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    ***METAL  NEWS 991211***

  • Disciple Invades the Former Soviet Union and Takes Back over a Thousand Hostages! Rugged Recording artist "Disciple" just returned from spending three weeks in Estonia and Latvia, two former Soviet countries who became independent in 1991. Raising money through their fanbase and local churches, Disciple was able to make the trip and perform thirteen shows in the three weeks. During this time, over two hundred youth came to know Christ and over a thousand more youth rededicated their lives! (WOW!! GOD is truly on the move in the metal world.)

    Disciple, having sacrificed heavily to make this trip a reality, are already set to comeback again next year, though now under different circumstances. At one of their shows, the Archbishop of the Lutheran Church of Lativa - the number one Lutheran minister in the country - sat in the third row for Disciple's concert. The Archbishop was so impressed with the band's ministry that he vowed to raise the money himself to bring Disciple back next year for an even more thorough tour of the country.

    Disciple singer Kevin Young remarks, "I think it is so great how God works. A week before we left, we hadn't raised enough funds for us to be able to eat when we got there, but we were still going to go. Thankfully, God provided for us in that final week. Now God has already made a way for us to come back. When the Archbishop told us that he would get the money to bring us back, I couldn't help but to laugh."

    Disciple's album, This Might Sting a Little, has broken sales records at RMI, but the company's true joy has been in all the reports of how Disciple's ministry is impacting kids across the country - and now overseas.

  • There will be a cool Metal Festival called Bobfest 2000 in Stockholm, Sweden next year! Pastor Bob Beeman will speak and Antestor, Veni Domine, Crimson Moonlight, Deuteronomium, Anaemia, Laudamus, Blindside, Silver and Soapbox will play! There is also a Bobfest mailinglist. If you wanna join it and receive regular updates by email you can mail

  • The german metal zine Turn or Burn!?! is now online at

  • Classic Heavy Metal band Seventh Avenue is alive and kickin'! After the departure of Bassist William Hieb they now have a new setting and will soon start the preproduction of their next album. Find out more at their new webpage

  • Talking about William Hiebs his band Treasure Seeker will release a new album next year filled with Christian Metal Classics covered in true Heavy Metal style.

  • Here is some really cool Stryper news! There will be a Stryper expo next year! Live Music, Autograph and Q&A Sessions, merchandise and memorabilia dealers from around the country... Sin dizzy, guest appearances of Michael and Robert Sweet tickets cost $22 in advance and $25 at the door. Maybe this will be the reunion show... (Oh, I wanna go!!)

  • There is also an official Stryper page at

  • Swedish Melodic Metal band Laudamus have now released their debut album at C.L Music and Publishing, which is the Narnia singer, Christian Liljegrens own label. The album is titled Unlimited Love.

  • Betrayal has a new album on the way! Their new CD is titled "leaving Nevermore" and contains 11 songs in the nine inch nails vain, w/ the distinct betrayal sound. Marcus N. Colon will sing in a new vocal style.

  • World wide release dates for the Shout reunion album "Shout Back" are now available. Japan gets the project first in November; Europe will see it in December; and the US will finally get it in February. More info can be found at

  • Wyrick's second disc "Aggressive State" is now ready for release in what will be one of the most talked about CCM industrial albums of all time. The follow-up to his highly successful 1998 "Mental Floss" features a much heavier style that lands him in the same grouping as Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson and Rob Zombie. Wyrick remarks, "With 'Aggressive State', I addressed my inner battles and the fight between my faith and the world. Dealing with these issues naturally translated into a much more aggressive-sounding album."

  • New URL for Christian X-Treme Metal Page:


  • Pray for members of FEAST ETERNAL and NO LONGER MORTAL, both involved in terrible accidents yet miraculously recovering... NLM URL: ..

  • URN is working on new stuff as well.

  • DEATH POEMS has a new URL: ..

  • The christian band from Romania with the rather.. well.. ominous name.. GOD.. has recorded a demo of what has been described as pure black metal fantasy..

  • Tormented Death is a christian death band in the veins of Cannibal Corpse and Suffocation. Check'em out at

  • Rockur a Klettinum is a the name of a compilation with 11 Christian rock/metal bands from the Faroe Islands.

  • Barnabas albums "Hear the Light / Find your Heart a Home" will be reissued. The album contains 18 tracks, coming in over 75 minutes, including one unreleased track.

  • Swedish metal band Anaemia have now released their album titled "The Second Incarnation" on Endtime Productions. Musically it sounds like Anathema, Exodus and My Dying Bride, melting it together with dark death metal vocals.

  • Rugged Records have a competition between unsigned bands. The winner will get a contract!

  • Blindside is to be featured on the new Close-up magazine CD (biggest metal/extreme music magazine in Sweden). Other than blindside there will be a bunch of major acts and Korn is among them. The blindside-tune featured is "King of the closet". There will also be reviews and info about all the bands featured on the CD in the magazine.

  • P.O.D on MTV! As most of you already know, P.O.D.'s "Southtown" video was presented to MTV last week. Now that MTV has accepted "Southtown" our mission is to FLOOD MTV with requests... via PHONE 800-DIAL-MTV (1-800-342-5688) or (888) 311-4343 and email at

  • Now some Deliverance news! George Ochoa and Jimmy started seriously considering a reunion a few months ago, but wanted to check for people's interest first. As far as I can ascertain, response has been very positive, which has motivated them considerably. Jimmy told me that the fact that Lars Ulrich (drummer for Metallica) recently picked the "Weapons Of Our Warfare" videoclip as one of his favourites in an All Heavy Metal night on MTV was a very pleasant surprise too! I guess this only proves what I've always maintained: that Deliverance have been gone for a while, but is most certainly NOT forgotten (even by their secular peers). It seems that the only thing hindering the "Weapons Of Our Warfare 2" album becoming a reality is a lack of time and the fact that they live some 2 hours away from each other... let's hope something can be arranged. As for who else would be in the band, the return of Brian Khairullah (bassist on the first two albums) is very likely. As for Chris Hyde (drummer extraordinare on the same albums as Brian) Jimmy says he isn't sure what he's up to these days, so his return might be a bit more difficult. While they don't hook up, Jimmy is working hard on Symmetry, and George plays in a Blues band...

  • Extol is now recording their new album.

  • Reflector and Saturate are two new metal bands from Sweden.

  • God Rulz! is a really cool page about the christian metal scene in Brazil.

  • Metanoia finally got a homepage!

  • Message from Progressive Metal band Test of Faith:
    We will be taking the month of December off from playing and will be in the studio tracking and recording our upcoming full length CD to be released in the Spring of 2000. We would continue to ask for your prayers and support. It is our desire to not only "capture" the music we feel God has given us, but to also "capture" The Anointing of God on this CD. We Thank God for the music He has given us, but the music in and of itself is not enough to change the lives and hearts of people. Only God can do this through His Spirit and Anointing! Jesus said it best in Luke 4:18 & 19 - "The Spirit of the Lord is upon Me, because He has anointed Me to preach the gospel to the poor; He has sent Me to heal the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives and recovery of sight to the blind, to set at liberty those who are oppressed; to proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord."

  • The guitarshredder Rex Carrol got a homepage! He also plans to do an instructional guitar video. There is also an interesting interview with Rex at

  • Talking about guitarshredders there is a band from Argentina called Boanerges that truly got two phenomeneal guitarplayers! They have released one album called Senales Antes Del Fin (signs of the end). There is also an inteview with them at

  • Fans of Saint will be delighted to read an interview with them at as well as checking out their official page

  • Message from Oil:
    Just to let you know, we are signing a deal with Kalubone Records in Tennessee. Avalon Music will be our distributor here in the states, and Pila/Sony/Epic will our distributor in Europe. The album will be titled "Refine" and will be available in stores sometime around March/April 2000. We will start laying our first tracks Thanksgiving weekend. The new album will be much heavier than the previous 5 song Oil cd. The lyrics will be cutting edge, in your face Gospel! We pull no punches in what we believe about our Savior Jesus Christ. For more info go to There are a couple of interviews linked to their site that you can read. We also have an interview running with Turn or Burn Magazine that you can read at One last thing. Our song "When No-one Cares" is on a secular compilation disc with Dwell Records that will be available in January 2000 in all of the major outlets. I have been told that you can get it at Target, Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Tower Records, and Virgin Megastores. In closing, pray for Oil. Specifically that the Lord's anointing will prevail in the new album and that thousands, perhaps millions will be touched by the power of God throughout the Oil ministry that God has so graciously given us.

    Peace Be With You,
    Blake Nelson
    guitarist of Oil

  • Screams of Abel #24 is now out! Interviews with: SAINT, METANOIA, FOUNTAIN OF TEARS, ETERNAL DECISION, BREATH OF LIFE, BOANERGES, SPITFIRE, REDEEM, DROTTNAR, ACOUSTIC TORMENT, SONS OF THUNDER, MINISTROS DEL SANTUARIO, and a special surprise interview that ends the Millenium with an atomic blast! Check out for ordering info..

  • A few words from KEKAL:
    Hails.. The release date of "Embrace The Dead" CD version is posponed until early 2000. There are about 3 labels will release it, of course in their own distribution territory. The official KEKAL Homepage has moved to: or There are some new appearances on the page lay-out, please check it out.
    Jeff (Kekal's guitarist/vocalist) is working some new material for his experimental metal solo project Excision. To know more about this, check out the page:
    Ok that's all. Thank you.


  • A sample of the new GETSEMANI CD "Under The Light" can be found at:

  • Early 2000 should see new releases by IMMORTAL SOULS, SANCTIFICA, MORDECAI, and a new band on Endtime Productions, VARDØGER..

  • DOMMER is a phenomenal new Dutch one-man black metal band with a release on called "Cries of the Haunted".. OFFICIAL DOMMER WEBSITE: Look for a 5-song cd-ep released early 2000, possibly on newly formed ENTHRONED RECORDS.

  • Eastern Europe is now producing extreme Christian metal bands.. Romania has two: GOD (what a name!) and ABIGAIL.. Russia even has one: UNEVIL HOPES..

  • The scene in Brazil is getting out of hand! It's HUGE! It's amazing! ANTIDEMON, DYNASTY, TESTIMONY, CREMATORIUM, BEDATRA DEZUM, IENISSIAMEM, ASBUK, BERITH, OFFERATORIUM, DEAD SNAKE.. the list goes on and on... go to for more info

  • Canadian band SAPIENTIA is changing their style to be more along the lines of EXTOL.. more details next.. millenium.. hehe

  • DRACO finally has Internet presence, just in time to announce that they are changing their musical style to more "power/black metal".. Draco is currently composing material for their debut album, due out spring 2000 tentatively entitled "Seven Gates..."

  • In light of the Malaysian band NECROMANICIDE, the Brazilian band formerly known by the same name has changed theirs, just slightly, to NECROMANICIDER..

  • If you're in Germany, look for ACOUSTIC TORMENT to be playing some shows there.. ..

  • VIXIVI is a talented Christcentered black band from Norway.

  • Extreme Brutal Death Zine in Brazil has got to have some way-cool stuff inside including posters of ANTESTOR.. sorry no contact info (perhaps the editor is reading this..???)

  • POSSESSION has changed their name to ABSALOM and their musical direction is reported to be more black metal oriented..

  • Squad Five-O is going glam rock???

    ***METAL  NEWS 991024***

  • Screams of Abel have a new issue out focused on Nordic bands. Interviews with EXTOL, ANTESTOR, MORDECAI, ANAEMIA, SANCTIFICA, PANTOKRATOR, APPLORO and SAPIENTIA.. see on all the 411 on how to get it into your all-too-warm hands..

  • SAVIOUR MACHINE's long-awaited "Legend III" will be an even longer wait for all.. plans are now to start production on the album in January 2000 and not to release it until December 2000 or later..

  • There will be a new Bobfest next year in Sweden! Bob Beeman will preach and lots of Christian Metal bands will play. The date will probably be 24-26th of March.

  • The Wonder that is EXTOL recorded "Mesmerized". Endtime Productions is selling them now. ..

  • PARAMAECIUM is working on their 4th album not yet titled.. ..

  • ERASE is nearly complete with their long-awaited second album, due out early fall..

  • Also recently released, ZAO, "Liberate te ex Infernis"..

  • MORDECAI is expected to release their full-length CD by year's end

  • Feast Eternal is new Christcentered death metal band from the US. They have released a cd called Prisons of Flesh

  • ARRAKIS has officially broken up as has ESO-CHARIS..

  • Look for a new release on Sofa Records by PINK DAFFODILS, now gone thrash! .. WORLD AGAINST WORLD plans to tour late fall with UNDEROATH and TANTRUM OF THE MUSE..

  • Panama deathers Ministros Del Santuario have a new drummer called Igor. They will also soon tour to Colombia, Costa Rica and other countries in Latinamerica.

  • STRYPERs tune Honestly is on a secular compilation album called Monster ballads featuring the best metalballads from the 80s.

  • Jim of NO LONGER MORTAL has broken his leg and thus have lost his transportation to the studio as well as his job. Keep him in prayer.

  • Fans of One Bad Pig will delighted to know that there is a very cool page about them at

  • Vital Decision have changed name to Rapture

  • Two new bands have been added to Luccemetal December the 11th. Bands that will perform are Narnia, Crimson Moonlight, Anaemia, Selfmindead and the Thegreenlightzombies. For more info check out:

  • Another cool festival in Sweden will take place at a place called Kulturhuset in Jönköping December the 3rd with Extol, Vaakevandring, Blindside and more...

  • HELLO ALL NARNIA FRIENDS !!! It was a while ago we sent out a mail like this. We´re working really hard with material for our third release. The material will be heavier but still very melodic with neoclassical touches. Thanx for all your support so far. We are really happy that so many like our albums Awakening and Long Live The King. Thanks for all your mails and singning in our guestbook it means a lot for us. Keep continue and don´t stop writing because sometimes it´s hard to answer your mail immediately. Please forgive us we´re doing our best. To you that don´t know that we have changed adress to: You can also go to our guitarist Carljohan Grimmark and visit his homepage see links on our homepage.

    Beside NARNIA I will be working with my soloalbum with songs that not will be released by Narnia. It is melodic metal with lots of twinguitar and fast and heavy songs. The people that are involved in my soloproject called simply CHRISTIAN is Andreas Johansson drummer in Narnia and the guitarists Stefan Olsson from Bishop Garden and Fredrik Åberg. This is a recordingband and notice that NARNIA is my first priority and my mainband but you can´t get all your ideas in a band. I´ve been thinking to do this since I was 17 years old and I´m 28 years old now. So we will see if this album will see the light. It depends of what´s happening with Narnia and it´s up to God. He open and close the doors and the same for Narnia. This is all for now. Take and God Bless You ! Hope to see on tour with Narnia ! LONG LIVE THE KING

    Christian Liljegren, Lead Vocalist of Narnia

  • Wreathe of Thorns have a new issue out. Interviews with Deuteronomium, Mortification, Paramaecium, Kohllapsse, Vomitorial Corpulence and more...

    Tourniquet's new album is finished! The album was recorded July 16 - September 5, with Bill Metoyer producing. There are 11 songs - including one instrumental. The recording process was quite involved, but very enjoyable. Without a doubt, the vocal, drum and guitar tracks contain some of the most hectic and difficult parts of any Tourniquet album. There are numerous guitar leads, tempo extremes, vocal variations, drum solo, cello, classically influenced riffs, a "Skeezix Part II" (as promised), lots of distortion, and thanks to Bill Metoyer and great studios - the sounds are, well, pretty amazing. No album title is being announced yet… All this to say that Aaron, Luke, and I are very thankful to God for allowing us to bring this music and message to you through Metal Blade Records, our new label. It is scheduled for worldwide release on February 8, 2000. Of course, the lyrics and our continued stance for the Gospel has not changed, as we hope these words will speak to believer and non-believer alike. Many of you indicated you were praying for us during the recording process - and we thank you for that…

  • Finally there is a page about the melodic metallers Angelica!

  • Tooth and Nail have some interesting releases... Stavesacre - Speakeasy - 10.19.99
    Living Sacrifice - Non-Existant - 09.14.99
    Training For Utopia - Throwing a Wrench... - 10.15.99

  • Test of Faith is a cool Progressive Metal band from Central Illinois. They have 3-tune CD out.

  • “New Beginnings” is a newsletter of 8 pages written in Portuguese featuring interviews with Narnia (Sweden) and Dynasty (Brazil), a section of news and a lot of reviews and contacts. Mail

  • Andy Gehron is a Christian DJ at a big secular metal radio station. He would love to get more Christian Metal to air on the radio. Interested bands can send cds and demos to: Rebel Radio, c/o Andy Gehron, 4320 Dundee Rd., Northbrook, IL 60062, USA

  • Talking about Radio there is also a Christian Metal Show in Ucraine! Mail for more info.

  • Swedish black metallers Crimson Moonlight will tour with Extol / Sacrificium / Noiz / Acoustic Torment in Germany... 14/1 - in the north/maybe Hamburg, 15/1 - in the east/maybe Dresden, 16/1 - Röhre, Stuttgart There is also a new unofficial crimsonmoonlight page for the fans:

  • You can also vote on which bands you want to hear at Cornerstone at So let's do our best to get some more Metal there! :-)

  • Message from Ultimatum:
    We just finished recording the track "Sins of Omission" for the up-coming Dwell Records Testament Tribute CD. The CD will be released in Feb. 2000. We will also have a remixed version of our song "Never" on another Dwell CD called "2000-A Second Coming." The new version features new bass tracks by former Ultimatum & SeventhSign bassist Tom Michaels, as well as a fresh mix. Tom Michaels has rejoined Ultimatum and has been doing various gigs with us and will be recording the next CD with us.

    We are currently in On-Fire Productions studio recording demos for the next cd that we are scheduled to record in late October. The new album, to be released in early 2000, will be titled "The Mechanics of Perilous Times." For more information about the new CD see our site at for more info. Check back often as we will be putting up sneak previews of the new material and the artwork.

    God Bless & Stay Heavy Ultimatum

  • Saviour Machine is currently composing and arranging material for the final chapter of the Legend Trilogy. Although this project has been shrouded in secrecy, Legend Part III will begin production early next year. The tentative release date has been set for December of 2000.

  • Philadelphia, some of the first Christian Heavy Metal bands are back again!

  • Happy Fun Town is a new band tha have an older Metallica sound with a lot of Tourniquet and Crucified influence.

  • Righteous black metallers in Drottnar has signed a record deal with Plankton Records. The Vitality demo and their latest demo will be released on a CD in September.

  • Sanctifica, another nordic black metal band have recorded new material. Check it out at or visit their homepage

  • Fred Helm, the former drummer in Crystavox have now joined Krush.

  • Impellitteris new album "CRUNCH" will be mixed this month in Los Angeles by Michael Wagener who's mixed for numerous talented artists, such as Ozzy, Skid Row, Dokken, etc. The album is slated for a January 2000 release in Japan.

  • Talking about Impellitteri, there is also a very cool fanpage at

  • Here's some Barnabas news: We are working with members of Barnabas and Millenium 8 records and will be re-issueing Barnabas' first two albums on one double length CD. These hand numbered, limited edition discs will be digitally remastered and will include the ultra-rare song "Nicodemus" from their very first 7" 45rpm single, the first Barnabas recording ever. This is the first time both "Hear the Light" and "Find your Heart a Home" have been on CD, and we are doing it right. It'll include a lengthy bio of the band, along with never before seen photos, and liner notes by noted CCM writer Devlin Donaldson. We expect them to actually be here by late November 1999, but we will begin taking pre-orders in a few weeks. ChristianDiscs will have exclusive copies that are signed by band members, and we will also have the lowest numbered copies. Personally, I can't wait to hear "Directory Assistance" on CD.... We are planning to release "Approaching Light Speed", "Feel the Fire" and "Little Foxes" in 2000. These will also be digitally remastered, from the original master tapes. (not remixed...remastered.)

  • There is an interview with swedish thrashers Anaemia at

  • A cool and informative fanpage for Deliverance is located at

  • The Panama deathers Ministros Del Santuario will soon tour Colombia, Costa Rica and other countries in Latinamerika. They also got a new drummer called Igor.

  • Swedish blackmetallers Sanctifica entered the studio 4th-5th of September to record a 5 song CD...

  • Metal Mission, the BIG Christian Metal zine from Brazil now have a webpage at

  • Swedish metal zine Noizegate finally got a new issue out featuring Narnia, Delta, Extol, Crimson Moonlight and many more

    ***METAL  NEWS 990902***

  • Back again after Summer! And we start with some great news... SAINT is back!! Yeah the 80s Heavy Metal band Saint is back again. And that is not all, they will relase a new album in October! The title will be "The Perfect Life". The new setting is Richard Lynch, Dee Harrington and new singer/drummer Tim Lambersson. For more info mail

  • Here are some great Bride news! Show No Mercy is now available on CD! It's a limited pressing of 2,500 for $15.00 each. This is Bride's very first recording which was never offered on CD. This comes complete with original artwork, all of the original songs plus several bonus tracks. Show No Mercy was recorded in 1986. You can also got some other old Bride albums cheap at their page Some not so good news is that Drummer Jerry McBroom and bassist Steve Curtsinger have left the band to pursue other interests.

    September-12 in Milwaukee, WI 414-544-1730 (Dale Thompson speaking date)
    September-17 Ellettsville, IN 812/876-6500
    October- 15 Nighttown, Rotterdam Holland +31 (0) 65 375 6248
    October- 16 de Gigant, Apeldoorn Holland +31 (0) 65 375 6248
    October-17 WITTEN (Germany), Saalbau
    October-31 San Angelo,TX 915/234-9276
    Dec- 18 Basquisimeto Venezuela

  • The TV-program Jyrki (finnish MTV) interviewed Steve Rowe och Lincoln Bowen and played the music video to Northern Storm. Tousands of people watches this program so God truly opened a big door there.

  • The first Christian Death Metal band from Panama has popped up from the underground! They are called Ministros Del Santuario and play Brutal Death Metal comparable to Suffocation/Cannibal corpse.

  • The Brittish Hardrockers 3rd Day Rising have released a new album titled Spiral.

  • Acoustic Torment, a german death band have released their debut CD called "My Hope is in You". The sound is told to be in the veins of early Mortification, mixed with a little Horde and early Deliverance. For more info mail

  • The doomsters Paramaecium has "A Time to Mourn" t-shirts in stock.They are also working with a new album. If you wanna preorder it and help the band to raise money for the recording, you can order any Paramaecium CD for only US$16 this month (september.)

  • "Turn or Burn!?!" No.3 is ready but there are some problems with the 7" vinyl that will follow it so that's why it hasn't been sent away yet. This issue also seems to be the last printed since it will become a webzine instead. The addy will probably be

  • There is also a new Christian Metal Zine called Empyrean Reign. First they were called Blood Sacrifice but when they realized that some zines already got that name they changed it to Empyrean Reign. I just got a copy myself and I have to say that I'm impressed of the great quality. Issue # 1 is 56 pages b/w zine with these interviews: ECHO HOLLOW, SANCTIFICA, MORDECAI, IMMORTAL SOULS, GOREDEATH, KEKAL, NARNIA, PARAMAECIUM It cost $4 worldwide and the addy is BLOOD SACRIFICE, 6325 W. BOEHLKE AVE., MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN 53223h U.S.A.

  • Imminent Return is another cool new Christian Metal Zine. First issue is now available. Find out more at

  • Mexican band Lament have a new page

  • The death metal band Negative Thirteen have almost finished their new album. They also got a new page at

  • Now there is also a "Metal for Christ Award" where you can suggest and vote on your favorite websites! Futher information at

  • Conquest Music Group will release tribute albums for Believer, Circle of Dust and the Crucified! Bands that are interested to be be a part of these albums can send their promokits and info about the band to Conquest Music Group 4820 SW 70th Ave. Davie, FL 33314, USA Write which band you wanna cover on the enveleope. Find more info at

  • The release of Horde - Hellig Usvart is now available at

  • !LOUD! magazine has ended.

  • Disentombed Zine has moved. New addy is Disentombed, Buddy Hershey 1210 E. Michigan Ave. Jackson, MI 49201, USA

  • The indonesian blacker's Kekal have finished their new album. Cassette version is already ready and CD version will come in some months.

  • Anaemias homepage is now up at

  • Saviour Machine is currently composing and arranging material for the final chapter of the Legend Trilogy. Although this project has been shrouded in secrecy, Legend Part III will begin production early next year. The tentative release date has been set for December of 2000.

  • Extol was voted the best band and album at the big secular label Nuclear Blasts homepage!

  • There will be a cool Metal Festival in Bollnäs in Sweden! Bands that will play are Narnia, Crimson Moonlight and Anaemia. The date is 11th of December.

  • Here are some news from the finnish Christian Metal Label Little Rose: First, the company will be moving to a new place and because of that we may not be able to reply to your emails within a couple of weeks, so please be patient with us, ok? Another, and even bigger change is that the other half of Little Rose Productions, Miika, is leaving the company. There is no hard feelings in this and i wish him all the best in his life from now on. We are and, I believe, always will be friends, so it's nothing like burning the bridges or anything like that. Little Rose will continue to release good Christian metal music and selling CDs like we have done this far. The next releases will be the re-release of Crimson Thorn: Dissection -album in September and after that a Special Edition Digipak -release of Deuteronomium: Street Corner Queen -album with the songs from their Tribal Eagle -EP as bonustrax. Also one cover song will appear on that special release with totally new, cool artwork. The album will also be remastered as well. Little Rose Productions , P.O. Box 533, FIN-40101 Jyväskylä, FINLAND

  • EXTOL's bassplayer Eystein has quit. They need a new and if you think you will be the right person to join them you can mail for more info.

  • Jonathan Bishop and Tony Catadul have left the band Third/Crow New members are Noel Holden on Lead/Rhythm Guitar and Tom Martin on Lead Vocals. For more info about the band and their CD check out

  • Endtime Productions will release Antestor's album Martyrium. They have also lost their singer and need a keyboardist.

  • Swedish Metalcore band Oblivion's singer Jonas has temporarily left the band to study in Bibleschool.

  • Guitar Metal band Impelliteri will release their new album next year. According to what I have heard the sound will be "Rob Zombie jamming with Chris Impellitteri as Pantera drive by...." along with the standard "fastest" solos on earth. Of the 13 tracks slated for the cut will be at least one instrumental ala warp-speed "Black Sabbath", a spanish sounding cut, a song called "I will fear no evil"(possibly the smash of the album), and a concept based tune called "cyber-flesh". Listen for killer looped sounds and sampling on the new release. This new CD will be a TOTAL leap past anything fans have heard up till now. The new sound will totally fit in with ANYTHING out there like Limp Bizcuit and Power Man 5000, yet still remains true to Metal-- not sacrificing guitar sound or speed.

  • Michael Sweet joined his friends Tim and Oz in Sin Dizzy and did a gig together for 14.000 people in Puerto Rico! Sounds like a reunion with Stryper is not far away...

  • TERAMAZE re-signs with Rowe Productions, reforms and adds an American to their lineup, Nathan Jones.. they go into the studio later this fall to record their next CD..

  • There will be a Brazilian Christian Metal Compilation! It will be released by Rowe Production and will have Power/ Classic Metal bands only. Bands will include Völlig Heilig, Staurus and Lighthammer. It will probably be released at the end of the year.

  • ETERNAL DECISION did *not* break up according to guitarist Tommy Torres.. the band is creating an indie label with bands such as ELEVEN HOURS DOWN.. email Eternal Decision also have a new album out titled The Ghost In The Machine. Mail for more info.

  • The talented atmospheric black metal band Vaakevandring have released their CD-EP.

  • A new GETSEMANI CD called "Under the Light" is on the way... ..

  • Swedish blackmetallers Sanctifica will enter the studio 4th-5th September to record a 5 song CD...

  • I'll end this newsupdate with an awesome review from the big secular metal label Nuclear Blast. Great to see that people start to realize that there is good Christian Metal out there and don't write it down because of the christian message. Here is the review...

    MORTIFICATION are an aggressive 3 piece Heavy Metal band from Melbourne/Australia. This year MORTIFICATION are celebrating their 10 year anniversary and quarter of a million album sales with 8 studio albums and 3 live projects under their belt. Their ninth studio album 'Hammer Of God' is set to be their hottest release so far and a new progression in their successful career. Havin a wide appeal from teens to thirties MORTIFICATIONs timeless sound has been proven as many bands fall by the wayside they fight on year after year. Survival has not been easy for MORTIFICATION with lead vocalist/bassist Steve Rowe being striken with extreme Luekaemia in 1996. Following a bone marrow transplant in January ’97 Steve was very close to death on five occasions at one point being given 2 hours to live. The band did zero for twelve month but have bounced back with last years 'Triumph Of Mercy' and this years 'Hammer Of God'. Miraculously MORTIFICATION toured the U.S. in August/September last year following a 3 month stint in hospital for Steve following a near death time going into a coma of Morphine and Pethadeine which base is Heroin. There could not have been a more brutal withdrawal possible. Steve survived again but was paralised and in a wheelchair for the second time. With much determination Steve was back walking on a cane by July ready for the 25 dates in 31 days in the U.S. This year sees the band of touring Switzerland, Germany, Holland, Sweden, Norway and Finland followed by a promo tour of the U.S. by Steve. MORTIFICATION have toured the U.S. 5 times and this will be their third trip to Europe. MORTIFICATION stand apart from the typical Metal approach of negativity, evil and bad imagery with uinque music containing positive Christian messages for a generation of listeners ready to hear and do something good and positive with their lives. Steve has shown that living under God’s protective banner is the only way to survive and press on in a world full of pain and difficulties. Goodness triumph’s again and the youth are listening up!

    And remember this review is from a secular record company! Isn't it amazing?

    ***METAL  NEWS 990629***

  • A new metal magazine covering christian black and death is on the rise! Pray that God will reach many people through it. Bands or zines looking for exposure can check out or mail the editor Mike directly at Any bands that send cd's or demos will also have their bands music on this site in real audio (if they wish)

  • MORTIFICATION is heading for Europe!
    Friday 2th of July they will play in Studion in Stockholm, Sweden along with Veni Domine, concert starts 21:00. Call 070 - 960 62 12
    Saturday 3rd of July - Norway - Seaside Festival (Skärgårdsgospel) in Kragerö.
    Sunday 4th July - Finland - Tampere Pirkkala

  • There is a cool page for all spanishspeaking metallers at

  • Are you looking for some real metal with biting guitars?? Then Krush's new CD "Welcome To Paradise" might be what you are looking for! Find out more about this talented band at If you have a radioshow you can also mail and they'll send you a free copy for airplay.

  • The death metal band Hearken got a new drummer and will start recording a fullength late summer or early fall

  • The Chosen is working with a new album. They will also have a single with the title track, "Holy Warrior" on Blacklight Records 10 disc volume of independent artists compilation due out in Aug/Sept. For more info mail

  • Extol is releasing a 6 song mini CD called Mesmerized with three new songs and three remixes (two of the latter done by a guy from Sanctum and another by a guy from Raison d'Etre). Extolfans will be delighted to hear that that it contains the bonus track The Prodigal Son from the Japanese version of "Burial". One of the new tunes "Enthralled"will not be on their next cd so this will be a collectors item for all fans. Total time is almost 35 minutes. Find out more at

  • BRIDE NEWS....
    Bride has just returned from a trip to Brazil where many thousands of lives were touched by God. Bride is very thankful for the opportunity to spread the Word throughout the world and to all those who make it possible.

    There is a limited number of the new Bride Live CD left. There were 2,500 printed and Bride has less than 200 left. The quality of this CD is much better than Bride's Live In Germany because the majority of it was recorded on 32-track ADAT in Germany during the Christmas Rock Night show in December. There are also a few tracks taken from Bride's Brazilian tour in September and from a show at The King's Place in Columbus, OH. This recording is available for $12.00.

    The Newest addition to the Bride library of video footage is Bride Oddities. It is simply the most personable footage ever shot. This video contains almost 90 minutes of candid conversation and live footage on their "Oddities" tour of Brazil. (Contains the new studio video "Under the Blood" and "Tomorrow makes no sense.")

    More Bride CD's have gone out of print! However we purchased the remaining stock and are now offering them to you at cut prices. Remember these are very limited and we will not have them very long. Shotgun Wedding $6.00 each (CD only), End of the Age $6.00 each (CD only), Live to Die reduced $15.00 each (CD only).

    July- 4-10 Norway Festivals (Dates to be announced)
    July-17 Louisville, KY "YOUTH FEST '99 LOUISVILLE" 502/254-7741
    August- 21 Louisville KY (Club J) 502/962-9673
    September-17 Ellettsville, IN 812/876-6500
    October- 15 Nighttown, Rotterdam Holland +31 (0) 65 375 6248
    October- 16 de Gigant, Apeldoorn Sweden +31 (0) 65 375 6248
    October-17 WITTEN (Germany), Saalbau
    Dec- 11 Brasilia Brazil Tour
    Dec- 18 Basquisimeto Venezuela (information to be announced)

    Visit Brides homepage at

  • The Norwegian black metal band Drottnar got a new addy at Homepage:

  • Antestor, another famous Norwegian band is working on an official website and maybe they will release (official release) "Martyrium" this fall:...

  • There is a Christian Metal Chatroom on ICQ at

  • The german metallers Sacrificium have just released a new cd called Mortal Fear

  • Mortal Immunity is working on new material and will probably hit the studio in October. They are also playing at JULY 17th 1999 at ANGEL'S SALOON Hamler, OH Find out more about this interesting brutal band at

  • Ultimatumfans will be glad to hear that Ultimatum now are being distributed in Germany by Nuclear Blast! They also got a german fansite at

  • Sculpture, the thrashers from the Netherlands have moved their page to

  • Screams of Abel #22 is now out! Interviews with WORLD AGAINST WORLD, TEMPEST (Yep! The original band!), KEKAL, SELFMINDEAD, ADMONISH, ABJATHAR, FEAST ETERNAL, DISCERN, INVERSION and FACE OF HUMANITY.. visit for more info..

  • Rowe Productions plans to re-release HORDE, "Hellig Usvart".. ..

  • SEVENTH AVENUE released a new CD, "Goodbye", featuring a 16 1/2 minute version of "Southgate", and a Styx cover tune, "Boat on the River"..

  • NARNIA's Carl-Johan Grimmark has left his other band, DELTA so he can concentrate on Narnia.

  • Look for DEUTERONOMIUM to play with MORTIFICATION in Holland on June 30..

  • "The Payment" by DEAFAID can be found on a Swedish compilation album, "Twisted Sounds from the Swedish Underground" .. info go to ..

  • The Heavy band NOIZ from Germany have finished their CD called "SEEDS OF THE LIVING" and it will hopefully be released any day now. It contains 11 songs and total time is 45. min Check it out sampels from the album in streaming RealAudio format at

    Stauros - is a Progressive Classic Metal from Brazil. Their disc is being sold in Europe thru Nordic Mission. Find out more about this band at

  • Death Poems -black metal. They recently released their first CD titled Pseudoprophet. They sing in English.

  • Azbuk - Black Metal. They have a demo.

  • Rosa de Saron - Heavy Metal. They have two albums: Diante da Cruz e Suprema Angústia. They made a version of Carry The Wounded (Carregue os Feridos) of Tourniquet.

  • Eternal - Heavy Metal with a thrash touch. Similar to Ultimatum. They have a album. Some music are in English. They are preparing a new album totally sung in English. They got a good drummer called Danilo Lopes.

  • Resgate - Hard Rock.

  • The Joke? have released a 4-tune cd called "CD-demo" that was recorded without any mixing. Nonetheless the productions should be good as far as I have heard. Their music is a hybrid of thrash, heavy, death and hardcore.

  • Celso, the singer in progressive metal band Staurus have left the band to be able to spend more time working in his local church. Cesar, the keyboard man, is assuming the vocals. They are now busy working with their new cd that will be heavier than their previous work.

  • Heavy Metal band Völlig Heilig got a new drummer called Dani.

  • Antidemon, Death Poems and Trino are finishing their cds. Clemency and Amos are also working on their debut albums.

  • Necromanicider is ready but have not be released yet. The title is "Revelation of the third millenium". Vocalist Evandro have left the band to study theology. Former drummer Xavier have taken over the vocals and now they are looking for a new drummer.

  • Empty Grave have recorded more than 20 songs for it's first demotape, which the band is working on.

  • Dynasty has a new line-up: Junior (bass), Andre and Wemerson on guitars, Nahor (vocals) and Samuel on drums. Their new demo-tape "The Angel's back" will be available soon. It have 4 tunes including 2 covers: Out of the darkness (Bloodgood) and "a face in the dark" (Barren Cross).

  • Exdras is working on a new demotape tentavitively titled "Quem tem ouvidos ouca!" (He that hath an ear, let him hear!")

  • Eschaton's demo "Profecias finais" (Final Prophecies is out. It have 6 tunes with aggressive thrash death with black and doom influences.

  • Warblade have released their second demo called "Fidelity, humility, renounce". I have 6 tunes and the music in in the Black Sabbath/Trouble-style.

  • Exody too got a selftitleddemo (both on cassette and CD) with 4 thrashing tunes.

  • Annointing released their new demo called "A prayer" on both cd and tape. This demo is a compilation of the two demo-tapes that the band already have released.

  • There is a cool brazilian metal zine called "Metal Mission" that helps you to keep track of the happenings in the Brazilian Christian Metal scene and the whole world as well. It have over 50 pages and a poster too! Latest issue includes interviews with Hearken, Trino, Völlig Heilig, Necromanicider, Confinement, Deuteronomium and more... The zine is in portugese so to fully appreciate this zine you better learn it. :-) Anyway the contactaddy is Metal Mission, Rua Santiago Luis Pereira, 206 Jd. Santiago-Londrina-PR 86071-600, BRAZIL

  • Oficina G3 - Hard Rock.

  • BERITH " Grind-Death Metal from São Paulo " - it Throws the first album " The Simphony Of Suffering " The album can be analyzed and bought through official WebSite of the band in:

    Seems to be a pretty happening scene, eh?

  • Vaakevandring from Norway now got a page at

  • Anybody remembering the thrashband Betrayal? They might be back again! Check out this interesting site Don't know if it's just a rumour but let's hope it's true...

  • The swedish metalband Anaemia will soon release their debut album "The Second Incarnation" on Endtime Productions and will be available in Swedish stores in August.

  • ACELDAMA is a new Death Doom Metal band from Brazil.

  • And last but not least there was a big prayermeeting the 13th of June with ca 40 people that prayed for revival among the metalheads in Sweden. We also prayed for the Christian Metal bands that were there and lots of other things. It was a great time and it was the 3rd year in a row we held this meeting at Nyhemsveckan, a swedish christian youth conference. The meeting was arranged by #whitemetalSWE and Prayer Warriors. Prayer Warriors is a prayerchain with 200+ members that prays for revival among the swedish metalworld, for the swedish christian metal bands and related topics #whitemetalSWE is an IRC channel for Christian Metal.

    ***METAL  NEWS 990522***

  • First some great news! Some time ago I got a mail from one of the writers in Metal Hammer, the biggest secular Metal zine in UK. He had find the Metal For Jesus page and had some questions about Christian Black Metal. I answered them and the article is in the latest issue of Metal Hammer. The article also contains a link to this page and to some Christian Black Metal bands as well. Wow! So it went very well and I really thank God for opening up this opportunity. It's so awesome to see how God can open doors like this. God is truly awesome and I give Him all the glory for making this possible.

  • George Ochoa Speaks!
    I thought that I would give you some true facts about what's happening with Deliverance. Almost everything that is listed as news is false. By the way, Jimmy sends his regards. The only reason that Jimmy couldn't contact you himself is that he doesn't have the Internet and I do. Well, here it goes; Jimmy Brown and myself have been discussing about doing a follow up album to Weapons of our Warfare. It has been about a year and the good Lord hasn't quite let it work out as of yet. We have gotten together a few times and written some material, but that's about it. It is difficult, because Jimmy lives in Escondido, near San Diego and I live in North Hollywood (Los Angeles County). We are about three hours apart. Jimmy has his hands full with his family, which consists of his wife and two lovely daughters, and he works at Guitar Center in San Marcos. As far as I go, I am working as a Sales Manager full-time as well as going to The Master's College full-time to get my degree in Christian Ministries, so that I can move on to seminary. As you see, we are both very busy, but we still want to use the musical talents that God has given us, to bring Him glory. At this point, it is only Jimmy and myself forming this reunion. We have talked about bringing in Brian and Chris, but we are not sure at this point. As far as the type of music; it would be in the vain of the Weapons album. I am sure that there wouldn't be too much fast and speedy stuff on it, but it will never lose the heaviness or THE CRUNCH! Jimmy and I are throwing around ideas right now. We have talked about calling the album The Pulling Down of Strongholds. Jimmy and I have always been good friends, there wasjust a time in our relationship that both of our prides caused some tension between us. Since then, both Jimmy and I have been through a lot in our personal lives and the Lord has done much work in our individual circumstances. Jesus is truly good and merciful. He will never leave us nor forsake us and I now know that truth first hand. Praise Him! Anyway, there is some accurate news for you to report. There is favor that you can do us. Could you please list the Deliverance email address and ask your browsers to email us a response in relation to their interest in a new Deliverance album, a Weapons of our Warfare, Part 2 entitled The Pulling Down of Strongholds? The official Deliverance email address is: Jimmy would like to let everyone know that he is currently working on the Fearful Symmetry project, but it is not with Marcus Colon. He has written material for this project and it is not clear who he will assemble as a band to record this album or what label it will be on. The music is in the vein of electronica. Thanks for your time and I hope to hear back from you soon.

    In His Service
    George Rene Ochoa

    The article above is reprinted by permission from HM Magazine. For more info, visit them online at

    So all ya people that would like to see a Deliverance reunion mail George and tell him that you want Deliverance to crank out some speedmetal again!

  • More Deliverance news! Jimmy Brown has a day job at Guitar Center and is presently working on Fearful Symmetry's first album (band named after a poem by William Blake, not the Daniel Amos album) . The line-up is Jimmy Brown - Guitars, vocals & keyboards Sean Bove - Keyboards & programming Glenn Thayer - Keys sequencing Adriane Gobolde - Guitars Michael Caraway - Drums and sequencing & programming Marcus Colon is not in the band. In his words "you can tell this is not a metal project but it will have a heavy element... in the vein of what I have been trying to do for years but could not develop Deliverance into". The album called "Looking For Kuta" is due in November 1999 on Seven Records.

  • Guardian's lead singer Jamie Rowe has been working on solo material and now you can get an early sneak peek by dialing yourself to: The boys will be doing a Latin America tour this summer and still hope to do dates from time to time. Visit them at: or e-mail them at

  • The new Shout album, aptly titled "Back," will be release this September on and indy label. However, you can get a sneak preview on and will be able to order from there too.

  • There is also an interesting interview with Ken Tamplin at

  • Guitar metal band Impellitteri have a new album on the way. Tentatively it's going to be called CRUSH.. They are tuning down 1 whole step to get a heavier sound... Glen Sobel their touring drummer will be laying down the drum tracks on this album instead of Ken Mary... Michael Wagener is the engineer (watever that means) and they are in the process of demoing stuff and recording materials now.. it should hopefully be finished at the end of summer and out by 2000 or early 2000..

  • All who want to support Antestor and/or would like to get a hold of Antestor merchandise such as t-shirt, long-sleeves, caps, hoods, whatever can send an email to Cacophonous at this address: and ask if they have any Antestor merchandise available as mentioned above. If they receive enough of these requests, they might want to make a t-shirt or a long-sleeve, because they see it would sell. So all you Antestor fans go ahead and mail them!

  • The Power Metal band Seventh Avenue have just

      Goodbye (Acoustic-Version) 6.27, Where You Belong 7.26, Gone With The Summer 6.50, Southgate 16:39 (!), Boat On The River 3.14 (STYX cover från 1979). Bonustracks: Goodbye (Radio-Version) 3.39, Goodbye (Piano-Version) 6.13

    • Swedish sanctified blackmetallers Sanctifica have put up some live mp3's at The tunes are from their gig at Ung Kraft. For more about sanctifica check out their page They also have a new email addy at

    • Talking about mp3 you can also find a couple of them at the metalcore band Deafaids homepage,s taken from their mini - cd.

    • The Christian Metal show Heaven's Metal have put out a zine. If you would like to have your music reviewed for The Heaven's Metal Zine, you can send 2 CDs or cassettes to: HEAVEN'S METAL C/O THE ROCK @ WMUL FM 88.1, MARSHALL UNIVERSITY, 400 HAL GREER BLVD, HUNTINGTON, WV, 25755, USA There is also a message board at the Heaven's Metal site, where you can promote your band, label or your favorite type of metal. Find out more at and

    • DP99 is a big Christian festival 21-25 of July in Motangen,Blaker, Akerhus in Norway. The price will be around 250 Norwegian Crowns. Bands that will play are Extol (experimental death metal), Mordecai (atmospheric black), Blindside (hardcore), Selfmindead (hardcore), Drottnar (black), and many more.

    • The symphonic metal band Delta have a mp3 of their tune Again at their page

    • The new official Extol page is now up at

    • THT Underground from Indonesia are releasing a tape from Bealiah (black metal) later this month and a new Kekal (black metal) tape in July. (

    • Feast Eternal is a melodic/brutal death metal act out of northern Michigan. They have released a cd called "Prisons of Flesh" and it's told to be a cross between Crimson Thorn and

    • There is a cool Barren Cross page at

    • Extol is playing at Cornerstone! The set time is from 8:30 - 9:30 PM July the 1st.

    • Hearken has a new drummer, Jason. Hearken will be playing the Texas RockFest and sadly their album will not be out by then. :(

    • GrYP is a new Christian band in the veins of KoRn, limp bizkit, deftones, and Marilyn Manson

    • Arni from Adonai Mag (Faroe Islands) is working on a one-man brutal death metal project under the name "Zadok". This summer or fall he will release a demo called "The Living Dead". ( ..

    • There is music festival in Sarons Dal, Sørlanne in Norway the 7th-9th of July. Jerusalem, Bride, Petra och Narnia will play...

    • Carl - Johan Grimmark, the guitarist in Narnia have chosed to quit in Delta, the other band he has been playing in, so he can concentrate more on Narnia.

    • Screams of Salvation, a label in the UK recently released a cd entitled 'Cremation Of The Guilty by Day Of Atonement from Australia. They are at present one of Australia's best Christian extreme metal bands, featuring both an ex-member and a present member of Mortification. Musically it is brutality all the way taking influences from all the biggest names in death/extreme metal. For order info mail

    • Facedown Records have put Overcome's three song 7" on tape. Its availabe for $4. (

    • Inversion is a death metal band from California with a cd out. They are looking for a new drummer so if your a drummer from CA or you want to check out the Inversion cd, email Jeff at (

    • Anyone remember Consecrator? They are back again and plans to release new material soon. Mail them at

    • Swedish black metal masters Crimson Moonlight now have got an own domain! Check it out at

    • Blindside and Grace For The Fallen tour:
      06.20.99 - Saint Petersburg , FL 06.21.99 - Miami , FL 06.22.99 - Orlando , FL 06.23.99 - Pensacola , FL 06.24.99 - Columbia , SC 06.25.99 - Charleston , SC 06.26.99 - Myrttle Beach , SC 06.27.99 - Fayetteville , NC 06.28.99 - Richmond , VA 06.29.99 - Virginia Beach , VA 06.30.99 - Baltimore , MD Please contact if you are interested in booking.

    • Brazilian band Death Poems have a new page at

    • EXTOL IS TOURING! Also look for them July 1 at 7:30 at the HM Tent at Cornerstone... other dates include Dallas, TX and Arizona.. email or for more information..

    • MORTIFICATION's "Hammer of God" is due to be released on Metal Blade records the first week of July. .. They are playing with SACRIFICIUM and NOIZ in Stuttgart, Germany on June 27 to support their Euro tour..

    • Look for EXTOL, EMBODYMENT, TRAINING FOR UTOPIA, BLINDSIDE and more at the Solid State Showcase at the Showcase Theater in Corona, CA on June 11..

    • ELOI's new CD, "Mold", will be out June 1.. email or visit ..

    • Little Rose Productions, meanwhile, is putting out the new LAMENT album, "Through the Reflection".. visit ..

    • The new DEUTERONOMIUM album, "Here to Stay", is supposedly heavier than "Street Corner Queen".. also out on Little Rose..

    • WHITECROSS is a 2-year hiatus while singer Scott Wenzel is in Paraguay..

    • NOIZ recorded a 10-song CD.. But they need a label so pray that God will open a door for them.

      ***METAL  NEWS 990410***

    • Mortification are looking for an excellent keyboard player / operatic vocalist with professional equipment and own transport. Must be a committed christian in a bible-believing church, male, single, fully into heavy metal, look the part and have a vision to be involved in a ministry-oriented band. Must be living in or happy to relocate to Melbourne. Please send playing / singing demo tape, photo and church reference to Steve Rowe, P.O. Box 2222, Carrum Downs, 3201 VIC Australia..

    • CROSS-EXAMINATION is a christian power/heavy metal band with some progressive,black & death metal influences

    • There is a new solo project on the way called PUTRIDILLUSION. The sound is best described as HorrorMetal..There should be influences of Goth, Death, Industrial, and Experimental Metal all mixed in together. For more info visit The site is not fully functional yet, but it will be very soon. The music will be very dark and Neil Olivier hopes that this solo project can reach those that he wants to reach. The people that all other bands, would rather not try to reach, because they think there is no way possible to bring them to the lord. But there is a way to reach them, and he hopes that he in this way can bring more people to Christ.

    • Negative Thirteen's is busy working with their new album.

    • BLINDSIDE 1999 Tour Schedule: (U.S. Tour with P.O.D. and Project 86)
      05.01.99 - Ontario, CA - Grenada Theater/714-573-0245 or
      05.04.99 - Las Cruces, NM - 505-373-4706 or
      05.06.99 - Webster, TX (Houston, TX) - Clearlake Auditorium/281-338-2239 or
      05.07.99 - Bedford, TX (Dallas, TX) - GPI/817-858-9995 or
      05.08.99 - Bartlesville, OK - The Where-House/918-337-0500 or
      05.11.99 - Kansas City, MO - New Earth Coffee House/816-931-8650
      05.12.99 - Omaha, NE - Warriors Youth Center/402-943-2105 or
      05.13.99 - Minneapolis, MN - The New Union/612-781-8488 or
      05.14.99 - Mt. Prospect, IL - Heart & Soul Cafi,/847-506-1024
      05.15.99 - Southfield, MI (Detroit, MI) - Bowman Center/734-434-4359 or
      05.16.99 - Lansing, MI - Visions/517-482-2252 or
      05.17.99 - Ft. Wayne, IN - Sunset Hall/219-627-6537 or
      05.18.99 - Indianapolis, IN - Lakeview Christian Center/317-243-9396, x.113 or
      05.19.99 - Toledo, OH - Theater Ballroom/330-971-9008 or 05.20.99 - Akron, OH - Portage Lake Fellowship Auditorium/330-971-9008 or
      05.21.99 - Columbus, OH - Westerville South HS Auditorium/614-899-2404 or
      05.22.99 - Lancaster, PA Refton B.I.C./717-392-3206, x. 305
      05.23.99 - Mitchellville, MD - Mt. Oak Church/301-249-2230, x. 5 or
      05.24.99 - Allentown, PA - Dieruff Senior High Auditorium/610-845-7061 or
      05.25.99 - Richmond, VA - Lighthouse Community Aud./804-619-8955 or
      05.26.99 - Virginia Beach, VA - Beach Fellowship/757-459-5724 or
      05.27.99 - Lexington, SC - The Warehouse/803-356-2273 or
      05.28.99 - Jacksonville, FL - Murray Hill Theatre/904-388-3179 or
      05.29.99 - Conyers, GA (East Atlanta) - The Teen Planet/770-487-1366 or
      05.30.99 - Birmingham, AL - The Crush - 205-972-8288 or
      05.31.99 - Nashville, TN - Vineyard Nashville/615-360-8463
      06.01.99 - Little Rock, AR - Vino's/501-375-8468 or 501-666-2267
      06.02.99 - St. Charles, MO (St. Louis, MO) - Mid-Rivers Baptist Chapel/314-926-0935 or

    • STAUROS and DYNASTY are two new Brazilian bands Info: ..

    • Laudamus, the melodic metallers from Sweden now have a page at They are also busy working with first their fulllength album.

    • There is a new band that have an interesting twist musically. Ballydowse, featuring members of Crashdog, have blended the sounds of punk rock and celtic folk music. punk and folk??? Well, should be interesting to hear...

    • Eso-Charis just broke up. Their playing their last show today. They are still going to record a "7 record for Deadself Recordings and their still going to do a show at Cornerstone Festival. They broke up because their drummer left the band.

    • Little Rose Productions is a metal label outta Finland. They are the only label churning out Christian extreme metal at the moment so give them your support! They have just released Mexican progressive death metal band Lament's album "Through the Reflection" which is supposed to have a perfect production and is said to be very cool. Also they have a limited-edition Deuteronomium single with three songs, one from the upcoming album, a studio live version of it and a song that won't be found anywhere else. Its pretty cheap at only two bucks! Deuteronomium's new fullength wil be released any day now. Email Little Rose at

    • THT Productions out of Indonesia will be releasing some more tapes soon. Sounds of Approaching Destruction 2 will feature Implacable, Rudra (non-Christian), Nadir (non-Christian), Getsemani, Deuteronomium, Cruciferae, Antestor, Kekal, Worldhate and Bealiah. THT will also rerelease Getsemani's now out-of-print demo "Dreaming To Fly" Getsemani is an Italian doom band with classical and black metal influences. A Bealiah tape will be released in May and a Mournphagy tape in July.

    • Face of Humanity's EP "As Darkness Whispers" has been delayed so it can be remixed. As soon as its ready you will receive some devestating hardcore metal. Their email is

    • Issue 2 of Loud Zine is out! It features No Innocent Victim, Rackets and Drapes, Exist, Lucid, Death List (RIP), Graphic Verses, Draco and Mindrage. Well written reviews and helpful columns for musicians. Costs $3. Email for more info. I

    • A new issue of Brutal Reality have seen the light. It features interviews with Kekal, Immortal Souls and Drottnar as well as tons of metal reviews. Email Jeremy at for more info

    • I hear Feast Eternal has reformed and they have a new death metal album out. Their supposed to be playing a reunion show soon. In case anyone has never heard of them, they were a Michigan death metal band that released a pretty brutal although not original demo around '95 and broke up soon after. Check out the Dead concert listings for more info. for Dead Concert web address.

    • GRIM (God Rules In Metal) is a one man band from Illinois. He has a demo out and has recorded a song for an upcoming compilation by Scary Man Records. Its supposed to be some pretty brutal death metal.

    • All you death metal and black metal bands that need brutal artwork, get ahold of Troy Dunmire at He has done the two latest Mortification album covers.

    • Disentombed Zine is a new Christian Metal Zine.

    • Charizma´s album Rock the World have just been rereleased on CD! It has two bonus tracks and clocks in at 50+ minutes! It's a 80's styled melodic metal and is told to remind of early Holy Soldier, Stryper,TNT, Jerusalem, Whitecross, and Leviticus. You can get it from

    • is a cool site about Christian Black Metal.

    • VALEDICTION have been signed by the secular label Angular Records in Europe. Find out more at the Valedition site.

    • There is a new Christian death/black/power metal fanzine on the horizon, they are looking for demos and albums from bands who wish to be included in our first issue.Lyrics must be accompanied with demo/album. all promo materials may be sent to: PRESUMED DEAD ZINE, 6325 W. BOEHLKE AVE., MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN 53223 U.S.A. Mail for more info.

    • Death List has broken up and Dave Campbell (drummer) is going on to form a Meshuggah-type band with x-Triggerfuse,x-Slamcat members Janna and Mike. understand he's also trying to get another aggressive death metal band going.. They still have Death List -"Severed" cds available for $12 and Chords of the Grave compilation cds for $8ppd. Dave's email is

    • New Mexico technical thrash band Ultimatum are going into the studio to record their third cd for Rowe Productions. It will be recorded by Jeff Scheetz. Mail or for more info. Also for all you people that have links to Ultimatum's homepage, take 'em down, the page no longer exists! The new location is

    • Paramaecium have just released their new one. Suffice it to say Jayson Sherlock's not in the band as drummer anymore. Paramaecium's email is

    • Embodiment has finally released their album.

    • Virgin Black's have released a CDEP? Email if you want to buy this gothic masterpiece.

    • A new issue of Disentombed is out! Its got Mortification, Living Sacrifice, Virgin Black, Detrimental, xDISCIPLEx, Crimson Thorn and Equinox. Its only $1ppd in the US and $1,5 abroad.

    • Do you want your stuff reviewed in BIG secular metal zines?? Then send your stuff to Metal hammer, Dennis Publishing, 19 Bolsover Street, London W1P 7HJ and

    • ELOI will be releasing their second full length CD entitled "Mold" on June 1st. This is an incredible follow up to their first CD release "Degree's of Freedom" which prompted the HM Magazine Readers Poll "#1 Favorite Indie Band" for 1997. ELOI's CD "Mold" will be distributed exclusively through Cross Rhythms Music. To get more information or to pre-order check out WWW.ELOI.ORG

    • As I told you last update Shout have reformed and if you have something you would like to ask Ken, Chuck, Loren or Joseph, perhaps a thought of your own about the reunion album? Then just ask! All mails will be forwarded to the appropriate member for an e-mail reply! Send all mails to

    • 24th of April there is a cool Metal Festival in Germany called FishCore 99 with Tourniquet, Narnia and Fono playing, plus 5 German bands in 20 minute-show-case sets (Most Wanted contest with: Lightmare, Noisetoys, Wooden Cross, Ancient Prophecy and Sacrificium), It starts at 6 pm will run till close to 1 am in Haus Ennepetal (townhall); Gasstr. 10, 58256 Ennepetal (centre of city, close to bus-station) Enneptal is on the Bundesstr. 7 (B7) between Wuppertal and Hagen. So go up the Sauerlandlinie (A45) till Hagen-Zentrum, in the direction of the centre, and then you will cross the B7, yellow signs, direction of Wuppertal. Tickets are 40 DM presales, 45 entrance. We ship tickets via post after receiving a cheque (of a German bank or Eurocheque), plus 3 DM porto on total amount. Send to: Martina Westermann, Brunnenstr. 28, 58285 Gevelsberg.

    • VU Releases "Just As I Am" CD March 15, 1999 --VU, a Christian rock band from Scappoose,Oregon announces the release of "Just As I Am," its second CD. This CD features a thirteen track combination of hard-hitting rock paired with several lighter acoustic ballads. Sound samples can be previewed, and CDs purchased, on the band's webpage at VU CDs may also be obtained by writing to VU at 51908 SW 4th, Scappoose, Oregon 97056, or by calling 503-543-SONG. VU's first album "All I Need is U" had a great response locally and internationally. HM magazine calls the first album "a strong album from an independent rock band" and a "great album for its style." "All I Need is U" may also be purchased online at

    • There is a cool Rage of Angelspage at

    • BRIDE NEWS Live CD There is a limited number of the new Bride Live CD left. There were 2,500 printed and Bride has less than 400 left. The quality of this CD is much better than Bride's Live In Germany because the majority of it was recorded on 32-track ADAT in Germany during the Christmas Rock Night show in December. There are also a few tracks taken from Bride's Brazilian tour in September and from a show at The King's Place in Columbus, OH. This recording is available for $12.00.

      COMING THIS SUMMER The next independent release scheduled from Bride is going to be Show No Mercy in its entirety with some extra bonus tracks.

      VIDEO SELECTION The Newest addition to the Bride library of video footage is Bride Oddities. It is simply the most personable footage ever shot. This video contains almost 90 minutes of candid conversation and live footage on their "Oddities" tour of Brazil. (Contains the new studio video "Under the Blood" and "Tomorrow makes no sense.")

      *TOUR DATES*: April-16 Morocco, IN 219/285-8527
      April- 17 Houghton, MI. 906/482-3357
      April 24 New London OH 419/929-2120
      April-30 Jackson, MS 601/354-1965
      May-14 Baltimore, MD. 410/882-6522
      May-15 Kittanning, PA 724/548-1251
      May-27 Fenton, IA. 515/889-2870 (Dale speaking engagement)
      May-28 Fenton, IA. 515/889-2870
      May-29 Minneapolis, MN. MID-WEST ALBUM RELEASE PARTY (New Union) 612/781-8488
      June- 3- 6 Brasilia & Campo Grande Brazil
      June-12 Van Wert, OH 419-238-1586
      June- 25 Crescent City, CA 707/465-6649
      June- 26 PEARL FEST '99 Myrtle Point, OR. 541/572-2840
      July- 4-10 Norway Festivals (Dates to be announced)
      October- 22 Beginning Scandinavia & European tour (Dates to be announced)
      Dec- 18 Basquisimeto Venezuela (information to be announced)

      Tourniquet has officially signed a multi-album deal with Metal Blade Records!! We are pleased to announce that we will be entering the studio in mid to late June of '99 to record our next full-length album for our new label - Metal Blade. This will be a very heavy, aggressive, and progressive album. Great sounds are anticipated with Bill Metoyer producing. A January 2000 release date is forecast.This will be a global release encompassing the US, Europe, and many other countries through Metal Blade's extensive major market secular distribution. Excellent distribution through the Christian market will be handled by Diamante. The bold stance for the Gospel that Tourniquet has always been committed to will remain intact and we look forward to many being introduced to and encouraged in their faith. As a result of our current and upcoming songwriting and recording, we are keeping live shows to a minimum until we are finished with the album. We are, however, doing the 2 European shows April 23 and 24 in Holland and Germany - we hope to see many of you there! Luke, Aaron and I want to thank all of you for the continued encouragement, laughs, and prayers as we embark on this new relationship with Metal Blade. We will strive to use our God given talents to the best of our abilities... Psalm 147:3 "He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds."

      Best Regards, Ted Kirkpatrick Tourniquet

    • Dependency is a metal band out of Greenville TX (near Dallas) who have been compared to such bands as Pantera and Korn Come check out their webpage at

    • Metal Zone - is Christian radioshow in the Ukraine. The sense of this program is to give to many people live gospel through metalmusic. Mail if you want your band to be played there.

    • Are you looking for some cool buttons that you can sell to fans of your band? Then this might be something for you...

    • !LOUD! magazine will Sponsor Rackets & Drapes On Tour. The unofficial tour dates at this time are October 8-31, 1999. People wishing to book this tour should be calling !LOUD! magazine at 616-361-5240 or e-mail at .

    • Extol have been played on Swedish National Radio playlist for six weeks - first time ever for a Death Metal band - The most poular music radio show in Sweden "Musikjournalen Rock" aired a interview with EXTOL in the studio. This is the radio show that currently has the greatest impact on the Swedish scene. So all glory to God!

    • PLENITUD and QUEJIDOS DEL SEOL are two new metal bands from Puerto Rico.. ..

    • DYING MAN is a thrash/death band .. ..

    • GODS WAY is a new band from Brazil.. ..

    • More new bands? IMPLACABLE is a doom band from Norway.. ..

    • BOANERGES is a new HEAVY METAL BAND from Argentina! Looks like it's coming a wave of Christian Metal from Southamerica now....s E-mail: Web Site: http//

    • ERASE is wrapping up production on their second album, "Conspiracy".. email ..

    • Blacklight Records recording artists FATAL BLAST WHIP continues to hold at the top 10 for a few weeks now at ..

    • 44 EVERGIVEN changes their name to GRACE FOR THE FALLEN and their full length CD is due out in April.. "The Cost of Obedience"..

    • OUTCRY and FACE OF HUMANITY are both signed to ClenchedFist Records.. ..

    • NOIZ goes into the studio to record their first album.. red about Noiz in Issue #21 of SOA.. and .. The release date is in in approximately 3 months. *

    • LIVING SACRIFICE is to play with Meshuggah, Morbid Angel, Earth Crisis and others at the New England Metal and Hardcore Fest Apr 30 - May 2..

    • Also read tragic news about DELIVERANCE, SACRED WARRIOR and others.. ..

    • The new KOHLLAPSE album, "Distant Mind Alternative", is now out.. go to .. also read their interview in Issue #21 of SOA.. find out more at ..

    • ZAO is confirmed for this year's Cornerstone.. ..

    • DEUTERONOMIUM recently opened for Sentenced.. and released a single, "to die and gain", from their forthcoming 2nd album.. ..

    • Speaking of the band behind the label Little Rose Productions, they just signed IMMORTAL SOULS..

    • FEAST ETERNAL has reformed! They are releasing "Prisons of Earth".. their new sound is influenced by In Flames and Bolt Thrower..

    • MANIFESTIUM will be releasing previously unreleased material on the "Lofi Burns" metal compilation.. email for more info..

    • SACRIFICIUM's new demo, "Mortal Fear", is out.. read their interview in Issue #21 of SOA..

    • June 1 is the release date of the new ELOI album, "Mold".. ..

    • April 24 is a mini fest at Cafe Beracah in PA featuring PINK DAFFODILS, FOREVERMORE, TERRA FIRMA, CRUTCH and more.. email ..

    • SEVENTH BY SEVEN is the new band featuring Jay Mattingly of CORPSE..

    • The new INVERSION album has been put off until later.. more details forthcoming..

    • GUERREROS and ARMAGEDON are two extreme bands from Guatemala..

    BOBFEST 99 (19-21 March) in Stockholm, Sweden

    Alright here we go... Woah, what a weekend!! Although many things went wrong it was my best weekend, ever! So much happened so this will be kinda long.... but please take the time and read it, I'm sure you will enjoy it...

    We, the bobfestteam started Bobfest on Wednesday at Michael Hero's (singer in Sons of Thunder) home with prayer and fellowship. We had a great time worshipping our Great Lord and praying together. We especially prayed for the secular concert on thirsday where we would be and spread Bobfestflyers.

    Thirsday came and we started the day with picking up 4 dudes that had come all the way from Latvia to join us at Bobfest! Later that day we also picked up 2 people from Hungary that had come only for Bobfest. Woah! Isn't that amazing that people are coming all the way from Hungary to be on Bobfest!!

    Later that day some of us also went out to meet Pastor Bob at the airport. His plane was delayed 1, 5 hours and when it finally came Bob wasn't with it, only his suitcase!!! But he arrived with the next flight and told us what happened: He said that the Swiss government had told some passengers to get off the plane in Switzerland cause they wanted to carry something special with the plane so some passengers including Bob had to get off the plane! It's unbelievable but true. I have never heard of something like this happen.

    But the spiritual war had only begun, cause later that day we were about to enter into satans territory and spread Bobfest flyers outside the concert where Dimmu Borgir, Dark Funeral and some other very satanic bands played. We had told many to pray for this and we surely felt that many were praying for us and our protection. We had lots of problems to get to the concert but when we finally got there everything went very smooth. We spread the flyers and almost everyone that was standing outside got them and many of them said that they wanted to go to Bobfest! Amen, some become really happy when they saw that the Saturday concert were free and that it was Metal. So it went great! Of course some of them recognized that the bands were Christians and demolished the flyers they got, but that was only a few, most of them received them and was thankful. So praise the Lord, God was with us and it went great!

    Then friday came and usual we started the day with prayer (we started every day with prayer) and the battle became even harder... We had a soundguy and equipment ready but then the soundguy suddenly became very ill and couldn't help us! He couldn't even let us hire his equipment!! So there we were standing without soundguy and equipment. We tried to get soundequipment from other places but didn't get any. Then we find one addy to a nonchristian company and he was very willing to help us! But we still hadn't found any soundguy that could mix the concert. But then we talked to Thorbjorn Weinesjo from Veni Domine and he was willing to help us right away! But we didn't get the equipment and a soundguy until 3 - 4 in the afternoon! Then there was another problem with the electricity and the contacts didn't match. But by God's wonderful leading we talked with the mechanic that was our closest neighbour and he had a contact that matched! So we took the cable, opened the window and let the cable go out thru the window to the mechanic's place!

    So there were lots of problem but the rest of the evening went good. Pastor Bob had a great sermon and 9:30 the concert was about to start. Mercenary started off with their neoclassical metal. They got a great guitarist and a good singer too. Good set and they got the audience (that were 200+) going. Vital Decision followed next. They had changed their style a bit since their demo and now their style is more metalcore than the experimental deathmetal they played on their demo. I prefered their old style and their new style wasn't really my thing. Delta followed, a symphonic metalband that now have Carl-Johan Grimmark as secondguitarist! They also got a very good singer who can sing both low and high. The music was a bit too slow for me to really love it, but they did an extra tune that was faster and it was AWESOME! The audience loved it and was pretty wild (in a good way). Bishop Garden ended the gig. They too have changed their style and downtuned their guitars so now they are a lot heavier than on their cd Garden of Relief. They got the crowd going and played over an hour and mixed both old and new tunes. They also did some bonus tunes.

    Saturday came and we (the bobfestteam) splitted to be more effective. One team went to Quantum to prepare the concert and the other took care of Bob and everything that was happening at Stockholm Vineyard (the place where the conference was held and where people also slept). Bob had some great teachings between 10:00 am and 4:00 pm. During that time I and some others in the Bobfestteam went to Quantum to prepare the concert. And now things started to go very wrong!! When we arrived there, there was some other people there having an exhibition when we had been told we should have Quantum reserved for us for Bobfest! They didn't leave until 2 pm. Then we realized that the stage was too little! We had been told that it should been bigger than it was. Anyway we solved that by pulling some tables close to the stage to get it bigger. And then the soundtechs without a warning left for lunch for over an hour!! When they suddenly came back we realized that we hadn't all the equipment we needed! So we had to get some more amplifiers. All in all this caused the concert to be delayed 2 hours.

    But God gave Victory! When the concert finally started there were 400+ people there and many of them unsaved. In the beginning of the concert we also took the time to pray together backstage with some of the bands. Tekla Knos, a swedish punk band started off with their energetic punk. A really good band, if you like punk. Sons of Thunder followed next. They played their thundering praise metal and was really Christ centered. Unfortunately, the soundtech didn't mix them well so the guitars and heaviness almost dissapeared. With a good mixing there heavy sound would have come thru but now it sounded weak and that was too bad.

    Anyway Narnia hit the stage and woah now things started to happened! The audience were really moving, hair were flying, people were stagediving and we had a great time! Christian, the singer was very straightforward and talked a lot about Salvation and there was no doubt what Narnia stands for. There were also a gang of satanist there (must probably have been some of the people that got bobfestflyers at the Dimmu Borgir - concert, amen!) that were shouting and yelling when Christian told them about Christ. But he handled them very well and said a lot of good things. When Christian said that God also loved them at least one of the satanists got tears in his eyes, so God was truly working there. Narnia played tunes from their both albums and had a great show. Carl-Johan was shredding on and on with the guitar, the bassist Jakob did an awesome basssolo and the drummer Andreas a drumsolo. When they had finished the audience shouted for more... and they came back and rocked on with some more tunes. That was truly the highlight for me and many others as well. Woah, Metal is back!

    When Narnia had finished Crimson Moonlight followed next. Their second guitarist Petter was in Israel so they had to play with only one guitar, but they did it well. Their music was really fast and atmospheric blackmetal that get the crowd headbanging. Crimson got a very cool image too, especially the singer Simon Rosen. He truly looks like a real Viking with lots of denim and a cool big sword in front of him. The whole band have a perfect image for Black Metal. Anyway they shred and people were really enjoying it. Simon was very straightforward from stage and spoke about Salvation. So, the Word got out and I'm sure many was touched. Next to Narnia this was truly my highlight of the evening.

    Then it was time for some hardcore with Selfmindead. Since hardcore isn't my thing I talked to friends and looked at the cds instead. :-) But according to people that like hardcore they did a good set and people were enjoying it.

    Then, it was time for.... EXTOL! Since everything was delayed two hours they didn't start to play until 1 am! Nevertheless they rocked hard in 1 hour. It was a great joy just to see them live. They were headbanging and doing the helicopter all the time, all of them! Woah, this must be the best liveband I have ever seen!! Lots of hair were flying during their set. They ripped thru their classics from Burial and also played some new tunes. Amazing that they can hit the tones and play so perfect when they are doing the helicopter all the time. I have to agree with Phil, this must be the best Liveband there is!

    So there this great evening ended. We had great evening and many seeds were planted in the unsaveds hearts and God will continue His work in them.

    On Sunday morning we had the last meeting with Bob and when we were ready with everything at Vineyard we, the bobfestteam went to Michael Hero and spent the evening there with Bob and his american friends Casey and Adrienne. We had a great time and ended the evening as we had started the whole bobfest with some time in prayer and just thanking God for all He had done.

    Bobfest was a real success, and in despite of everything that went wrong every evening finished with Victory! Thank you so much Jesus for every thing you have done during this weekend, we would never had made it without you. To God Be The Glory!

    In His Service

      ***METAL  NEWS 990302***

    • First some GREAT NEWS! A Christian Metal Festival called Bobfest will take place in Stockholm, Sweden 19 - 21 of March!! Pastor Bob Beeman will speak and it will be concerts with Extol, Narnia, Selfmindead, Bishop Garden, Crimson Moonlight, Mercenary, Delta, Mercenary, Sons of Thunder and Tekla Knös. It's gonna be great so don´t miss it! Find out more about this big event at

    • Immortal Souls have been signed to Little Rose Productions. They will release a fullength album next winter.

    • The second album by the Mexican death metal -masters Lament will be released on Little Rose during this month (March 1999). The album is titled "Through The Reflection" and comparing it to their debut album on Rowe Productions, "Tears Of A Leper", the new one is more melodic but still very heavy death metal.

    • Deuteronomium will release a single titled " die and gain" on March 5. The single includes one song from their forthcoming album, one bonus track and a demo version of the single track, recorded live in studio. The full album is to follow in mid-April and it includes 13 songs.

    • Deuteronomium has also got a new website, it is found in the same address as the old one used to be: The site is still a bit under construction, there will be for example some pictures and sound clips coming up, but you can already surf to the page.

    • Little Rose -website will also be born again within a couple of months. Actually the new site is already under construction. With the new site we hope to get rid of the problems we've had with adding new products to the site. For more info about Little Rose check out or mail them at

    • SHOUT BACK TOGETHER AGAIN! The second most prolific, Dove Award winning christian rock bands of the 80's is back in the studio with front man Ken Tamplin. "Some of the old band members contacted me with the idea and I said why not," states Tamplin. A new, full-length SHOUT album will be released ALL NEW SONGS from the original band members. This album is slated to be released soon (Z Records) and there are plans in the works for a LIVE INTERNET CONCERT OR CHAT SEESION! Stay tuned for more info!

    • A new issue of the swedish metalzine Noizegate has seen the light! It contains interviews with Stavesacre, Tourniquet, Mortification, Mercenary, Deuteronomium, Soapbox, Charizma and more + lots of reviews and metalnews. For orderinfo and more check out

    • FACE OF HUMANITY has a new homepage: .. their new CD is due out on ClenchedFist Records..

    • Bad news! Death List have broken up...

    • The Metalzine Screams of Abel have a new issue out! Interviews with LIVING SACRIFICE, VENI DOMINE, OVERCOME, DIRGE, KOHLLAPSE, UPLIFTED, HEARKEN, CRIMSON MOONLIGHT, ISRAEL, SACRIFICIUM and NOIZ.. email for more info. Screams of Abel also have a new addy

    • P.O.D. will be putting out an EP on Tooth and Nail which will be released on April 20th. The EP will feature 8 songs including an intro and outro and 2 instrumentals.

    • For all of you Living Sacrifice fans....The first three Living Sacrifice albums, (Self Titled, Inhabit and Non-Existent) which are long out of print, will be reissued this year on Solid State!

    • News about SACRIFICIUM's new demo, "Mortal Fear": Actually the new Sacrificium Demotape should already be finished. Actually it is already finished. The tapes are here, just the inlay is still missing. We should have get them last weekend but that didn't happended. But everything else is still the same: 3 songs: - 'Pauper's Grave' 2:30 min (as mp3-file on the Newspage ) - 'In Your Eyes' 5:20 min - 'Psalm Of An Unborn' something about 15min

    • TOURNIQUET, NARNIA and FONO will all be in concert together in Ennepetal, Germany on April 24..

    • News about the brazilian bands DEATH POEMS and AZBUK: Finally our CD is almost ready. The ReleasePresentation will be in Sao Paulo (april/99) and the album will be called PSEUDOPROPHETF. AZBUK will record their first album intitled NOSFERATUS DARNESS EARL in the next week. Pray about it !

    • Wreathe of Thorns have a new issue out! It has interviews with Veni Domine, Hearken, Salutary, Ultimatum, Necromanicide, Blissin Angel, Tefilla, Face of Humanity and more... For orderinfo check out

    • Parable also have a new issue out with interviews with Getsemani, MainStay, Saviour Machine, Deuteronomium, Devout and Mental Destruction.

    • Lightforce Records are looking for more Christian Metal bands to sign! If you are interested write

      ***METAL  NEWS 990214***

    • The Immortal Souls/Mordecai split album have now been released. The album includes 4 songs from both bands, 8 songs altogether, own cover artwork for both. For more info write or check their page at

    • Stryper was recently aired on Radio!! This was the FIRST time for 7 years that they have done something together, all four of them. The show went on for 2 hours and was aired worldwide thru the net at They said that they were all open for a reunion when God saids the time is right. They also said that they need our prayers so they know what´s God´s will.

    • Adonai Mag have started a mailordercompany for Christian Metal. Find out more at>

    • German Power Metal band Lightmare now have their page to They also got a new email

    • The Unveiling is a Christian Rock Epic about the time to come. Really cool stuff, check it out at

    • Ascension is a new heavy Christian Hardrock band from the US.

    • Now there is a search engine for pure Metal sites! So if you have a Christian Metal site, use the opportunity and list it there.

    • Dependency is currently working on a cd release. Find out more at

    • Blindside U.S. Tour with P.O.D.(Atlantic) and Project 86 (BEC)
      04.30.99 - San Diego, CA
      05.04.99 - Las Cruces, NM
      05.06.99 - Houston, TX
      05.07.99 - Dallas, TX
      05.08.99 - Bartlesville, OK
      05.11.99 - Kansas City, MO
      05.12.99 - Omaha, NE
      05.13.99 - Minneapolis, MN
      05.14.99 - Chicago, IL
      05.15.99 - Detroit, MI
      05.16.99 - Lansing, MI
      05.17.99 - Ft. Wayne, IN
      05.18.99 - Indianapolis, IN
      05.19.99 - Cleveland, OH
      05.20.99 - Toledo, OH
      05.21.99 - Columbus, OH
      05.22.99 - Lancaster, PA
      05.23.99 - Baltimore, MD (DC)
      05.24.99 - Allentown, PA
      05.25.99 - Richmond, VA
      05.26.99 - Virginia Beach, VA
      05.27.99 - Columbia, SC
      05.28.99 - Atlanta, GA
      05.29.99 - Jacksonville, FL
      05.30.99 - Birmingham, AL
      05.31.99 - Nashville, TN
      06.01.99 - Little Rock, AR
      06.02.99 - St. Louis, MO

    • Embodyment tour
      03.21.99 - Fort Worth, Texas - Abracadabras

    • Living Sacrifice tour
      02.13.99 - Bartlesville, OK - Wherehouse
      02.26.99 - Birmingham, AL - Slacker 66
      02.27.99 - Chattanooga, TN - The Fathom
      02.28.99 - Nashville, TN - Indie Net
      04.23.99 - Worcester, MA - The Palladium

    • Training For Utopia tour
      03.20.99 - Corona, CA - Showcase Theater w/ Zao, Project 86
      03.21.99 - Corona, CA - Showcase Theater w/ Zao, Project 86

    • ZAO tour
      03.20.99 - Corona, CA - Showcase Theater w/ TFU, Project 86
      03.21.99 - Corona, CA - Showcase Theater w/ TFU, Project 86

    • Not yet confirmed reports of DELIVERANCE: a new album with the original lineup expected out early part of this year.. lineup includes Chris Hyde on drums and Manny Morales on bass.. see ..

    • A LIVING SACRIFICE live webcast will be "aired" on Sun Feb 28.. see for emore info.. also expect to see the re-release of their first three albums on CD..

    • ULTIMATUM is to tour with MORTIFICATION in Australia and play at Blackstump Festival in Australia..

    • METANOIA is going into the studio for their 3rd album..

    • ZAO is to play at Cornerstone this year..

    • Malaysian band Necromanicide have a new addy to their page.

    • TEMPEST.. any oldtimers remember that band? They have a homepage: ..

    • TRIGGERFUSE officially broke up..

    • Norwegian sensation VAAKEVANDRING has a homepage: ..

    • DEATH POEMS and AZBUK will play in Sao Paulo on 2/6 .. the two bands will also appear at the "Christian Metal Forces Festival" with ANTI-DEMON, EX-HORTATION, PUNISH, REBORN and others.. ..

    • EKKLESIA is a death/"unblack" band from Massachusetts.. ..

    • KONSTRUX is a death/crust/hXc band from Colorado.. ..

    • Bride have recently released a Live album called "Bride Live" There will only be 2500 available and they will go quickly. This CD is discounted now for $12.00. Visit the Bride Web Site for song sequence and ordering information.

    • Bride have also released a new video that contains almost 90 sminutes of candid conversation and brand new live footage on their "Oddities" tour of Brazil. (Contains the new studio video "Under the Blood.")

    • The Doom Metalband Kohlappse have just released a new album. Mail for more info.

    • Tour dates with Mortification:
      Saturday 26th June - Zurich, Switzerland
      Sunday 27th June - Reutlingen, Germany - Poison Club
      Wednesday 30th June - Rotterdam, Holland - Nightown Club
      Friday 2nd July - Norway - Seaside Festival
      Saturday 3rd July - Sweden - Stockholm Open Air
      Sunday 4th July - Finland - Tampere Pirkkala

    • Mortification will also record their ninth studio album titled "Hammer of God" in March. They will record it in their own studio that just have been finished.

    • If you play a US - concert you can mail the info to and they will put it up on their site, and that will hopefully lead to more visitors at your gig.

    • Living Sacrifice is the only Christian band on a big secular Metal and Hardcore concert in New England. Keep them in prayer that God will protect them and use them as a light at this event.

    • Narnia have a new homepage at There you can also found soundclips from their new album Long Live The King.

    • Loud Magazine !LOUD! Magazine CD is about to release a compilation album with some of the best in Christian Hard Music. Comp Coming Soon!! Interested band can send a promotional kit to the following address: Mark Hodges, editor/publisher, !LOUD! magazine, P.O. Box 3466, Grand Rapids, MI 49501-3466, USA You can also mail

    • For those who may not know, !LOUD! magazine is also sponsoring the Texas Rock Fest 99. The event will be held from June 25-27, 1999, at Johnson Park in Marble Falls, Texas. The updated list of bands performing are the followin Nailed (Rugged Records), Disciple (Warner Brothers), Ultimatum (Rowe Productions), Wedding Party (MCM), Fatal Blast Whip (Blacklight), and The Passion (Cling Recordings); independent bands Eloi, Faithbomb, Clearview, and Wrench; and underground bands Diezman Trio, Krush, Brazen Serpent, Tempest, Mainstay, Axiom, The Rock Angels, Hearts Of Fire, Bomfog, Igniter, Paradox, Third Crow, Hearken, and Sub-Train (formerly Jesus Freaks). !LOUD! Magazine also Plans On Supporting A Tour! Interested bands can contact !LOUD! at

    • IMMORTAL SOULS has a new site: Mordecai's homepage has been moved to a new address:

    • Swedish metallers Deafaid have now released their demo

    • Oblivion, another heavy swedish band have also released a demo.

    • The Norwegian mailorder company Nordic Mission now have a page at

      ***METAL  NEWS 990110***

    • First of all I would like you to know that I now have made a new section aimed to all ya people that play in Christian Metal bands! There I list addys to both Christian and Secular Metal Radio Stations, Metallabels, distributors etc so you know better where you can send your demos and cds. The directaddy is bands.html So use the info on this section to spread your music and most important the message of Salvation all around the world!

    • Is the Yellow and Black Attack back? Stryper Bassist Tim Gaines spoke recently of a possible reunion. “It’s not anything that’s planned. I think it’s just a matter of the right timing. We had gotten to a point -- the four members of Stryper -- where we hadn’t even spoken with each other, or been in the same room together in seven years . . . until about 2 weeks ago. We finally got together at a mutual friend’s house and talked about where each other was at and why we hadn’t spoken in so many years. (We) kind of hashed out our differences with one another. There was a lot of healing and a lot of forgiveness that had taken place. So, I think as far as a reunion, that was probably a reunion in itself -- just the fact that the four of us had gotten together. As far as putting the band back together and making music, I think that’s up to the Lord and His timing. If it’s going to happen, it’s going to happen. I think it would be something that would be really great. It probably will happen, but I couldn’t even put a time frame as to when it will happen... I think Robert [Sweet]’s main concern right now is reforming Stryper. He’ll probably be a real active figure in getting the reunion back together when it does happen. What we had talked about at this point (is that) we wanted to write an album together as a band and record it. I’m pretty sure it would at least be a one-album deal. We’ll just take it from there. Maybe, do a live album after that — it’s too hard to say at this point.” Sounds promising, eh?

    • More great news: Mastedon plans to release a new album this year!!

    • Here are some news from the Finnish Metallabel Little Rose Productions... The Immortal Souls/Mordecai split album will see the light of day within a couple of weeks! The album includes 4 songs from both bands, 8 songs altogether, own cover artwork for both. For more info write or check their page at

    • Our next release will be the new Lament -album, which should be released in March! A finnish artist Juha Vuorma, who also has painted the cover painting for Mordecai for the split album, is currently working with the Lament -album cover painting.

    • Deuteronomium goes into the studio on January 29 and a tight package of very heavy death'n roll will be released in early April.

    • Saviour Machine reports that Legend Part III is being written: the chapter outline is complete and it WILL be a double disc consisting of 36 tracks.

    • Kremator is a new Death/Grind band.

    • Sons of Thunder, a new heavy band from Sweden, have just released their debut - ep on CD. For orderinfo mail

    • Veni Domine´s homepage is now up and running at

    • The Christian Metalzine Adonai now has a homepage at

    • Parable, another Christian Metalzine now have a page at

    • Sanctuary, the coolest church around have moved their page to If you want to reach Pastor Bob Beeman directly you can use his new addy

    • Swedish band Deafaid will have two tunes on a compilation from Scary Man Records. Musically it will sound like a mix of Sepultra, Korn and Fear Factory.

    • Mercenary, another swedish band have just released a demo with 4 tunes. For more info check out

    • Cross Rhythms Music have released a 15 song compilation cd called Chords of the Grave. It's featuring 4 pioneering Christian death metal bands. Obliteration, Disencumbrance, Evisceration, and Oblation all have their demos included, plus some extra bonuses. Check out their page for more info.

    • Akrythael is a new Christian Black Metal band.

    • Swedish doomer's Holy Matrimony is now mixing their demo. It will have 4 tunes and the name will be "When The Curtains Fall". For orderinfo write

    • The San Diego Rock band KRUSH was named "Best Unsigned/Indie Band" by Pastor Bob Beeman of the internationally distributed HM Magazine. Krush plans to release a cd during 1999 and this Summer they will also embark on their first national tour.

    • Crimson Moonlight will finally release their CD-EP, filled with melodic black metal. For orderinfo write

    • William Hieb will leave Seventh Avenue after the last 6 tunes EP "Goodbye" that will be released arund January/February and which will include a 16 minute version of the tune "At The Southgate". That could also be the end of Seventh Avenue, cause William is the one who writes all tunes.

    • William also has a new band called Iron Heart, and they will release a album sometimes in the middle of 1999. Probably they will have some guest musicians on this album, maybe Kreyson's guitarist and maybe Michael Sweet as well.

    • During 1999 two Treasure Seeker album will be released, one in february, that will include 10-12 covers (like "A Tribute To The Past") + 1 new tune and a new album in september/october, where they only will have tunes of their own. German Power Metal is the style the play.

    • The latest album from Paramaecium will be released on 15 January 1999, less than a month from now.The new album will be the third album by Paramaecium and the first album released in three years. It features Paramaecium's newest member on guitar, Englishman Ian Arkley, formerly of Seventh Angel, and the music is exactly what you've come to expect from Paramaecium; melodic doom and powerful death metal.

    • Lonestar Productions is a Film and Video production company that are offering their services to any Christian band that is interested in doing a concept music video or short film AT NO COST! This is what they saids: "This is something for God, we simply want to serve Christian Bands. We don't care about making money. Right now if you're a Christian band and want a great concept video for whatever reason, we can hook you up! We have the people and most of the equipment, so the cost of a video is at the bare minimum!" Corey Flynn, Lonestar Film & Video, 817-220-0441, PO Box 1322, Azle, TX 76098,

    • Tour dates with Bride: Dec- 31 West Burlington, IA 319/752-3916, Jan- 09 Mayfield, Ky. 502/247-7736, Jan-15 Waldrof, Md. 301/645-5460, Jan- 16 Alexandra,Va. 703/580-0522, Jan- 22 Chicago, IL 708/542-2517, March- 6 Etown, KY. phone #502/769-9403, March- 20 Harrodsburg, Ky. 606/734-0700, March-27 Indianapolis, In. 317-783-2287 (Church of Acts), April- 17 Houghton, Mi. 906/482-3357, April-30 Jackson, Ms 601/354-1965,

    • Second Wind Entertainment, LTD., along with a team of partners, is forming a full service restaurant and Christian entertainment venue in the tradition of ‘Hard Rock Cafe’ and ‘Planet Hollywood’. The decor will be various memorabilia from Christian music artists, athletes, and performers who have influenced the past and present Christian and secular culture. The Cafe’ will host casual concerts, autograph signings, theatrical performances, album release parties, comedians, talent searches, special appearances, and Christian block parties. Because of our café, we will have the opportunity to introduce the Christian lifestyle to several hundred people per day who might never step-foot into the doors of a church. Together we can fill the physical and spiritual hunger of all those who walk through the door. All amateur talent is encouraged to send a demo tape or CD to Second Wind for consideration of an appearance at our cafreleased t For the full up to date details check out their web page at

    • You can now get VENI DOMINE, SAVIOUR MACHINE and NARNIA through Century Media.. ..

    • Narnia released their second album the 15th of December in Japan and will be released the 15th of February in Europe..

    • Loud Magazine will the official sponsor for Texas Rock Fest. Bands and record companies who have interest in auditioning for Texas Rock Fest 99 should send a promotional kit to the following address: Attn: Blanche A. Pall, Appalling Productions, 1104 Bell Springs Road, Dripping Springs, TX 78620 USA. You can also mail for more info

    • Asbuk is a new band from Brazil that are both brutal and Christcentered.

    • Death Poems, another brazilian band have released a Live Tape called "Devotional Tour " For orderinfo check out

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