff.

  • BUT YOU SAID is a Hardcore band which has on its line up only girls: Carla (v), Raquel (v), Talita (g), Taís (d), Vivian (g) and Mahatima (b).

  • ARCANJO have a new vocalist: Marcelo Okara. If you still don’t know the band it’s worthy to get the Dt “Russian Roulette”, a well done Thrash Core with an excellent production. E-Mail:

  • THE JOKE? divulged recently on reports their intention to record their first full length album till the end of the year. The probable name will be “Beware of the dog” and will contain 12 songs.

  • MACADESHKEM (Brutal Death/Unblack Metal) are playing many gigs in Fortaleza city, having good acceptance of non Christian crowd. Their first DT will be released soon.

  • EMPTY GRAVE will appear in a secular compilation, with two non-Christians bands: N.Y.A.B. (New York Against the Belzebu) and Purenoise.

  • EMBRACE is a new Metalcore band, with influences of Zao and Strongarm. E-Mail:

  • The new DT of ÊXODO is already available. Its name is “Hands in blood” and shows four new Thrash Death petards. E-Mail:

  • TOGETHER are releasing their DT “O deus do presidente” (The God of president), a Heavy Rock sung in English and Portuguese. Together. c/o Joilson. Av. Manoel Sampaio, 683. Itaberaba. BA.46880-000. Brazil.

  • INHERITHANCE (Brutal Thrash/Death) may return to the activities till the end of the year. Formerly members are searching for God’s direction through prayers and soon we will have more news about it.

  • NECROMANICIDER have broken up.

  • CARKEMIS have stopped for a while because Muca (b/v) is serving as a soldier and Calebe (d) is attending at the University. Marcelo (g) is intending to release a solo project soon. When the band return to the activities, in the end of the year, some changes are expected, like a second guitar.

  • The first edition of WHITE DEATH ZINE is out, bringing interviews with: Bedatra Dezum, Crimson Thorn, Empty Grave and reports with Horde, Carkemis, etc. 25 pages, written in Portuguese. E-Mail:

  • There is a Brazilian Metal Compilation project. The intention is to do it on cassette format and include bands like BEDATRA DEZUM, HOBED EDOM, PROPICIATORIUM and maybe HABAZARGORGOGOROTH, which is a project of Bedatra member Higro.

  • YOURSELF is a new Alternative Metal band from Brazil

  • ATONEMENT have released their furious CD Demo “In search of real things”. Their musical style is NYHC. E-Mail:

  • TRINO are preparing themselves to record new songs. Their new basssist is Mirko Moratti.

  • Helio D’Tarso, vocalist of VÖLLIG HEILIG is also a permanent singer of another band called SACRAMENTO, that is changing their name to HELIO D’TARSO AND SACRAMENTO (Prog HM). They are rehearsing to come into studio on the next months. Völlig Heilig are finishing up the CD art cover and after this they will press their first full length album, containing 10 songs.

  • Problems with the mixing are delaying even more the releasing of the first CD , Spiritual Domination, of CLEMENCY, still without a date to be out

  • PROMESSA DIVINA released their first CD called “Crush Hell” . It contains 10 Death/Black/Doom tracks. You can acquire it with Edmilson. R. São Thomas de Aquino, 103. Pe. Anchieta. Campinas/SP.13111-820. Brazil.

  • There is a new Melodic HM band called CLEAN HEART. They have a DT called “Manipulation”, bringing 4 songs in English.

  • BURIAL, former Testify is a new band playing Death Metal. They released a DT called “É o fim” (It’s the end) recently. E-Mail:

  • RAISER is another new group. They released their CD Demo with 6 songs playing HM style. More information:

  • ELIAS VASCONCELLOS, Deliver bassist have just released two DT, on solo career: “Só baixo” (Only bass) has l5 tracks and as the name describes it doesn’t have other instruments. The other dt, also instrumental, is called “The other side of life” it has 10 songs with Elias (b) and Daniel Ruberti (g). The drum is programmed. Check their site on our Links.

  • Formerly Testimony drummer, Wander, is now playing with SATAN’S DOOM (Unblack).

  • Adonai Mag has called it quits.

  • Michael Bloodgood co-host a radio show called Eternal Rock Show on

  • There is also an official Bloodgood page at

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    ***METAL  NEWS 000305***

  • The Metal Festival of the year will take place in Stockholm, Sweden 24th - 26th of March!The event is called Bobfest 2000 and will feature the bands Antestor, Veni Domine, Crimson Moonlight, Deuteronomium, Sons of Thunder, Laudamus, Sanctifica, Vital Sign, Silver and Soapbox! Speaker will be Pastor Bob Beeman. Tickets for the whole weekend will cost 200 SEK (ca $23,5) Find out more at There is also a Bobfest mailinglist. If you wanna join it and receive regular updates by email you can mail

  • Another cool metal festival called Solid Rock Festival will take place in Piteå in northern Sweden the 17th-19th of March. Narnia, Sons of Thunder and Laudamus will play and Bob Beeman will talk. It seems like you have to go to Sweden to enjoy the best and biggest Christian Metal festivals...

  • Subiaco Foothills is a new Christian Blackband from New Zealand

  • Uziel is a new christcentered band that mix death, black and hardcore

  • Another interesting band is New Jerusalem


  • The digipak -version of Deuteronomium's "Street Corner Queen" album is available! The album is totally remastered, and it features the whole "Tribal Eagle" EP as bonus tracks as well as a rocking cover of One Bad Pig's hit "Red River"! The whole package has got new, really cool artwork and is packed in a 6-page digipak cover!

  • Crimson Thorn: Dissection re-release is now out! (actually today!) it's got full color 8-page booklet, very cool! This classic grindcore album was originally released by Morphine Records and after the first 1,000 copies it never was re-printed. Little Rose licensed the album and released it again since there seems to be a lot of interest for that masterpiece! Expect brutal grindcore with bold Christian lyrics heavily inspired by the Holy Bible!

  • In March we're gonna release Sanctifica's debut album as a co-release with Christian Liljegren's C.L. Music & Publishing. I can promise you an album full of aggressive, chaotic black metal! Some song titles are: Riket (The Empire), Released From Pain, Allhärskaren (The Emperor) and The Dark Embrace Of Night.

  • Immortal Souls is about to enter the studio sometime in February. Their album should be released in early April. I heard a few new songs live last Saturday at Winter Metal Fest here in Finland, and they were amazing! Fast, furious and filled with passion and beautiful melodies!

  • Mordecai is also working on their new material for a full album. It should be released in May. Their new stuff is a lot faster and even more artistic, classical influenced and emotional than the songs on the split-CD. Their drummer Matti Lassila has left the band and the full album is planned to be recorded with a very talented drummer Johnny Pesonen, who also played drums on Deuteronomium's first CD release "Tribal Eagle" EP.

  • Little Rose Productions has signed distribution deals with two major secular alternative music distributors, 99th Floor in Italy and House of Kicks (now owned by MNW Distribution) in Scandinavia (Sweden, Norway, Denmark) and Finland. So in these countries you can go to record store and ask for the Little Rose -releases and if they don't have them in stock, they can order them in for you! Please spread the word, it is extremely important to reach sales through these channels so that the distributors want to continue working with us and the Gospel of Jesus Christ can reach more metalheads! Also, if you know of any good radio shows playing metal, metal magazines etc. in these countries, feel free to send their contact information for us so we can promote our artists in a more effective way.

  • Little Rose's website is totally updated and we finally got a webmaster that is able to update it often enough to keep it in time. So go visit the site and click also the 'webstore' in the navigation bar to see the entire selection of CDs and other stuff we are selling. Orders from outside of Finland must be paid in cash (US currency only) or by a credit card. NO checks!

    B blessed!


  • There is a cool dude in Bulgaria that soon will air his Christian Metal Show on NATIONAL RADIO! He also plans on getting in touch with distros of Christian metal to make it available to the people in Bulgaria. The guy has a HUGE opportunity to get positive metal to a land with people who need it. Anybody here can make an impact by sending him info, flyers, zines, CD's, tapes or whatever. If you do want to donate music (it will be played for a NATION!) please don't send him crappy stuff because Christian metal will be given the same stigmatism of being second-rate as it has been branded with all over the place all ready. So all you people in bands and labels take this opportunity to spread the love of Christ thru Christian Metal in Bulgaria. Contact Assen at

  • Blindside's video "King of the closet" has been aired on MTV! Blindside's video has also reached no 5 at a swedish videochart on TV.

  • Issue # 3 of Enthroned Magazine is now out! It will have a more "professional" look and contains 68 pages! The issue will also feature interviews with: Sapientia, Visionaire, God, Dommer, Unevil Hopes, Feast Eternal, Subiaco Foothills, Soul Embraced, Anaemia, Draco, Acoustic Torment, Antithesis, Bedatra Dezum, Apploro, Vaakevandring. 10 pages of album/demo reviews, article by Guy Ritter, Brazilian Metal Scene Report featuring AntiDemon, Skymetal and Blood Warrior plus one more. First 50 orders include FREE sampler CD...

  • The Sound Tank is a Christian Metal Underground Radio Show that airs every Saturday Night 11pm ( Pacific Time ) Listen over the internet ( Live ) at Bands and labels can send their material to
    SOUND TANK, PO BOX 5974, Salinas, CA.93915, USA


  • Hi everyone, this is Keith from Mortification. From myself, Steve and Lincoln we'd like to say Happy New Year to you all. Sorry it has been so long since these mailing lilst messages have been sent out but we promise that they will now become a regular thing.

    Heres an update on Mortification. We went and played in Europe at the end of June, start of July and had the BEST tour we have ever had. It was fantastic and the audiences went off!!! We played in Switzerland, Germany, Holland, Sweden, Norway and Finland. The highlights of the tour were playing at the Seaside Festival in Norway to 4000 people and the final concert of the tour in Finland, playing along side the awesome band Deuteronomium. And we had a great time in Sweden playing with Veni Domine. After the tour we went to the U.S. where I got married on July 10th to my totally awesome wife Brandi. Steve and Lincoln also attended the wedding, Steve was the best man and lincoln played acoustic guitar before the wedding. After the wedding Steve stayed on in the U.S. and did some promotional shows on his own and spoke at some churches. On October 1st we played at the Black Stump festival in Sydney and recorded our new live album and video. The live album should be out soon so stayed tuned to this mailing list and the web site for the releases date. The video is still being produced so as soon as we know a release date on that we will elt you know also. Since Black Stump we have been rehearsing on new songs for the next album which is due to be recorde in November 2000 and we played a local show here in Melbourne in mid December. Since Christmas we have had a break and start rehearsals again this Saturday. Steve has wrote some new songs over the break so we will be getting stuck into rehearsing those. Well thats it from me for the moment, I will leave you with a message from Steve and Kathy, the machine that is Rowe Productions!!!!!!
    God Bless
    From Keith

    Hi all, Recently we reported to you that Steve had begun an alternative therapy and that after only three weeks he was able to begin walking without his cane. Just after we posted that message, Steve had to stop the treatment because he could not afford the weekly payment. Since then he has had to return to the use of the cane. The natural herbs, medicines and therapy that have worked so effectively are very expensive and are not covered by insurance. As you all know, God has done a miraculous work in Steve's body. But the sickness has taken a major toll financially. Although he continues to give himself to the ministry of Mortification, physically Steve is no longer able to run the day to day operations of Rowe Productions. He is also considered unemployable in the general work force. Before Steve's illness, Rowe Productions had been growing and prospering. Today we are breaking even and trying to rebuild Rowe Productions into a profitable business and most importantly, an effective ministry. First of all, Steve wants to say "Thanks" to the people who have supported us financially over the years by purchasing through the mail & also passing on some financial gifts as well. As a ministry, we have never before asked for help in this way. But if you feel led of the Lord to help this ministry, we would greatly appreciate your financial support at this time. Any gifts you send to the ministry will go directly to Steve to help with the cost of his treatment and therapy. If you want to make a gift, send it to Steve at Rowe Productions, PO Box 2222, Carrum Downs, Vic 3201, Australia.

    Thanks and God bless you, Steve and Kathy (Rowe Productions, USA)

    Rowe Productions
    Web Site -
    Email -

  • The german death band Noiz have a cd titled Seeds of the living

  • Terathrone Productions is a new Christian Metal label and distro in the US! Look for releases with GRIM and VIXIVI

  • Now some sad news... Jason Moody (vocalist NIV) recently lost his only son..he was one year old... Manu Lehtinen in Deuteronomium and Little Rose has also lost a family member recently, namely his brother Jaako. Keep them and their families in prayer.

    Bride, with their new bassist and drummer, have been writing for a new album. It should be released sometime in late spring. Bride has played just a few live shows with its new lineup, devoting most of the time to writing. A few of the live shows played recently included a trip to Europe. Bride traveled to Denmark and Germany and experienced several mishaps along the way. The trip seemed plagued before the band got on the first plane. After a 6-hour lay over due to foul weather in Detroit Bride was able to re-route through Minneapolis MN. From there, God provided a more suitable route and the band was on their way. The first in show Denmark was very exciting. As the band took the stage, the platform appeared shaky from the start. After a few songs, the crowd surged forward and the stage collapsed spilling amps off their risers and bringing the music to a sudden halt. After a 30-minute delay, the set resumed and Bride plowed through the set with no more episodes. The day after the show, the band was treated to a visit in Legoland Park by Stefan Winther, the promoter. The entire theme park was created out of Lego building blocks. The following day Bride traveled to Hamburg Germany where they played a short acoustic set and ministered to a youth group. The next day the band played a full-blown set for an enthusiastic German crowd in Witten. Overall Bride had great fellowship with all those involved.

    Rumors: There was a rumor recently floating around that Bride had broke up. This is far from the case. The email newsletter has been delayed several times due to server problems and the home page will be revamped beginning next year. Bride's departure from Organic Records is not an end but a brand new beginning. The new material is the heaviest Bride has written in 5 or 6 years. The CD will tentatively be called, "Fist Full of Bees." Bride's new release will be on Absolute Records.

    Bride's first album Show No Mercy is still available on CD for $15 directly from our homepage. But if you want a copy you better order quick cause there is only a few left!

    Dale Thompson


  • The new drummer of SOUL FACTOR is Pardal. The band is planning to produce a Home video soon!

  • Pastor Batista (lead vocals and bassist of ANTIDEMON) is planning a great Brazilian Christian Metal Festival in São Paulo City. Maybe it will be two days in June or July and Lament is quoted to play on it as international guests.

  • KENNERETH is working on the stuff for their first full length album.

  • Vocalist Celso has left STAUROS band to dedicate more time on his ministry in the church where he assembles. Keyboard man Cesar assumed the vocals. A full-length album will probably be released during the first semester of 2OOO and the temporary title is "Inside of the eyes". At the moment they are recording it! Previous listening of this new work indicates it will be heavier and denser than their debut CD "O sentido da vida". You can expect a great production! The lyrics are all in English like "Without truces", "Every Pain II", "Faith the Arena", "Love in vain" e "Rusty Machine". Another new is about Venâncio, the bass player, who is working on a parallel project, which is temporarily called "Supreme Villa". Venâncio is playing bass and singing, Alessandro and André are playing electric and acoustic guitars, Edi, from Deliver band, is the drummer. They will be into a more metal and aggressive style than Stauros. They intend to record 3 songs and release their stuff on the first months of 2OOO.

  • Alcimar has left WAR BLADE. Hans is the new guitarist.

  • VÖLLIG HEILIG ( Melodic Heavy/Power Metal) finished the recording of their first full length album called "Lookin' for the light". It contains 10 new songs. We've heard the stuff and the quality of production is very good!! It's going to be mastered and will be probably available in April.

  • NECROMANICIDER had changes in their line up. The vocalist Evandro left the band to dedicate more time to Theological Studies. The drummer Xavier also is not in the band anymore. There are new members working on it. The CD "Revelations of third millenium", recorded some months ago, will be probably released this year with the band's resource.

  • Bassist Alécio left TRINO band. Tom (g/v) and Fábio (d), are working on new stuff for the next CD with the new member: Mirko. Probably they will enclosed a second guitar on the group.

  • Thrash Metal band TESTIMONY released their Demo-Tape called "The return of Messiah" with 4 songs influenced mainly by Slayer.

  • New Brazilian Christian Bands: CHRISTIAN PROPHECY (Thrash/Death), TEMPLO DE FOGO(Hard Rock), PROPICIATORIUM (Death/Grind), CULTO (Death/Black), SURRENDER (HM), SATAN'S DOOM (UNBLACK), SOLDIER (MELODIC HM), RAVSHMENT (Doom/Grind), CLAMATORIUS (Doom/Unblack), CREMATORIUM (UNBLACK), EFEZUS(Death/Unblack), AWAKE (Prog. Metal), SARCERUM(Doom), NO SLAM (Thrash/Death), ATITUDE CRISTÃ (Alt/Rap Metal).

  • EMPTY GRAVE (Grind-noise-core) released their single (!!!???) with 81 "songs". This work is called "Inside the man there is an empty space which has the size of God". The CD is available on METAL MISSION

  • AMOS had some alterations in their line-up: guitar player Jeff has left the band. Now there's only 1 guitarist. Besides, they've got Otávio Neto on keyboards.

  • ÁQUILA (Prog.HM) have changed their name to DESTRA.

  • CLEMENCY (Brutal Deathcore) is concluding their single CD that may be released till April, it will be called "Spiritual Domination" with 8 songs. Some tracks: "Funeral of the evil forces", "Cruel torment of soul" and "Black winds of death".

  • AZBUK, a band from São Paulo, broke up.

  • For those who like Aggressive Thrash, a good choice is REBORN's demo tape, called "Blood of Innocents", that brings four songs.

  • Metal Mission Mag. is now distributing CDs and Demos of Brazilian Bands like Antidemon, Anointing, War Blade, Amos, Kennereth, The Joke?, Trino among others. Check the site

  • A new Melodic HM band up coming in Brazil: SOLDIER. They’ll be recording their first Demo-Tape in 2.000.

  • AMOS had some alterations in their line-up: guitar player Jeff has left the band. Now there's only 1 guitarrist. Besides, they've got Otávio Neto on keyboards.

  • MACCADESHKEM (Death/Unblack) finished the record of their debut Demo.

  • ÁQUILA (Prog.HM) have changed their name to DESTRA.

  • THE JOKE? released their new work that’s called “CD Demo”, it was recorded without mixing. Despite the name, which suggests something without resources, the production is quite professional, showing four very good new songs. It’s difficult to classify their music stile, it’s a kind of Thrash, Heavy, Death, HC mixture, strengthen with the musicians’ competence. Speaking about musicians, guitarman Vagner left the band and “Macarrão” is the new

  • ROWE PRODUCTIONS is going to release a compilation with Brazilian bands, “Brazilian Metal Compilation”. At least three bands are scheduled to do it: STAUROS, VÖLLIG HEILIG and LIGHT HAMMER.

  • Vocalist Celso left STAUROS band to dedicate more time to his ministry in the church which he assembles. Keyboard man Cesar assumed the vocals. The band may release their indie EP with 5 new songs and some acoustic tracks recorded with the former vocalist Celso. The title of this EP is "Without Truces". A full length album will probably be released during the first semester of 2OOO and the temporary title is "The second mile". Previous Listening of this new work indicates it will be heavier and denser than their debut CD "O sentido da vida". You can expect a great production! The lyrics are all in English like "Without truces", "Every Pain II", "Faith the Arena", "Love in vain" e "Rusty Machine". Another new is about Venâncio, the bass player, who is working in a parallel project, which is temporarily called "Supreme Villa". Venâncio is playing bass and singing, Alessandro and André are playing eletric and acoustic guitars, Edi, from Deliver band, is the drummer. They will be playing a more metal and aggressive style than in Stauros. They intend to record 3 songs and release their stuff on the first months of 2OOO.

  • VÖLLIG HEILIG new drummer is Dany, who replaced José César. The group is preparing to record its first full length album, which will contain 10 new songs. The title will be " Lookin' for the light”.

  • ANTIDEMON finally released their long awaited CD ( “Demonocidio” has 27 songs and more than 60 minutes of recording. There are two other bands that released cds: TRINO “Suffocated Breed”, with 8 tracks and AMOS “Gothic Soul” also with 8 tracks. These works are well produced, something quite professional. They are available with the bands and also through Metal Mission Merchandise.

  • CLEMENCY (Brutal Deathcore) came into studio to record their single CD that may be released till january, it will be called "Spiritual Domination" with 7 songs. Some tracks: "Funeral of the evil forces", "Cruel torment of soul" and "Black winds of death".

  • The long awaited NECROMANICIDER’s CD “Revelation of the Third Millenium” wasn’t released by their recording company yet, despite it’s already finished. It’s a problem they’ll have to solve. Besides, the vocalist Evandro left the band to study Theology. Former drummer Xavier is the new vocal and Maurinho is the new drummer.

  • EMPTY GRAVE (Grind-noise-core) finished their single (!!!???) with 81 “songs”. The name of this work is “Inside the man there is an empty space with the size of God”. The CD will be available in december 15 by Metal Mission Distr. (

  • DYNASTY has a new demo-tape: “The Angels Return”, with 6 tracks, including 2 covers: “Out of Darkness” (Bloodgood), and “A face in the dark “ (Barren Cross). The current line-up is only: Filipe (Bass) and Nahor (vocals).

  • EXDRAS band is intending to work on its new demo-tape, which probably will be called “Quem tem ouvidos ouça!” (He that hath an ear, let him hear!)

  • AZBUK, a band from São Paulo, broke up.

  • UNDERVISION has released their new demo-tape “Puppets”, with 4 tracks. The musical stile is varied, you can find HC and Funk Metal. Besides, there is “Suffocated Breed” ( a Trino’s cover) and na acoustic song closing this work. The demo production is excellent and has cassette and CD versions.

  • For those who like aggressive thrash, a good choice is REBORN’s demo tape, called “Blood of Innocents”, that brings four songs.

  • GOD’S WAY broke up. Their members decided to start another band called CARKEMIS, focusing Grind-noise-core style. The debut DT, "The Death" countain 34 short and furious songs.

  • WAR BLADE released their second demo-tape . It’s called “Fidelity, humility, renounce”, bringing six songs in English and the best Black Sabbath/Trouble style.

  • Another great demo-tape ( cassette and CD version) is EXODO’s self titled one, that brings four Thrash songs.

  • Magdalene Groove Productions have some cool CD re-releases on the way! TRYTAN - "CELESTIAL MESSENGER" LEVITICUS - "I SHALL CONQUER", PHILADELPHIA - "SEARCH & DESTROY" and BLOODGOOD - "TO GERMANY WITH LOVE" I Shall Conquer includes bonus tracks from their 1982 maxi ep neveR before available in the US. Most of the other cds also have bonustracks previously unreleased so all you people that like these bands be sure to not miss these great albums!

  • Another cool reissue is Holy Soldiers selftitled CD! It has recently been rereleased by the bandmembers.

  • Flesh Walker Records is a new label for extreme Christian music. The labels first release will be "Embrace the Dead", the second full length release from Indonesian Black Metal band Kekal.

    The second release will be the full length cd from Soul Embraced entitled "For the Incomplete". This release follows hot on the heels of their critically acclaimed indie EP "Fleshless". Featuring current members of Solid State recording artist Living Sacrifice, this new release has already gained much interest from the metal underground.

    Visit Flesh Walker Records online at

  • Konstrux is an unblack metal band from Colorado that have a sound in-between Ancient and Cradle of Filth

  • The brutal band Mortal Immunity have a new album on the way called Tribe Of Ignorance. You can pre-order your copy by e-mailing

  • The Heavy Metal band CROSSroadz(c) has just completed work on their debut album "Righteous Thunder." It is available directly from CROSSroadz(c) and soon from various vendor's including To obtain a complimentary copy of "Righteous Thunder" as well as a press-kit, you can e-mail your request to or check their page

  • Endtime Productions have many cool releases on the way! New albums with Extol, Antestor and Lengsel to be released this Spring. They have also a collection on the way with tunes from SCHALIACH, VAAKEVANDRING, CRIMSON MOONLIGHT, VARDÖGER, EXTOL, LENGSEL and SANCTUM... Stay tuned for more info.

  • Fans of Precious Death rejoice! They will soon release a collection called "Hardest Hits" (Metro 1 Music This album will include all of there biggest hits, along with a slew of no. 1's. This CD will also be enhanced with 3 versions of the entire Bible, Spanish/English, Artist screen saver, and a music video!

  • The new Turn or Burn issue is now out! Read it online at

  • Impellitteri's new cd is now out. It's titled Crunch. Also, the first 2 CDs "Black EP, Stand in Line", have been re-issued by Century Media as a double CD!

  • EXTOL is confirmed - as well as ANTESTOR - for the Cornerstone Festival 2000, so it will be THE place in the US for great Scandinavian Metal this summer!


  • We would like to announce the signing of LENGSEL to ENDTIME PRODUCTIONS Their great progressive black metal masterpiece "SOLACE" (ENDCD05) will be unleashed APRIL 14. "SOLACE" will be released at the same date by BLACK SUN RECORDS for Germany, known for having worked with artists such as AT THE GATES, THE CROWN, DIABOLIQUE and EBONY TEARS. SOLID STATE RECORDS will release the US edition of "SOLACE" and it will be available from them exclusively for the US scene.

    For some of you (multiinstrumentalist) Tor Magne that handles the guitar in LENGSEL, is known as the new EXTOL bass player. He followed EXTOL already last summer on their US Tour. The LENGSEL band page on the ENDTIME site is now up with more information about this awesome Norwegian act!

  • The mighty EXTOL is now finished with the recordings of their second fullenght. We can already now say it surpassed even our high expectations both in production. and material! Words as "Magnificent" and "Classic" has been whispered by the pale first listeners....this is the REAL thing. We will soon announce the album title and the releasedate on the ENDTIME site.

  • The strictly limited 7" (ENDLTD01) we announced on our site some days ago ***SOLD OUT*** directly. It will feature a brand new track and a B-side yet to be revealed (and not on the coming album...). It will be delivered in about 4 weeks to the lucky 400 that signed for it first - congratulations!

  • The ENDTIME Digipak Edition of "MESMERIZED" (ENDCD03) is now sold out. A Jewelcase edition has hit the Scandinavian streets, w/ booklet & lyrics.

  • EXTOL is confirmed - as well as ANTESTOR - for the Cornerstone Festival 2000, so it will be THE place in the US for great Scandinavian Metal this summer!

  • ANAEMIA: "THE SECOND INCARNATION" (ENDCD02) has been met with GREAT reviews so far all over Scandinavia. As a direct result of their reception we would like to announce that GNW RECORDS, with recent very successful releases such as EVERGREY and TRIBUTE TO YNGWIE MALMSTEEN will release it for Germany in May. The album is only available as an Import for the US scene today, but ask for it as it might be possible to order it - or check the ANAEMIA site for where to get it from an internet store close to you! We are told there is still a few available of the very limited DigiPak (1000x) out there, so you might be lucky if you hurry!

    ENDTIME PRODUCTIONS will release a Compilation CD with the BEST Extreme Scandinavian music...

    "IN THE SHADOW OF DEATH" (ENDCD06) will feature advance tracks from EXTOL and LENGSEL, as well as brand new tracks from great bands like SCHALIACH, ABSURD, VAAKEVANDRING, VARDÖGER & CRIMSON MOONLIGHT. Visit the ENDTIME site in a couple of days for a complete track & band listing.

    One thing is sure - it will be well worth waiting for - and THE Extreme Compilation of the year with much exclusive material only found here!

    Peace / The Endtime Crew

    -----STAY TRUE TO THE END------------- ***COMING SOON***

  • ANTESTOR has a webpage now, at please be careful, as this is a Cacophonous website, hence it's not Christian (even though the band absolutely IS!)..

  • SANCTIFICA has been signed to Little Rose Productions and CL Music and Publishin..Look for their debut cd in March, in time for Bobfest.. ..

  • ERASE will be releasing a full-length to shop around to labels.. new MP3's are available through their homepage: ..

  • Look for BETRAYAL's new album "Leaving Nevermore" at CRM along with others including this spring: CD release of KEKAL, "Embrace the Dead" . ..

  • TOURNIQUET has become.. Tourniquet again??? According to various sources, the new album, "Microscopic View of a Telescopic Realm", returns to their original style a la their first three albums.

  • DROTTNAR will have their 2 demos re-released onto CD through Nordic Mission, along with distro of EXTOL's 7" vinyl of new tunes..

  • Shout - In Your Face / It Won't Be Long have been rerealeased on a double disc from KMG Classic Archives.

  • The portugese newsletter New Beginnings have a new issue out featuring Deuteronomium, Hearken and more... Mail

  • Cross Eyed Clyde's url has changed to:

  • Savage Rock is Christian Rock and Metal station on Internet.

  • Narnia is recording a new album that will be harder than "Long Live The King". Their new material is told to remind of Dio and Black Sabbath during their Heaven And Hell period.

  • Robert Sweet from Stryper will soon release a solo album called love thrash

  • His brother Michael has released a EP with tunes that was just recorded after the breakup of Stryper. It's called Unstryped.

  • "Within the Arcanum Halls" by Visionaire is now out.

  • Wanna hear some Christian Metal Shows live on Internet?? Then check out Heaven's Metal and Metal Countdown at and

  • Guardian singer Jamie Rowe was asked to become the new singer in Ratt! After much thinking and prayer he decided not to do it and he saids that "it's a good feeling to know that the mainstream music world recognizes my talents and to be considered was an honor, but I feel my place in the music world is in the Christain music environment where I have an outlet to speak freely of my personal spiritual convictions, I wish the RATT pack all the best!" Jamie is currently talking with several labels for his debut solo recording. Jamie's former band Guardian is set to release a best of/live CD in mid March. Mr. Rowe can be reached via e-mail at JAMIEFANS@HOTMAIL.COM.

    Music from the San Diego based indie metal groove core band Krush, will be featured on the upcoming "short" film "Forgiven". Producer Cliff Bustria commented "I saw the band at the Vision Concert last year in Hollywood. Their performance can be described in one word "riveting". I really liked their sound. It was powerful, unique and anointed. It glorified God. I wanted rock and roll for my project. I got it. I love them".

    Krush’s management company, Tmag Productions said " We are very humbled to say the least. When we were first contacted regarding the project , we had no idea, we were shocked. Last week , we met Cliff in LA and viewed the "sweeten" vision of the film. We were blow away to put it mildly. The talent and hard work by the cast & crew were obvious. It’s such a blessing to see a first class production by God’s people."

    Krush is busy writing new material for their new CD project and playing Southern California venues. Upcoming major events include appearances at the Texas RockFest 2000 near Austin in June and the Vision Concert 2000 in Hollywood in September. Krush has been invited and will attend the awards ceremony March 20 in Los Angeles. For further information regarding Krush, please contact Tmag Productions at email, (619) 589-1900 or the Official Krush web site :

  • Thunderline magazine is a new cool e-zine.

  • Reborn Radio is a new Christian Metal Radio Show.

  • Oil's new cd, "Refine," is set to be released March 31st on Kalubone records. It's told to be much heavier than their selftitled EP. You can d/l audio samples at the Kalubone website - http://www. also check out Oil's new page -

  • The cool zine SOA is now online in it's entirety at

  • Finnish band Immortal Souls is working hard with the recording of their new album It's told to be VERY melodic and heavy death metal with some heavy metal influences in it. Kind of in veins of In Flames and Dark Tranquillity.

  • has a Christian music station there called THE BOMB STOP! The Bomb Stop carries 30 songs at a time for you to hear complete with links to each band's site on! To get there hit:

  • Laceration Production is a new Christian Label and distro for Extreme Christian Music. They are looking for new bands to sign

  • Disentombed Zine has now ended.

  • MTV2 has a A2Z countdown of every music video ever made (at least the 19,000 ones they have). This is a great way to see some Christian music videos... They already showed videos from Guardian, Barren Cross, Stryper and Rez!

  • There is an interesting interview with Pastor Bob Beeman at

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