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    ***METAL  NEWS 981210***

  • Extol freaks now can get t - shirts with Extol from Endtime Productions. More good news! Extol´s album "BURIAL" will be released all over the US by the end of December on Tooth & Nail Records / Solid State Records.

  • There is a new Christian hard music magazine, called Adonai Mag! The cool thing with this mag is that it's coming from the Faroe Islands (close to the North Pole!) For more info mail or write P.O. Box 7, Fo-512 N.Gøta, Faroe Islands, via Denmark

  • "Yellow And Black Attack" by Guardian is scheduled to release December 5th. Yes, this a complete album cover of the original Stryper release. It rocks! More info at:

  • And now some GREAT NEWS! For the first time in 7 years all 4 Stryper members have meet each other to ask the Lord to heal their broken relationship. And what a healing it was!! Timothy Gaines saids he felt like a big burden was falling off his shoulders. Amen! Read the whole article at

  • More Stryper news! Robert Sweet (the drummer) is working with a new band called Valediction. They have already recorded a CD that is scheduled for a January release.

  • Illuminator is a Christian Metalzine on the net. Check it out at

  • Impellitteri now have released - Eye of the Hurricane(2 bonus tracks) / Victim of the System ep on a double CD! More info at

  • I finally found the elusive OFFICER DOWN homepage!!! Their new CD is out on Goodfellow Records..

  • WISDOM'S CALL is a Dream Theater like band from Illinois.. ..

  • Swiss death/"unblack" metal band ISRAEL has a homepage out: ..

  • FRANK'S ENEMY, "Illumination" is now out.. Marc Golob is now the sole member of Frank's Enemy with perhaps Ben Thacker on drums, but that has not been confirmed..

  • New live WEDDING PARTY CD is now out.. email or visit ..

  • Day of Wrath is new Christian death metal band that play music in the veins of Morbid Angel

  • There is also a new brutal band called Negative Thirteen.

  • Norwegian band VITALITY changed their name to DROTTNAR and have gone full-on "unblack".. more details later..

  • Texas band DISCERN, featuring ex-OBLATION drummer Billy Fraser, will finally be releasing their debut release by Christmas.. email ..

  • Speaking of OBLATION, their classic release "Dead Unborn" will be re-released by Cross Rhythms Music.. ..

  • SAVIOUR MACHINE begin composing LEGEND PART III in January, 1999. Due to the massive task of this final production of the trilogy, SAVIOUR MACHINE will concentrate ALL of it's time and efforts to its completion. SAVIOUR MACHINE will not perform ANY concerts of ANY kind in 1999. They also saids that they will be unavailable for any interviews and/or information during this time.

  • Fans of Living Sacrifice rejoice! They will rerelease their first three albums through Tooth and Nail so look for those to be out around spring. They will probably repackage the first one and quite possibly add bonus tracks or remixed tracks along with the originals, on all 3 records.

  • The Dutch Label Low Roof, is interested in releasing a Christian Blackmetal Compilation. In order to do this, they need a demo/CD/Cd-r from some Christian Blackmetalbands. What do you have to do then?: Well, just sent a demo/CD/CD-r of good quality with your blackmetalsongs, together with some band info (like a photo, lyrics, snailmail address, merchandise) to Low Roof: Low Roof, Gravenstein 19 2411 GK, Bodegraven The Netherlands If you have any questions you can mail

  • Little Rose Productions has just signed Lament from Mexico! Lament's new album is already recorded, mixed and mastered, and we will start doing the album cover layout soon. The album will be released in early spring 1999. So, there are coming three cool albums out on Little Rose during the spring 1999:Immortal Souls / Mordecai Split-CD (January) Deuteronomium's second album (April) and this Lament -album!


  • Little Rose also announced that there will be a split CD with IMMORTAL SOULS and MORDECAI in January..

  • Michigan "unblack" band EQUINOX has changed their name to DRACO..

  • CRIMSON THORN are selling their merchandise at a reduced price.. also guitarist Andy has officially left the band, making them a 3-piece again.. Crimson Thorn, P.O. Box 32042, Minneapolis, MN 55432..

  • RACKETS & DRAPES will contribute an unreleased track on "Terra Firma vs. The Atmosphere" on Blacklight Records.. ..

    ***METAL  NEWS 981108***

  • There is a Christian rock/metal radio show in Australia weeknights at 10 o'clock called THE HARD EDGE on Life FM Adelaide 107.9

  • Noizegate #2 have seen the light! Read interviews with Living Sacrifice, Veni Domine, Tekla Knös and many others. The prize is 40 Kr and it can be ordered from Noizegate, Håkanbo 8912, 823 92 Holmsveden, Sweden. The language in this zine is swedish so you better learn it if you wanna read this cool mag. :-) Contact or surf to their homepage

  • Tourniquet will release a new album called "Acoustic Archives" the 1st of December !!! There will be 9 classic TQ tunes in acoustic versions on this album. The tunes are Phantom Limb, Viento Borrascoso, Vanishing Lessons, If Pigs Could Fly and many more. There will also be totally new tune "Trivializing the Momentous, Complicating the Obvious" in the veins of "The Hand Trembler" and "Perfect Night for a Hanging" (from their album "Collected Works") but even more brutal, on the album.

  • According to Endtime Productions, Extol's album Burial has been licensed for a release in Japan before Christmas. The label is MARQUEE INC, which also distributes Dimmu Borgir & Vader. The Japanese version will also have a bonus tune called The Prodigal Son. The artwork will be slightly different, as will the artwork for the Solid State release. Since the first and second Swedish pressings also are slightly different, it means there are four different artwork layouts... I think the differences aren't very significant, but for die-hard collectors... Visit the Endtime homepage for more info:

  • Swedish doomers Holy Matrimony is currently doing a fresh recording of our first demo"When the curtains fall". The price of the demo will be $9. For orderinfo mail:

  • BLIND EYE OPEN is working on a new demo.. more details to come..

  • Eddie Baird, vocalist/guitarist of CONVICTION, has a solo album out, "My Mission".. write to Conviction, 6301 Menaul, NE, Albuquerque, NM 87110..

  • Dutch band BUT DUST has a homepage: ..

  • STAND FIRM is a hardcore band from Michigan.. email ..

  • ASBUK is an "unblack" band from Brazil (shocked? I'm not).. visit the DEATH POEMS homepage to find out more.. (forgot the URL.. visit ..)

  • Lineup changes in store for TRIGGERFUSE.. they are looking for new members..

  • SOTERIOS is playing shows in NC on Nov 13 and Nov 20.. they are also recording a 5-song demo.. more to come..

  • FRANK'S ENEMY's long-awaited "Illumination" is finally out.. go to or email ..

  • LAMENT, TERAMAZE and ETHEREAL SCOURGE are all off Rowe Productions.. Teramaze is going so far as a drastic musical change..

  • Danny McClendon of CLEARVIEW was involved in a motorcycle accident recently, but sources tell me he's doing ok (praise God!).. ..

  • ELOI is working on a new album.. ..

  • ULTIMATUM is gearing up for their Australian tour with MORTIFICATION and METANOIA next year..

  • Brazil's DEATH POEMS, along with X-HORTATION and others, played at the Big Stream Rock Fest '98 in Sao Paulo.. they are gearing up to play with 8 other bands at the Suzano Metal Fest.. email for more info..

  • SOLACE.. what they are is a mystery to me and to them.. :) ..

  • OPK is a hardcore band from New Zealand.. ..

  • A Finnish Metal Compilation titled "From Kaamos To Midnight Sun", has just been released! The bands appearing on the album are:Immortal Souls (melodic death metal) Manifestium (gothic death metal) Deuteronomium (death metal) Mordecai (black metal (or unblack if you prefer that)) Scream (groovy thrash metal) Hallowed (heavy metal) Cruciferae (melodic death metal) The CD includes 13 tracks, the total running time being over 60 minutes. For order info check out or mail them at e-mail:

  • Apparently the rumor is true that Alan Doss left the GALACTIC COWBOYS.. they have a drummer named Erick due for their tour..

  • CLEARVIEW is recording their new album.. ..

  • DEATH POEMS now has .wav of "Sanctuary" on their homepage (somebody tell me how it is).. ..

  • DELIVER is a new 3-pc thrash band who, like Death Poems, are from Brazil (any more bands from there? )

  • There was a rare reunion concert featuring former Myrrh recording artists One Bad Pig / Lust Control the 31st of October in Austin TX.

  • Serum is a new hardrock/metal band.

  • Spirit Filled Records is a new swedish label for hardcore and punkbands.

  • Good news! Narnia have finished the recording of their second album called Long Live The King. The release will be the 15 of december in Japan and around Spring in Europe. According to what I have heard it should be a lot better than their first, and since their first was really good this one can be a real shredder!

  • Modest Attraction have got a contract with a Japanese label.

  • Thrash/Death band Sculpture has released their debut album "Spiritual Matrix". There are soundsamples at their page at

  • Bad news! Teramaze have gone grunge and are no longer with Rowe Productions.

  • URGENT!!!! Pray for KOHLLAPSE!!! They are going through some very rough times right now and can use our prayer support and encouragement!

  • NOIZ's homepage is also up.. they are a German thrash/grind band.. ..

  • ISRAEL is a new death/grind band from Switzerland (not from Israel, but wouldn't that be ironic if they were?).. their demo, "Blinded by Satan", with 4 songs, is due out soon.. email for more info..

  • Sons of Thunder is new metal band from Sweden. They have released a 4 tune-demo and also got a cd on the way. They call their musicstyle thunder metal. For more info check out their homepage or mail them at

  • Deafaid, another swedish band have new demo on the way that will be in the veins of Sepultra, Korn and Fear Factory.

  • !LOUD! magazine is a new Christian music magazine that specializes in louder forms of Christian music: metal, hxc, goth, industrial, and old school punk. The first issue will be out on November 15 and will feature Mortification, The Blamed, Eso-Charis, Overcome, Wrench, One Bad Apple, and Wedding Party, plus CD/cassette/vinyl reviews and much more. "It is our goal to be a vital part of the Christian music scene," says editor Mark Hodges. "We want to be able to expose some of the more obscure bands as well as mainstays in the harder music scene." Sample issues are available by contacting: !LOUD!, 233 Fulton St. NW, #194, Grand Rapids, MI 49503. E-mail inquiries to

  • Brides new album called "Oddities" is released. Rumours saids it should be heavier, so let's hope it's true.

  • Bride chose a new bass player, and that person is Steve Curtsinger. Yes, Steve is playing with Bride again and they have worked up 9 songs from Oddities to perform live. In the near future, Bride plans to have a limited edition live CD taken from shows on the Oddities tour.

  • Bride and Epiphone will be giving away a Sheraton II guitar on January 31, 1999. Check inside the Oddities CD for details or visit the Web site. If you wanna contact bride you can mail them at

  • Believe it or not Dale has yet another solo work available! It is a 1000 limited edition (CD only) called "Acoustic Daylight." This CD is $12.00 each. It is mainly Dale and the acoustic guitar work of Greg Martin but there are a few musical surprises.

    ***METAL  NEWS 981009***

  • The Christian Metal Radio Show Metal Sanctuary have moved their homepage. The new addy is

  • Talking about Radio there is also a Christian Metal Chart called Metal Countdown. You can find them online at The cool thing with this chart is that you can vote on your Christian Metal fave's! There are also soundclips of the tunes in RealAudio.

  • Swedish doom'ers Holy Matrimony have a demo on the way. For more info mail them at

  • Wreathe of Thorns #7 is now out! Featuring interviews with Keith Bannister/Mortification, Paramaecium, Disinterment, Paradox, Equinox, Deafaid, biblestudy and 8 pages of reviews! For order info write

  • Bad news!! The Christian Hardrockzine The Screamer have now ended! This mostly because of higher expenses and also because a lack of support. Why can't we Christian metallers support Christian Metal Zines, why do they have to end, just because we don't support them? WHY???

  • EXTOL, "Burial", is to be distributed by Solid State Records in December the 20th Visit for more info..

  • Great responses thus far for "Beyond the Glimpse of Dreams" by KEKAL - a licensing deal with Candlelight Productions in Singapore (not the same as the label Emperor is on).. re-release scheduled for October the 20th. ..

  • The FAITHBOMB website is still down.. sorry!

  • Both Florida metalcore band SPITFIRE and Swedish expo-hardcore SELFMINDEAD have been signed to Solid State Records..

  • Good news!! Schaliach is about to record a new album this Autumn!! I'll keep you updated.

  • SUBSIST as been signed to Akeldama Records.. ..

  • Canadian hardcore band THROUGH AND THROUGH (featured in SOA #18) are recording a full-length CD "Joshua Aiken", due out by October..

  • North Carolina hardcore band ANTITHESIS has changed their name and style.. they are now FACE OF HUMANITY and are more brutal metalcore..=20

  • THIRD/CROW is a metal band from CA with debut release "The Denial".. compared to Queensryche, King's X, Impellitteri, Ozzy and Metallica.. ..

  • PERSEVERANCE has changed their name to TERRA FIRMA..

  • ONE TRUTH is a hardcore band from Italy (another band from Italia!).. ..

  • Speaking of hardcore, PERSEVERE is on their US tour currently..

  • ERASE loses guitarist Chris Moon but gains new drummer Barry Branigan.. the band is now a 3-pc.. ..

  • TELELESTAI's new album, "deathgod", is now out, but not on SCM Records as it may have been reported.. check out the Dead interview of them at ..

  • UPHOLD is a new HC band from Illinois..

  • VENI DOMINE's new album have been released in Sweden. They also got a new homepage at.

  • The Great Mort is on a major label now!! MORTIFICATION has been signed to a licensing/distribution deal with Metal Blade Records for distribution in the mainstream market in America and Asia...

  • Colin Day leaves PERSEVERE, and the band's future appears uncertain.. ..

  • Satanicide(death to Satan) is a new Christian band in the brutal genre.

  • MAINSTAY will be recording their new demo on cassette, not on CD.. "My Funeral" will be out this fall.. Mainstay, in the meantime, will be opening for Mortification in Panama City, FL .. email for more info or visit their site through the Christian Death/Grind Page link.. ..

  • VANQUISHER is a new metal band from Brazil.. email ..

  • Cross Rhythms music have confirmed that they are making CDs with demos from Oblation, Disencumbrance, Obliteration and more, all on one CD! It'll be a massively brutal underground death metal compilation!! A definite must have for all extreme metal fans. Release probably either late Sept or early Oct. It has the Oblation demo + Dead Unborn, the Disencumbrance demo, the Obliteratino demo (they are now Death List) and the Evisceration demo.

  • There is a chatroom for Christian Metal at

  • Valediction is a new neoclassic metal band which contains Robert Sweet on drums! They are very Christcentered and the musicians in the band are some of the best there is, so I'm sure we will hear more from this band.

  • Talking about Robert Sweet, his brother Michael have just released a new soloalbum. More info and soundclips at his homepage.

  • The swedish part of Nordic Mission (the Scandinavian mailorder company) now have a new address! The new addy is

  • There is a cool fanpage with Holy Soldier at

  • The Chosen is a new Christcentered Metalband from the US.. Find out more about them at their homepage

  • Swedish band Oblivion is recording a demo that will be in the veins of Meshuggah.

  • Check out an online store for Christian Metal that are based in Estonia: ..

  • American death band Death List have a homepage at

  • The PA-based all-girl band SHEKINAH are being looked at by a major label..

  • IMPELLITTERI appeared on a Philippine radio show.. check out the Real Audio version: or ..

  • SENS is a band from Sweden.. ..

  • Light Force Records is looking for Christian bands (European & Brasilian mostly) to sign, Please send a full media pack (photos, bios, history, lyrics, C.D. preferably including live music, & info on where God is leading you.) to

  • Swedish blackmetalband Crimson Moonlight have now decided to release a 6-track CD! They are taking preorders already so everyone that is interested can mail Also if you can pay in advance do let them know so they know how much money the band have to get for themselves to pay for the CD. The CD will cost around 60 Kr in Sweden and Outside Sweden and the nordic countries: about 8 dollars. The style is Heavy Melodic Blackmetal in the veins of Emperor, Dimmu Borgir, Covenant and Dissection.

  • The official release date for ANTESTOR's "Kongsblot"(?) on Cacophony Records was 9/14/98.. more info to come..

  • STIR (featuring ex-SERAIAH Kyle Dietz) recorded their new album on Kalubone Records, produced by Michael Wagener (STRYPER, Dokken, Skid Row, Ozzy Osbourne, etc.), and they will be on an extensive world tour. for more info ..

  • VIRGIN BLACK's "Trance" is now out.. "'90s hybrid goth". P.O. Box 1073, Flinders Park, SA 5025, Australia..

  • DEATH LIST is reportedly going back to an original extreme death metal style with new vocalist Ricky Puckett.. email ..

  • Official homepage for BENEVOLENCE: ..

  • WHITECROSS is on an official 2-year sabbatical starting July 15.. visit for more info..

  • DEAD PHARISEES recorded 4 new songs for either a 7" vinyl or a new CD.. Sean Kovacs is now at school in California.. ..

  • is the new homepage for Dutch band SCULPTURE.. the homepage also contains info on their Sep 21 show with SAVIOUR MACHINE and Solitude Aeturnus along with TEFILLA in Rotterdam..

  • SHEKINAH is an all-girl hardcore band from PA.. more info as it arrives..

  • There is a review of the Extol album in the Norwegian metal magazine Scream on

  • Hearken got a new homepage at They are currently working with their first fullength album titled All Out War. They are also looking for a devout bassist that want to reach out to the death metal scene with the Gospel of Christ. Interested can mail BJ at

    ***METAL  NEWS 980904***

  • Turn or Burn No. 2 is now out! Contains interviews with Anaemia, Crimson Moonlight, Eternal Decision, Ahroun, Cronic, Devout, Galactic Cowboys, Immortal Souls, Kekal, Metanoia, Mindrage, Mordecai, Oblivion, Pantokrator, Paradox, Sanctifica, Saviour Machine, Sorg, Strongarm, Vanquisher, Vital Decision and Vitality, a bible section, part one of a Christian Metal history and a 7"-single with tracks by Anaemia and Immortal Souls on it. The zine contains 68 pages and cost $5. For orderinfo write

  • The second release from Little Rose, "From Kaamos To Midnight Sun - Finnish Metal Compilation" will be released on September 25. The compilation will be featuring 7 bands: DEUTERONOMIUM, IMMORTAL SOULS, CRUCIFERAE, MORDECAI, MANIFESTIUM SCREAM and VALO. The styles will be ranging from black metal to melodic death metal to heavy metal. Every band will have brand new, previously unreleased material on the compilation, and there'll also be Deuteronomium's "Spell Of Hell" from their new Street Corner Queen -album as well as "I Am Me" from Immortal Souls' Reflections Of Doom -tape. Total running time for the album will be around 60 minutes, 13 tracks altogether. The production is said to be very good. For more info mail or visit their website:

  • Christmas Rock Night will take off the 4-5 december in Germany. Bands include Bride (USA) Stavesacre (USA) Narnia (S) Split Level (GB) Ken Tamplin (USA) Heaven Bound (GER) Beam (NL) Saviour Machine (USA) Guardian (USA) For more info mail or visit

  • Issue #19 of SOA is now out.. interviews with the great EXTOL, DISCIPLE(PA), RACKETS & DRAPES, NAILED PROMISE, ULTIMATUM, CLEARVIEW, MANIFESTIUM, MAINSTAY, YETI and TABERNACULO.. For order info write

  • Judah's Den is a new Christian Hardrock band in the US.

  • POD has been signed to Atlantic Records..

  • Sources in Sweden (namely Jonathan of SANCTIFICA) have heard the new ANTESTOR, "Kongsblot", but no word yet as to their recording contract fate with their secular (satanic) label..

  • Endtime Productions.. the record label of the great EXTOL is thinking of signing other bands. More info to come...

  • Jan of the band BUT DUST saids that their style is a mixture of influeces, like : deathmetal (some riffs, db-drums) doommetal (very slow, melodic passages) groovemetal (some riffs, drums, bass) metalcore (drums, chord strumming) powermetal (melodic vocals) This together with light influences of thrash, grind, rock and hiphop. For more info email

  • Black Stump, a big Christian Festival in Australia will take place at October 2nd - 5th: Bands include Glenn Kaiser (USA), Mortification, Callous and lots more... Brochures and promotional video available from 02 9660 4591 or email rego@blackstump.aus Their homepage is

  • Christian deathband DEATH LIST played with with Cannibal Corpse in Oklahoma City, OK at the Will Rogers Theatre.. go to to find their new homepage listed..

  • Speaking of CLEARVIEW, they are planning a regional tour later on this year.. stay in tuned at their homepage at ..

  • PARATITHEMI is a metal and/or goth band from Colorado with a really cool angel pic on their homepage: ..

  • NO IDOLATRY is a death metal band from Dallas/Ft. Worth area.. ..

  • Oh yeah, unofficial Extol homepage: (not yet finished but what works looks not too bad.. an SOA Web Designs creation)

  • Bride is finished recording their new album. The original title was "God's Human Oddities". After much discussion, the album will be called "Oddities". 1 Peter 2:9 is being used as a premise to the title. (Tony Palacios from Guardian has added a second guitar to the recording and it is rumored that both Jamie Rowe and John Elfante have added backing vocals). Bible enthusiast will be glad to know that each song is accompanied with supporting scriptures which could result in many bible studies.

  • Bride wants to announce the release of "The Ultimate Bride Video!" This is unlike any Bride video before it. Not only is there live concert footage from the most recent Brazil tour but also vintage flashes from the past. Rare footage from Bride's very first show, clips from Matrix, home footage, the tour with Stryper, the making of "The Worm" video, the song Heroes in its entirety and much more! Reserve your copy today for $15.00 plus $2.00 shipping. (3 to 4 weeks delivery.) Ask for "The Ultimate Bride Video." NOT SOLD IN STORES! (VHS ONLY)

  • There is a unofficial Bride page in Denmark at

    Sept 05-25 BRAZILIAN tour
    Oct 24 Scottsburg IN 812-752-2351 (Vienna Baptist Church)
    Nov 13 Amhurst MA or 413/442-7417
    Dec 4-5 Christmas Rock Night Germany
    Dec 31 West Burlington, IA 319/752-3916
    Jan 09 Harrodsburg, Ky 606/365-8742

  • Bride also got a cool newsletter. If you wanna join it write'

  • Soae is on the Web now! ..

  • No new album by KOHLLAPSE for a year due to problems.. they do have one song online at the moment: ..

  • Release date for FRANK'S ENEMY, "Illumination" Sept 1.. for more info go to the Graveyard Media Group at ..

  • North Carolina death band SOTERIOS now has its vocalist direct from Nebraska.. new songs have been written.. ..

  • The new MINDRAGE album, "Sown in Weakness, Raised in Power", will be out soon.. visit their site at: ..

  • New stuff from Blacklight Records distro: RACKETS & DRAPES, "Candyland" and "Terra Firma vs. The Atmosphere" with R & D, ALEIXA and more.. ..

  • KAOSU is a Christian crust band (I kid you not) from Kansas.. email them at .. their homepage is linked to the Christian Death & Grind Page at ..

  • Portuguese band KHRISTOS is apparently still around..

  • SPIRITUS is an "unblack" band from Portugal..

  • DEPENDANCY is an extreme groove band from Texas.. ..

  • More new metal.. NAMELESS FEAR is a metal band from Pennsylvania.. ..

  • Yeti has a homepage ..

  • Death Poems is a brazilian band that play melodic death metal & gothic doom. Visit their homepage at

  • The Oracles - Christian Metal RealAudio Haven is a cool page with lots of Christian Metal tunes that you can listen to. The tunes are in RealAudio - format.

  • There is an interesting article with Michael Sweet (the Stryper - singer you know) at Michael also have a new homepage at There you can find lots of info about his new album Truth.

  • Recently I also find a very interesting and thoughtprovoking article written by a Christian who went to a typical Marilyn Manson-concert at That dude really needs our prayers! ( I have heard bad things about him but I never thought things was this bad.)

  • Edge of Forever are busy working with their new cd called Lifeless Tree Skeletal. The style is progressive, melodic thrash metal. They also have a new homepage at

  • Swedish metallers Narnia will tour Europe with Ronnie James Dio!! Pray that many will find Jesus thru this tour and for God's protection over them.

  • Last Chapter is a Christian band that HEAVY doom in the vein of Trouble / Black Sabbath. They have released a cd called The Living Waters.

  • Swedish Blackmetallers Crimson Moonlight will probably do a fullength CD in the veins of Emperor, Dimmu Borgir, Covenant and Dissection. First they just planned to release a demo but the production and everything else went so well so they will release a cd instead! It's not clear yet if it will be a fullength or with only two tunes. For more info about Crimson Moonlight visit their homepage at They are also wondering about how many that will be interested to get this cd. If you are interested send a message to

  • San Diego, California - The San Diego based Rock band KRUSH has signed an exclusive Management and Booking deal with Twist Of Faith Productions. Heidi McPherson from Twist Of Faith Productions said, "The stage presence and talent of this band is Phenomenal! I am thrilled to be working with this exciting band!" Bill McPherson stated recently, "KRUSH presents the total package. The lyrics, music and professionalism of this band is far superior to most of the bands out there today." Both went on to say that they are looking forward to help take KRUSH "to the next level." KRUSH has gained incredible success not only in the United States, but across the Globe. Songs from their first project "Lost" hit number One in the United States and number Two in Europe and have charted for 25 consecutive weeks. Currently working on their Sophomoric CD project, KRUSH continues to be one of the most sought after Christian Rock bands by both secular and Christian venues alike. In addition to San Diego shows, KRUSH is scheduled to perform at The Vision Concert, September 12, 1998 in Hollywood, California. For more information on KRUSH, please contact Bill or Heidi McPherson at Twist Of Faith Productions at (619) 561-8627 or


TOURNIQUET, Waldorf, MD, Fri Aug 14

The concert had energy. The music was thrash. One heard the classics. They cut their hair. They... WHAT????? I still cannot adjust to the concept that an entire band cut their hair not just short, but extremely short. My church friends look freakier than they do! This was my first experience with the legendary TOURNIQUET in my own area, their first show east of Chicago and Michigan in their nine-year existence. Their only East Coast show this year, only ten minutes from home. My only second time seeing them looking like.. normal people.

The opening act, CrossGrind, was, to put it bluntly, awful. They couldn't make up their minds as to whether or not they were rap, rapcore, hardcore, or cheesy '80s sloppy thrash, and failed at an attempt to produce a pleasant musical amalgam. Their name was even further misleading as I expected heavier fare.

My expectations, however, were met as Tourniquet roared through their set, comprising almost entirely of their older songs (when they had longer, cooler hair I might add), making one wonder if it was worth the effort of ever making "Crawl to China", by far their weakest and far too accessible album. The crowd was enthusiastic and completely enticed by everything from the grind classics "Pathogenic Ocular Dissonance", "The Test for Leprosy", and "A Dog's Breakfast" to Ted's inevitable drum solo.

They remain among the brutally heavy, and look like Third Day. Just doesn't fit.

* End of Review *

Phil Powell (editor of the Christian Metal Zine SOA)

UNG KRAFT the 16th of May 1998

Here we go... A while back we (Johannes and Martin) went to Folkets Park in Huskvarna (Sweden) to enjoy the Ung Kraft - festival. Lots of bands played there on 3 stages. We mostly hanged out at the Zoo, where almost all of the metal bands played. First out was Delta, a totally new band to us. They played a heavy and symphonic kind of Metal. Pretty nice but I missed something, Martin liked them a lot though. In his words; take Sacred Warrior, Veni Domine and Narnia, put them in a mixer and amplify at full volume... there you go; Delta! Next band was the heavy death metal band Vital Decision. I hadn't heard them before either, but got pleasantly surprised. They were really heavy and put out a promising bunch of tunes. Vital Decision was also very upfront and talked about Jesus on the cross, where he shed His precious blood so that we could be free when we believe. All in all a promising band.

Mercenary, another band new to us played next. They had a very good live show and really used the stage in their set. The guitarist is a real shredder and drove home their neoclassical metal. Reminded me a bit of Narnia. A promising band too. Next up, Deafaid, yet another band new to us. Their first part of the set was very good with crunchy thrash with a very nice dark voice! But their second part was too much hardcore to me. Anyway their thrash parts were very promising. Sanctifica was the next to play. This was the second time I got the chance to see them live. They rocked out the tunes on their demo and also played some new material. Their new tunes were very promising, but the soundtech missed out quite a lot so it didn't sounded as good as it could have. Then the punkband Dia Flaska took the stage. They weren't too serious but it was pretty fun to see them. Then we took off to another stage to see Heartcry play. We didn't have the time to see so much of their set but the little we saw was promising. Nice to see that they are getting heavier. Back at the Zoo it was time for Crimson Moonligt to play so we ran back to catch them. Woah! This was the highlight for me. They were both heavy, brutal, fast and had plenty off energy. Their music was very heavy and atmospherical. Their new tunes are tons better than the ones that are on their demo! Lots of headbanging and lots of hair were flying. It was a great time! They topped their set with a straightforward message of Christ.

Last band to play was metalcore band Oblivion that put out a very heavy set. They also played covers of the Deliverance tune Weapons of Our Warfare and locked up in chains with Seventh Angel for I of the Needle. It was great to hear these tunes live, even though it wasn't with the original bands. One band that we missed though, was Modest Attraction. We had to choose between them and Crimson Moonlight. A big problem during the festival was the sound! The first band had a great sound but then it went worse and worse and for the last bands it was very, very bad! When Oblivion played the volume was maximized and all you heard was a BIG DISTORTION!! (Praise God for earplugs so I didn't loose my hearing! Martin didn't use any though, he says they don't help much against a sore neck anyway...) Besides that we had a great time and are already looking forward to Ung Kraft next year.

Greetings from Sweden (where metal rules and guys still have long hair)

Johannes Jonsson and Martin Norén


I'm BAAAAACK! I've been gone for a while now, I know, but things were one incredible odyssey from an airplane to Austin, to an RV to Cornerstone, to a plane from Indiana.. and now here I am back home.. YUCK! I want out again!

* Deep in the Heart of Texas *

June 26 - 28, 1998 will live in infamy. Meterologists will mark it as the start of the Texas Heat Wave; sports enthusiasts will remember it as the days the US got wiped off the World Cup map; politicians will remember it as the day Clinton got.. something stupid (which is daily); those of us in the scene will remember it as the year of Texas Rockfest '98, held at Johnson Park in Marble Falls, TX. And what a fest it was! Three days of uncompromising (and, thank the Lord, untrendy) metal; you just can't beat that! Major kudos to Blanche Pall (and major thanx for the accommodations, the food, and glad you got your tire fixed!) for a superior job in organizing this event. Sad that it was underattended (theory: the heat drove them off), but the bands and cool folks (like Steph, Vern and Buddy) had a chance to mingle and, as we say here in Latteland (Washington, DC): network. And form mini mosh pits, spend your brains out on EXTOL (and DEATH LIST) merchandise, eat Death List cake (you had to be there) and jam out to these bands:

Day 1
MAINSTAY: Alabama death metal band with a great guitarist in Matt Ridaught and slappin' bass a la METANOIA/MORTIFICATION. Did a VOMATORIAL CORPULENCE cover ("The answer to life is.." GOD!).. THE PASSION: They were good, and had a great vocalist. But they seemed out of musical context with Rockfest (they were not that heavy).. UPLIFTED: 2-pc with a drum machine, from Nevada.. great metalcore along lines of TRAINING FOR UTOPIA.. they had some problems with synchronizing with the drum machine.. (see 2nd Uplifted review below).. ELOI: They had a good groove and melody, but they did not show much stage presence.. NOISZGATE: Guilty Pleasure, I loved them! Excellent power metal.. their t-shirts memorializing their late singer Juan Reyna were wonderful.. EXTOL: They did only three songs.. and officially began my Extol obsession (learn more about it next week).. songs all from their CD "Burial".. Ole Borud performed phenomenal guitar leads and fills, rest of band (especially drummer David Husvik) chimed along incredulous time changes and progression.. blew the crowd's minds.. for only 3 songs..\ DEATH LIST: A perfect ending for Day 1.. straight and awesome death metal along lines of Obituary, Morbid Angel and Benediction.. welcome new bassist Derek Scarborough (old friend of mine).. Also met Rob of FAITHBOMB (oh why did they not play?), BJ of HEARKEN (see review below) and lots of cool ppl (and silly Dutch people, heh Willem), and the new EMBODYMENT is brutal!

Day 2
DOWNPOUR: They were ok but need practice.. for now, far too typical "edgy" metal.. CLEARVIEW: All I can say is, GODFEAR was a really weak Clearview.. tight 3-pc aggressive groove.. newer stuff more Slayer/Pantera like.. ETERNAL DECISION: Good band! Dave of Death List played drums for them.. their newer stuff a bit of a Metallica departure, more like Metallica mixed with Slayer.. great stage presence.. CORPSE: Loud, brutal but not quite as original as Death List as far as death metal is concerned.. awesome vocals!!.. MAINSTAY: 2nd time in place of THE MOSHKETEERS (anyone know how they're doing?).. even better, tighter, and heavier.. ULTIMATUM: Their new stuff is heavy power metal and much better than most of "Symphonic Extremities".. vocalist Scott Waters is the consummate frontman, he rocks up there! I got to do a guest growl when Ultimatum played VENGEANCE RISING's "Burn".. they had to take a long break from nearly passing out from heat stroke.. great live band, exciting to watch.. WRENCH: formerly IRON FAITH.. very competent vocalist, again not my style of music, and was interviewing Mainstay at the time.. MINDRAGE: is Chad, the drummer, on Jolt? WOW! Real fast drums, good metalcore, heavier than most fare but not quite as brutal as their buds LIVING SACRIFICE.. Woo hoo.. hanging with EXTOL and the dudes from TABERNACULO and the new FAITHBOMB kicks major booty..

Day 3
HEARKEN: solid and variant death metal.. reminded me of DROP DEAD.. I couldn't believe BJ never heard of them.. good for a three-piece (though I always prefer two guitars overall) like Drop Dead, ironically.. TRAVAIL: They were ok but not my style (rapcore).. AXIOM: I am not into their style of metal (arena rock/hard rock) but they were tight as musicians go.. TABERNACULO: They have a phenomenal bassist.. did "Journey of Reconciliation" by MORTIFICATION.. their drummer growled part of the time, all the while now affecting their time signatures..(I mean, NOT affecting..) impressive rhythmic death metal.. UPLIFTED: 2nd time now, and now in sync with their drum machine.. very heavy metalcore not heard among "cookie cutter" fare.. Jim's been studying his death and grind.. EXTOL: The most perfect ending of any festival, and one of the best Christian metal concerts I have ever seen.. Sailing through "Burial", their CD, each song more mesmerizing than the last, progressive death/"unblack" metal performed supremely. Extol welcomes back "hair metal" in grand style, hair sailing two and fro to the frenetic and ethereal music they eschew.. As I told Alan of Cross Rhythms Music ( "On June 28, 1998, my five-year mourning of BELIEVER has officially come to an end."

God Rocked in Texas, and I made wonderful friends I will never forget, and know that when we are all together again, which I hope is next year or even sooner, it will rock once again! Festivals, take notes from Ms. Pall!

Phil Powell (editor of the Christian Metal Zine SOA)

People of every subculture you could imagine gathered together praising God, having fun, but also doing something that totally excited me: being together, in the truest sense of the word. Unity. "How good it is for brothers to live in unity" --Psalm 133:1 (horribly paraphrased). Preppies at a Christian Goth tent hangout. Punkers seeing SAVIOUR MACHINE. God was evident amidst the corn this year. Despite the massive heat, the tornadoes that (I heard) blew away tents (the BIG ones, mind you!) that were quickly replaced, this year's Cornerstone ran quite smoothly so it seemed. Kudos to Alan and Kathryn Tregoning for helping me sell zines, Willem (following me from Texas, are you?), Liz for giving me a ride in the world's largest vehicle, the bands (yes, poor EXTOL had to again endure my fanaticism, I bet they're glad they're in Norway now!), Butch, Zac, my Indiana Gang, Ben, Orlando, Cindy of JPUSA, and.. yeah, Ska-Boy too I guess.. haha

Day 1
MINDRAGE got to play an open-air concert due to the lack of tent during their set at the HM "Tent". Their drummer, Chad, is simply phenomenal, however, the rest of the band seemed to lack the same power as he did.. the heat? I dunno.. EMBODYMENT was absolutely solid, and 100% beefy death metal. I wish Kris would go for the low-end growls of old Embodyment.. much more extreme than nearly any other band on their label.. Fun and hip stage presence marked THEOCRACY A.D. Hawaii's hardcore band rocked the place, flowered shirts and all.. I wish there weren't as many idiots among the crowd that kept acting so stupid in the pit and destroying property.. they could've stayed home and left us here to enjoy Theocracy AD.. Spectators were given a treat at the Industrial/Dance tent as RACKETS & DRAPES played.. serious yet campy old-style horror metal eerily similar to Marilyn Manson.. and musically quite tight.. vocalist Candy (Candy???) had quite a range, from growls to screams to warbles.. fun show! Perfect for Halloween.. MENTAL DESTRUCTION? Gave me too much of a head trip.. could not handle the noise, the lights and the pulsation.. sorry! Sweet way to end the evening at the not-yet-rebuilt HM Tent: WEDDING PARTY under the stars.. sweet and soothing goth metal, powerful and passionate.. reminded me of VENI DOMINE and Eva O put together to a degree..

Day 2
A serious sleeper concert of the year: OFFICER DOWN at the Industrial/Dance Tent.. they're a progressive hardcore band from Canada that few, if any, people have heard of.. they were a very, very interesting band, and one of the only hardcore bands to have fully musically gripped me.. I heard shades of BELIEVER mixed with SIX FEET DEEP.. the band members covered themselves with mud and ash.. it was bound to happen with a band at Cornerstone.. ETERNAL DECISION played at the now-existent HM Tent repeating their precision Metallica-style power/speed metal. The new tunes are tuned lower and offer a glimpse to a more mature band.. TOURNIQUET cut their hair? WHY??? They played mostly old stuff except for "Crawl to China" and "White Knucklin' The Rosary".. but even if it's great to hear the classics, it just isn't the same coming from a band that all look like preppies.. I caught the tail end of THE BLAMED at the Underground Tent.. So I can say I did see them.. SPITFIRE was not bad but a bit restrained.. one of those bands that has the potential of going full-on death or doom but won't for some odd reason.. Speaking of going full-on death: ZAO! How about full-on death/"unblack"! The crowd, however, acted as if they were still hardcore.. I don't get it! They're a death metal band and only I seem to notice that? Am I alone in this assessment of Zao? TRAINING FOR UTOPIA was good but I missed the bulk of their set leaving early.. SAVIOUR MACHINE was and is truly a theatrical work of wonder. Segments from "Legend Pt. I" and "Pt. II" were played out ending with "Legion" and an encore of "Jesus Christ" unrehearsed (and still a work of wonder to hear).. few bands equal the onstage presence of this great band. Highlight of the evening: Eric Clayton, all dressed in white, sets a United Nations flag on fire! YEAH!!

Day 3
I missed nearly all of DISCIPLE (though staff dude Jeff saw them.. review?) but I heard two songs.. cool and not as grungy as I thought they were.. heavy groove metal without as much chunk.. I went to the Underground Tent to catch PINK DAFFODILS.. strange name, I agree, but penetrating HCM (hardcore metal) which will become more death metal very soon (welcome back, Jesse!).. LAMENT is now a 3-pc with drummer Abel Gomez doing the vocal end, giving a new meaning to: Screams of Abel (haha).. not bad stuff either.. newer material reminded me of Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden meeting Sepultura.. the band, with the English they could muster, made a passionate plea for prayer for the Christian Indians in Chiapas state of Mexico.. What words could possibly describe what I saw next?? Perhaps these quotes might give you an impression: "That was the best band I've seen at Cornerstone".. "That was the best band I have ever seen".. "I'm moving to Norway!".. without practicing in nearly 2 weeks, with borrowed instruments, EXTOL performed the impossible (and incomprehensible): superlative, flawless, frenetic music. Truly one of the greatest bands in the history of Christian metal, Extol flew through their set, drawing crowds from all over Cornerstone, including members of CRIMSON THORN (see top quote), ZAO, TRAINING FOR UTOPIA, EMBODYMENT, POSSESSION, CORPSE, and hundreds of curiosity seekers (mostly spillover from the end of the POD show) easily converted to their musical ecstasy. Long hair flailing, speakers pounding, Extol shows that progressive/technical death metal (as they call themselves.. frankly, they can call themselves ska for all I care!), played at its most superior, is worthy of note, as they are, and shall be for a long time..

Day 4
Recovering from EXTOL was not easy.. I went to support my church mates Ghoti Hook (ha! You're mentioned in the zine at last!).. fun, fun show, goofy cowboy outfits and all (where did they get those things?).. BLINDSIDE, jazzcore? Freaky and progressive hardcore.. yes, even Scandinavia makes better hardcore (I bet they could perfect ska too).. I missed the GALACTIC COWBOYS show but my friend Zac said they rocked, and I trust my evil twin.. get it? Evil Twin? That was for you, Liz.. But I couldn't miss my buds LIVING SACRIFICE, the last show of Cornerstone.. especially the last show with both Jason and Chris Truby.. They broke into worship in the middle of the show (awesome!).. I will always be blessed after seeing them..

What a wild ride! Texas Rockfest, Buddy, Steph & Vern, DEATH LIST, CLEARVIEW, Willem, MAINSTAY, Roy, Mark, Liz and the RV, Cornerstone, the Indiana Gang, Ben & Ben, Noah, Michelle, OFFICER DOWN, ZAO, LIVING SACRIFICE, Butch, Zac, and the great EXTOL.. two of the coolest weeks I have had in a very long time.. Jesus is Lord of all! United in Christ!

Phil Powell (editor of the Christian Metal Zine SOA)