ZION - Zion
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Metal For Jesus Cross Metal For Jesus Cross

Many new bands are popping up. One of them is Zion (not to be confused with the 80s metal band that released Thunder From The Mountain). Lyrically they are really Christcentered. Zions sound is groove-based. Favourite tunes are Golgatha and Ousty Road and Jamie. More tunes like these are what this band need. The problem with Zion tunes is that they are mostly way too soft and slow to make it. They need to speed up (as for now they take way too long before they take off) and get a slightly tougher sound. Another important thing they need to work with is making more harmonies and hooks. A better production is also well needed. On the positive side I do hear that they have talent but they need to work more with their tunes, especially with the song structure.

References: Groove Metal fans may give this a try.

Orderinfo: Check out their webpage

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