Hello all ya cool metalheads! Here you can listen to the Metal Countdown tunes.
When you have finished listening you can pick out your three fave's and
fill in this form and your votes will decide what the new chart will
look like. So if you want your fave's to be on the top you
better vote! :-) All you have to do to listen is to use
your RealAudio player. If you don't have one
you can download it for free at this site

Enjoy the tunes and God Bless!

In His Service

  fly away   info
  murder by pride   info
  drink from the chalice of blood   info
  cry out   info
  on eagles wings   info
  new world order   info
  istid   info
  flesh and blood   info
  bethlehem   info
  Jehovah jireh   info

"New" tunes to vote on!
  a sigh of redemption   info
  it's a jungle out there   info
  when the stars are falling   info
  it is time   info
  the blood of the lamb   info

Just pick out the three tunes that you like most of the 15 above and then fill in this form And if you wanna know what the current chart looks like or want more info about Metal Countdown you can find all the info you need at the Metal Countdown mainpage

If you want to get notified when the chart is updated just mail me and I'll add you to the mailinglist.

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