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** Soae **

Welcome and Merry Christmas & Happy Upcoming New Year, folks!! As you Soae veterans know, I take my long-awaited winter break from Soae during Christmas up until Martin Luther King Day. So this'll be the last Soae of 1997, and the last one for a few weeks. Lots going on in January anyway, including the possibility of my moving to Virginia, now that one of my potential roommates, Robert, found a house and told the guy we were interested, AND, I might have another job in January too!!

But enuf of me.. heh let's talk about Screams of Abel #16. If you don't have one, you'll never know

1) What happened to AETURNUS and DIRGE
2) What happened to SLAMCAT
3) ZAO moving
4) What I really thought of ANTESTOR's "Martyrium"

So avoid the mystery and get yourself a zine. Email me for pricing and sub info. SOA, P.O. Box 417, College Park, MD 20741-0417..

And a footnote to people on Soae: recently a barrage of rumors and/or biting remarks have been made about bands that some question whether or not they are Christian. Let me just put it the bluntest I can:

STOP IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jesus never spread ugly rumors. He spread the beautiful Word of God. Follow by example. Pray for those you don't know about and leave them alone. Lest... you be likewise judged???!!!!!

    * End Of Year Highlights *

  • Scheduled so far to play 1998's Texas Rockfest: CORPSE, FRANK'S ENEMY, MINDRAGE, ULTIMATUM, MOSHKETEERS, NOISZGATE, UPLIFTED (formerly DRIVEN)..

  • Speaking of MINDRAGE, their album production has been delayed until March.. look for them to be on a Tom Fest 3 compilation album put out by Rescue Records (

  • KOHLLAPSE is, at last, receiving major label interest!! Email them at: ..

  • Cross Rhythms Music is now carrying a SAINT double-CD reissue!! This along with KING JAMES' "The Fall" (domestic release).. ..

  • SOTERIOS has a homepage, again: ..

  • Winterfest '98 will be held in Chester, VA Jan 10.. look for 44 EVERGIVEN and a reformed 8-BALL CHOLOS (with Burrito of Morphine Records on vocals)..

  • BY THE GRACE OF GOD is a hardcore band on Victory Records..

  • Correction: Blacklight Records email: (oops, sorry)..

And finally, a review...

OBSECRATION/SANCTIFICA in Stocholm (Sweden) 971101

Well, here we go...

A month ago I went to a place called K23 in the middle of Stockholm (Sweden) to check out Obsecration and Sanctifica from Sweden and Extol from Norway. But by some reason Extol never showed up and we never got an explanation why...

Anyway, before the concert something really cool happened. The drummer in Obsecration started to talk with a girl that was all dressed in black. We soon find out that she was a satanist and the girlfriend of the singer in Dark Funeral! (a swedish very satanic blackmetal-band). But praise the Lord she was open for the gospel and we had a nice talk. She wasn't saved right there but she surely got God's Word planted in her heart and God will continue the work. Keep her in your prayers! She was also very surprised that you can be a Christian and still dress in black and love Metal.

I had never heard neither Obsecration nor Sanctifica before so I didn't know what to expect but i was pleasantly surprised... Obsecration started things off with some really fast and crunchy tunes. They played a really cool tune called "crush the goat" Another of my favourites was "Quattro Spagioni". In the middle of their set their drummer talked about that the kingdom of God is not just words but power. Their music was very intense and crunchy thrash/death... This is a really cool live - band so be sure to not miss them when you got the chance.

Sanctifica played next. They have a very atmopherical sound reminding a bit of Antestor. The band ripped thru some really cool tunes that were both fast, melodic and atmospherical. The singer also took the time to explain what their lyrics was about and was really upfront. One tune was called "Baptized" and another "Aterkomsten" (swedish for the returning of Jesus). They have a very good singer (fits perfect in this brutal genre) and an incredible drummer! Watch out for their demo that's on the way. All in all it was a good concert with two promising bands and I was really happy and satisfied when I went home.

Greetings from Sweden

In His Service

That be it, folks!! That'll wrap up Soae for 1997!!! It's been a wild year.. the Metal Revolution ending (and WE WON!!), Living Sacrifice, Schaliach, Antestor, Zao and Kohllapse blowing our collective minds, lots of new friends (Hi Ty, Dan, Nick, Raf, Erik, Eric, David and Tommy!), and Steve Rowe defying the odds and the enemy to live and rock us some more!!

GOD ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have an Awesome Christmas, folks, and may your New Year be truly blessed!!! Remember the Reason for the Season, especially if you go to the mall..

* End of Soae *

God Bless you all!!! ROCK ON!

(heh I just had to say that)


-- Phil Powell SANCTIFY SOA
Editor, Screams of Abel THE P.O. Box 417
Christian Metal Magazine UNDERGROUND College Park, MD 20741

** Soae **

Zup people?! Well, the ZAO tour was cancelled, my zines didn't make their European tour, but my flyers are (Lord willing) now in Holland for the Treasures of Legend Festival! So, if you happen to be in Utrecht, Holland this weekend, check out an SOA flyer, and tell people about SOA! :) Cheap publicity stunt, but effective.. and BTW, look for SOA flyers if you happen to be going to Tower Records in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, this weekend too (more later)..

Homepage Changes! Visit and find out why!

Join the really cool Christian metal webring: ChristCore Metal Ministry.. and find out more.. I'm a part of it too!


* Stuff *

And finally, a review of a recent NECROMANICIDE show, and commentary by Necromanicide bassist Adrian Yap:

Hello Phil. Adrian here. Cool to hear from u again. How's things over there. Anyway the show went pretty well considering the fact that some of the equipments were a bit faulty before the show. But God's grace was upon us as the show went better than we expected. There were 2 bands that played before us Wired and Transection. Both had more of a grundge base sound. Wired's set was filled with pretty rocking songs but it was their moody ballad 'Eli' that really stood out for me. Transection played a set full of very 'STP' influenced songs. Excellent songs. By the time Necromanicide took the stage the crowd was already in a pretty 'mosh frenzy' mood. The first song we played was the title track from our upcoming debut album 'Hate Regime' and that really set the mood for the rest of the night. Then during our 3rd song, a new track called 'Exile' a portion of the crowd flooded the stage and everything just when totally nuts but it was great. 'Society' had very good response from the crowd because of it's modern hardcore sound. As usual we ended the night with our unblack tune 'Catacombs of Death'. We gave an altar call after that. No one responded but I believe seeds were planted in many souls that night. All in all the show went pretty well. More importantly, God's grace was there and that's all that counts. Anyway that's all I have to say. If u have any questions do mail me back ok. Bye.

*End of Soae*

** Soae **

"I wanna grow my hair long and do windmills! That would be cool!" --Brett Detar of ZAO

Well, you Metal Revolutionaries got an idea who won now, don't you? HA! Welcome, everyone, to Soae, your weekly source of the heavy and the distorted, and sometimes, that which is tuned down below C!

Screams of Abel #16 is now out. Interviews with ZAO, SAVIOUR MACHINE (Pt. III of interview), SOG, DISENCUMBRANCE, LIGHTMARE, AVULSION, PANTOKRATOR, VITAL DECISION, POSTMORTEM, DRIVEN and TRIGGERFUSE.. plus updates on AETURNUS and SLAMCAT and more. Email me for all info!

Check out my friend Markus' homepage (he's connected with both JPUSA out in Chicago and the German death band SACRIFICIUM): ..

* The Hair-Raising News *

  • The European tour featuring ZAO, STRONGARM, LIVING SACRIFICE and FACEDOWN has been abruptly cancelled due to scheduling problems on the part of the agency, apparently.. Zao, however, will be playing shows regionally (toting around copies of SOA #16 with them!)..

  • According to recent website update, North Carolina death band SOTERIOS will resume playing in January and their debut album will be out on Morphine Records in February.. see for more info..

  • ETERNAL DECISION is now a 3-pc with the departure of Cory Boatright. They are writing new songs..

  • Recently signed EMBODYMENT will record their debut album at Morrissound Studios (!!), the famous studio for many of the "old school" death metal bands, in January..

  • SEPTUAGINT is a new death/doom/grind band from Texas (the Texas scene returns! Hooray!)

  • AMETHYST is an "instru-metal" outlet of Sean Hubbard.. email him at ..

  • CROSSEYED is a new metal band from Oklahoma..

  • Another new band, VOF (VALLEY OF FOG) plays "Speed Holy Unblack Metal".. find out about them on the Christian Death & Grind Page at ..

  • WISHBONE is a thrash side project of HOLY SCEPTRE's Eric Peterson..

  • SUBSTANCE is a new "post-hardcore" band from Virginia.. ..

And finally, a review:

ZAO / PERSEVERE, Club 180, Hagerstown, MD, Sat Nov 29

Do you remember almost two years ago when I said that those people who said "Metal is dead!" would live to regret it? [re: SOA #10 commentary]. Start regretting now! ZAO has transformed from hardcore to metalcore to, like LIVING SACRIFICE and FOCAL POINT and other bands, new school death metal, and demonstrated this brutal metamorphosis in Hagerstown MD during the Thanksgiving weekend. Although old songs were performed such as "Surroundsme" and "Repressed", you could easily note a dramatic change in Zao into the new (and vastly improved, not that they weren't too bad at first) sound turned as low as C accompanied by new vocalist Dan Weyandt, in his "unblack" vocal mode. New guitarists Russ Cogdell and Brett Detar's stage antics were a near-throwback to the 80's thrash days of VENGEANCE RISING and DELIVERANCE, all the while maintaining a tight set which, if I'm not mistaken, included small leads snuck in. Drummer Jesse Smith (the original member) had a problem with his drum set, hence he faced the back wall, a first for me to see with any band.

Opening act PERSEVERE, a hardcore band from Bowie, MD (1/2 hour from my house), was a reminder that hardcore is alive and well, apparently especially so in Bowie (Bowie hardcore? News to me!). Again, one must be reminded that hardcore as a rule, is not my general thing, but onstage passion definitely is, and Persevere is loaded with that. However, I should point out that they had songs filled with odd (dare I say, progressive?) time changes.

To those of you who are still wondering about the Metal Revolution of yesteryear, wonder no longer: it's over, we won. Just ask Zao.


* End of Review *

That's it. Next week I'll try to remember to post some band tour schedules, and another review I got!

* End of Soae *


-- Phil Powell SANCTIFY SOA
Editor, Screams of Abel THE P.O. Box 417
Christian Metal Magazine UNDERGROUND College Park, MD 20741

** Soae **

"If I had to list all the things I was thankful for just for this year, I'd be praying to You til Christmas straight!" --my prayer of thanks to the One who deserves it!

Happy Thanksgiving to you all! We have a lot to be thankful for don't we? Let us remember the Reason for the Season..

One day I saw a beautiful young girl in the deep Norwegian forest. I approached her hesitantly yet expectant of profound truth and knowledge to be shared. As expected, these are the wonderful words the woman shared with me:

Issue #16 of SOA is now out!!! Interviews with ZAO, SAVIOUR MACHINE (Pt. III), SOG, DISENCUMBRANCE, LIGHTMARE, AVULSION, PANTOKRATOR, VITAL DECISION, POSTMORTEM, DRIVEN and TRIGGERFUSE.. also learn the latest info on AETURNUS and SLAMCAT's recent demises.. email me for info here or at ..

My homepage has been majorly revamped! Check it out! ..

And if you never, ever got Issue #15 of SOA (heck, even if you did get #15), please let me know.. there has been some mailing glitch going on now whereby folks have not been getting their issues. And I do have some copies left of #15 for sale too! :) .. Email me..

* Thank the Lord for News! *

  • MINDRAGE will be recording their debut album on Rescue Records on December 13.. visit (?)..

  • Speaking of Rescue, recently signed NAILED PROMISE will record their album this weekend..

  • KOHLLAPSE recently suffered a "collapse" of their own: their computer went out.. however, a recent newsletter by the band indicates that all is well again online.. read more about them on ..

  • Oklahoma death band DEATH LIST (formerly known as OBLITERATION) recently played a show with Obituary and Pain in Oklahoma City...

  • Speaking of shows, ZAO will be playing at The Cave in Hagerstown, MD Sat Nov 29..

  • The CORPSE show in Woodbridge VA for Sat Nov 29 has been cancelled..

  • Repudiate is a distributor online currently distributing DISCIPLE (the PA hardcore band) and other bands.. go to ..

  • And finally, congrats to CRIMSON THORN's Miles Sunde who is getting married next year.. and also look for an upcoming side project of his and others..

That's It! Next week a review of ZAO's show (hopefully) and some other stuff. Get #16 of SOA and read what you're missing, like POSTMORTEM's bassist's connection with a noted Christian evangelist, and what SAVIOUR MACHINE has in store for you in 1998..

* End of Soae *


-- Phil Powell SANCTIFY SOA
Editor, Screams of Abel THE P.O. Box 417
Christian Metal Magazine UNDERGROUND College Park, MD 20741

** Soae **
  • Free webpages for bands! email Jesse at .. hurry! Offer expires Jan 1, 1998!

  • Look for the new METANOIA album, "Don't Walk Dead", and the new TERAMAZE album coming out possibly in December, thanx to God doing major healing on Mr. Rowe!!!! Also a yet-to-be- identified "unblack" band, recently signed to Rowe from the U.S., will have their debut album out early 1998..

  • MORTIFICATION, "Scrolls From the Megilloth/Post Momentary Affliction" double CD digipak out.. $25 through Cross Rhythms Music... ..

    ZAO Tour:
  • Nov 28 - Cleveland, OH (TBA)
  • Nov 29 - Hagerstown, MD (The Cave) with PERSEVERE, DPW and more
  • Dec 27 - Derry, PA (Gem Theatre)


Hi Everyone, Before I give you the latest on Steve and there is also a short note from Steve below to I just need to let you know a few things.

I am leaving tommorow to the USA for a 2 month holiday so I wont be back until about January 25th. So please do not send any e-mail between now and January 25th as I will not be able to check or answer any e-mail until I get back. However If you are wanting to send a order by e-mail please make sure you e-mail it to as my brother Alan will be sending all the orders while I'm away and he will be checking the e-mail.for any orders that arrive. The normal mail order will be happening as normal as my brother Alan and also Steve are doing the sending of all the orders. I will write again when I get back and give you latest on Steve again.

Steve is doing awesome, he is still getting better each day. We have been rehearsing every Sunday for about the past 2 months and we now have 10 new songs finished. Last week we went into the studio for a day to record 3 new songs for a demo as Nuclear Blast wanted to have a listen to some of our new songs. This demo will not be sold, it was just for Nuclear Blast and oursleves to hear how the new songs are sounding. The recording turned out awesome and Steve did a fantastic job in both bass playing and vocals. He was a bit tired by the end of the day but he played and did vocals fantastic. It was so cool to see him back in the studio recording and he was so happy to be doing it. We had a great day in the studio and are looking forward to recording our new album next year. We are booked to record the new album in March and it will called "Triumph Of Mercy".

God is so awesome, we give Him all the praise, glory and thanks for Steve's recovery and healing.

This week Steve was told that he could drive a car again during daylight time, which is so cool as a few months back the doctors said that his eye sight may not have come back. Steve has also started working again full time on his business and he has two new Rowe Productions releases, the new Metanoia - Don't Walk Dead and the new Teremaze - Tears To Dust albums which will be released by mail order within the next month and they will be released in U.S. and Canadian stores on January 25th.

I will write again soon after I get back from the U.S. at the end of January. Below is a quick message from Steve.

God Bless
From Keith (drummer in Mortification)

Hi Mortification Supporters, Steve Rowe here. Let me tell you that God has healed me and I feel a million dollars. No one can understand the pain I have been through this year but finally I have got onto a Christian natropath doctor who has put me on a strict vegetarian diet and lots of natural medicines from around the world which are not available in the western world because of greedy pharmaceutical companys.

I almost died about 6 times but God has pulled me through. Now with the help of this doctor, after one month I am feeling totally normal again. I am back working full time on Mortification and Rowe Productions so expect a lot of new releases and the best Mortification album yet.

Make sure you check out Teremaze who sound like Dream Theater, the brutal new Metanoia album and an album by a U.S. holy un-black metal band. The un-balck metal band's album will be out at about the same time as the new Mortification album. Both albums will be available from Rowe Productions mail order in early May and in stores around July. The reason I can not tell you the name of the un-black metal band is that I have not officially signed them yet but I am 90% sure that I will.

I am looking to sign a classic metal band in the vein of Iron Maiden, Manowar. If there are any bands out there that fit this category and are full on evangelistic please send me a demo to our usual postal address. Thanks for all your prayers. It feels great to be alive. God Bless Steve

Mortification / Rowe Productions
Rowe Productions:
Rowe Productions Orders:
Mortified E-press:
Web Site:
Mail: Po Box 2222, Carrum Downs, Vic 3201, Australia
Fax: +++61 3 9773 5669

** Soae **

Well, I'm back after my 'puter being sick for a few days.. I'm back with a whole new CD-ROM (woo hoo!).. thanx a bunch to my unofficially deputized Soae assistant editor, Chris King, whom I was told is "the bomb" when it comes to Soae. Guess I'll just have to have him be creative with a few more Soaes, that's fine by me! :) He does rock, though!

Come visit me on #soae on Dalnet most nights after 11pm EST. People are starting to pop up there so come and discuss tunes, concerts and MP3's..

  • MESSIAH PROPHET's old classic, "Master of the Metal", has been re-released on CD through Rugged Cross Connections.. drop off a note on the Listserv as Matt Hunt of RCC frequently scans and will correspond..

  • After an inexplicable breakup last summer, SOTERIOS is getting back together again.. Former vocalist Donnie Cranford has moved to Minneapolis and got married, however, guitarist Chris Humphrey, who had moved to Omaha is planning to return to Soterios' home turf of Fayetteville, NC with a new vocalist in tow, tentatively Jeff of the late band IN MOURNING..

  • VENI DOMINE's long-awaited third album, tentatively titled "Spiritual Wasteland", is due out this winter.. we hope.. Look for a more direct and less progressive sound.

  • The new KING JAMES CD is to be manufactured and distributed through Cross Rhythms Music and is due out the end of November.. email ..

  • Look for the new DEAD PHARISEES album, "Mummified Priests" to come out soon..

  • LAMENT has a homepage now! ..

  • Christmas Rock Night in Ennepetal, Germany this December with TOURNIQUET, SAVIOUR MACHINE, KEN TAMPLIN, THE CIRCUMCISED and more..

  • Treasures of Legend Festival Dec. 13-14 at Tivoli in Utrecht, The Netherlands.. with ZAO, PARAMAECIUM, SAVIOUR MACHINE, TOURNIQUET, STRONGARM, TEFILLA, KEN TAMPLIN and more..

  • Speaking of Dutch extreme band TEFILLA, their new CD, "Scenes From the Grave", is now out..

  • THROUGH AND THROUGH is a metalcore band from Canada appearing on several compilations including Cling Recordings punk comp and Boot to Head Records pro-life comp "Stifled".. ..

  • Deadself Distribution carries SET APART, EMBODYMENT, CHALICE (their split CD with Set Apart), EXIST, PERSEVERE and PERSEVERANCE, along with a ZAO split record with THROUGH AND THROUGH..

  • Las Vegas extreme band DRIVEN has changed their name to UPLIFTED and loses their drummer..

  • SONIC COLLAGE and WASH are two new metal bands from New Zealand.. Sonic Collage is hard metal while Wash is grunge metal currently touring in NZ with Audio Adrenaline..

  • Speaking of New Zealand, LOOSE UNIT MP3's are coming out soon.. check out more info on the Dalnet channel #soae..

  • NIV and EMBODYMENT are in concert together at the Country Church in Mesquite, TX Sat Nov 8..

  • ELOI and MANIFESTATION together at the Country Church Sat Nov 22..

  • And finally, there is the first annual International Metal Festival in Sao Paulo, Brazil in February '98 with PARAMAECIUM, PEACEMAKER and others.. details forthcoming..

    That's it! Next week, more.. stuff!

    * End of Soae *


    -- Phil Powell SANCTIFY SOA
    Editor, Screams of Abel THE P.O. Box 417
    Christian Metal Magazine UNDERGROUND College Park, MD 20741

    *Soae 97/10/30* Written by Chris aka "gutterboy"

    Close Your Eyes (CYE) is a side project of Kohllapse singer/guitarist Ro. A quote from the CYE homepage describes, "An extreme journey into the realms of mental anguish. Artistic Chaotic Death/Black metal." I sent for the tape and will let you guys know what I think when I get it (in a couple of weeks). I emailed back n forth with Ro a bit and he seems to be a really cool dude.

    CYE Homepage:

    I (gutterBoy) have a pretty cool list of Christian metal links:

    if you know of other links that should be there let me know. I am trying to limit it to the heavier side of metal (no Guardian or Bride links here).

    The Final Hour is a Christian metal radio show in Tucson Arizona. See the lame attempt at a homepage for it here:


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